Get Free and Powerful Backlinks 🔗💪 with GitHub and Netlify (DA 93) 🚀

This Growth Hack will allow you to quickly and free create high-authority backlinks (DA: 93) on the pages of your choice using GitHub and Netlify.

Get Free and Powerful Backlinks 🔗💪 with GitHub and Netlify (DA 93) 🚀
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

You will learn how to deploy a free site in a few minutes with Netifly by targeting your target keywords for send them back to your most strategic pages.

Expected results of this Growth Hack

  • Type of marketing tactic: creating backlinks for your SEO
  • Expected result: Increase in the number of backlinks with a website benefiting from the authority of Netifly.

Why do this Growth Hack?

Are you struggling with backlinks? You don't have the time or the budget to carry out Netlinking campaigns?

This Growth Hack is made for you.

In fact, by analyzing the backlinks of several US and French sites, I realized that some were taking advantage of the authority of almost “empty” sites that nevertheless arrive on the first page of Google's results. So I started from scratch on the realization of this hack to understand how to set it up, here is the result for you.

With the help of this Growth Hack, you will be able to create support for your SEO strategy by creating numerous pages. targeting your key pages to targeted keywords.

How do you do this Growth Hack?

Without going into detail, the code of your web page will be stored on GitHub and then deployed on the Web using Netifly.

1) Open an account on GitHub

The first step is therefore to go to GitHub in order to prepare the space that will host the code for our web page.

Growth Hack Backlink - Accueil Github
  • Enter your email address
Growth Hack Backlink - Ouverture compte Github

Let yourself be guided on creating your account, which will take a few seconds to do even if you have never used it.

Once done, we will focus on Netlify, the tool that will allow us to deploy this code on the web for free.

2) Open an account on Netlifly

As mentioned earlier, the interest of this growth hack will be to use the source code of a web page on Github and to deploy on a free web space using Netlif.

This same web space has a high domain authority, that of Netlify. Since we have control of the code, it is thus possible for us to have free rein to use any type of link that points to our website. In our case of Dofollow backlinks !
Growth Hack Backlink - Accueil Netlify
  • Follow the procedure,
  • We are going to choose the registration and the connection with the GitHub account you just created:
Growth Hack Backlink - Inscription Netlify
  • Enter your GitHub password to complete registration
Growth Hack Backlink - Inscription Netlify par Github

3) Creating a website in Netlify

Once connected, you arrive on the Netlify interface, it is now time to create our website.

  • To do this, you will click on the button”Add a New Site
Growth Hack Backlink - Interface Netlify

At this stage you have several choices available to start your project:

  • In order to quickly do this hack, we will start with an available model
  • Click on”Start from a template
Growth Hack Backlink - Nouveau modèle

Now choose the template you want to use:

  • In this example, I'm going to use the simplest template, i.e. the first element called “”Next.js Starter
Growth Hack Backlink - Sélection template
  • Name the name of the repository where your files will be stored (Repository Name)
Leave the visibility of your repository in public or not, it doesn't really matter much (Repository visibility).
In my case I am going to do it so that you can see, copy and be inspired by my source code.
  • Now press the” buttonDeploy site
Growth Hack Backlink - Déploiement site Netlify
  • Once deployed, you will be able to access the next page, which gives you access to the address of your website and the code of your website on GitHub.
Growth Hack Backlink - Accès Github par Netlify

Let's take a look at how our current website looks like:

As you can see this site is currently empty or very minimalistic.

We are going to use this web page which has a high authority score to create (backlinks or “backlinks”) to our website
Growth Hack Backlink - Site Web Netlify Générique

4) Modifying the website code in Github

At this stage, we will modify the code of our website in Github to create our backlinks

  • Click on Github in the Netlify interface as seen earlier in 3)
  • Arrived on Github, click pages as below to access the file
Growth Hack Backlink - Fichiers Github
  • Then Open the file Index.js
Growth Hack Backlink - Fichier Index Github
In this step you will modify the code of this site to make it look like something and especially to insert your magnificent backlinks.

You will edit the file by clicking on the icon as in the image below:

Growth Hack Backlink - Edit Fichier Index Github
Ok but what to put in the file?

First, here is an example of my file created for this Growth Hack that you can watch AND copy for inspiration: GitHub website code

Growth Hack Backlink - Contenu Fichier Index Github

Here is the result of the web page created from this code.

You can find this very basic website at the following address: Web site address

Growth Hack Backlink - site web Netlify Let's grow

5) Create my website template and publish it

Many of you are going to tell me that you have never written a line of computer code and that from then on you will be stuck.
Don't worry I have the solution for you!
Have you already written a Word document? It's no more complicated than that!

We are going to use a growth hack that consists of writing the text in “Word” format and exporting the code in “HTML” format in a fraction of seconds.

PS: It is also possible directly in Google Doc, to export your HTML code but I did not voluntarily do it because the rendering is more complicated than in the example. If you still want to do it, you will have to use the same tool (HTML cleaner) to “clean” it of all unnecessary things before using it.
  • Get the HTML code for your production on the right side of the screen that you just have to copy.
Growth Hack Backlink - Création contenu HTML
NOTE: Be sure to use keywords that correspond to the titles of your target pages in these backlinks. Example: the keywords”Growth Hacks“from my Netlify page link to the page”Growth Hacks“from my website

Use the code copied inside the tags <main>and</main> as in the example below:

Growth Hack Backlink - Insertion contenu HTML

Now it's time to publish your website.

  • To perform this action, it's very simple, all you have to do is press the button”Commit changes
NOTE: If you want to change your code regularly or if you want to work together on it, I advise you to add information during the commit to better follow its evolution and easily understand your changes even when you go back to it months later
Growth Hack Backlink - Commit code Github

Deployment to Netlify is done automatically but you can always perform a few control actions to see if everything went well:

  • Check on GitHub that the commit went well (Latest commit XXXXX now)
Growth Hack Backlink - Commit now
Github window

  • In Netlify, you will find the “Published” indication as below
Growth Hack Backlink - Commit code Netlify

5) Access your website

In Netlify, click on “Preview deploy” to access the address of your website which contains nice backlinks to your website!

Growth Hack Backlink - Preview deploy
NOTE: If you want to create several websites like this one, be careful not to always create the same content to avoid search engine penalties on these same sites.

It may also be interesting to create several different sites on the same theme and create backlinks between these websites. 

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