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Elai : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)


Elai is the perfect tool for creating videos quickly, without sacrificing the quality that typically comes with quick video creation tools.

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What is Elai io?

With, easily create personalized AI videos with a human presenter using text only. is a AI Video Generation Platform Which positions itself as a key player in this universe.

This innovative tool offers you the unique possibility of creating personalized AI videos, animated by a human avatar, from a simple text.

  • Your Own Production Studio : With Elai io, say goodbye to the exorbitant costs associated with video equipment, studio rentals, actors, and production software. Instead, use its feature-rich platform to quickly create high-quality, professional videos.
  • Ease of Use : Using Elai io is as easy as PowerPoint or Word. This software allows you to produce videos in minutes, avoiding low-quality comic book or whiteboard style videos. Elai io uses real humans and real voices to generate professional videos that are suitable for a variety of uses.
  • Text to Video : Easily convert text into professional videos, with audio and a presenter avatar.
  • 69+ Languages : Elai io offers voice rendering in over 69 different languages.
  • 14 AI Avatars : Choose from the 14 human avatars offered by Elai io.
  • Custom avatars : Effortlessly create an avatar of yourself or your team for your videos.
  • Custom backgrounds : Import any image or video as a background for your videos, or use the backgrounds created by professionals at Elai io.
  • Customization and integration : For a more personalized video, Elai io allows you to upload your own voice, making it easier to communicate with employees, customers, and consumers. Additionally, the Elai io API easily integrates with your Thinkific LMS.

In short, Elai io is much more than just an AI video generator. It's a true production studio at your fingertips, offering a plethora of customizable features for your video creation needs.

Users of Elai

Elai is the ideal companion for various applications, ranging from marketing to e-commerce, real estate and e-learning. It uses artificial intelligence to bring your content to life.

  • Explainer Videos : Boost your marketing strategy with engaging, AI-powered explainer videos.
  • Increase organic traffic : Turn blog posts into engaging videos with a digital avatar to increase organic traffic.
  • HR Onboarding : Create compelling AI videos with presenters to give new hires insight into your business.
  • E-Learning : Bring variety to your educational approach and increase viewer engagement with AI videos.
  • E-Commerce : Increase your online sales by generating AI-powered E-Commerce videos from a screenshot or link.
  • Corporate communications : Create video presentations for internal and external communications with stakeholders.
  • Realty : Improve your work by creating AI-powered real estate insights for your customers. Easily increase your sales rate!
  • AI Dubbing : Translate and dub your videos with our advanced AI dubbing technology. Localization made easy!
  • AI news generator : Boost the effectiveness of your blog with digital news presenters. Save time and budget to cover news.
  • Cartoon avatars : Learn how Elai can turn any cartoon mascot into a talking digital avatar.

In conclusion, Elai is much more than just AI video generator. It is a versatile tool that can transform your textual content into interactive and engaging videos, suitable for a multitude of applications.


Discover with us the key features of Elai, an innovative video creation AI that makes the process of creating personalized, compelling, and effective videos easier and more enjoyable than ever.

1. Creation of a scenario for your video productions

Bring your ideas to life in a visually appealing way with Our storyboarding tools make it easy for you to turn your ideas into professional videos.

  • Simple and intuitive interface : With, you can create storyboards for your videos in a simple and intuitive way. You don't need to be an expert to create impressive videos.
  • AI-powered features : Our advanced AI technology can generate scripts from your subject, improve your text, and automatically convert your script into video slides. This saves you time and effort in the video creation process.
  • Create professional videos with templates : offers a variety of professional video templates that you can use to create professional-quality videos in minutes. makes it easy to create video scenarios with a user-friendly interface and powerful AI-based features. It is an indispensable tool for anyone looking to produce quality video content.

2. Creating compelling video scripts with AI

Create engaging video scripts with Our advanced AI automatically enhances your text and adds content to your scenes.

  • Generating Script from a Prompt : Simply start with a prompt, and our AI will generate a detailed script for you.
  • AI-powered text improvement :'s AI enhances your text to make your script more engaging and effective.
  • Converting scripts to video scenes : Once you've created your script, automatically converts it to video slides, saving you time and effort.

With, creating video scripts becomes child's play. You can produce scripts in no time, while harnessing the power of AI to improve your content compelling.

3. Multilingual voice cloning

Expand your audience by cloning your voice in multiple languages with

  • Voice cloning : Clone your voice in eight languages, including English, German, Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, French, Portuguese, and Hindi.
  • Converting Your Narration to Digital Voice : Simply record your speech, and our AI will turn it into compelling digital storytelling in the language of your choice.
  • Only 1 minute of recording required : With only 1-5 minutes of voice recording, can create a compelling digital version of your voice.
  • Multilingual : allows you to narrate videos in multiple languages, thus expanding your audience. is revolutionizing video storytelling with its voice cloning technology. Now you can create videos in multiple languages with your own voice in no time.

4. Model library

elai tools and template

Elai has a Extensive template library to facilitate the video creation process. This provides users with a wide range of options for designing videos that fit their specific needs.

  • Diverse choice : Elai offers a wide variety of templates and themes for creating videos.
  • Ease of Use : The templates are easy to use and can be customized according to your needs.

In summary, with a vast library of templates available, Elai makes creating engaging and engaging videos easier than ever.

Elai, with its user-friendly interface, avatar customization options, powerful video editing tools, and a diverse template library, is the ideal tool for creating professional videos quickly and easily. You have total control over your brand image, message, and video content.


Elai, the AI video generator, has introduced various integrations to simplify the creation of personalized videos.

These integrations allow for extensive personalization and automation of the video creation process.

Workflow automation

  • Zapier: A solution for automating workflows without code, allowing you to create content more quickly.
  • Thinkific: With Thinkific, easily generate video courses and upload them to the LMS platform.

Communication and commitment

  • Tolstoy: A tool for personalized communication through video.
  • PowerPoint: Make your PowerPoint presentations a stronger means of engagement with Elai integration.

Blogging and content creation

  • Medium: Integrate videos into your Medium posts to attract new readers.
  • Pexels: Add dynamism to your AI videos with Pexels stock photos and videos.
  • GIPHY: Integrate GIPHY GIFs to make your video presentations stand out.

Online training and e-learning

  • uQualio: An easy to use LMS system to improve your video training.
  • Moodle: Create next-level video courses with Elai and Moodle integration.
  • Articulate 360: Generate enterprise learning videos using the Articulate 360 integration.
  • Udemy: Use Elai's AI-powered videos to teach and learn about Udemy.
  • 360Learning: Create top-notch e-learning videos for the 360Learning collaborative LMS platform.

Getting started with the API

  1. Create a paid Elai account: The Elai API is only available for paid users. Choose the plan that best fits your needs: Basic, Advanced, or Custom.
  2. Generate an API token: Generate a new API token in the Elai API section. You can then access and use your personal API token.
  3. Use your API token to make your first video: Use your Elai API token to connect to other platforms and easily create and render videos.

Elai's integrations greatly optimize the video creation process.

Whether you want to generate video courses, enrich your blog posts with multimedia content, or create corporate videos, Elai, the AI video generator, offers you the solution.

Customer Support

Customer support is a critical part of any user experience.

Discover here the Elai Customer Support, the AI video generator that stands out thanks to its superior support.

Availability and Accessibility

Elai's customer support is distinguished by its 24/7 availability. No matter when you need it, the Elai team is there to help.

  • Live chat : A live chat tool is available on their site, allowing you to resolve issues quickly and easily.
  • Multilingual support : Although English is currently the only officially supported support language, the team is working to expand its language services for better accessibility.

Thanks to its continuous availability, Elai customer support is always ready to help you, no matter when you need it.

Self-Help Resources

Elai provides a variety of Self-Help Resources, allowing you to learn and solve problems independently.

  • Knowledgebase : A large number of “How-To” articles and guides are available, allowing you to learn how to use the AI video generator effectively.
  • Ticket support : If you have a specific issue, you can submit a support ticket describing your issue for help.
  • Specific guides : Whether you're looking to understand the features of the Elai Builder or want to use the Elai API, you'll find specific guides for each aspect of the tool.

With these self-help resources, you have all the tools you need to get the most out of your Elai experience.

Elai Customer Support, with its 24/7 support, live chat, and varied self-help resources, ensures a smooth user experience with their AI video generator. You are supported at every stage of your journey with Elai.

Security and Confidentiality

Discover how “” places the security and confidentiality of your information at the heart of its AI video generator. is committed to ensuring total transparency when it comes to privacy:

  • Freedom of Information : offers its users the possibility of fully controlling their data. It is possible to delete or download your data directly from your profile in a few clicks.
  • Confidentiality rules : complies with all data protection laws, including those that require consent for marketing and tracking. It offers its users total control and the option to unsubscribe from these activities.
  • Transparency on the use of data : The Privacy Policy describes in detail how user information is used, providing a clear and transparent understanding.
  • Respect for confidentiality : makes it easy for its users to delete an account. When an account is deleted, all user data is permanently erased from their systems.
  • Personalized communication : allows users to personalize their communication experience. It is possible to unsubscribe from marketing emails while enjoying the benefits of your account.

In addition, security is a priority for

  • Secure infrastructure : implements advanced security measures to protect the integrity of its platform and ensure the protection of its users' data against potential threats.
  • Advanced Encryption : uses advanced encryption technologies to protect data in transit and at rest, ensuring that it remains secure and unreadable for unauthorized entities.
  • A privacy-focused approach : Respect for privacy is fundamental for It maintains strict privacy practices, ensuring that personal information is treated with the utmost care and confidentiality.
  • Global accessibility : is dedicated to ensuring uninterrupted access to its services, regardless of the user's location. It uses a global content delivery network (CDN) to protect against network attacks and ensure seamless accessibility around the world.

In conclusion, puts data security at the forefront, offering a safe and privacy-friendly AI video creation environment. With Elai, user information is always in good hands.


Discover the rates of Elai, the AI video generator, which offers a range of plans to meet your various needs.

Different plans

Free plan

Great for trying out the service, Elai's free plan offers:

  • 1 minute of free credit
  • 1 slide per render
  • No credit card required

It's a great way to test the service before you commit to a paid plan.

Basic plan, For $23/month (or $278/year), it offers:

  • 15 minutes of video per month
  • Rate of $1.54/minute
  • This plan is perfect for those who need to produce short videos on a regular basis.

Advanced plan, At a cost of $100/month (or $1200/year), it includes:

  • 50 minutes of video per month
  • Rate of $2.00/minute
  • If you need to produce longer or more videos, this plan is for you.

Personalized plan, For those with specific needs:

  • Personalized Rate Based on Your Needs
  • A custom number of video minutes per month
  • Contact the Elai team to discuss your specific needs and get a tailored quote.

Additional services

Elai also offers additional services to enhance your experience, such as:

  • Custom avatar: $859/year
  • Avatar selfie: $199/year
  • Voice cloning: $400/year
  • Cartoon Avatar: $500 in one time/$200/year

These services allow you to add additional personalization to your videos.

Alternatives to Elai

Learn about the top three alternatives to the Elai AI video generator to diversify your options and find the tool that fits your needs perfectly.

1. Fliki

Fliki is a forward-thinking platform that capitalizes on artificial intelligence and advanced technologies to convert text into engaging videos. It brings surprisingly realistic voices to life and offers a wide range of features to personalize your video content.

Key features

  • All-in-One Video Converter
  • Over 1000 voices available in over 75 languages
  • Transforming Text into Video Quickly and Effectively
  • Customization according to your brand with the ability to adjust subtitles, colors, and fonts
  • Fully cloud-based platform
  • Diverse media library with millions of images, video clips, and background music


  • Free: Limited access with 5 minutes of video per month
  • Basic ($6/month): 120 minutes of audio per month, over 900 voices, and 75 languages
  • Standard ($21/month): 180 minutes of content, full HD videos
  • Premium ($66/month): 600 minutes of content per month, ultra-realistic voices
  • Business: Customized plan with advanced features

Fliki stands out as a robust solution for creating video from text, offering impressive technology and a vast selection of voices and languages. However, to get the most out of Fliki, subscribing to a paid plan is recommended. Try Fliki for Free Now

2. Flexclip

Flexclip is a tool with an intuitive and flexible interface, ideal for creating tutorial videos. It offers an impressive collection of text animations and the possibility of integrating stock photos.

Key features

  • Over 4 million royally pictures
  • Powerful tools to create professional-quality videos quickly and easily
  • Optimal slideshow creation for your website or blog
  • Movie maker to combine photos, video clips, and music


  • Free
  • Basic: $5.99
  • Plus: $9.99
  • Business: $19.99

Flexclip is characterized by its ease of use, ideal for beginners, but assembling very long clips can be a challenge. Get started with Flexclip

3. Pictory

Pictory is an AI tool for creating high quality videos. It excels at converting blog posts into engaging videos that are great for social media or your website.

Key features

  • Creating Videos from a Script or from Scratch
  • Turning blog posts into engaging videos
  • Automatic Generation of Subtitles for Your Videos
  • Automatic summary of long videos for quick access to essential parts


  • Standard: $19 per user/month
  • Premium: $39 per user/month
  • Business: Custom pricing plans

Pictory is a robust tool for converting blog posts into videos. It offers great ease of use and produces high quality video content. However, bugs can sometimes occur as a result of updates. Get started with Pictory

Startup Support Program

Elai offers a support program dedicated to startups, facilitating the production of video products thanks to its innovative AI video generation system.

If you are a startup looking for quality product videos, Elai is what you need. Its support program offers the opportunity to create video content for your business at no cost.

By joining the program, benefit from advantages such as:

  • Up to 50 Free Video Credits : More than enough to get your video production project started.
  • Access to all of Elai's functionalities : No more restrictions, access everything Elai has to offer.
  • Creating Videos from a Screenshot : Simplify your video production process.
  • Creating videos from text only : No need to worry about complicated video recordings anymore.
  • Localize your videos in over 65 languages : Reach a global audience in no time.
  • Using the Elai Digital Avatar Library : Bring your videos to life with a variety of avatars.

To apply, simply send an email to

How to get started with

Elai, the AI video generator, offers an intuitive interface that makes creating videos a breeze.

Here's a step-by-step guide to help you get started with Elai.

Steps to create a video with Elai

  1. Enrollment : Go to and log in. If you haven't registered yet, do so. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation email with instructions to follow.
  2. Creating a video : To get started, click on the “New Video” button. You can choose a template or create a video from scratch.
  3. Choosing an avatar : Select an avatar from the sidebar on the right. You can position it anywhere on the slide, change the size and order of the layers. Additionally, you have the option to choose a unique avatar for each slide.
  4. Add slides : Add as many slides as you need to your presentation. All slides are fully customizable, so you can crop, animate, and include transitions.
  5. Inclusion of speech text : Type the text that your avatar will say during the presentation. Note that for each slide, you'll need to add text that's linked to that specific slide.
  6. Customizing slides : Include any text, photos, and shapes that are needed. You can also add Lottie animations to improve your video.
  7. Rendering your video : Finally, once you've added everything you wanted, you need to click on the “Render” button. Your video will be ready once you receive the confirmation by email. You can then download or share it.

With these simple steps, you can take full advantage of the features of Elai, the AI video generator, and start creating engaging, professional videos.


Does offer a free trial?

If you are interested in using the platform, we offer you a free trial that will give you the opportunity to try it out.

In addition, our platform is constantly updated and enriched with new features and improvements. So you can be confident that your data will be protected and secure.

How do I create product videos with

Please Follow These instructions to create an engaging product video for your business.

Final Verdict

In short, if you want to stand out from the crowd and create engaging videos for your audience, is the ideal solution.

As we have already mentioned above, this platform allows users to personalize their avatar, use different filters and styles while creating content.

Thanks to its powerful AI-based algorithm, it automatically generates high-quality videos that people love to watch.

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