AI text generator: 13 best assistants in 2024

Check out these top free and paid AI text generation tools that can help you write quality articles in no time.
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The generative AI market is booming, with a impressive annual growth of 20.80% until 2030.

And among the key players in this revolution, we find the AI content generators, tools that use artificial intelligence to produce high-quality written content in record time.

Whether you are a writer, marketer, or entrepreneur, a good AI text generator can significantly increase your productivity and the quality of your content.

But with a market estimated at 23.20 billion dollars In the United States alone in 2024, it can be difficult to navigate among the multitude of tools available.

Évolution du marché mondial des IA génératives en milliards de dollars
Evolution of the global generative AI market in billions of dollars - Source: Statista

So ready to revolutionize the way you create content in seconds?

Discover without further delay this ranking of must-have AI text generators (artificial intelligence) in your range ofAI marketing tools.

Let's get started.

What are the best AI text generation tools?

Here are the best AI text generation tools that will help you write quality articles.

1. Jasper AI : Ideal for writers looking for a complete AI tool

page d'accueil du site internet de Jasper

Jasper AI is a revolutionary AI writer who uses artificial intelligence to generate high-quality content in record time.

Whether you're a writer, marketer, or entrepreneur, Jasper helps you create engaging articles, ads, and posts 10x faster than before.


  • Generating content optimized for SEO
  • Suggested titles and article ideas
  • Sentence development and shortening
  • Integrations with Grammarly and Surfer SEO
  • Boss mode for total control over content creation
  • Automated recipes to save time


  • Beginner: starting at $40/month
  • Boss Mode: starting at $82/month
  • Company: on request
prix de Jasper AI

❤️ Our Take : Jasper is the ultimate AI writer for writers looking for productivity and quality. It offers them a rich platform with multiple use cases for generating text, while maintaining a smooth and enjoyable experience. Despite the necessary initial training, its quality-price ratio makes it a must.

👍 Pros : Intuitive and user-friendly interface. Generates high-quality, long-form content. Has numerous use cases (emails, social media, etc.). Affordable prices.

👎 Cons : Requires learning to use it well. Some limitations depending on the plan chosen. The content sometimes needs to be reworked, especially in languages other than English (French, Spanish...)

2. Chatsonic : For those who want high impact texts

page d'accueil du site de WriteSonic

Chatsonic is an AI content generator that plays in the big leagues.

Thanks to its high-performance language models, it makes it possible to produce articles, descriptions and advertising texts with a high conversion rate, in just a few clicks.

No more blank page syndrome!


  • Content generation for more than 40 use cases (articles, ads, product descriptions...)
  • Specialized tools for intros, sales, and e-commerce
  • Optimizing content for SEO and search engines
  • Possibility to publish directly on WordPress, Shopify...
  • History of generated content


  • Free trial
  • Short-form: $10/month
  • Long-form: $13/month
Tarifs de WriteSonic

❤️ Our Take : Chatsonic by WriteSonic stands out for its ability to generate powerful and eye-catching marketing content. Its thorough linguistic analysis allows for an adapted tone, ideal for advertising copies. Some limits for very long content, but an effective tool in its field.

👍 Pros : Produces striking and appealing copies. Numerous models and use cases. Advanced grammatical correction.

👎 Cons : Less versatile than some competitors. Sometimes lack of consistency for long content. The free trial is limited.

3. Rytr : Choices for beginning writers on a limited budget

page d'accueil du site de Rytr

Rytr is an AI assistant that helps you write professional quality content quickly and easily.

From blog posts to product descriptions to social media posts, it generates engaging texts that are tailored to your needs in seconds.


  • 30+ editorial jet use cases supported
  • Idea and outline generator to structure content
  • Tone library and custom styles
  • Text changes (expand, shorten, rewrite...)
  • Built-in spelling and grammar corrections
  • Collaborative workflows and versioning


  • Free: 0$/month - 10K characters/month
  • Saver: $9/month - 100K characters/month
  • Unlimited: $29/month - unlimited characters
Tarifs de Rytr

❤️ Our Take : With Rytr, the priority is simplicity of use for quick results. This AI assistant will convince agile writers looking for a powerful basic tool for various types of content, without unnecessary features at a high cost.

👍 Pros : Simple use and clean interface. Great for fast content. Numerous use cases included.

👎 Cons : Less powerful for large projects. Quality below the leaders. Limited use pricing.

4. AI Writing Assistant : Essential for SEO (by SEMrush)

page d'accueil du site de SemRush ai writer

Developed by SEMrush, AI Writing Assistant is a writing tool powered by machine learning and specially optimized for SEO.

It helps you find powerful ideas in seconds, write engaging content, and optimize it for search engines, all directly integrated into the SEMrush suite.


  • Generator of trending content ideas
  • Real-time SEO suggestions when writing
  • Readability, tone and SEO optimization score
  • Ideal keyword and length recommendations
  • Seamless integration with the SEMrush suite (SEO, SEA...)
  • Version history and collaborative annotations


  • Available with all SEMrush subscriptions
  • Pro: $119.95/month
  • Guru: $229.95/month
  • Business: 449.95$/month
Tarifs de SEMrush ai writer

❤️ Our Take : The AI Writing Assistant brings a welcome SEO dimension to the sector. Integrated into the SEMrush offer, it optimizes content accurately for better referencing, but at the cost of limited general functionalities. For savvy SEO specialists only.

👍 Pros : Integrated into the SEMrush SEO suite. Suggest keywords. Analyze the quality of the content.

👎 Cons : Limited functionalities in the free version. Depends on SEMrush. Lack of versatility.

5. : Dedicated to advertisers looking for creativity

page d'accueil du site de Copy AI is an essential tool for marketing and writing professionals.

This AI assistant offers various models and tools to generate all types of content: articles, advertisements, posts, product descriptions...

Write more, faster and better with!


  • Library of over 90 content templates
  • Phrase checker and text editor with tone
  • Reformulation and development of ideas
  • Creative intelligence assistant
  • Collaborative mode to work in a team
  • Web extensions for direct integration


  • Free with limited features
  • Pro: $49/month
  • Team: on request
Tarifs de Copy AI

❤️ Our Take : Creativity is the key word at, with its ambitious aim to transcend traditional copywriting. Its visual potential and its library of models are attractive, but a qualitative upgrade remains desirable for the demanding.

👍 Pros : Copywriting and marketing orientation. Generate visuals and designs. Numerous models available.

👎 Cons : Too basic for long content. Perfectable quality in a free version. Cluttered interface.

6. Bramework : For creators of long-form content such as ebooks

page d'accueil du site web de Bramework

Bramework is an all-in-one software suite that integrates generative AI tools to simplify and accelerate your content creation.

From finding ideas to SEO optimization to assisted writing, it covers all aspects of your editorial strategy with a single intuitive interface.


  • Research keywords and content opportunities
  • Automatic generation of SEO-friendly outlines
  • Paragraph suggestions and AI-assisted writing
  • On-page optimization and SEO advice in real time
  • Visual editing and easy formatting
  • “Content rewriter” function to reformulate your articles


  • Free: $0/month - limited features
  • Pro: $19/month - all essential features
  • Business: $49/month - advanced features for teams
Tarifs de Bramework

❤️ Our Take : Bramework ingeniously combines an AI approach and a collaborative process for a complete content creation solution. However, this ambition for an all-in-one suite comes with complexity and a high price, reserving it especially for large organized companies.

👍 Pros : Collaborative content creation process. Optimized project management and workflow.

👎 Cons : Hard learning curve. Adapted to large businesses. Very expensive for the self-employed.

7. Frase : Reference for SEO-oriented writers

page d'accueil du site web de Frase IO

Frase is an AI-powered content optimization tool designed to help writers create articles that hit the search engines.

Thanks to its keyword suggestions and competitive analysis, it simplifies the creation of content adapted to SEO.


  • Search for relevant and high-potential keywords
  • Analysis of the best pages for each request
  • Real-time SEO recommendations when writing
  • Outline and subtitle suggestions
  • Detection of losing speed pages in the SERPs
  • Editing and optimizing existing content
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  • Solo: $14.99/month
  • Basic: $44.99/month
  • Team: $114.99/month
Tarifs de Frase

❤️ Our Take : Frase is establishing itself as the SEO expert dedicated to content creation. Thanks to fine analyses and relevant suggestions, it helps to produce texts that are optimized for engines. But its reduced functionalities excluding SEO limit its field of action.

👍 Pros : Focused on SEO optimization. Analysis of the competition. Suggestion of relevant keywords.

👎 Cons : Limited features for writing. Requires solid SEO knowledge. High pricing.

8. Scalenut : Growth hacking solution to generate traffic

page d'accueil du site web de Scalenut

Scalenut is an all-in-one platform designed for growth hackers and marketing teams looking to industrialize their content creation.

Thanks to its predefined workflows and customizable templates, it makes it possible to gain efficiency at each stage of the process.


  • Generator of ideas and trending topics
  • Creation of outlines and articles with high SEO potential
  • SEO and conversion optimization tips
  • Collaborative mode and validation process
  • Integration with CMS (WordPress, HubSpot...)
  • Marketplace for professional designers


  • Individual: $12/month
  • Growth: $32/month
  • Pro: $60/month
  • Company: on request
Tarifs de Scalenut

❤️ Our Take : The Growth Hacking is the main ambition of Scalenut, which automates and accelerates content creation brilliantly. A success for large companies looking for efficiency and massive distribution, despite an arduous handling.

👍 Pros : Automated content creation processes. Easy multi-channel distribution. Performance analysis.

👎 Cons : Not suitable for small volumes. Complex interface. In English only.

9. Anyword : For persuasive marketing scripts

page d'accueil du site web de Anyword

Anyword is an AI-assisted writing tool that generates all types of professional quality marketing copies.

From ads to sales pages to emailings, Anyword helps you find the most impacting and engaging formulations for your audience.


  • Copy generator for the entire marketing funnel
  • Performance prediction and variants
  • Optimization based on data and analytics
  • Audience segmentation and personalization
  • Library of ready and customizable copies
  • A/B testing and performance reporting


  • Basic: $29/month
  • Data-driven: $99/month
  • Custom: on request
Tarifs de AnyWord

❤️ Our Take : Anyword is firmly positioned in the persuasive copywriting segment focused on marketing conversion. An interesting niche positioning, but one that limits its potential beyond the needs for commercial creative writing.

👍 Pros : Conversion and marketing oriented texts. Consideration of marketing tone and intent.

👎 Cons : Less suitable for editorial/blogging content. Limited range of features. High rates.

10. ChatGPT: The most popular

page d'accueil du site web de ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a revolutionary language model developed by OpenAI, capable of conversing naturally on an infinite number of topics.

A true complete generative AI assistant, it can answer questions, write articles, generate ideas as well as code applications.

An incredible performance that pushes the limits of artificial intelligence.


  • Natural and contextual dialogue on any topic
  • High quality AI text generation (articles, stories, scripts...)
  • Help with programming and code debugging
  • Summary and synthesis of texts, or document databases
  • Translation and rewriting in various styles
  • Answers to specific and complex questions
  • APIs available with GPT-4 Turbo, GPT-4, and GPT-3.5 Turbo models


  • Free access in a limited version
  • ChatGPT Plus: $20/month - priority access and extended features
Tarifs de ChatGPT Plus

❤️ Our Take : Who hasn't heard of ChatGPT? ChatGPT is an emblem of the advances in conversational AI. Its natural interactions, vast knowledge and relevant responses open up immense perspectives, although its adoption for content creation remains subject to improvement.

👍 Pros : Fluid conversational interaction. Very broad knowledge. Relevant and contextualized answers.

👎 Cons : Less optimized for content writing. Sometimes the answers are too short. No customization possible.

LEARN MORE >> Visit the Open AI website

11. Perfect AI writer for research

page d'accueil du site web de  Perplexity is a new conversational assistant powered by large language models and capable of astonishing feats.

It answers your questions with relevance, carries out complex tasks, and helps you with your research and thinking, all with an intuitive and natural interface.


  • Answers to questions with detailed explanations
  • Suggested ideas, solutions, and recommendations
  • Generation of informative, original and nuanced texts
  • Understanding complex queries and context
  • Customizing appearance and functionality
  • “Assisted writing” mode to co-write with AI


  • Free access during the beta phase
  • Prices not communicated for the final version
Tarifs de Perplexity Pro

❤️ Our Take : impresses with its eclecticism and its ability to perform a wide range of tasks brilliantly. This versatility is its strength, but also its weakness for very specific uses. An amazing assistant that requires thoughtful use.

👍 Pros : Perform numerous tasks (summaries, emails, code, etc.). Impressive multi-domain knowledge.

👎 Disadvantages : Sometimes lack of coherence. Minimalist interface to be customized. Too flexible for some uses.

LEARN MORE >> Visit the website

12. Claude: Unknown and Overpowered

page d'accueil du site web de Claude

Developed by Anthropic, Claude is a revolutionary AI assistant combining performance and security.

Trained with innovative methods (constitutional AI), he is able to perform a wide range of tasks with a high level of quality and consistency, while respecting strict ethical rules.


  • Understanding natural language and context
  • Generation of informative and engaging texts
  • Assistance with writing, editing, and rewording
  • Reasoning, analysis, and synthesis skills
  • Encyclopedic knowledge that is constantly updated
  • Kind, honest and unbiased personality


  • Free access in a limited version on the Anthropic website
  • Claude+: paid API with pay-per-use pricing
Tarifs de Claude

❤️ Our Take : Claude is bringing new life to the field with his generalist, next-generation AI design, which is constantly evolving. Despite satisfactory performances, it still lacks real specialization to become the indispensable tool for content creation.

👍 Pros : Extensive general knowledge. Simplified instructions. Ongoing maintenance.

👎 Disadvantages : Less specialized in writing. Variable performance depending on the tasks. Limited privacy.

LEARN MORE >> Visit the Claude's website

13. Generates powerful texts, even for novices

page d'accueil du site web de PepperType AI is an advanced writing platform that uses natural language processing to assist teams in content production.

It generates, optimizes, and customizes all types of content, from blog posts to product descriptions to video scripts.


  • Over 30 content types supported
  • Content generator and writing assistant
  • SEO suggestions and keyword optimization
  • Text reformulation and reduction tool
  • Plagiarism detection and automatic quotations
  • Team workflows and content validation


  • Starter: $25/month - 10 credits/day
  • Growth: $165/month - 100 credits/day
  • Enterprise: on request
Tarifs de Peppertype

❤️ Our Take :'s bet is to integrate an AI team dedicated to the content creation workflow for businesses. Facilitating collaboration, however, it has a cost and a certain adoption challenge that still limits its democratization.

👍 Pros : Collaborative process between humans and AI. Team writing made easy. Follow-up of revisions.

👎 Disadvantages : Adoption by the team is sometimes complex. Features that are still evolving. Substantial price.

LEARN MORE >> Visit the Peppertype AI website

What is an AI text generator?

An AI text generator is a revolutionary tool that uses artificial intelligence to automatically produce written content.

It is designed to simplify and accelerate the content creation process, becoming indispensable for digital marketing professionals and entrepreneurs:

  • Uses sophisticated machine learning algorithms
  • Trained on huge corpora of texts from various sources
  • Learn the subtleties of human language, sentence structure, and grammar rules
  • Generates consistent, fluid, and relevant text according to user settings and instructions


  • Fast content production at scale
  • Writing product descriptions, blog posts, social media posts, video scripts, etc.
  • Saves time for marketing professionals, allowing them to focus on strategic tasks
  • Increased publication frequency and improved search engine rankings


  • Does not completely replace human editors
  • May lack the creativity and subtlety of the human spirit
  • Optimal use: integration into a collaborative content creation process (AI generates a base, human writers refine and personalize)

Thus, AI text generators are valuable tools for entrepreneurs and digital marketing professionals.

Their strategic use, in combination with human creativity, makes it possible to remain competitive in a constantly changing environment.

Key features of AI text generators

AI text generators are real allies in optimizing content creation. Here are the essential features to look for:

  1. Assisted writing : to help you quickly create all types of content.
  2. Prefabricated models : ready-to-use text structures to save time.
  3. SEO optimization : keyword suggestions to improve your natural referencing.
  4. Commitment and readability : recommendations to captivate your audience.
  5. Real-time editing : to easily refine your generated content.
  6. Overview of the ranking : a prediction of your performance in search engines.
  7. Choice of tone : to adapt your style to your target and your goals.
  8. Originality guaranteed : thanks to built-in plagiarism checkers.

By using a tool that combines these assets, you can produce quality content on a large scale, without sacrificing your time or budget. So trust AI to propel your editorial strategy!

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At the end of this overview of best AI text generators, you will have understood it: these tools have the potential to radically transform your approach of content creation.

Of course, they are not magical and will never completely replace a human touch. Your added value as a writer or editor will remain essential to produce high-quality content that stands out.

But by integrating them intelligently into your process and combining them with your expertise, these AI-boosted writing assistants will undeniably allow you to reach a new level.

These AI book writing software can make your dream a reality.

Coupled with the best AI-assisted SEO tools, they can take your content marketing to the next level, ensuring a high ranking on the SERPs.

So don't wait any longer and start the AI-assisted writing adventure now. A new era full of promises and opportunities awaits you!

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