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Jasper AI : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)

Jasper AI

Jasper AI's artificial intelligence makes it quick and easy to create optimized content for your blog, social networks, website, etc.

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What is Jasper AI?

Formerly known as Jarvis AI, Jasper AI is a revolutionary writing assistant based on artificial intelligence.

Using advanced language models and sophisticated natural language word processing, Jasper analyzes the context to generate high-quality texts tailored to your needs.

A true creative companion, Jasper helps you:

  • Finding inspiration and exploring new ideas
  • Fine-tune your writing style
  • Instantly find article topics that are relevant to your audience

Whether you are a blogger, writer, marketer, or entrepreneur, Jasper is with you every step of the way.

Reviews jasper

For marketing teams, it is a valuable ally in generating content that is optimized and aligned with your editorial strategy on a large scale. Save valuable time by automating text creation, while maintaining impeccable quality.

Voted best AI writing software by many experts, this tool offers specialists a complete range of functionalities to boost your content production.

Other key points to remember:

  • An intuitive interface for immediate handling
  • Pre-trained models on millions of web pages
  • Advanced customization to reflect your voice and tone
  • Specialized features by content type

Ready to revolutionize the way you create content with AI? Now let's discover in detail all the possibilities offered by this artificial intelligence software !

Let's get started.

Jasper AI Features

1. Jasper AI Copilot

Jasper AI Copilot is your smart assistant that optimizes content creation.

It uses your business knowledge to generate relevant and targeted content. With its advanced analytics capabilities, it provides actionable data to improve your performance.

Jasper AI content creation tool

Copilot accelerates teamwork by allowing transparent collaboration and the sharing of best practices. With AI assistance, create high-quality content faster and more effectively.

❤️ Reviews : A valuable asset for teams, but requires time to adapt and initial setup to get the most out of it.

2. Secure and responsible platform

The Jasper platform places top priority on safety and ethics in the use of AI.

Analyses for SEO content by Jasper AI

It integrates principles of accountability and transparency at all levels:

  • Ethical models for trustworthy AI
  • Granular roles and permissions for total access control
  • Personalized customer support for a successful adoption
  • Policies and templates to frame the use of AI in business

❤️ Reviews : Essential for a serene and sustainable use of AI, even if the implementation can be complex.

3. Integrations and APIs

Jasper fits perfectly into your existing ecosystem.

Jasper AI chrome extension

With Chrome and Firefox browser extensions, access the power of Jasper directly from your browser. ‍

Connect Jasper to your favorite tools like Google Docs, WordPress, or Hootsuite for a smooth workflow.

With the Jasper API, integrate generative AI capabilities into your own applications and systems.

❤️ Reviews : Essential integrations to democratize the use of AI, although some connections remain limited.

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4. Brand voices and campaigns

Jasper helps you define and deploy a distinctive brand voice. Thanks to its tone and style analysis tools, ensure consistent communication that reinforces your identity.

Kanban management of content creation

Plan and execute powerful marketing campaigns by easily generating content tailored to each channel and personas. Maximize your impact with targeted and personalized messages.

❤️ Reviews : Powerful for a coherent brand strategy, very easy to use as long as you properly configure its rules and content attributes.

5. Generative AI and templates

Unleash your creativity with over 50 templates Jasper AI. From idea generation to complete content writing, these templates support your team of writers or yourself every step of the way.

Jasper Art for generating visual content

Write blog articles, email scripts, and advertisements in record time while maintaining your editorial line. With Jasper Art, also generate original visuals and enhance your content.

❤️ Reviews : Ideal for accelerating production, making sure to personalize the content generated.

6. Multilingual

This content software speaks more than 25 languages and integrates advanced linguistic tools:

  • Automatic language detection
  • Translation that preserves tone and nuances
  • Spelling and grammatical correction
  • Reformulation and cultural adaptation
Create high-quality content in over 25 languages

Easily produce professional quality international content.

❤️ Reviews : Essential for multilingual strategies, keeping an eye on consistency between versions.

7. AI conversations

Thanks to its conversation models based on natural language processing, this software can communicate fluidly and contextually.

Jasper AI robot for content creation

Get answers to your questions, relevant suggestions, and even writing help directly via chat.

This tool continuously learns from your interactions for ever richer exchanges.

❤️ Reviews : Incredibly realistic, but does not completely replace human expertise on complex subjects.

8. Prompt library

Access over 500 pre-written prompts to quickly generate quality content with this tool.

These models cover a wide range of use cases and help you get the most out of AI.

LIbrairie de prompts de jasper

❤️ Reviews : A significant gain of time, even if some prompts may require adjustments according to the needs of the context.

9. Learning resources

Jasper Academy

This software offers several resources to help you get started with the tool quickly:

  • 30-minute live startup webinars
  • Online courses “Jasper Foundations” on the fundamentals of the tool
  • “Getting Started With Generative AI” guide to understand the basics of generative AI and its application in business

❤️ Reviews : Helpful resources for successful adoption, especially for those new to AI.

10. Support and assistance

Support and assistance

If necessary, the Jasper team supports you via:

  • A contact form for questions related to your account, partnerships, the press or career opportunities
  • A help center and FAQ covering topics like billing, features, and account settings
  • A directory of Jasper certified partners to find support tailored to your specific needs

❤️ Reviews : Responsive and comprehensive support, with a personalized approach via partners, even if a live chat would sometimes be more practical.


Jasper AI offers a variety of formulas to meet the needs of different user profiles, from freelancers to large companies.

The pricing plan remains high compared to some competitors, but are justified by the breadth of features and the quality of support. pricing

Creator at $39/month (billed annually):

  • Essential AI features
  • 1 user, 1 brand voice
  • SEO mode, browser extension

Pro at $59/month (billed annually) - The most popular:

  • Advanced AI features
  • Up to 5 users, 3 brand voices
  • 10 Knowledge Resources, 3 Campaigns
  • Collaboration, user management, Jasper Art

Business (on request):

  • Custom AI features
  • Unlimited use, team spaces
  • Strengthened security and governance
  • Custom workflows, API access
  • Premium support and support

7-day free trial for Creator and Pro. ~ 20% discount for annual billing.

The main differences between the formulas are:

  • The number of users and brand voices
  • Collaboration and team management options
  • The level of personalization and security
  • Access to advanced features like Jasper Art, campaigns, and custom workflows

We can regret the absence of an intermediate formula between Pro and Business, which could be suitable for SMEs with specific needs without an unlimited budget.

Overall, Jasper AI offers prices in line with its premium positioning and its desire to support the AI transformation of businesses over the long term.

Customer Support

customer Support jasper

Here are some of the support options you get with Jasper AI:

  • Email: You can send an email to if you need help. You'll get 3x faster responses if you're on Jasper's Boss Mode plan.
  • Facebook group: Jasper has a community on Facebook where you can find thousands of users who are already using Jasper. You can join the group, ask questions, and get help from real customers and Jasper support staff.
  • Bootcamp training : You can also join a 45-minute training Bootcamp organized by Jasper, which will help you understand how to use it like a pro.
    It's a great way to get up close and personal with Jasper. If you want to get the most out of Jasper AI, I recommend that you sign up for this course.
jasper bootcamp
  • FAQ: Jasper has answers to all of the most common questions we get asked

Alternatives to Jasper AI

1. ChatGPT (OpenAI)

chatgpt homepage

👍 Pros

  • One of the most advanced and versatile language models
  • Capable of generating text, answering questions, summarizing documents, and even creating code
  • A simple and intuitive conversational interface

👎 Cons

  • Not specifically designed for marketing and writing use cases
  • Needs more prompts and adjustments to get targeted results
  • Can sometimes generate incorrect or biased information

💰 Pricing

  • Free access during the research phase
  • API rates based on usage (approximately $0.002 per 1000 tokens)
pricing chatgpt plus

ChatGPT is more versatile and powerful than Jasper AI, but less specialized for content writing and marketing tasks.

Its open-source model offers more flexibility, but requires more prompt engineering work. ChatGPT can be an attractive alternative for those who have generative AI needs beyond marketing, and are ready to spend time experimenting.

2. Rytr

rytr homepage

👍 Pros

  • Specialized models by use case (SEO writing, e-commerce, social media...)
  • A simple interface and templates adapted to marketing needs
  • An integrated image generator to easily create visuals

👎 Cons

  • Output quality sometimes lower than Jasper AI
  • Fewer languages supported (30+ versus 25+ for Jasper AI)
  • Fewer customization and collaboration features

💰 Pricing

  • Free: 5000 characters per month
  • Saver: $9/month for 50,000 characters
  • Unlimited: $29/month for unlimited use
rytr pricing

Rytr is positioned as a more affordable and accessible alternative to Jasper AI, targeting small businesses and freelancers.

Although its functionalities are more limited, especially in terms of customization and teamwork, it offers good value for money for basic writing needs. However, for large-scale projects or teams requiring collaboration and flexibility, Jasper AI is still more suitable.


copy ai

👍 Pros

  • A wide range of writing templates adapted to digital marketing
  • A tool for brainstorming ideas using machine learning
  • Allows you to produce content and avoid blank page syndrome
  • A Chrome extension to generate text directly in your tools

👎 Cons

  • Less customizing brand voices than Jasper AI
  • No online editor mode to collaborate on content
  • More limited version history and management

💰 Pricing

  • Free: 2000 words per month
  • Pro: $49/month for 40,000 words
  • Team: On estimate for 100,000 words and more
copy ai pricing

With its numerous targeted templates, Copy Ai is a good Jasper AI alternative for autonomous digital marketers. Its brainstorming tool is a real plus for finding ideas quickly.

However, it is less suitable for large collaborative projects and teams looking for a tailor-made and secure AI solution.

The number of words generated is also more limited, which can hold back big content producers.

Jasper AI use cases

Jasper AI is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of purposes, including:

1. Content writing

  • Blog posts and web pages optimized for SEO writers
  • Social media posts and publications
  • E-commerce product descriptions
  • Video scripts and podcasts
  • White papers and case studies

Jasper AI helps you generate ideas, structure your content, and write engaging and informative texts.

2. Marketing and advertising

  • Multi-channel advertising campaigns
  • Marketing emails and newsletters
  • Landing pages and sales pages
  • Slogans and advertising hooks
  • Customer reviews and testimonials

With this software, create powerful marketing messages that convert, while respecting your brand voice.

3. Visual creation with Jasper Art

  • Original illustrations and visuals for your content
  • Cover images for your articles and web pages
  • Visuals for your social media posts
  • Moodboards and graphic inspirations for your projects
  • Visual assets for your presentations and infographics

Jasper Art generates unique images tailored to your needs in seconds, based on your text prompts.

4. Customer service and support with Jasper Chat

  • Chatbots and virtual assistants to answer frequently asked questions
  • Generation of pre-qualified responses for your support teams
  • Personalizing customer conversations with AI
  • Sentiment analyses to understand customer satisfaction
  • Summaries of customer requests and tickets for efficient processing

The conversational AI of Jasper Chat helps you provide faster, relevant, and empathetic customer support.

5. Brainstorming and ideation

  • Generating content and campaign ideas
  • Summaries and summaries of long documents
  • Mind-mapping and thought structuring
  • Project scenarios and plans
  • Research keywords and opportunities to create content

Jasper AI stimulates your creativity and helps you find new ways to explore.

6. Translation and localization

  • Automated translation of your content using artificial intelligence
  • Cultural adaptation and location for different markets
  • Transcribing and subtitling videos and audios
  • Multilingual content generation aligned with your goals
  • Revision and correction of translations

Jasper AI makes it easy to create global content and expand to new audiences.

In summary, whether you are a writer, marketer, designer, designer, entrepreneur or product manager, Jasper AI accompanies you on a daily basis to boost your productivity and creativity. Its comprehensive suite of AI tools adapt to your existing workflows to help you produce quality content at scale.

How do I get started with Jasper AI?

Getting started with Jasper AI is quick and easy. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get started with the tool and test its features:

1. Enrollment

  1. Go to the official Jasper AI website:
  2. Click on the “Start Free Trial” button at the top right of the page
  3. Choose the plan that's right for you: Creator, Pro, or Business
  4. Create your account by entering your email, password and payment information
  5. Confirm your email by clicking on the link received in your inbox

You automatically get a 7-day free trial to test the tool without obligation.

2. Getting started with this artificial intelligence

Once registered, get familiar with the Jasper AI interface:

  1. Browse the different tabs: Templates, Documents, Art, Chat...
  2. Test some pre-defined templates to understand how the tool works
  3. Create a new document and explore customization options
  4. Generate your first piece of content using the/commands and describing what you want
  5. Edit and refine generated content with the built-in editor

Feel free to check out the help resources and video tutorials available on the site to guide you.

3. Integration into your workflows

To get the most out of Jasper AI, integrate it with your existing tools and processes:

  1. Install the Chrome or Firefox extension to access Jasper from any web page
  2. Connect Jasper to your writing and publishing tools (Google Docs, WordPress, Hootsuite...)
  3. Create custom templates adapted to your recurring content types
  4. Define your brand voice and tone for consistent communication
  5. Set up collaborative workflows with your teams

The more you use Jasper AI, the more it will learn about your style and preferences for ever more relevant results.

4. Support and resources

If you have any questions or problems, the Jasper AI team is there to help you:

  1. Check out the FAQ and knowledge base for answers to frequently asked questions
  2. Contact support via the dedicated form or email for any specific request
  3. Join webinars and online events to learn best practices
  4. Engage with the user community on Facebook groups and dedicated forums
  5. Use a certified partner for personalized training or support

With Jasper AI, you have everything you need to revolutionize the way you create content.

So don't wait any longer, get started and let the magic of AI happen!


1. How does the AI technology behind Jasper work?

Jasper AI uses advanced architecture-based language models GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer). These models are trained on huge amounts of textual data to understand and generate natural language in a coherent and contextual manner.

This software is based on the latest advances in AI, such as GPT-3 and GPT-3.5, to offer ever more efficient and relevant results. The tool is constantly updated to incorporate the most recent developments in this rapidly evolving field.

2. Can Jasper generate images and videos in addition to text?

Yes, with its Jasper Art add-on, Jasper can generate original images from text descriptions.

Whether you need illustrations, social media visuals, or even graphic assets for your designs, Jasper Art helps you create unique visuals in seconds.

For the moment, this software does not offer video generation functionality, but it is an evolution path considered for the future in order to offer an ever more complete content creation experience.

3. Is the content generated by Jasper unique and optimized for SEO?

Absolutely, one of the main benefits of Jasper is its ability to generate original and unique content without the risk of duplication or plagiarism.

Thanks to its advanced algorithms, Jasper analyzes your topic in depth, performs additional research, and produces completely new content tailored to your needs.

In addition, this software integrates SEO best practices directly into its content suggestions.

It helps you identify relevant keywords, optimize your blog post titles and meta descriptions, and structure your text to promote good SEO on search engines.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, Jasper AI is a powerful and revolutionary tool that can dramatically improve the productivity and editorial quality of any user.

Its main strengths lie in:

  • Its ability to quickly generate quality content
  • Its advanced features like Jasper Chat for conversational interactions
  • Its potential to save time and money for writing and digital marketing professionals

However, it is worth noting a few disadvantages of jasper:

  • An initial learning curve to master how the tool works
  • The need to edit and refine the generated texts to obtain an optimal result
  • A subscription cost that can be high for some budgets, even if the investment can quickly pay for itself

In the end, it is a very promising generative AI solution to improve its content creation process.

If you are looking to gain in efficiency and editorial quality without sacrificing your budget, this tool definitely deserves to be tested.

Its 7-day free trial is a great opportunity to form your own opinion on this state-of-the-art AI assistant.

get started with Jasper
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