AI image generator: 13 best softwares in 2024

Discover the AI image generator that can be used to create images or photos for all your visuals with artificial intelligence.
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In the ever-changing world of visual creation, Revolutionizing AI image generators how we produce and use graphic content.

Whether you are a marketing professional looking for illustrations or an enthusiast eager to explore new creative horizons, choosing the right AI image generator is crucial to achieving your goals.

Gone are the days of the long hours spent on complex editing software or generic image banks.

At everyone's fingertips, AI image generators help you offer a quick and easy way to create unique visuals adapted to your message, whether for your blog, your website or your social networks.

World leaders in AI generation tools based on generative artificial intelligence (AI)
World leader in image generators based on generative artificial intelligence (AI) - Source: Statista

According to Statista, the market for imaging tools based on generative AI is growing exponentially, placing these technologies at the forefront of visual innovation.

In this article, we'll review the best AI (artificial intelligence) image generators, guiding you to the one that best fits your specific needs.

Are you in a hurry? In short, here is the selection for your next design:

  • For easy marketing visuals: Jasper Art, Photosonic, Fotor, Canva
  • For original artistic creations: NightCafe, StarryAI, Midjourney
  • For advanced photorealistic renderings: DALL-E 3, Stable Diffusion, Adobe Firefly
  • For animated and video content: RunWay, Ideogram
  • To have fun and discover AI at a lower cost: Crayon

Let's get started.

What are the best AI image generators?

Here are the best AI image generators out there right now.

1. Jasper Art: The ultimate creative AI for all your visuals

Jasper Art Homepage

Jasper Art Turn your imagination into reality by allowing you to capture your ideas and images to create digital art.

Jasper Art is much more than just an AI image generator.

It is a real tool for artistic expression that allows you to bring your wildest ideas to life. Whether you are a seasoned artist or a curious beginner, Jasper Art gives you the means to create unique and personalized digital works in just a few clicks.

Key features

  • Generating original AI images from your prompts
  • Simple input mode for beginners and advanced mode for advanced users
  • Possibility to add as many details as desired for total customization of AI-generated images
  • Support for 26 languages for multi-lingual creation
  • Fast chat support when needed
  • Access to over 50 AI writing templates to enrich your AI-generated images


  • Packages starting at $49/month
  • Customized plans for businesses with specific needs
IA Jasper ART image generator pricing

❤️ Our Take : Jasper Art is the ideal tool for those who want an AI image generator. With its powerful models, artificial intelligence and seamless integration with Jasper, it makes it possible to create AI-generated images in a few clicks adapted to all needs. A real nugget to boost its graphic production combined with its AI writing tools.

👍 Pros : AI image generator from Prompt. Built-in functionality to improve prompts. Offers 4 size options and extensive artistic control of AI-generated images. Integrates perfectly with Jasper templates for consistent visuals. Easy to use, even without graphics skills.

👎 Cons : Requires a Jasper subscription to use the AI image generator. Rendering may lack finesse on complex subjects. Not very suitable for realistic photos.

⛔️ AI images rights : Right to use, modify and distribute the images generated, Need to mention Jasper Art when used commercially.

2. Photosonic : Transform your images into AI works of art

PhotoSonic homepage

Photosonic paints your thoughts on a canvas of reality by allowing you to capture your ideas to create AI-generated images.

Whether you are looking for realistic images or artistic creations, Photosonic adapts to your needs thanks to its wide variety of available styles.

Key features

  • AI image generator based on prompts, reference images, or a combination of both
  • Choose from over 100 art styles, including oil painting, watercolor, pixel art, and more
  • Advanced control of generation parameters (number of iterations, level of detail, etc.)
  • Image transformation tool for converting photos into paintings, drawings, or other styles
  • Function for generating variations from a base image
  • Possibility to download AI-generated images in high resolution (up to 4K)
  • Free use of generated images, including for commercial purposes, without attribution required


  • Credit system to buy according to your needs
  • 100 credits for $10, 500 credits for $45, 1000 credits for $80 (April 2023 rates)
  • 1 credit = 1 image generated in standard resolution (512x512), 2 credits for high resolution (1024x1024)
  • Additional credit packs for generating variations and using premium styles
PhotoSonic homepage

❤️ Our Take : Photosonic is the perfect solution for quickly generating professional visuals. With its state-of-the-art AI and its ease of use, it allows everyone to become an image pro in a few clicks. A must for marketers, bloggers, and content creators!

👍 Pros : Create visuals in seconds based on a text description. Supports 25 languages for a multi-lingual experience. Offers advanced editing and editing features. Allows you to generate image variations.

👎 Cons : The quality of the images may vary depending on the complexity of the requests. Exporting in high definition requires a subscription. Some renderings may seem generic.

⛔️ AI images rights : Right to use the images generated for personal and commercial purposes. No mention required under copyright

3. NightCafe: AI image generation for creative nomads

NightCafe homepage

NightCafe is an AI-generated art platform that allows you to create unique works from simple prompts.

Thanks to its advanced algorithms, NightCafe can generate AI images in a wide variety of artistic styles.

Key features

  • AI image generator from prompts
  • Choose from over 50 art styles
  • Possibility to combine up to 5 different styles to create unique works of art
  • Control of generation parameters, including the weight of each style, level of detail, and consistency
  • Function to generate variations from an existing image
  • Gallery of works generated by the community with the possibility to like, comment and share them
  • System for selling creations on the platform with a 10% commission for NightCafe


  • Credits to buy according to your needs, starting at $9.99 for 100 credits
  • 1 credit = 1 image generated in standard resolution (512x512), 2 credits for high resolution (1024x1024)
  • “NightCafe Infinite” monthly subscription at $19/month for unlimited generations in standard resolution
  • Additional credit packs for generating variations and using premium styles
NightCafe price

❤️ Our Take : NightCafe is a dream come true for any aspiring artist. With its cutting-edge algorithms and intuitive interface, it only takes a few words to bring unique and fascinating works of art to life. A real creative revolution just a click away!

👍 Pros : Create breathtaking AI-generated images based on simple text descriptions. Enables advanced creative control with over 70 different art styles. It always produces incredible results. The active community is an endless source of inspiration.

👎 Cons : The images generated by AI are often dreamlike and abstract, less adapted to realistic needs. The quality may vary depending on the complexity of the prompts. Additional costs for advanced features and resolutions.

⛔️ AI images rights : Right to use and modify the images generated. Need to credit NightCafe for commercial use

4. Fotor : AI generator and online image editor

Fotor image generator homepage

Fotor is an online image editor that integrates AI features to help you edit and improve your photos. Its intuitive interface and numerous tools make Fotor ideal for beginners as well as advanced users.

Key features

  • Automatic color, exposure, and contrast correction using AI
  • Remove blemishes (acne, wrinkles, etc.) and beautify portraits with the BeautyPlus tool
  • Recognition and segmentation of objects to facilitate assembly and background change
  • Create collages with over 100 predefined templates and the ability to create your own layouts
  • Over 100 creative filters and effects, including AI filters that mimic famous art styles
  • Library of over 50,000 design templates to quickly create visuals for social networks, web, print, etc.
  • Logo creation tool with customizable templates and a library of icons and fonts


  • Free version with limited features (output resolution limited to 2048x2048, Fotor watermark on images)
  • Pro subscription at $8.99/month or $39.99/year (April 2023 rates) for full feature access and commercial use
  • Team plan at $19.99/month or $89.99/year per user for advanced user management and collaboration features
Plans of Fotor

❤️ Our Take : Fotor is the essential all-in-one tool for creating designs easily. Thanks to its AI features and its rich library of templates and resources, it allows everyone to create visuals worthy of a pro in record time. The ideal companion for busy marketers and entrepreneurs!

👍 Pros : Generate professional designs from scratch using AI. Offers a wide selection of templates and graphic assets for all needs. Offers advanced photo editing and graphics editing tools. Allows you to resize and convert files in one click.

👎 Cons : The free plan is quite limited in terms of high-quality exports and commercial uses. The AI image generator sometimes lacks flexibility for very specific requests. Some advanced features require time to learn.

⛔️ AI images rights : Right to use the images generated for personal and commercial purposes. Fotor mention required for commercial use

5. DALL-E 3: Integrated with ChatGPT to create AI visuals

DALL-E 3 image generator homepage

DALL-E 3, developed by OpenAI, based GPT-4 on pushes the boundaries of image generation by AI.

With its ability to understand and generate visuals from complex descriptions, DALL-E 3 opens up new perspectives for artists, designers, and creatives.

Key features

  • Generating beautiful AI images from detailed natural language prompts
  • Ability to specify abstract styles, emotions, perspectives, and concepts
  • Modifying existing images using prompts (adding, deleting, or modifying elements)
  • Creation of variations from an input image with the possibility of controlling the degree of discrepancy
  • Support for various image formats (WEBP, PNG, JPG) and aspect ratios
  • REST API and client libraries (Python, Node.js) to integrate DALL-E 3 into your own applications
  • Inappropriate content filtering system and ethical use policies


DALL-E offers several plans for using its AI image generator API:

  • 50 free credits upon registration, renewed every month
  • Pay-per-use depending on the resolution of the images generated: $0.016/image for 256x256, $0.018/image for 512x512, $0.02/image for 1024x1024
  • Discounted rates for large volumes and frequent uses
  • “Pay as you go” option or purchase credits in advance to benefit from additional discounts

If you are not a developer or do not need it, DALL-E can be used in the ChatGPT interface, which offers three pricing plans:

  • Free: 0$
  • Plus: $20
  • Team: $25
  • Enterprise: custom measurement price
ChatGPT pricing with DALL-E

❤️ Our Take : DALL-E 3 pushes the boundaries of AI image generator. With its advanced learning capabilities and versatility, it makes it possible to bring virtually any idea to life, from the simplest to the most imaginative. A real game-changer for visual creation professionals!

👍 Pros : High-quality AI image generator. Capable of editing and combining existing images with natural results. Offers an advanced control panel on style and composition. Continuously improving thanks to machine learning.

👎 Cons : Requires a certain amount of time to get started to fully exploit its creative potential. Credits can quickly run out on greedy projects. Face detection isn't always perfect.

⛔️ AI images rights : Right to use, modify and distribute the images generated. OpenAI retains intellectual property rights to the DALL-E model

LEARN MORE >> Visit the Open AI website

6. Stable Diffusion: Open-source solution for unique AI visuals

Stable Diffusion image generator homepage

Stable Diffusion is an open-source image generator that allows you to create visuals of exceptional quality.

Its unique approach combining supervised and unsupervised learning makes it a powerful and versatile tool.

Key features

  • High-resolution AI-generated images (up to 2048x2048 pixels)
  • Support for various styles and specific areas
  • Fine-tuning of the model possible to adapt it to your needs
  • Implementations available in various deep learning frameworks


  • Open-source model accessible for free
  • 50% off annual plans
  • Starter plan: $6/month
  • Hobbyist plan: $12/month
  • Formula $6/month
Stable Diffusion plans

❤️ Our Take : Stable Diffusion democratizes image generation by AI with a powerful and flexible open-source solution. Thanks to its pre-trained models and its active community, it allows everyone to generate beautiful visuals with total freedom. An essential tool for machine learning and graphic design enthusiasts!

👍 Pros : High-quality AI-generated images, especially since the arrival of Stable Diffusion 3. Open-source tool (text to image), can be used locally and adapted to needs. Benefit from the contributions of a large active community to get help.

👎 Cons : Requires technical knowledge for optimal local installation and use. The results can be accurate on less complex queries.

⛔️ AI images rights : Images generated under Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. Free use for personal and commercial purposes

LEARN MORE >> Visit the Stable Diffusion website by OpenArt

7. RunWay: Animated AI images for creatives

Runway homepage

RunwayML is an all-in-one platform that uses artificial intelligence to help creators realize innovative projects. With its models for generating images, videos and texts, RunwayML makes it possible to explore new forms of AI-assisted creation with a complete platform.

Key features

  • Image generation with the power of Stable Diffusion
  • Edit and generate videos with dedicated templates
  • AI-assisted graphic design design
  • AI-driven video post-production and special effects tools
  • Integrate with Adobe Photoshop and After Effects
  • Exporting AI models and APIs for easy integration into your projects


Runway offers 4 pricing plans:

  • Free Forever: Free trial limited to 125 credits
  • Standard subscription starting at $12/month
  • Pro subscription starting at $28/month
  • Unlimited subscription starting at $75/month (unlimited image generation and video generation)
RunWay prices

❤️ Our Take : RunwayML is revolutionizing video and 3D creation with AI tools accessible to everyone. Its intuitive software suite is full of features to edit, animate and generate content without any technical skills. A fascinating new playground for motion designers and creatives looking for innovation!

👍 Pros : Integrates AI models to easily generate and edit 3D videos and content. Simplifies complex tasks such as rotoscoping, inpainting or tracking. Offers a wide selection of effects and presets for professional results in a few clicks. Very convenient real-time collaboration feature.

👎 Cons : The learning curve can be steep for beginners despite simplification efforts. Some AI renderings lack sharpness for demanding uses. The cost can quickly rise on large projects.

⛔️ AI images rights : Right to use the images generated for personal and commercial purposes. RunWay retains intellectual property on the AI model

LEARN MORE >> Visit the RunWay website

8. Adobe Firefly: The power of AI for Adobe users

Adobe Firefly AI image generator homepage

Adobe Firefly is an AI-powered image generation tool developed by Adobe.

Based on Adobe Sensei technology and a vast set of training data, Firefly makes it possible to create high-quality photos or images from text.

Key features

  • Generating images, photos, and vector illustrations
  • Support for a variety of styles
  • Seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud applications
  • Advanced control over the composition and style of AI-generated images
  • Model trained ethically to avoid bias and inappropriate content


  • Available for Creative Cloud subscribers
  • Firefly Free plan: free version
  • Firefly Premium plan: $4.99/month
  • Single Apps: $9.99/month
  • Creative Cloud All Apps: $59.99/month
Plans of Adobe Firefly

❤️ Our Take : Adobe Firefly brilliantly integrates generative AI into the Creative Suite. Thanks to its templates and its familiar interface, it allows users to generate perfect visuals for their ideas in the blink of an eye. Perfect software to improve creativity and workflows.

👍 Pros : Generate original images, photos, and designs from simple text. Integrates seamlessly with Adobe applications for an optimized workflow. Offers extensive artistic control.

👎 Cons : Access restricted to Adobe subscription holders may restrict its use. Requires a certain mastery of Adobe software to exploit its potential.

⛔️ AI images rights : Right to use, modify and distribute the images generated. Adobe retains intellectual property rights to the Firefly model

LEARN MORE >> Visit the Adobe FireFly website

9. StarryAI: Create digital canvases in a few clicks

StarryAI AI image generator home page

StarryAI is a mobile application for generating images using AI. With its intuitive interface and advanced algorithms, StarryAI allows anyone to create beautiful images from simple sentences or photos.

Key features

  • Generating images from text descriptions or photos
  • Over 20 art styles available
  • Capable of generating variations from a base image or photo
  • Gallery of community-generated works available for inspiration
  • Easy sharing of your creations on social networks
  • “Time Machine” feature to visualize how your style evolves over time


  • Free version with a limited number of generations per day
  • StarryAI+ subscription starting at $4.99/month for unlimited generations and access to exclusive features (April 2023 rate)
Free StarryAI pricing

❤️ Our Take : StarryAI is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to create visual masterpieces effortlessly. Its high-performance artistic AI transforms words into illustrations worthy of the greatest masters. Fun, intuitive and amazingly creative, it is the ideal companion to bring all your visions to life!

👍 Pros : Generate beautiful works of art from simple sentences, in a multitude of styles. Sleek and easy to learn interface, ideal for all levels. Allows you to refine creations with advanced control options. Encourages you to develop your artistic fiber through experimentation.

👎 Cons : The images generated, although magnificent, remain quite dreamlike and stylized. Poorly adapted to needs requiring great realism. The size of exports is limited on the free offer.

⛔️ AI images rights : Right to use the images generated for personal and commercial purposes. StarryAI mention required for commercial use.

LEARN MORE >> Visit the Open AI website

10. Ideogram: Generative AI at the service of your creativity

IdeoGram image generator homepage

Ideogram is an online platform that harnesses the power of generative AI to help people bring their ideas to life. With its AI image generation models, Ideogram is positioned as a true multi-purpose AI assistant for creativity.

Key features

  • Generating images from quick descriptions and visual examples
  • Creation of texts (articles, scenarios, poems, etc.) based on instructions
  • Possibility to fine-tune the models with your own data
  • Real-time collaboration with your team
  • Integration via API to use Ideogram models in your applications


  • Free trial with free credit
  • Pay-per-use based on the number of requests and the type of model used
  • Pro subscription starting at $12/month for monthly credits and access to advanced features (April 2023 rate)
  • Enterprise offer with unlimited credits, dedicated support and SLA (price on estimate)
Plans of IdeoGram

❤️ Our Take : Ideogram offers a very precise AI. In a few clicks, it allows you to generate very creative images or photos.

👍 Pros : Generates images from text. Offers a wide variety of designs and styles. A very active community.

👎 Cons : The free trial can be finalized very quickly. Less accurate than other models. Generated photos and images that are not private without the Plus subscription.

⛔️ AI images rights : Right to use and modify the images generated. Ideogram must be credited for commercial use.

LEARN MORE >> Visit the Ideogram website

11. Canva: Professional designs enhanced by AI

Canva design software homepage

Canva is a graphic design software online that allows everyone to easily create professional visuals.

With its intuitive interface and extensive library of templates, images, and graphics, Canva is ideal for non-designers who want to create engaging marketing materials.

Key features

  • More than 250,000 customizable templates for all types of media (social media posts, presentations, posters, etc.)
  • Library of over 100 million images, videos, and graphics
  • Built-in photo and video editing tools
  • Real-time collaboration features for working in teams
  • Integration with numerous third party applications (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.)
  • AI-aided creation with Canva Magic Write to generate text and visuals


  • Free version with limited features and storage
  • Canva Pro subscription starting at €19.99/month
Canva pricing

❤️ Our Take : Canva is the ultimate reference for creating designs easily. With its generative AI features and its gigantic library of resources, it allows everyone to create professional visuals in a few minutes. A must for marketers, entrepreneurs and budding creatives!

👍 Pros : Use AI to generate unique designs from text prompts. Provides millions of templates, images and graphic elements. Offers a wide range of tools for editing and optimizing visuals. Facilitates collaboration and design sharing.

👎 Cons : The most advanced AI features are for paid subscriptions only. The “template” side of designs may lack originality. Retouching your visuals finely requires a bit of practice.

⛔️ AI images rights : Right to use images generated under the Canva license. Variable usage restrictions depending on the type of subscription

LEARN MORE >> Visit the Canva website

12. Craiyon (DALL-E Mini): Generate AI images quickly and easily

Craiyon image generator homepage

Craiyon, formerly known as DALL-E Mini, is a lightweight version of the popular DALL-E AI image generation model.

Developed by Craiyon, this online tool allows images to be generated from simple text descriptions, all for free and without registration.

Key features

  • Generating images from prompts
  • Possibility to generate up to 9 variations of the same description
  • Easy sharing of your creations via links or on social networks
  • Open-source model trained on a large data set
  • Simple and intuitive interface accessible from your browser


  • Completely free and with no registration required
Plans of Craiyon

❤️ Our Take : Craiyon offers everyone the opportunity to play with AI image generation in a fun and free way. Based on a lightweight version of DALL-E, it only takes a few words to get one of the most creative visuals. A great overview to use without moderation to have fun and stimulate your creativity!

👍 Pros : Generates a panel of images in a few seconds. Completely free and available to everyone online without registration. Allows you to create visuals in no time. Regularly updated with new AI models.

👎 Cons : Although fun, renderings often lack precision compared to more advanced AIs. Resolution and customization options are limited. To be seen more as a software to have fun than a real creative tool.

⛔️ AI images rights : Images generated in the public domain. Free use for personal and commercial purposes.

LEARN MORE >> Visit the Craiyon website

13. Midjourney: AI within everyone's reach on Discord

MidJourney image generator homepage

Midjourney is a powerful Discord bot that uses AI to generate images from prompts.

With its active community and constantly evolving models, Midjourney has become a reference in the field of AI-generated art.

Key features

  • Generating images from text descriptions directly on Discord
  • Support for a variety of artistic styles and specific fields
  • Possibility to generate image variations and upscales
  • Interaction with the community via dedicated Discord lounges
  • Voting system to highlight the best creations
  • Advanced controls to control image composition and style


  • Free trial with 25 generations offered
  • Basic subscription at $10/month (3.3 hours of generation per month)
  • Standard subscription at $30/month (15 hours of generation per month)
  • Pro subscription at $60/month (30 generation hours/month)
  • Mega Plan subscription at $120/month (60 generation hours/month)
Midjourney Plans

❤️ Our Take : Midjourney is one of the best AI image generators. Thanks to its powerful algorithms and its smooth integration with Discord, it gives life in the blink of an eye to visuals of great quality and originality. A must for those looking for extraordinary renderings!

👍 Pros : Generates unparalleled precision and inventiveness AI images from commands. Enables advanced control of generated AI images. Works directly in Discord for a smooth user experience. The active community on the server is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

👎 Cons : Handling orders can be complex and requires a bit of practice. Like any highly creative tool, Midjourney works best when given precise instructions. The consumer-based economic model can quickly become expensive for large users.

⛔️ AI images rights : Right to use and modify the images generated. For commercial use, license purchase or subscription required

LEARN MORE >> Visit the Midjourney website

What is an AI image generator?

An AI image generator is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to create new images based on prompts or visual examples.

Thanks to the variety of styles and contents available, AI image generators represent a major advance in the field of artificial intelligence applied to visual creation.

Whether you want to generate images that mimic the style of famous artists or create entirely new visuals based on simple keywords, this technology offers a wide range of possibilities.

With the ability to produce portraits, landscapes, pop art, abstract illustrations, and more, AI image generators are revolutionizing the way we approach graphic design.

So, thanks to machine learning, marketing professionals, designers, and anyone interested in image generation can now push the boundaries of visual creativity and achieve stunning results in just a few clicks.

How does an AI image generator work?

Each AI image generator has its own way of working, but most tools follow a similar process.

Here is an example under Microsoft Designer :

  • Choosing the image style : select from a variety of styles such as oil painting, watercolor, 3D images, or cartoons.
  • Text input (prompt) : Describe the image you want to generate using keywords and phrases.
write prompt in Microsoft Designer image generator
  • Expectation : Wait a few seconds for the generation to take place
Waiting for AI image generation in Microsoft Designer
  • Download : generate as many images as needed from your prompts.
Download generated image to IA Microsoft Designer image generator
  • Use of reference images : some tools make it possible to provide existing images to guide the generation of new images.

With these features, AI image generators can create a wide variety of artworks, from portraits to landscapes to everything in between.

This flexibility and speed of generation make them valuable tools for content creators, designers, and digital artists.


The advent of AI image generators marks a key stage in the evolution of visual creation.

These tools, which are ever more efficient and accessible, open up new perspectives for professionals for graphic design enthusiasts.

In this fast-paced ecosystem, it is essential to choose the generator that will best match the requirements of your project or business. Cost, functionality, ease of use, and quality results are all factors to consider when it comes to finding your ideal solution.

Because theartificial intelligence is no longer limited to image generation, it is already used for write articles, create memes, generate leads as part of AI sales software, create content with content generation tools and even manage theconversational intelligence to close deals.

The latest AI statistics can highlight the importance of the role it plays today and will continue to play in the future in businesses.

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