8 Best Free and Paid URL Shortener Softwares in 2024

Discover the best URL and link shorteners based on their ease of use, social media features, pricing, support, and more.
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A link reducer is a useful tool that turns long URLs into short links (usually less than 20 characters)

They can help manage links, to track click data, to promote sharing on social media platforms and even at Make money online.

Top URL shorteners

There are a ton of options out there.

To help you find the best one, in this article I've ranked and reviewed the main and best link shorteners.

These ratings are based on ease of use, features, support, pricing, and more.

Let's get started.

List of the best link shorteners

Here is my list of best URL shorteners and links to use this year:

1. Pixelme : Smart links to boost marketing

Pixelme homepage

Pixelme is an advanced link management platform designed to optimize your marketing campaigns. Thanks to its intelligent links and powerful analysis tools, Pixelme is a top platform that helps you better understand your audience, personalize the user experience and maximize your conversions.

Key features

  • Creation of intelligent links that adapt to the user's context (language, location, device type, etc.)
  • Detailed dashboard with real-time data on the performance of your links
  • Integration with the main marketing automation tools (Mailchimp, HubSpot, etc.)
  • Advanced targeting features to personalize the user experience
  • A/B tests to optimize your campaigns and maximize conversions
  • API to integrate Pixelme into your own applications
  • QR code generation


  • $29/month Starter Plan
  • Pro plan at $99/month
  • Customized plan for organizations with specific needs
 Pixelme pricing

❤️ Our Take : Pixelme is the link shortener designed for marketing. A concentrate of professional tools to convert each click.

👍 Pros : Advanced trackings, retargeting, advanced personalization, A/B tests, integrations.

👎 Cons : Paid, learning curve, improved UI.

2. Rebrandly : Custom short links for professionals

Rebrandly - link management platform

Rebrandly is an advanced URL shortening tool that allows you to create short links that are personalized to your brand.

With its detailed tracking and analysis features, Rebrandly helps you optimize your marketing campaigns and improve audience engagement.

Key features

  • Generating custom short links with your own domain
  • A comprehensive analytics dashboard to track the performance of your links
  • Integration with over 50 third-party applications (social networks, marketing tools, etc.)
  • Team and collaboration management
  • UTM management function
  • QR Code generation for a better analysis of your website and networks
  • Advanced Redirection and 404 Error Handling
  • Powerful API to integrate Rebrandly with your own applications


  • Starter plan: Free version
  • Pro subscription starting at $29/month
  • Premium membership starting at $499/month
  • Tailor-made offer for companies with specific needs
rebrandly link shortener pricing

❤️ Our Take : Rebrandly combines personalization and data to boost your brand. A must for coherent and effective digital marketing.

👍 Pros : custom URLs, detailed reports, multiple integrations, intuitive interface.

👎 Cons : Advanced paid features, limited number of followed clicks in the free plan.

3. Bitly: Market leader in URL shortening

Bit.ly custom link shortener

Bitly is the most popular link reducer in the world for shortening a URL. This trust reducer offers URL analysis and customization features, it is an ideal tool for your need to optimize your online presence and maximize the impact of your links.

Key features

  • Generation of personalized and easy to remember short links
  • Detailed dashboard to track clicks, geographic locations, content, referrals, and more
  • Integration with the main social networks and sharing platforms (Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Brand management tools for visual consistency across all your links
  • Advanced functionality for targeting and redirecting users of this URL reducer
  • Re-targeting functionality for the need for conversion optimization
  • Browser extension to shorten links in one click
  • Functionality for generating QR Codes for URLs


  • Free version (basic functionality)
  • Pro subscription starting at $35/month
  • Premium and Enterprise plans with advanced features and dedicated support
Bit.ly  pricing

❤️ Our Take : Bit.ly is a timeless link reducer, acclaimed for its reliability and comprehensive statistics. The safe bet in the field.

👍 Pros : Simplifies the sharing of URLs, robust, detailed reports, powerful API, numerous trusted integrations

👎 Cons : Aging design, brief customization of links, high prices.

FIND OUT MORE: Go to the Bit.ly website

4. TinyURL: Simple and effective URL shortener

TinyURL cover image

TinyURL is one of the first link reduction services and remains a reference for its ease of use. This tool allows you to instantly transform your long links into short and concise URLs that are perfect for sharing on social networks or by email.

Key features

  • Create short links in one click, no registration required
  • Possibility to customize short links with an alias of your choice
  • Basic statistics to track the number of clicks on your links
  • Browser extension to shorten URLs quickly
  • Preview option to check where links are going


  • Completely free, with no subscriptions or hidden fees (with advertising)
TinyURL pricing

❤️ Our Take : TinyURL seduces by its simplicity and efficiency. The smart choice to shorten your ties without the hassle.

👍 Pros : Fast, easy, memorable, link preview, browser extensions.

👎 Cons : Basic features and design, limited statistics, no custom links

FIND OUT MORE: Go to the TinyURL website

5. Ow.ly: Link reducer built into Hootsuite

Owly - réducteur d'URL

Ow.ly is the URL shortening system integrated into the platform of social media management Hootsuite. With one of these URL shorteners, you can easily optimize your posts and links for sharing on social networks and track their performance directly from your Hootsuite interface.

Key features

  • Short link generator optimized for social networks (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook,...)
  • Track clicks and link performance in your Hootsuite interface
  • Customizing links for customer brands or your own message
  • Seamless integration with Hootsuite planning and publishing features
  • Detailed reports on clicks, shares, and conversions generated by your links
  • Audience targeting and segmentation features for more effective sharing


  • Free with Hootsuite Professional and Team memberships
  • Available as an option in the Hootsuite Business subscription starting at $599/month
  • Hootsuite Enterprise offering with advanced features and dedicated support
Ow.ly pricing

❤️ Our Take : Hootsuite's Ow.ly unifies social media management and link reduction. A clever combination for community managers.

👍 Pros : Integrated with Hootsuite, publication scheduling, comprehensive statistics, link customization.

👎 Cons : Requires a Hootsuite account, high rates, complex interface for beginners.

FIND OUT MORE: Go to the HootSuite website

6. URL Shortener by Zapier: Automating short links

URL Shortener by Zapier

URL Shortener by Zapier is a URL shortening tool integrated into the Zapier automation platform. Thanks to its powerful integration features, you can automate the creation and sharing of short links in your various workflows.

Key features

  • Automatic creation of short links from Zapier triggers
  • Integrate with over 2,000 applications to automate link sharing
  • Customizing short links to your own domain or subdomain
  • Track the clicks and performance of each link directly in Zapier
  • Creation of advanced workflows to optimize the distribution of your links
  • Compatibility with the main URL reduction services (Bitly, Rebrandly, etc.)


  • Free with all Zapier subscriptions
  • Requires a Zapier subscription starting at $19.99/month to access all features
 Zapier pricing

❤️ Our Take : The Zapier URL Shortener automates link reduction. The perfect solution to simplify workflows.

👍 Pros : Integrates with Zaps, automates tasks, easy to use, shortens on the fly.

👎 Cons : Requires a Zapier account, limited customization, no dedicated dashboard.

FIND OUT MORE: Go to the Zapier website

7. Cuttly: Easy link shortening and analysis

réducteur d'url Cuttly

Cuttly is a simple and effective URL reduction platform that allows you to shorten your links and track their performance. With its intuitive interface and basic features, Cuttly is ideal for users looking for a URL shortening solution that is easy to use.

Key features

  • Creating short links in a few clicks
  • Analysis with basic statistics on clicks and geographic locations
  • Possibility to customize short links with an alias of your choice
  • Browser extension to shorten links quickly
  • Password protection option to secure your links
  • API to integrate Cuttly with your own applications


  • Free version with limited features
  • Pro subscription starting at $6/month for advanced features and unlimited links
 Cuttly pricing

❤️ Our Take : Cuttly is a complete link reducer of link shortening. With its varied tools, it seduces professionals and individuals.

👍 Pros : Complete, easy, advanced customization, QR codes, API, browser extensions.

👎 Cons : Design to be modernized, unequal performances, limitations of free.

FIND OUT MORE: Go to Cuttly's website

8. Short.io: Advanced Link Management Features

réducteur d'url  short io

Short.io is a URL shortener that offers a full range of features for shortening, customizing, and tracking your links. Thanks to its advanced options and integrations, Short.io adapts to the needs of individuals, agencies, and organizations of all sizes.

Key features

  • Creation of personalized short links with your own domain name
  • Real-time click tracking with detailed visitor data
  • Geo-targeting to redirect users based on their location
  • Temporary links with a programmable expiration date
  • URL masking and password protection to secure your links
  • Generation of customizable QR codes for each short link
  • Integrations with numerous third-party applications and a powerful API


  • 7-day free trial for each paid plan
  • Basic plan starting at $15/month
  • Pro plan starting at $45/month
  • Business plan starting at $100/month
  • Tailor-made offer for major accounts and specific needs
Short.io pricing

❤️ Our Take : Short.io is the ultimate reference when it comes to URL reduction. Ultra complete and flexible, it adapts to all user profiles to manage, personalize and analyze links in an optimal way.

👍 Pros : Extensive customization of URLs. Detailed real-time statistics. Advanced multi-channel targeting. Rich integrations and APIs.

👎 Cons : Potentially overwhelming features. High rates on top deals. Interface learning curve.

FIND OUT MORE: Go to the Short.io website

What is an URL shortener?

A URL shortener is a handy tool that allows you to reduce the length of a web address.

It also offers the possibility of customizing the link according to your needs, renaming it in a more memorable way and aligning it with your brand image.

The paths of long and complex URLs, often composed of random characters, are difficult for most Internet users to remember. On the other hand, a short URL with a custom name is much easier to remember, manage, and share.

URL shorteners are essential for simplifying link sharing, improving performance tracking, and strengthening the brand image of your online presence. Their use has become a must for marketers and web professionals.

Key features of an URL shortener

The market is full of URL shorteners, each with unique options and features.

Faced with this multitude of choices, it can be difficult to make the right decision. Here are the essential features to look for in a URL reduction service:

  • In-depth analyses : Reports
rebrandly analytics - days of the week
  • detailed information on the performance of each shortened link, with essential metrics such as click rate, traffic source, geographic and visitor demographics. Real-time monitoring to optimize your campaigns and maximize ROI, as well as integration with Google Analytics for a complete overview.
  • Branding : Custom domains to reinforce brand identity, shortened URLs that integrate your brand name and domain, the ability to create persistent links (which do not change or customizable QR Codes) and personalized landing pages with your domain's graphic charter.
  • Integrations and APIs : An easy connection with your marketing and CRM tools, popular integrations like Zapier, Hootsuite, Mailchimp, Hubspot... An open API to develop your own custom integrations, as well as plugins to shorten a URL directly from WordPress or Shopify.
  • Advanced link management : The management of several domains (SSL, 404, redirects...), dynamic links with UTM parameters for tracking, security options such as the detection of malicious links and password protection, as well as the archiving and categorization of URLs for optimal organization.
  • Adapted pricing : A free plan with basic features for small businesses, paid plans with more features and volume for advanced needs, a free trial to test premium options before committing, and discounted rates for teams and large accounts.
rebrandly analytics

In addition to these elements, also check the reliability of the service (uptime, speed of redirections...), data security and the quality of customer support.

The ideal reducer must adapt to your specific digital strategy and evolve with your needs.


Here is my list of some of the best link shorteners out there.

Each tool offers a few benefits and a few standard features. Some are free, others offer flexible paid packages. The best choice will depend solely on your marketing needs, budget, and business size.

In summary, give priority to:

  • For the marketing : PixelMe, Rebrandly
  • For the simplicity : TinyURL, Cuttly, Tiny.cc
  • For the social networks : Ow.ly, Cuttly
  • For automate : URL Shortener by Zapier

The perfect link? Memorable, personalized, and rich in statistical data.

Take a close look at all the tools to choose the best URL shortener for you and your business.

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