10 Best AI Video Generators in 2024

In this guide, I've ranked and reviewed the best AI video generation tools, so you can choose the one that's best for you.
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In the near future, video creation will be facilitated by the use of advanced AI tools to help creators produce engaging videos.

Whether you want to make money on YouTube by creating professional videos, monetizing video content on other channels or by using online video platforms to create the right marketing materials, it is now possible to generate videos on demand based on your specific needs.

These tools allow videos to be automatically generated and are accessible to amateur creators as well as professionals.

Are you in a hurry? Here is the selection of best AI video generators  :

  • The most powerful: HeyGen, InVideo
  • Creative freedom and advanced editing: Flexclip, Elai
  • Fast creation from existing content: Fliki, Pictory
  • Optimized and trending videos: Lumen5
  • Hyper-realistic rendering: Synthesys, Synthesia, Rephrase

Each tool has its own angle of attack and meets specific needs.

The increasing use of these tools is improving the quality of videos and is creating a renewed interest in online video content.

In this article, we'll review the best AI video generation tools out there right now, to help you find the one that best fits your video creation needs.

Let's dive into this topic.

What are the best AI video generation tools?

The following AI video tools are some of the best options currently available, focusing on reviewing and recommending the top AI video makers with features like speaking, presenting, and offering free trials.

1. HeyGen : Generate AI videos in a few clicks

 HeyGen  best AI video generator

HeyGen is a revolutionary tool that allows you to generate professional videos in record time thanks to artificial intelligence.

Whether you are a business, a marketer, or a content creator, HeyGen helps you produce engaging, quality videos without technical skills.


  • Creating videos from pre-designed templates or from scratch
  • Generating scripts and AI voice of quality thanks to its partnership with ElevenLabs
  • Royalty-free media library (images, videos, music)
  • Integration of texts, logos and brand elements
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop timeline editing
  • Optimized high definition exports for each platform
  • Secure cloud project storage


  • Free trial
  • Creator: $24/month - 15 video credits/month
  • Team: $120/month - 30 video credits/month
  • Enterprise: On request, according to specific needs
tarifs de HeyGen

Our Take

HeyGen democratizes AI video with a 100% free offer. Its 50 ready-to-use avatars unlock the creation in a few clicks, even for novices. A boon, if you accept the lack of creative control. Because the tool still gives priority to automation in the face of personalization. A fun introduction to taming video AI without commitment.

👍 Pros : Free and unlimited creation and hosting. Library of 50 predefined AI avatars. Adjusting the tone and emotions of avatars. Easy sharing and integration.

👎 Cons : AI Avatar that is not very customizable. Sometimes unnatural faces. Lack of control over the voice generated.

2. Invideo AI : Creating videos with prompts

Invideo best AI video generator

Invideo AI is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence to simplify and speed up the creation of professional videos. Thanks to its advanced algorithms and pre-trained models, it allows businesses and creators to generate engaging videos in a few clicks, without skills in Video editing or in design.


  • Creating videos from templates or from scratch
  • Objective-based AI content recommendations
  • Automatic generation of scripts and storyboards
  • Varied voiceover styles (AI and human voices)
  • Library of templates, videos and royalty-free images
  • Automatic and multi-language subtitling
  • Optimized formats for each platform (social networks, web, etc.)
  • Team collaboration and secure sharing


  • Free: 0$/month - 10 videos per month (720p export)
  • Plus: $20/month - 50 minutes of AI video generation per month
  • Max: $48/month - 200 minutes of AI video generation per month
  • Enterprise: On request, tailor-made functionalities
Tarifs de Invideo AI

Our Take

InVideo is a must for AI-powered video editing. Its intuitive editor and pre-designed templates simplify creation for all levels. AI provides a real boost in terms of inspiration and recommendations. Too bad the tool doesn't go further into the pure AI generation. A good compromise between assistance and creative control, with an appreciable pedagogical approach.

👍 Pros : A complete and intuitive video editor. AI for automatic editing and creative recommendations. Library of 5000+ templates. Free educational resources. Real-time collaboration.

👎 Cons : Few pure AI video creation features. Video length limitations on lower plans. Occasional downturns.

3. Fliki : Affordable and intuitive video AI

 fliki best AI video generator

Fliki is an innovative platform that uses advanced technologies, algorithms and artificial intelligence technology to transform text into engaging videos with lifelike voices.

Thanks to text-to-video conversion technology, you can now create a video easily. If you are tired of robotic videos or artificial voiceovers, it’s the tool that’s needed for everyone. Notably, Fliki is also perfect for creating 'training videos' with AI avatars, offering an efficient alternative to recording with real people while ensuring natural movements and text-to-speech video generation.

Not only does it convert text into dynamic and engaging video, but it also allows you to give a personal touch by customizing subtitles with your brand colors and fonts.


  • All in one video generator
  • It offers over 1000 voices in over 75 different languages
  • Effective text to video in no time
  • Customize it to suit your brand by adjusting the subtitles with your own color and font options.
  • The platform is entirely cloud-based, allowing you to use it from anywhere.
  • A rich media library with millions of images, clips, and background music.


Fliki offers the following monthly pricing plans:

  • Free plan: Limited features, 5 minutes per month, 720p videos, limited voice and languages, contains a watermark
  • Basic plan ($6/month): 120 minutes of audio per month, 900+ voices and 75+ languages, translation function, commercial rights.
  • Standard plan ($21/month): 180 minutes of content, Full HD videos, access to premium media resources, no watermarks.
  • Premium plan ($66/month): 600 minutes of content per month, voice cloning, ultra-realistic voices, API access, dedicated account manager.
  • Business Plan: Customized plan with advanced features tailored to specific needs.
tarifs de fliki

Our Take

Fliki is the ideal tool for quickly generating videos from existing content. Perfect for recycling articles and podcasts into engaging video formats. His catalog of impressive voices and his SEO advice ensure a professional and optimized result. A real time-saver despite less creative freedom.

👍 Pros : 1-click video generation from text. Converting podcasts and articles into videos. Realistic voice-overs in 75+ languages. SEO tool for videos.

👎 Cons : Limited animations. Little control over the final result. Watermark on the free version.

4. Flexclip : Full online AI video editor

flexclip best AI video generator

Flexclip is a tool with a flexible and easy to use edition. It is particularly popular for generating tutorial videos thanks to its collection of text animations and its ability to integrate stock photos.

Whether you want to improve your brand marketing or share content on social media, Flexclip offers you a wide range of features. Additionally, it enables users to create AI videos, leveraging tools that allow for the creation of scripts from scratch, utilizing AI text-to-video tools, applying templates, swapping AI avatars, and adding personal touches before generating and sharing the video.


  • Over 4 million royalty-free images to eliminate copyright issues.
  • Powerful tools to create professional quality videos quickly and easily.
  • Creating slideshows is ideal for your website or blog.
  • The movie maker allows you to combine photos, video clips, and music.
  • FlexClip offers resources for tips, tricks, and tutorials on using the software.
  • Share and create videos seamlessly with your team, customers, or on social media.


  • Free
  • Basic: $5.99
  • Plus: $9.99
  • Business: $19.99
flexclip pricing

Our Take

Flexclip is a powerful video editing tool enriched by AI. Its huge library and trendy templates inspire creativity. Clean export without watermarks seduces professionals. But its confusing interface and slowness compromise the experience. A complete solution that lacks fluidity.

👍 Pros : Library of 1 million royalty-free media. Multifunction tool (editing, subtitles, editing...). Stylish templates. High quality export without watermark.

👎 Cons : Unintuitive interface. Less advanced AI functions. Unstable performance.

5. Pictory : Turn texts into video in one click

pictory  AI video generator

Pictory is an artificial intelligence tool for creating high quality videos.

Its particularity is the conversion of blog posts into engaging videos for social media or your website.

Simply paste your script or provide the URL for your blog post, and Pictory does the rest.

Plus, with over 3 million royalty-free video clips and photos, you can create videos that don't require any technical skills.


  • The “script-to-video maker” allows you to create videos from scratch or from a script.
  • Turn your blog posts into engaging videos
  • Automatically generate subtitles for your videos.
  • Ability to automatically summarize long videos for quick access to essential parts.
  • Choosing the type of video to create is quick and easy in no time.
  • Pictory's AI-powered video editor makes video editing easy


  • Standard: $19 per user/month
  • Premium: $39 per user/month
  • Enterprise: Customized pricing plans
pictory - tarif

Our Take

Pictory makes it easy to create videos from long text content. Its intelligent synthesis and subtitling functions hit the mark for an engaging video. An effective solution for reformatting articles and PDFs, provided you assume generic designs and a certain cost.

👍 Pros : Generation of videos from long articles. Automatic summary of key points. Auto-synced subtitles. Compatible with web and PDF articles.

👎 Cons : Standardized video design. Less suitable for short formats. High rates.

6. Elai : Mass AI video generation without technical skills

elai  AI video generator

Elai stands out for its ability to generate a large number of video creators in bulk quickly and easily.

This  AI video generator offers a wide range of video templates and machine translations for creating multilingual videos.

With their integrated avatar creation tool, customizing your videos is also easy.


  • Elai builder, a powerful tool for mass video generation.
  • A range of premium voices for creating videos in multiple languages.
  • Possibility to download custom fonts, a key function that is rarely offered by other software.
  • A dedicated account manager to meet your needs.
  • A modernized website and creator for even easier video creation.


  • Basic: $29.00 per month
  • Advanced: $99.00 per month
  • Business Plan: Custom Rate
elai Tarifs

Our Take

Elai makes video creation easy for everyone thanks to its generative AI. Its versatility and stunning effects open up a field of possibilities, accessible to beginners and initiates alike. The problem: a frustrating freemium model and stability that can be improved. A fun app that struggles to make you forget its constraints.

👍 Pros : Generation of 4K quality videos and texts by a simple prompt. Great variety of formats (clips, ads, posts...). Retouches by frame. Original AI filters.

👎 Cons : Watermark by Elai on most free exports. Limited credits, even on packages. Regular display bugs.

7. Lumen5: Create videos from blog posts

lumen5  AI video generator

Lumen5 presents itself as an ideal tool for beginners, making creating video content as easy as creating a presentation. It offers hundreds of customizable designs that suit any situation.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence, Lumen5 makes it possible to reorient marketing content or transform blog posts into videos for social media, products, or training. Plus, if you're looking to turn Zoom videos or recordings into professional video editing clips, Lumen5 can be an asset.

Its offering of royalty-free music and video footage can add momentum to your video creation process.


  • Video templates to help maintain consistency with your brand.
  • AI (Artificial Intelligence) to reallocate marketing content to easily create videos from existing content.
  • The Lumen5 AI video maker is easy to use, almost as easy as creating a slideshow from natural language text or images, making it ideal for those new to video creation.
  • Video tagging: Build your brand once, then get branded videos forever.
  • Lumen5 makes it easy to combine your media, add music, text, choose your style, and select the right format for your needs.


  • Free
  • Basic: $19 per month
  • Starter: $59 per month
  • Professional: $149 per month
lumen5 pricing

Our Take

Lumen5 is betting on the automation of video content. Its AI scans the web to find viral nuggets and compose a tailor-made video. The promise is nice, but the control is far from total. Between bugs and limited customization, the benefit is debatable. An app for ambitious people ready to deal with their whims.

👍 Pros: Video generation from RSS feeds or URLs. Recommendation of viral content. Custom AI music. Direct video sharing.

👎 Cons: Complex handling. Restricted visual themes. Frequent disconnections.

8. Synthesys: Videos with realistic voices for everyone

synthesys  AI video generator

Synthesys is distinguished by its use of developing algorithms and advanced artificial intelligence to create realistic video and sound effects.

Thanks to its text-to-speech technology, you can create videos that sound natural and realistic. Plus, its text-to-video technology allows you to create videos that look natural and realistic.

If you're tired of artificially sounding voiceovers or videos that don't sound natural, Synthesys is the tool for you.

It can also transform simple text into dynamic content that inspires, informs, and entertains.


  • Over 70 real avatars included for your project and business
  • Over 66 languages available for your AI videos
  • Full customization is possible to adapt Synthesys to your brand.
  • The platform is entirely cloud-based, so you can use it anywhere.


tarifs de synthesys
  • Audio: $29 per month
  • Human: $39 per month
  • Human and Audio: $59 per month

Our Take

Synthesys amaze with its ultra-advanced AI. The precision of synthetic faces and lip-sync make it a stunning technological feat, beyond deep fake. But at what price? Its elitist price and its complexity of use reserve the tool for a handful of experts. Not to mention the ethical questions it raises about misleading content. A revolutionary app that divides and questions more than it democratizes.

👍 Pros : Hyper-realistic videos with synthetic faces. Lip sync in 60+ languages. Remove and change backgrounds. Video hosting and distribution.

👎 Cons : Technical interface. Learning curve. Prohibitive rates. Ethical doubts.

9. Synthesia: AI avatars for pro videos

synthesia  AI video generator

Synthesia makes it easy to create professional videos from scratch.

Equipped with various creative tools, including a video maker, storyboard creators, and a video editor, Synthesia is versatile for everything from marketing to education.

Synthesia has a simple and elegant user interface that allows you to easily create videos without previous experience or technical skills thanks to its drag-and-drop features.


  • AI avatar offers realistic human faces for your project.
  • AI-generated voiceovers ensure a natural sound for your videos.
  • Support for over 60 languages.
  • Templates make it easy to look professional.
  • Editable subtitles allow you to add text to your videos.
  • Personalize your video with your logos, fonts, backgrounds, infographics, and color schemes.
  • New avatars are being added to the tool all the time.


  • Starter plan: $22
  • Creator Plan: $67
  • Enterprise Plan: Contact their sales team for more information.
synthesia pricing

Our Take

Synthesia transforms pro video with its stunning avatars, adapted to its graphic charter. The perfect tool to generate content in your language as you want. But beware of funny mistakes and the creative limits of AI. It is better to frame your messages well! A high-tech tool that does not (yet) replace human common sense.

👍 Pros : Creation of custom AI avatar. Translation in 120+ languages. Direct interaction with the AI avatar. Real-time collaboration.

👎 Cons : Limited AI avatar customization options. Video sharing restricted. Generated content not always relevant.

10. Rephrase AI: Personalize your AI videos easily

rephrase  AI video generator

Rephrase AI stands out for its use of digital avatars to create videos that look realistic. That means you can create videos where the protagonists are real looking individuals.

Rephrase is a great tool for increasing your video content production or creating videos.


  • Video production with remarkable results.
  • Ideal tool for those who want to personalize their business communication.
  • Great solution to personalize communication.


  • Price information is not available on the website. You will need to contact Rephrase directly for information on any of the three options available.
rephrase pricing

Our Take

Rephrase surprises with its ultra-advanced AI cloning engine. Voices and faces crying out to the truth to produce localized videos at will. A real asset to address a global audience. The only regret: advanced functions that remain reserved for (large) wallets. An elite app that pushes the boundaries of depersonalization.

👍 Pros : Hyper realistic voice and face cloning. AI image generator for backgrounds. Integrated web editor, subtitles, and translations. Cloud storage.

👎 Cons : Rendering videos in low definition under the Team plan. Difficulty imitating accents. Watermark mandatory on the free offer.

What are AI-assisted video generators?

The best AI video generators make it possible to create professional-looking videos for businesses and organizations of all sizes.

Using artificial intelligence, the best AI video generators will allow users to create engaging videos that their audience can relate to, and to quickly evolve their video content.

Traditionally, software and video editing tools presented a huge learning curve for those who wanted to create high-quality videos.

Today, the right AI video maker can ensure that users create videos that look and sound professional, without the hassle and costs that come with it.

Major benefits of artificial intelligence video generators

The use of AI in video generation offers significant benefits:

1. Automating content creation

Leverage AI to turn articles into engaging videos with text and video generators

  • Easy conversion of text from blog posts to video content for YouTube
  • Allows you to create automated visual presentations
  • Simplified and automated process

AI generators are a revolution for automated content production.

2. Improving video quality

Goodbye to laborious video editing, AI ensures create a video impeccable quality.

  • Better video quality than manual video editing attempts by the video generator
  • Reduction in errors and time spent editing
  • More peace of mind about the quality of the videos produced and the effects

Thanks to AI, creating high-quality videos has never been everything that simple.

3. Audience engagement and marketing improvement

AI makes it easy to engage your audience and promote your content.

  • In-depth understanding of the target market to improve engagement
  • Simplified distribution of videos on social networks and by email
  • Easy integration of your business images into AI videos by the generator
  • Increased engagement and views thanks to high-quality videos

AI boosts your marketing strategy by creating videos that captivate your audience.

4. Cost efficiency and accessibility to create videos

The production of views at an affordable cost is within your reach thanks to an AI video

  • Reduced costs associated with hiring human presenters and voice-over artists
  • Pricing plans are affordable for all sizes of businesses to create a video
  • No excessive costs

No more exorbitant costs, artificial intelligence offers an economical solution for creating professional videos.

5. Improving ROI with an AI video generator

AI tools are an investment that in A few worth it.

  • The free or pro plans of a generator offer functionalities adapted to each need
  • Better video quality and higher engagement rates with video generators
  • A smart investment for businesses of all sizes

AI is the secret to a better return on investment for video-oriented businesses.

Types of videos created by AI

Les AI have grown rapidly and now offer an impressive variety of possibilities for video:

  • Short films, animations, special effects, and live movies.
  • Computer-generated images (CGI) for movies, video games, and various entertainment.
  • Movies for businesses (product demonstrations, business presentations, explanatory videos).
  • Videos for social media platforms, educational platforms, educational platforms or for advertising.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, realistic creation has become accessible to everyone.

Possible enhancements to AI video generators

Despite the prowess of AI-based video generators, numerous improvements are possible to increase their potential:

  • Increase the ability to generate more natural human movements and facial expressions.
  • Develop the ability of AI to understand and interpret characters' emotions.
  • Expand the variety of environments that AI can generate.

The future progress of AI video generators lies in their ability to produce even more realistic and personalized content.

Comparison of AI video, text, and image generators

Les AI generators, despite their advances, are not yet up to par with text or image generators:

  • Text generators like GPT-3 and image generators like DALL-E have a better ability to understand and interpret human language and emotions.
  • Although capable of creating realistic videos, AI video generators struggle to match the level of human realism of text and image generators.

While AI video generators have made significant advances, they still have a long way to go to match the performance of text and image generators.


With AI video editing taking precedence over business communication, generating high-quality videos quickly and easily has never been more critical.

Having an arsenal of technologies to help you do this will give you a serious edge over your competitors.

Generation AI tools are quickly becoming popular because they offer users a lot of features and benefits.

If you're looking for a tool to help you create videos more effectively, consider one of the video generators already mentioned above.

Being able to produce quality is one thing for your audience, but if you don't know how to use YouTube's powerful tools, you won't be able to get the most out of this powerful platform without generators for creators.

Additionally, using webinars as part of your campaign can be a compelling way to better reach your target market with the best online AI video generators.

A good content generation software or for create memes can help you find new ideas.

The good webinar software can help you organize and generate live or streaming webinar videos that generate leads, and make up your email list and help you close sales.

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