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Artificial intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the business world, and AI software is at the forefront of this transformation.

86% of businesses are already using AI, and the global AI software market is expected to reach 190 billion dollars by 2025.

marché mondial de l'IA
Global AI Market in Billions of Dollars - Source (Statista)

AI can:

  • Automate repetitive tasks
  • Increase productivity by 40%
  • Improving decision making
  • Develop new products and services

This article explains what you need to know about AI software and how it can help your business thrive.

Let's get started.

What is AI software?

Artificial intelligence (AI) software is a computer program that mimics human behavior by learning various data and knowledge models.

The main characteristics of AI software are machine learning, speech recognition and speech recognition, the virtual assistant, etc.

AI (artificial intelligence) combined with machine learning and data is used to provide users with the required functionalities and greatly simplify the business process.

Artificial intelligence (AI) software is used to build and develop an intelligent application from scratch with the help of the capabilities of machine learning and deep learning.

Top artificial intelligence software

1. : AI Solution for an Impactful Market Strategy

accueil logiciel rédaction
Copy AI website

Are you looking to optimize your content creation process with artificial intelligence software?

Stop looking for other software, is here to help you!

This artificial intelligence tool is specially designed to facilitate the writing of powerful marketing texts. With, generate original ideas and engaging copies in no time. is the perfect way to Guarantee production high-quality content on a large scale without compromising quality or accuracy !


  • Generation of various content: articles, posts on social networks, emails, product descriptions...
  • Integration of keyword research for The SEO
  • Taking into account the context and the desired tone
  • Ability to customize content templates
  • Collaborative mode to work in a team

👍 Unique benefits : is distinguished by its specialization in marketing content. The tool is capable of generating texts that are optimized for conversions, adapting to the specific objectives of each campaign. Its intuitive interface and pre-trained models allow quick handling, even for novices.

👎 Disadvantages : Although efficient, can sometimes produce slightly generic content that needs to be reworked for more originality. Some users may also regret the lack of supported languages for these artificial intelligence software.

🔀 Top Alternatives to : Writesonic, Jasper AI, ContentBot


tarifs de

The writing software based on artificial intelligence offers a 7-day free trial without a credit card.

  • 7-day free trial
  • Pro plan at $49/month
  • Team plan at $279/month
  • Enterprise plan on quotation

Our Take is a valuable ally for all marketers and web writers who care about their productivity.

If you regularly create commercial content, this tool will save you a lot of time.

We recommend the Pro plan to get started, even if it means upgrading to the Team plan if your needs change. A must for automating your content marketing!

2. Elai : Revolutionize your video creation

site web elai

Video is king on the web, but creating it can be time-consuming and complex without some artificial intelligence software.

That's where Elai enter the scene!

This artificial intelligence platform allows you to generate professional quality videos in record time. Whether you are a company, a content creator or an individual, Elai offers you the keys to effective video communication.


  • Create videos from pre-defined templates or from scratch
  • Large media library (images, videos, music)
  • Generation of realistic voiceovers in multiple languages
  • Multilingual automatic subtitling
  • Brand integration (logo, graphic charter)
  • Export in high definition

👍 Unique benefits : Elai stands out for its ease of use and versatility. The tool adapts to all needs, from the teaser produced to the explanatory video to the content of social networks. Its recommendation engine helps you optimize your creations according to your audience and your goals. All with a professional finish, without technical skills.

👎 Disadvantages : Despite the quality of the videos generated, some users may find the templates a bit limiting. Advanced customization requires a bit of practice. Finally, the subscription may seem expensive for small budgets.

🔀 Best Alternatives to Elai: Lumen5, InVideo, Renderforest


elai Tarifs

Elai offers these pricing plans:

  • Elai offers a 14-day free trial
  • Basic package at $29/month
  • Pro package at $99/month
  • Enterprise package on request

Our Take

Elai is the ideal solution to democratize video creation within companies and among creators.

Its ease of use and the quality of its renderings make it an essential tool for regularly feeding your communication channels.

If you are new to these types of artificial intelligence software, the Basic package will be right for you. For advanced users, the Pro package opens up access to more features. A must for anyone who wants to gain an impact without spending hours!

3. Jasper AI : The ideal ally to boost your editorial creativity

jasper logiciel rédaction

Are you running out of inspiration for your web content?

Jasper AI simplifies writing by eliminating blank page syndrome by taking on the most complex tasks for you.

This revolutionary artificial intelligence tool helps you write your blog articles, social media posts, emails and much more. With, the blank page syndrome is a thing of the past.

Jasper AI is perfect for your business content generation, texts, social networks, stories to write a book but don't know where to start or those who have trouble staying motivated.


  • Generation of original ideas and content based on a few inputs
  • Over 50 templates for various types of content (articles, titles, social media content, etc.)
  • Taking SEO into account to optimize your SEO
  • Support for 25 languages to extend your reach
  • Predefined recipes to automate your workflows

👍 Unique benefits : What sets apart is its ability to understand context and generate relevant, high-quality content almost instantly. The tool adapts to your tone and style, for a result that is perfectly in line with your brand. Recipes make it possible to automate creation on a large scale, all while offering very effective customer service.

👎 Disadvantages : Although very powerful, Jasper sometimes requires some manual adjustments to refine the generated texts. The rate may seem high for small businesses.

🔀 Best Jasper AI Alternatives: Writesonic,, ContentBot


jasper tarifs

The writing software based on artificial intelligence offers several pricing plans:

  • Starter: starting at $40/month
  • Boss Mode: starting at $82/month
  • Businesses: personalized quote

Our Take is one of the ideal artificial intelligence software for content managers and creators looking to increase productivity without sacrificing quality.

Despite the significant cost, it is an investment that quickly pays for itself, especially for large-scale content creation. We recommend the offer Boss Mode to exploit the full potential of the tool.

4. Writesonic : Bring your content to life

page accueil logiciel rédaction  writesonic
WriteSonic website

Writing engaging content is an art that requires time and inspiration. But with Writesonic, you no longer have to wait for the muse to visit you!

This artificial intelligence tool helps you create impactful content, whether it's blog articles, advertising copies, product descriptions or video scripts. With Writesonic, bring your ideas to life in just a few clicks.


  • Generation of original ideas and content based on keywords
  • Over 40 templates for various types of content
  • Integrated SEO optimization
  • Paraphrase function to vary texts
  • Collaborative mode to work in a team
  • Possibility to generate public links to share content
Fonctionnalités logiciel rédaction  WriteSonic

👍 Unique benefits : Writesonic is distinguished by the quality of its algorithms, capable of producing fluid and relevant texts, similar to those written by humans. The tool also stands out for its versatility, with templates adapted to various use cases, from e-commerce to social media. Finally, the possibility of generating public links is a real plus for collaborative work.

👎 Disadvantages : Like any automatic generation tool, Writesonic can sometimes produce slightly generic content that needs to be customized. Some users may also find the interface a bit busy at first.

🔀 Best Writesonic Alternatives: Jasper AI,, ContentBot


tarifs de writesonic
  • Free trial with 2,500 words
  • Starter plan at $15/month
  • Professional plan at $45/month
  • Business plan at $95/month
  • Enterprise plan on quotation

Our Take

Writesonic is a powerful and versatile tool that is aimed at web writers as well as marketers and entrepreneurs.

If you are looking to increase productivity without sacrificing the quality of your content, this is one of the artificial intelligence software you need.

We recommend the Professional plan to take full advantage of the tool's features. A treasure worth discovering absolutely!

5. ContentBot : AI assistant for simplified content creation

page accueil contentbot
Contentbot website

ContentBot is used by over 15,000 marketers, it's an artificial intelligence tool designed to help content creators, marketers, and business owners easily generate high-quality content.

Whether you need blog posts, product descriptions, social media posts, or any other type of content, ContentBot can save you valuable time and effort.


  • Content generation based on keywords or phrases
  • Support for multiple languages
  • Integration of keyword research for SEO
  • Customizing the tone and style of generated content
  • Ability to save and organize content in collections
  • Integration with various platforms (WordPress, Shopify, etc.)

👍 Unique benefits : ContentBot stands out for its ease of use and its ability to produce quality content in record time. Its advanced algorithm makes it possible to generate texts that are coherent, fluid and adapted to the specific needs of each user. In addition, ContentBot offers exclusive discounts to non-profit organizations, thus demonstrating its social commitment.

👎 Disadvantages : Although powerful, ContentBot can sometimes generate content that lacks depth or nuance. The most demanding users may need to adjust the texts to get a result that is perfectly suited to their brand.

🔀 Best ContentBot Alternatives: Jasper AI, Writesonic,


prix de contentbot

ContentBot is the only AI (artificial intelligence) technology that offers discounts to non-profit associations according to its website.

  • Starter offer at $29/month
  • Premium offer at $59/month
  • Premium+ offer at $99/month
  • Special discounts for non-profit organizations

Our Take

ContentBot is a promising artificial intelligence software that can dramatically simplify content creation, especially for small businesses and independent content creators.

Its value for money and intuitive features make it an affordable and effective solution.

If you're looking to save time without breaking the bank, ContentBot is definitely one of the artificial intelligence software to try. We recommend the Premium plan for regular use.

6. : Give your ads a boost with AI

accueil de

Creating compelling ads that drive conversions is a constant challenge for marketers.

Artificial intelligence software is here to make it easy for you!

This innovative tool uses artificial intelligence to automatically generate visuals and advertising copies optimized for various platforms.

Whether you're targeting Facebook, Instagram, search engines with Google Ads or LinkedIn, helps you maximize the impact of your campaigns.


  • Generation of advertising visuals (images, videos, animations)
  • Creating persuasive advertising copies
  • Optimizing ads for various platforms
  • Integrating digital marketing best practices
  • Automated A/B testing to identify the best performing ads
  • Performance monitoring and detailed reports

👍 Unique benefits : stands out for its ability to generate ready-to-use ads in a few minutes. The tool relies on advanced algorithms and real performance data to create visuals and texts adapted to your target and your goals. Its seamless integration with the main advertising platforms saves you valuable time. Finally, its A/B testing and performance monitoring features help you continuously optimize your campaigns.

👎 Disadvantages : While produces quality ads, it may be necessary to personalize them further to fully reflect your brand identity. Additionally, the tool can come at a high cost for small businesses with limited advertising budgets.

🔀 Top Alternatives to AdCreative AI : Canva, Crello, BannerSnack


tarifs de
  • 14 day free trial
  • Starter plan at $49/month
  • Pro plan at $99/month
  • Agency plan at $199/month
  • Enterprise plan on quotation

Our Take

The artificial intelligence software is a powerful solution for marketers looking to optimize their advertising performance without spending hours on it.

Its unique combination of AI (artificial intelligence) and performance data makes it a tool of choice for generating high-impact ads.

Whether you're a small business or a large agency, will help you reach your conversion goals faster. A try is needed!

7. Give a voice to your projects

accueil de

Text-to-speech is a key element in humanizing your content and creating engaging audio experiences.

But getting quality voices can be expensive and time consuming.

This is where the artificial intelligence software enter the scene!

This revolutionary tool uses artificial intelligence to Generate realistic voices and expressive from a few samples. Whether you're a podcaster, content creator, developer, or marketer, opens up new possibilities for you.


  • Creating AI voices from audio samples
  • Library of pre-trained voices in multiple languages
  • Emotional and intonation control
  • Integration via API
  • AI content detector 
  • Possibility to generate realistic dialogues
  • Compatible with all major audio formats
  • Using Alexa with GPT-3 (and GPT-4) creates an interactive experience for your users.

👍 Unique benefits : stands out for the exceptional quality of its synthetic voices, which are almost indistinguishable from real human voices. The tool offers a new level of control over emotions and intonation, making it possible to create tailor-made audio experiences. Its integration with voice assistants and 3D avatars also opens up new creative perspectives.

👎 Disadvantages : Despite its impressive performance, can take a bit of practice to get exactly the result you want. Some users may also find the price high, especially for intensive use.

🔀 Best Alternatives to Descript, Murf AI, Voicemod


prix de resemble AI
  • Starter offer at $0.006/second of audio generated
  • Pro offer with custom pricing
  • Free trial with 1000 free characters

Our Take

Artificial intelligence software is an extraordinary tool that pushes the boundaries of speech synthesis. It is the ideal solution for adding an audio dimension to your content without breaking the bank.

Whether you're creating podcasts, ads, online training, or interactive experiences, will save you valuable time while bringing a human touch to your projects. A must for content creators!

8. ChatGPT: Much more than just an AI chatbot

site de chatgpt

GPT chat has made a stunning entry into the world of AI and has revolutionized the way we interact with machines.

Developed by OpenAI, this AI chatbot uses a high-performance natural language processing model that is able to understand and generate text in a surprisingly smooth and relevant way.


  • Understanding context and natural language
  • Generating consistent and plausible responses
  • Very extensive knowledge thanks to training on massive data
  • Ability to perform a variety of tasks (writing, translating, summarizing, answering questions...)
  • Easy integration via an API
paramètres de chatgpt

👍 Unique benefits : The power of the GPT language model gives ChatGPT impressive ease in written communication. Its level of understanding and the relevance of its answers make it a leading tool for all tasks related to automatic language processing. Its potential goes well beyond simple chatbots.

👎 Disadvantages : Despite its prowess, ChatGPT can sometimes be approximate in its answers or make factual mistakes. It is important to check key information. Additionally, the tool can generate biased content if misused.

🔀 Top Alternatives to ChatGPT : Jasper Chat, BotSonic, Claude


OpenAI recently launched its new version of GPT on March 14, 2023, offering ChatGPT Plus users the option to use it.

  • ChatGPT is currently available for free in a free and limited version for everyone
  • ChatGPT Plus is billed $20 per month
  • GPT-3.5 (the API that ChatGPT is based on) is billed for use: $0.002 per 1000 tokens

Our Take

GPT chat is a major advance that opens up new perspectives, from customer support to content creation to research.

While the free version allows you to become familiar with the tool, the GPT-4.0 API will seem more suitable for large-scale projects requiring large volumes of processing.

One of the free artificial intelligence software to watch closely and always at the cutting edge.

9. DALL-E 3: Unleash your limitless creativity

dall générateur d'image intelligence artificielle
DALL-E website

OpenAI continues to redefine the boundaries of AI-assisted creativity with the launch of DALL-E 3.

This new version takes image generation from textual descriptions to the next level, giving users an even wider range of options for turning ideas into visual realities. Artists, designers, marketers, or simply passionate about innovation, discover how DALL-E 3 can enrich your creative universe.


  • Enhanced ability to understand and transform complex text descriptions (Prompts) in realistic and detailed images.
  • Integration of more varied artistic styles, including specific techniques and rare artistic periods.
  • Advanced options for editing, retouching, and recomposing existing images, allowing for finer and more contextual edits.
  • Increased resolution for generated images, offering output options up to 2048x2048 pixels.
  • Access via a more robust API, supporting more complex requests and a higher volume of calls.

👍 Unique benefits : DALL-E 3 takes the image generation experience to a new level, offering unprecedented fidelity and precision. Her ability to interpret and materialize abstract and nuanced concepts facilitates the creation of unique visual works, often exceeding the imagination of users. This release significantly improves the consistency and accuracy of generated elements, even in complex scenes.

👎 Disadvantages : Although DALL-E 3 is a more powerful tool, it requires a deeper understanding of text commands to fully exploit its capabilities. Users may need time to adjust to these nuances. Additionally, high-resolution image generation and advanced customization may consume more credits.

🔀 Top Alternatives to DALL-E 3 : Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, DeepArt


  • A quota of free credits is available for new users, allowing them to test the advanced capabilities of DALL-E 3.
  • Plans start at $20 for 100 credits, reflecting enhancements and higher resolution options.
  • API rates are adjusted according to specific needs and volume of use, with custom options available upon request.

Our Take

Artificial intelligence software DALL-E 3 is an essential tool for anyone who wants to explore new dimensions of AI-assisted visual creativity.

Its ability to process detailed instructions and produce high-quality images makes it one of the valuable free artificial intelligence software for professionals and fans of visual creation.

Despite a slightly more demanding learning curve and increased cost of use, the benefits offered more than justify this investment for those looking to push the limits of their creativity.

10. Vertex AI: The Power of Google Machine Learning

Vertex AI

Vertex AI is a comprehensive platform that allows developers and data scientists to easily create, train, and deploy data models. Machine Learning.

Whether you are a startup, an SME or a large company, this tool offers you all the advantages of cloud computing for your artificial intelligence projects.


  • Large-scale model training
  • Simplified deployment of models in production
  • Model version management
  • Integration with other Google Cloud services (Gemini, BigQuery, Cloud Storage, etc.)
  • Support for many popular frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, XGBoost, etc.)
  • Monitoring and logging capabilities to track model performance

👍 Unique benefits : Vertex AI stands out for its scalability and flexibility. The platform makes it possible to train models on huge volumes of data and deploy them in a few clicks. Its seamless integration with other Google Cloud services makes it easy to set up comprehensive data pipelines. Finally, pay-per-use billing makes it possible to optimize costs by only paying for the resources consumed.

👎 Disadvantages : While powerful, Vertex AI can have a steep learning curve for novice users. A good knowledge of machine learning concepts and cloud computing is recommended. In addition, prices can quickly increase for projects that require a lot of computing resources.

🔀 Top Alternatives to Vertex AI : AWS SageMaker, Azure Machine Learning, IBM Watson Studio


tarifs de Vertex AI
  • Pay-per-use billing based on resources consumed (CPU, GPU, etc.)
  • Rates vary by region (from $0.49 to $0.54 per hour and per training unit)
  • Free $300 credit for new users

Our Take

Vertex AI is a solid choice for businesses looking to industrialize their Machine Learning projects with the Google Cloud Generative AI infrastructure.

Its power, flexibility and integration with the Google Cloud ecosystem make it a leading tool.

However, it is more aimed at an audience of developers and experienced data scientists.

If you have the technical skills and a substantial budget, this is one of the free artificial intelligence software that will take you far.

For novices, there are more affordable alternatives to get started.

11. IBM Watson: Artificial intelligence at the service of your business

page accueil IBM Watson

IBM Watson is a versatile artificial intelligence platform designed to help businesses automate processes, make better decisions, and create personalized customer experiences.

With its numerous services and tools, Watson covers a wide range of use cases, from natural language processing to computer vision to predictive analytics.


  • Natural language processing tools (NLU, NLP, etc.)
  • Visual recognition and image analysis
  • Decision support and predictive analysis tools
  • Chatbots and chatbots
  • Integration with various data sources (databases, APIs, etc.)
  • Automated machine learning tools (AutoAI)

👍 Unique benefits : IBM Watson stands out for its maturity and robustness. The platform benefits from IBM's expertise in AI (artificial intelligence) and data science, with proven and regularly updated algorithms. Watson is particularly good at language processing, making it possible to create powerful chatbots and document research tools. Its integration with business solutions such as Salesforce or SAP is also an asset for large companies.

👎 Disadvantages : Despite its qualities, IBM Watson may seem complex to handle for non-specialists. The platform often requires advanced technical skills to be fully exploited. In addition, rates can be high, especially for small structures.

🔀 Top Alternatives to IBM Watson : Google Cloud AI, Azure AI, Amazon Lex


tarifs de IBM Watson
  • Pay-per-use pricing based on the services used and the volume of data processed
  • Free Lite plans to test the platform
  • Premium and Enterprise plans with dedicated support and SLAs
  • Personalized quote according to needs

Our Take

Artificial intelligence software IBM Watson is a high-end AI solution for mature businesses with advanced use cases.

Its functional richness and robustness make it a leading choice for large projects, especially those involving natural language processing. However, for smaller structures or simpler projects, more affordable and more accessible alternatives may be preferable.

If you have the resources and expertise you need, IBM Watson will open up a lot of possibilities for you.

Types of artificial intelligence software

There are four different types of Artificial Intelligence software:

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) platforms : These platforms allow you to develop an application from scratch. Numerous built-in algorithms are provided to process the data. The “drag and drop” function makes it easy to use.
  2. AI chatbots : This AI chatbot produces the effect of a conversation with a human or a person based on input data.
  3. Deep learning software : it includes speech recognition, AI image recognition, etc.
  4. Machine learning software : Machine learning in AI is a technique that allows the computer to learn from data.

What can AI do?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionized the way we manage intelligent systems, both in businesses and at home. Thanks to AI, these systems can perform a variety of tasks, from alarm management to light management, to data collection and website creation.

  • Data collection and management : AI makes it easy to collect and manage data from different sources, allowing valuable information to be obtained.
  • Machine learning applications : Thanks to machine learning management, different algorithms can be applied to data to process it according to our needs.
  • Personalized recommendations : AI is used to provide recommendations based on our online purchases, thus increasing business revenue.
  • 24/7 online support : Websites offer online support through online conversations or chat windows that are always available, made possible by AI and data analysis.

AI has transformed the management of intelligent systems, offering a multitude of possibilities in various fields.

With its capabilities in data collection, machine learning, and personalized recommendations, AI improves our online experience and makes it easier to manage daily tasks.

AI Application Domains

Artificial intelligence (AI) has varied applications and is transforming many areas of our daily lives.

From health and education to social media and agriculture, AI offers new opportunities to improve our experience, efficiency, and outcomes through data.

Main applications of artificial intelligence for various fields and professions:

  • Health : AI (artificial intelligence) allows the collection of data for the early detection of diseases, the personalization of care and medical research.
  • Automobile : AI is used in autonomous cars for safe driving and continuous learning.
  • Banking and finance : AI is used for artificial intelligence chatbots, high-frequency trading, and data fraud detection, thus offering better service and response to customers.
  • Oversight : AI facilitates real-time surveillance, improving public safety through facial recognition and the automation of video surveillance systems.
  • Social networks : AI tools (artificial intelligence) personalize content and advertising based on the preferences and behavior of one or more users.
  • Entertainment : AI helps recommend content and create more immersive entertainment experiences.
  • Education : AI enables the automation of assessment, the improvement of learning, and the extension of education in remote areas.
  • Space exploration : AI is used to reduce risks for astronauts during space exploration missions and to analyze collected data.
  • games : AI enhances gaming experiences by creating responsive and adaptive behaviors for non-player characters.
  • Robotics : AI improves the abilities of robots by allowing them to learn and perform actions independently.
  • Agriculture : AI is used in monitoring crops, predicting yields, and automating agricultural tasks.
  • Ecommerce : AI is used in logistics, the personalization of recommendations, and customer support through data for e-commerce.
  • Project management : automatic improvement of resource management, task management, time management, team management, deadline management and risk management.
  • Marketing : Automation of instant messaging, content for networks, the website, the construction of global marketing strategies, the optimization of the reading of content on all devices, the construction and the automated planning of marketing.

AI offers numerous opportunities in various sectors for businesses, ranging from health and agriculture to social media, service, and education.

Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence

The tools and software of RPA copy human actions and AI (artificial intelligence) copies or imitates human intelligence. AI (artificial intelligence) is learning and thinking about the capabilities of an application.

Sectors using AI: retail, finance and banking, education, health, energy and utilities, technology, etc.


In this article, we explored all of the best artificial intelligence (AI) based software available on the market.

For machine learning, all of the software mentioned above is good, but compared to other software, managing Azure Machine Learning Studio and H2O is much easier to use.

Among the best AI tools for managing automatic writing, let's find Chat GPT or WriteSonic: items, summaries of documents, a title, etc. that offer excellent results

Let's let our imagination run wild for a better future.

Its transformative potential continues to grow, which will transform the way we work and our business environment for businesses. It remains exciting to see how the fields of AI (artificial intelligence) will continue to disrupt and improve different sectors in the future.

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