13 Best Free and Paid Webinar Software (2024)

I ranked and reviewed the top 20 webinar software based on video quality, marketing features, integrations, pricing, support, and more.
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Finding the perfect webinar software can radically transform your marketing and community engagement.

In this article, I guide you through a careful selection of the best webinar software, tailored to various needs and goals.

From Riverside, offering exceptional quality to capture your speakers, to Livestorm, a complete solution for managing your video events, to Demio and its seamless user experience without downloading.

Choosing the right software is crucial, as webinars are a powerful sales and engagement tool.

Despite the possible technical challenges, webinars remain an effective strategy for achieving your business goals.

Explore these turnkey options and find the one that fits you and your audience perfectly.

List of the best webinar software

Here is my list of top webinar software choices:

1. Riverside : Affordable, high-quality video and audio

Riverside  page d'accueil du Logiciel de webinar pour conférence en ligne

Riverside is a cutting-edge software for large businesses looking to organize top-quality webinars.

Its ability to record webinars with clear, uncompressed audio, recorded locally at 48 kHz WAV, sets it apart sharply.

Its Magic Editor allows efficient and structured editing of material, optimizing the presentation of webinars.

Easy to use, Riverside offers the flexibility to record events anywhere and anytime, with convenient transcripts to improve engagement and ease of access to content.


  • High quality audio recording: Record locally at 48 kHz WAV for superior sound quality.
  • Magic Editor: Enables simplified and structured editing of webinars.
  • Flexibility: Record events anywhere, anytime.
  • Transcripts: Improve engagement and accessibility.
  • Simulcast: Broadcast on multiple channels like Facebook, Twitch, YouTube, and LinkedIn.
  • Up to 8 guests: Enables an interactive experience.
  • Simple guest confirmation: Via iOS or Chrome web browser.
  • Live sharing: Post-webinar access.
  • Additional tools: Whiteboard, podcast and YouTube name generator.
  • Renowned customers: TED, Pacific Content Records, and Freakonomics.
Fonctionnalités de riverside


plans de Riverside
  • Free trial: 1 hour without a credit card.
  • Base: 2 hours/month - $90/year.
  • Standard: 5 hours/month - $180/year.
  • Pro: 15 hours/month - $288/year.
  • Business: Personalized quote.

Our Take

Riverside is the ideal solution for demanding businesses that want to produce high quality webinars. Its superior audio recording, simplified editor, and streaming options make it an ally of choice, despite a higher-than-average price. If quality is your priority, Riverside is for you.

👍 Unique benefits : Superior audio quality with local 48kHz WAV recording. Magic Editor for easy editing. Simultaneous streaming on multiple channels.

👎 Disadvantages : More expensive than some competitors. No free version, trial limited to 1 hour. Some features only available on higher plans.

2. Livestorm : Strong audience interaction, good free trial

Livestorm page d'accueil du Logiciel de webinar pour conférence en ligne

Livestorm stands out as a versatile webinar software, suitable for both product demonstrations and sales sessions.

What makes it unique is its universal compatibility, running on all browsers with no webinar size restrictions and accessible from a variety of devices like PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.


  • Easy to use: Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Works on all browsers: No webinar size restrictions.
  • Accessible from various devices: PCs, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.
  • Live, on-demand, and automated webinars: Offers flexibility for various types of events.
  • Interactivity: Chat, whiteboard, polls, questions, and discussions.
  • Integration and analysis: Connect to your favorite tools and track the performance of your webinars.
  • Automation: Create webinar sequences to save time.
  • Customer support: Full and multi-lingual support.
  • One-click invitation features: Easily share your webinars.
  • Integrated registration forms: Capture emails.
  • Freemium plan: Available with essential features.
  • Detailed analyses: Attendances, rebroadcasts, source monitoring and participation reports.
  • Unlimited recording storage: Access your webinars anytime.
  • Data export: Export your data in CSV or XLS format.
  • Integration with Zapier: Connect to over 1,000 applications.
  • CTA in the webinar: Encourage spectator action.
Fonctionnalités de livestorm


Livestorm prix
  • Livestorm Starter: Free (unlimited webinars on demand, meetings, etc.)
  • Livestorm Premium: $99/host per month (limit of 4 hours per webinar)
  • Company: Advanced features with personalized quotes

Our Take

Livestorm is a versatile webinar software that combines ease of use with powerful features. Despite some limitations in the lower plans, it provides a smooth experience for participants across devices. Ideal for most businesses looking for a complete and accessible solution.

👍 Unique benefits : Compatible with all browsers with no size restrictions. Accessible on multiple devices. Automation of webinar sequences.

👎 Disadvantages : Advanced features only for higher plans. No live webinars in the free version. Limited to 4 hours per webinar in the Premium plan.

3. Demio : Easy to use, good value for money

Demio  page d'accueil du Logiciel de webinar pour conférence en ligne

Demio is positioned as a solution of choice for those looking for an elegant and effective webinar platform, combining ease of use without downloading for participants and integrated marketing tools to generate more leads.

One of Demio's strengths is its visual aesthetics, offering a real-time HD video stream on a high quality platform.

Personalization is at the heart of its offering, allowing users to adapt the webinar experience to their brand.

Demio stands out for its comprehensive video conferencing features, including live and automated webinars, replays, and personalized registration landing pages.


  • Automated webinars and cloud-based recordings for easy access.
  • Interactive tools such as discussions, surveys, and document distribution.
  • Waiting room experience improved to engage participants.
  • Integrated analytics and insights for a better understanding of the performance of each online video conference
  • Easy integration with other marketing tools.
  • Email automation and event reminders for effective management.
Fonctionnalités de demio
Features website


Demio prix
  • Starter: $34/month (50 participants)
  • Growth: $69/month (150 participants)
  • Business: $163/month (500 participants)
  • Free trial: 14 days

Our Take

Demio is the ideal platform for creating engaging webinars and generating qualified leads. Its frictionless experience seduces participants, while its integrated marketing tools boost conversions. A profitable investment for businesses that are serious about their webinar strategy.

👍 Unique benefits : A no-download experience for participants. Integrated marketing tools to generate leads. Automated and on-demand webinars.

👎 Disadvantages : Prices may seem high for some budgets. No completely free version unlike some competitors. Learning curve to master all features.

4. Zoho Meeting : Integrates perfectly with Zoho, competitive prices

Zoho Meeting  page d'accueil du Logiciel de webinar pour conférence en ligne

Zoho Meeting is one of my favorite webinar tools!

It's perfect for anyone who wants a single platform that can be used for marketing webinars, internal team webinars, group web conferences, and even one-on-one meetings.

It's so easy to use and trusted by tens of thousands of customers around the world.

Zoho offers world-class products for every aspect of your business. From marketing and customer relationship management tools to customer service and financial tools, Zoho has it all.


  • Ability to join and launch features directly from your browser without any download.
  • Mobile application that allows participants to register from any device for your online video conference
  • High-quality recording options for audio, video, and screen sharing.
  • Synchronize meetings with the most popular calendar apps so your attendees don't miss out on your webinars.
  • Advanced webinar settings giving you complete control over your webinar presentation.
  • Customizable signup forms giving you the freedom to create the perfect form for your business.
Fonctionnalités de zoho meeting
Features website


Zoho Meeting prix
  • Free: 10 participants maximum, limited features.
  • For a fee: Starting at $16/month for 25 participants.
  • More expensive plans: Offer more participants and more features.
  • Free trial: 14 days without a credit card.

Our Take

Zoho Meeting is a great choice for businesses looking for a webinar solution that's simple, affordable, and well-integrated. Despite some limitations in the free version, it offers all the essential features with an intuitive interface. The perfect addition to the Zoho ecosystem.

👍 Unique benefits : A single platform for all types of meetings. Integration with the Zoho ecosystem. Affordable rates with free trial.

👎 Disadvantages : Limited features in the free version. Customer support not available 24/7 in all plans. Participant limits may be restrictive.

5. ClickMeeting : Very interactive, plans for all budgets

ClickMeeting  page d'accueil du Logiciel de webinar pour conférence en ligne

ClickMeeting stands out as one of the most popular webinar software platforms, thanks to its intuitive and user-friendly interface.

It is particularly suited to facilitate the connection with customers in areas such as training, sales, and product marketing.

This platform is proving to be a wise choice for small and medium-sized businesses, offering clear instructions for an easy set up of the event without technical worries.

ClickMeeting also provides valuable analytical insights into past webinars and the audience for future webinars.


  • Easy to use: Simple and intuitive interface.
  • Suitable for small and medium businesses: Offers affordable and easy to implement solutions.
  • Interactive features: Polls, surveys, chat, and interactive sessions for increased engagement.
  • Live streaming on Facebook and YouTube: Increase the reach of your webinars.
  • HD recording: Record your webinars in HD and store them in the cloud.
  • Several presenters: Allows multiple people to present simultaneously.


ClickMeeting prix
  • Starter: $25/month (25 participants)
  • Business: $35/month (50 participants)
  • Company: Custom rate

Our Take

ClickMeeting is a comprehensive and accessible webinar solution that is perfect for small and medium businesses. Its user-friendly interface, delivery options, and affordable rates make it a good choice for starting webinars without breaking the bank.

👍 Unique benefits : Intuitive interface for easy handling. Live broadcast on Facebook and YouTube to expand the audience. Reasonable rates with various plans.

👎 Disadvantages : Limited number of participants in lower plans. No free version to test the platform. Advanced features for higher plans only.

LEARN MORE >> Try for free ClickMeeting

6. GoTo Webinar : Adapted to large companies

goto  page d'accueil du Logiciel de webinar pour conférence en ligne

The next webinar software on my list is GoTo (Webinar).

With GoTo, you don't have to worry about the clutter and confusion that comes with organizing your webinar and you can focus on reaching more people and growing your business.

All you need to do is choose when you want to organize your webinar and the system takes care of everything else.

It also exposes you to a variety of features to improve your webinar experience, from flexible scheduling to the entire event management process.

You also have access to several integrated webinar templates that provide an ideal professional environment.


  • Pre-recorded webinars: Allows you to create automated and on-demand webinars.
  • Robust analytics: Provides detailed data on the performance of your webinars.
  • HD video quality: Provides a high quality video experience for participants.
  • 24/7 customer support: Get support in case of problems.
  • GoToMeeting integration: Allows webinars to be combined with other GoTo collaboration tools
  • Polls and surveys: Allows you to interact with your audience and gather feedback.
  • Automatic registration: Automatically record your webinars to share later.
  • Third-party integrations: Connects to tools like Zapier, Salesforce, and Unbounce.
  • Source tracking: Allows you to determine which sources generate the most registrations.


goto webinar prix
  • Starter: $89/month (100 participants)
  • Pro: $199/month (500 participants)
  • Company: $429/month (1,000 participants)
  • Free trial: Available for 100 participants

Our Take

GoTo Webinar is a premium solution for demanding businesses. Its advanced features, powerful analytics, and 24/7 support justify its high price. Ideal for organizations looking for a high-end platform without compromising on quality.

👍 Unique benefits : Pre-recorded and automated webinars. Robust performance analytics. 24/7 customer support.

👎 Disadvantages : High rates compared to some competitors. No free version to test the platform. Interface considered less intuitive by some users.

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7. WebinarJAM: Effective automation, economical recurring webinars

WebinarJam  page d'accueil du Logiciel de webinar pour conférence en ligne

WebinarJam is ranked fourth in my selection of the best webinar software. Its ease of use makes it an ideal option for those who have little or no technical knowledge when it comes to setting up webinars.

WebinarJam is distinguished by its ability to broadcast directly to a YouTube page and to organize password-secure online meetings. One of its major advantages is the possibility of offering pop-up windows during the webinar, allowing participants to buy products or services in real time.

Its advanced two-way communication, through live chat and participant video, enriches the communication experience.


  • Easy to use: Simple and intuitive interface.
  • YouTube live stream: Allows you to reach a wider audience.
  • Secure webinars: Protect your webinars with a password.
  • Shopping pop-ups: Enables participants to buy products or services in real time.
  • Two-way communication: Offers live chat and participant video options.
  • Automatic registration: Record your webinars to share later.
  • Customer support: Offers great customer support.
  • Automatic answering machine: Allows you to broadcast pre-recorded messages to participants.
  • Social media integration: Allows you to promote your webinars on social networks.
  • Participant management: Allows you to easily manage several participants.
  • Polls and surveys: Allows you to interact with your audience.
  • User friendly interfaces: Offers intuitive user interfaces and dashboards.
  • Fast installation: Takes approximately 60 seconds to install


plans de WebinarJam
  • Starter: $49/month (100 participants)
  • Basic: $99/month (500 participants)
  • Professional: $299/month (2,000 participants)
  • Company: $499/month (5,000 participants)

Our Take

WebinarJam is a major ally in boosting sales through webinars. Its pop-up shopping windows turn participants into customers. Despite the substantial price, the “satisfied or refunded” guarantee and the $1 trial allow you to test this conversion-driven tool with confidence.

👍 Unique benefits : Pop-up purchase windows during webinars. 30-day money back guarantee. 14-day trial for $1.

👎 Disadvantages : Prices may seem high for some budgets. No completely free version unlike some competitors. Some limitations in lower plans

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8. EverWebinar: On-demand webinars and pay-as-you-go webinars

EverWebinar  page d'accueil du Logiciel de webinar pour conférence en ligne

Billed as the “most powerful automated webinar platform,” EverWebinar is one of the most popular tools on this list. It's built with direct integration with WebinarJam, although the parent company sells them separately or in a bundle.

Its features include fully automated email connections based on customer activity, the ability to keep users informed, and a complete setup in under three minutes for WebinarJam users.

Plus, it automatically records webinars so the user can replay them for potential leads.


  • Full automation: Allows you to create automated webinars that take place without human intervention.
  • Customer follow-up: Sends automated emails to participants based on their activity.
  • WebinarJam integration: Offers an easy transition between live and automated webinars.
  • Real-time statistics: Provides information on the performance of your webinar while it is broadcast, such as the participation rate
  • Live Webinar Conversion: Allows you to convert live webinars into automated webinars.
  • “Just-in-time” webinars: Automatically starts a webinar as soon as a participant registers.
  • Advanced programming: Allows you to block dates and manage availability.
  • Time zone detection: Facilitates the participation of users from around the world.
  • Free hosting: Offers unlimited hosting on reliable cloud-based servers.


EverWebinar prix
  • Single plan: $42/month (billed annually or $99/month if billed monthly)

Our Take

EverWebinar is the ultimate reference for creating highly converting automated webinars. Integrating it with WebinarJam offers the best of both worlds. A significant investment but profitable in the long term for companies that organize regular webinars.

👍 Unique benefits : Full automation of webinars. “Just in time” webinars upon registration. Free hosting on reliable cloud servers.

👎 Disadvantages : No free version unlike some competitors. Single rate that may seem high for some budgets. Learning curve to exploit the full potential.

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9. EasyWebinar: Advanced personalization and prices according to audience

EasyWebinar  page d'accueil du Logiciel de webinar pour conférence en ligne

EasyWebinar is the only online software platform that has successfully and seamlessly integrated webinar technology into marketing strategy.

It offers an all-in-one solution for live and automated webinars.

The webinar software offers tons of other features, including a multi-presenter option, integration with popular email marketing software, shopping carts, and lead generation tools.


  • Live and automated webinars: Offers the flexibility to choose the format that best fits your needs.
  • Multi-presenter: Allows multiple people to present simultaneously.
  • Marketing integration: Connects to popular email marketing software, shopping carts, and lead generation tools.
  • Audience engagement: Offers screen sharing options, HD video, interactive live chat, and robust chat features.
  • Mobile application: Allows participants to follow webinars on their mobile devices.
  • WordPress integration: Makes it easy to integrate webinars into your WordPress website.
  • Monitoring and analysis: Offers an integrated analytics suite to track the performance of your webinars.
  • Large number of participants: Welcomes up to 100 participants in the basic package and an unlimited number of live viewers thanks to the integration of YouTube Live.


EasyWebinar prix
  • Standard: $59/month (billed annually)
  • Pro: $90/month (billed annually)
  • Company: $349/month (billed annually)
  • Customized quote: For more than 10,000 participants

Our Take

EasyWebinar is the ideal platform for combining webinars and marketing actions. Its integrations, its flexibility and its generous capacity make it a premium choice for companies concerned about performance. A substantial investment but quickly paid for itself.

👍 Unique benefits : An all-in-one solution for live and automated webinars. Powerful marketing integrations. High capacity in all plans.

👎 Disadvantages : Prices may seem high for some budgets. No free version to test the platform. Learning curve to master all features.

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10. Zoom: Popular and free for small budgets

zoom  page d'accueil du Logiciel de webinar pour conférence en ligne

zoom is the most popular webinar software on the market today. It makes it possible to connect friends and colleagues around the world, despite the different time zones.

Some of the reasons to use Zoom include the fact that it's intuitive, completely cloud-based, and has a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for its users.

It carries out a wide range of activities that make it an asset for any business. Zoom offers HD video and audio, screen sharing, desktop, and application options.

Plus, it allows you to host scheduled and unscheduled meetings, and keeps a backup of each session in the cloud for immediate and future access.

Their web conferencing software also allows for private and public discussions so that the audience does not necessarily have to interrupt the speaker while speaking.

It also integrates with Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook, allowing its users to schedule meetings and send emails, seamlessly.

Zoom is a one-stop shop for everything related to organizing a webinar.


  • HD video and audio, as well as the ability to share screens.
  • Desktop and application sharing options.
  • Save each meeting in the cloud.
  • It allows private and public chats, allowing your viewers to communicate during the event without any interruption.
  • Provides free access to up to 100 participants and a 40-minute limit for group meetings.
  • Effective host controls and virtual whiteboards.
  • User friendly and easily navigable dashboard.
  • There is no one-time fee and registration is free.


It is one of the best webinar platforms that offer a freemium formula.

  • Free: 100 participants, 40 minutes.
  • Pro: $14.99/month, 1GB cloud recording.
  • Business: $19.99/month, 10GB cloud recording (great for small and medium businesses)
  • Enterprise: $19.99/month, advanced features (best for larger businesses)

Our Take

Zoom is the ultimate consumer webinar solution. Its ease of use and its free version make it an accessible and effective choice for most needs. Despite some limitations in terms of advanced features, Zoom remains a safe bet for starting webinars without the hassle.

👍 Unique benefits : Ease of use and intuitive interface. Generous free version. Pricing plans for different budgets and needs.

👎 Disadvantages : Limited functionality compared to specialized webinar solutions. Limit of participants and duration in the free version. Some security and privacy issues in the past.

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11. Webex: Enhanced security, free offer for SMEs

Webex  page d'accueil du Logiciel de webinar pour conférence en ligne

Cisco product, Webex lives up to the expectations of such a reputable parent company.

It offers impressive features, such as a lobby room with HD audio and video services that can be accessed across multiple devices.

It allows its users a high degree of customization, so that the host environment can be adapted to the needs of the business.

Thanks to webinars Webex, you can organize meetings across your organization, offer online and offline training sessions, and provide remote support. The main benefits of Webex are mobility, usability, and compatibility with all devices and browsers.

It is a platform based on cloud computing, which guarantees not only higher speed, but also data security.


  • Cloud-based platform.
  • It allows you to accommodate up to 40,000 participants.
  • Integrated Q&A sessions, polls, and surveys to facilitate audience engagement.
  • It provides a mobile application.
  • Effective customer service.
  • Excellent HD video and audio quality.
  • Integrates with the most common marketing tools, like Salesforce.


Webex prix
  • Basic: $13.5/month (50 participants).
  • Plus: $17.95/month (100 participants).
  • Business: $26.95/month (250 participants).
  • Starting at $39.95/month (500 participants).

Our Take

Webex is the high-end webinar solution from Cisco. Its advanced functionalities, its impeccable quality and its security make it the choice of the most demanding companies. A significant but justified investment for organizations with specific needs and an adequate budget.

👍 Unique benefits : Advanced and customizable features. Excellent audio/video quality Secure and reliable platform. Large reception capacity.

👎 Disadvantages : Rates generally higher than the competition. Interface considered less intuitive by some users. Fewer basic features than other solutions.

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12. DaCast: Easy monetization

DaCast  page d'accueil du Logiciel de webinar pour conférence en ligne

DaCast is another great webinar software platform on this list that helps you set up your online video conferencing environment in minutes. It offers impressive streaming features to help you manage, monetize, and analyze your online videos.

Besides hosting the videos securely, you get 24/7 customer support, which is very helpful if you get stuck along the way.

Some of the most popular features include integrating live video with APIs and streaming video to social media platforms like Facebook.

With these features, you can shoot live webinars and then offer your webinars on demand at a later date.

In other words, it is a fast and easy to use platform that can be used even by novice marketers.


  • No limits for viewers.
  • Allows FTP access.
  • Real-time analysis.
  • An interactive video on demand (VOD) solution.
  • Live streaming on social media platforms.
  • User friendly web conferencing interface.
  • Easy to set up
  • Effective customer service.


DaCast prix
  • Starter: $19/month (300 spectators/hour).
  • Event: $79/month (1,000 spectators/hour).
  • Scale: $149/month (5,000 spectators/hour).
  • Company: $289/month (15,000 spectators/hour).
  • Customized: quotation on request.

Our Take

DaCast is the right solution for businesses looking for advanced broadcast features. Its streaming focus, omnipotent customer support, and flexible pricing make it a one-of-a-kind choice. Ideal for creating immersive experiences, at the cost of a relative lack of notoriety.

👍 Unique benefits : Advanced live streaming and VOD features. 24/7 customer support. Flexible rates with no limit of participants.

👎 Disadvantages : Broadcast-oriented, fewer core features. No free version unlike some competitors. Less well known than giants like Zoom.

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13. Google Meet: Integrates well with Google, free and unlimited

Google meet

Google Meet, integrated with Google Workspace, offers a simple and effective solution for webinars and video conferences. It integrates seamlessly with other Google tools, facilitating collaboration and communication.


  • HD video and audio, screen sharing.
  • Up to 250 participants.
  • Background noise cancelled, automatic subtitles.
  • Integration with Google Calendar and Google Contacts.
  • Free version available.


Google meet pricing
  • Free: 100 participants, unlimited duration.
  • Google Workspace Essentials: $12.50/month, 150 participants.
  • Google Workspace Business Standard: $15/month, 250 participants.
  • Google Workspace Enterprise Standard: $25/month, 500 participants.

Our Take

Google Meet is the ideal webinar solution for businesses that already use Google Workspace. Its simplicity, smooth integration and free version make it a relevant choice for daily collaboration. Despite some shortcomings in terms of advanced features, Google Meet is still a solid and affordable option.

👍 Unique benefits : Ease of use and intuitive interface. Seamless integration with Google Workspace. Generous free version.

👎 Disadvantages : Limited advanced features compared to specialized solutions. Limit of participants in the free version. No native recording.

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What is webinar software?

A webinar is a form of online conference Which is essentially a mixture of the words web and seminary. Webinar software manages this online video conference meeting. It is best defined as a conference, live presentation, meeting, or event that takes place entirely online and is attended by an exclusive audience.

The software used to run and conduct a webinar is webinar software. These webinar tools help you make your webinars more interactive, engaging, and flexible.

The best webinar software makes it easy to register, share, and follow up on your leads without any hassles or downtime.

In my opinion, the best webinar tools are Riverside, Livestorm, and Zoho Meeting.

Overall, a webinar tool for small businesses should help you stream high-quality live video and sync with your email lists. It should also allow you to automate your sales process and engage with your potential customers with live training and product demonstrations.

Additionally, most online video conferencing tools come with features such as built-in surveys and polls, email marketing software, live chat functions, automated webinar sequences, streaming capabilities, and more.

These automated webinar sequences are great for hosting ongoing content like online courses, podcasted interviews, or employee onboarding videos.

Webinar software features

When choosing webinar software, it is essential to consider several features to ensure an optimal experience for speakers and participants.

Here are the top features to look for in the best webinar software:

1. Video and audio quality

Video and audio quality is critical to ensuring a pleasant and professional webinar experience. Successful webinar software should offer HD video and audio quality to allow clear and smooth communication between speakers and participants.

2. Reception capacity

The capacity of the software is also an important factor to consider. Depending on your needs, you will need to ensure that the software can accommodate a sufficient number of participants, ranging from a few dozen to several thousand.

3. Screen sharing and control

Screen sharing is an essential feature for conducting live demonstrations and facilitating exchanges.

Host control allows the webinar organizer to manage software features, such as turning audio and video on and off for attendees, and managing questions and answers.

4. Polls, Votes, and Questions and Answers

Surveys and votes can be used to gather participants' opinions, which can be useful in making decisions or in assessing participant satisfaction.

Managing question and answer sessions is a key feature to promote interaction between speakers and participants. It allows participants to ask questions and speakers to respond, which can be very beneficial in delving deeper into the topics discussed and in clarifying areas of confusion.

5. File sharing

File sharing allows participants to give free access to documents such as PDFs, PowerPoint supports or even mind maps, before or during a videoconference. In some cases, participants can also offer downloadable files.

6. Audience surveys and feedback

Surveys and feedback can be used to assess participant satisfaction and to gather constructive feedback on the webinar. This can help you improve future webinars and provide a better experience for attendees.

7. Management of meetings and registrations

Managing meetings and registrations is an important feature for organizing and scheduling your webinars. It allows you to manage participant registrations, schedule video conference meetings, and track emails sent.

8. Video streaming and event planning

Presentation streaming and event scheduling are useful features for broadcasting your webinars live or delayed, and for planning events in advance.

9. Video conferences

Video conferences are essential for the best webinar software because they allow speakers and participants to see and communicate with each other in real time. They can be used for live presentations, group discussions, or one-on-one interviews. By taking these features into account, you can choose the webinar software that best fits your needs and those of your participants.


What is the best webinar software?

Choosing the best webinar software depends on several factors, such as the number of expected attendees, required features, and integration with other tools. It is important to assess these factors in order to make the right choice.

Is webinar software easy for participants to use?

Most webinar software is designed to be easy for participants to use, with intuitive interfaces and features like screen sharing and question and answer management. However, it is important to check the technical requirements for participants before choosing software.


Thanks to their impressive and user-friendly features, they are among the best webinar tools available today.

But the question is which webinar software platform is best for your company's inbound marketing strategy and revenue.

To identify it, you need to take several things into account.

To start, see what your budget is and then compare the features accordingly, also see if you should get choosing a web host or if the platform offers it to you.

Next, you need to identify the size of your audience and what features you might need to engage them. Also, think about things like which dashboard features you need during the event.

What is your end goal? Do you want to increase your conversion rates or do you need to conduct a survey/survey? It's critical to choose the tool that offers the specific features you need.

The best part is that most of these tools come with a free trial or a money-back guarantee, so you can test the product before upgrading to a paid plan. When you find what you are looking for, you can then make the final purchase.

If you're looking for my best pick, I recommend starting with Riverside, which offers comprehensive features.

If you have Microsoft tools in your organization, solutions like Microsoft Teams have the benefit of not losing users with different interfaces.

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