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Frase : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)


Frase is the industry leading AI writing platform, its AI helps you find, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes

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What is Frase? is a AI software that combines the functionalities of a AI writing tool, a content generator and a AI SEO software for all content creators, writers, and marketers.

Frase customers
Frase customers

Frase is an all-in-one solution that aims to revolutionize your content creation process by allowing you to: produce quality articles, optimized for search engines, in record time.

Where tools like jasper focus on AI-assisted content generation, and where others like SEO surfing specialize in SEO optimization, has made the bold bet to combine the best of both worlds.

Features stands out for its global approach to content creation, let's see the key features that make it a valuable ally for content creators:

1. Updated AI content revolutionizes your search process by analyzing the content of the best results for any query.

Frase Writing AI
AI from Frase

No more time wasted clicking on the results pages of each site: you can access essential information, key metrics (word count, domain rating, etc.), and structural ideas for your own content at a glance.

2. Creating an article structure

Frase allows you to create a detailed, well-structured, high-quality blog post plan in seconds.

blog post structuring using competitor data by Frase
Structure generated by Frase

You can then easily reorder your plan using drag and drop, or let Frase's AI generate ideas for additional sections.

3. SEO optimization is capable of generating content that is perfectly optimized for search engines, in just a few seconds. doesn't just produce content, it guides you step-by-step to optimize it.

Frase SEO score feature
Frase score

Frase's intuitive editor analyzes your text and compares it to that of your competitors, to provide you with a precise list of keywords to include, as well as their recommended frequency of use.

4. Integrations and Collaboration

To adapt to your work environment, Frase offers key integrations, especially with Google Docs and WordPress.

La team collaboration is also at the heart of the platform, with options for assigning documents, project monitoring and dedicated tools to simplify working with your freelance writers.

5. Models and automations

Frase takes personalization even further by allowing you to create your own AI templates and prompts adapted to your specific needs.

You can therefore set up automated and repeatable workflows for each type of content, combining your rules and the suggestive power of AI.

Frase is a real opportunity to industrialize your production of large-scale content.

Customer Support

Frase offers effective customer support via email and live chat:

  • Response to emails within 1 working day (sometimes less than 10 hours)
  • Live chat Monday to Friday, 9 am to 6 pm (Eastern Time)
  • Online help center with concise (but still limited) articles
  • Weekly webinars to learn about products and tips

Despite some possible improvements, Frase's customer support is responsive and satisfactory.


Frase offers flexible rates to meet the needs of different content creators:

Frase IO pricing
Frase plans
  • Free trial ($0/month): Ideal for testing Frase without commitment
  • Solo ($15/month): Ideal for independent content creators with moderate volumes
  • Basic ($45/month): Ideal for content marketing professionals with greater needs
  • Team ($115/month): Ideal for content marketing teams collaborating on numerous projects

All Frase's paid plans (Solo, Basic, Team) are offered with a free trial allowing you to test the platform without a bank card.

Alternatives to Frase

Frase is a hybrid tool that combines content intelligence, AI-assisted writing and SEO optimization.

It has no direct competitor that offers exactly the same range of functionalities.

However, several Frase alternatives stand out in specific areas:

1. Surfer SEO : On-Page Optimization Specialist

Surfer SEO Homepage

Surfer SEO is a tool dedicated to optimizing content for search engines.

Like, it analyzes the pages that rank on your target keyword and provides detailed recommendations (keywords, structure, FAQ...) to create optimized content.

👍 Benefits : Surfer is very good at identifying ranking factors and suggesting on-page improvements. Its interface is refined and it offers advanced functionalities (NLP, content similarity analysis...).

👎 Disadvantages : Surfer focuses only on SEO optimization, without offering up-to-date content writing features.

❤️ Comparative opinion : If your top priority is SEO, Surfer will be more effective than But it won't help you generate the content by itself.

2. Jasper AI : IA Editorial Reference

Jasper AI  Homepage

Jasper AI is an advanced content generation tool based on artificial intelligence. It offers a multitude of templates and functionalities to quickly create articles, product descriptions, video scripts...

👍 Benefits : Jasper supports more than 25 languages, offers dozens of writing templates and makes it easy to generate long content for any type of page. Its AI is very powerful and produces quality texts.

👎 Disadvantages : Jasper does not offer search or SEO optimization features.

❤️ Comparative opinion : For pure writing, Jasper will be more efficient than But it will not help you to monitor your content beforehand, or to optimize your texts.

3. Rytr : Affordable and versatile alternative

Rytr Homepage

Rytr is a tool that covers the same great features as content research, AI generation, and SEO optimization. All for a much lower price.

👍 Benefits : Rytr offers a good balance between research, writing and SEO. Its content generator is efficient and its interface is very intuitive. The value for money is great.

👎 Disadvantages : Rytr's features are less advanced than's in each domain. The quality of SEO recommendations and generated content is a notch below.

❤️ Comparative opinion : If you're looking for a versatile tool like but you're on a tight budget, Rytr is an interesting alternative. It does a little worse on each aspect, but at a much lower cost.

Final Verdict

Frase succeeds in combining content research, AI writing and SEO optimization in the same tool.

Despite its flaws, Frase remains a compelling solution for streamlining the creation of optimized content.

In the landscape of AI and SEO tools, Frase brings a unique value proposition.

In summary, the choice between and these alternatives will depend on your priorities and constraints:

  • Are you looking for the ultimate in SEO? Opt for Surfer
  • Is writing your priority? jasper will be your best ally.
  • Do you want a good compromise at a low price? Rytr is made for you.
  • Do you need a complete and intuitive solution without breaking the bank? Frase remains a safe bet.

If Frase succeeds in correcting its weaknesses and improving its functionalities, it has the potential to become a must in next-gen content marketing.

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