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InVideo : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)


InVideo is an online platform that makes video generation and editing simple for anyone, regardless of skill level.



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What is InVideo?

InVideo is an online platform that simplifies video generation and editing, making these areas accessible to anyone, regardless of skill level.

With ready-to-use templates and robust editing tools, you can create videos from scratch or improve existing videos.

This video generator automates and personalizes videos, allowing for professional quality without the cost associated with traditional video creation.

  • Pre-designed templates : Access to a variety of templates to get your video project up and running quickly.
  • Easy to use editor : Edit your video with ease using an intuitive online editor.
  • Adding Voices : Use AI to add narrations to your video without audio expertise.
  • Automated elements : AI helps to integrate visual and sound elements for professional quality.
  • Media library : Beautify your video with royalty-free images and music.
  • Adding Personal Content : Incorporate your own images, videos, and music for a personal touch.

InVideo is the AI video generator perfect for anyone looking to Make videos professionals easily.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced user, the ease of use, advanced customization options, and the integration of artificial intelligence make InVideo a complete and affordable solution for all your video editing needs.

InVideo target users?

InVideo is designed to democratize video creation, offering an intuitive and robust platform.

Regardless of your level of experience, InVideo makes it easy to create professional videos for your site, YouTube, or networks with creative flair.

Let's see who the InVideo service is particularly suitable for:

1. Businesses

InVideo addresses the problem and needs of businesses seeking to strengthen their online presence through engaging video content.

  • Rapide : Produce promotional videos or ads in no time.
  • Social media content : Optimal for generating engaging video content for social media.

Businesses will find InVideo particularly useful for creating engaging video content without having to hire tech professionals. video editing.

2. Web Entrepreneurs and Influencers

Web entrepreneurs, influencers, and specialists can take advantage of InVideo to expand their audience and engage their followers.

  • SHORT formats : Create short videos for TikTok, Instagram Reels, and other popular platforms.
  • Customization : Easily customize videos to your unique brand or style.

InVideo is an asset for web entrepreneurs and influencers, allowing rapid video generation while maintaining a personal and professional touch.

3. Personal use

For personal projects, InVideo is a blessing, making it easy to generate memorable videos.

  • Souvenirs Videos : Design videos for weddings, travel, or other special occasions.
  • Ease of Use : No technical skills required to create engaging videos.

Whether it's capturing precious moments or exploring creativity, InVideo is the ideal tool for personal video projects.

With the addition ofartificial intelligence, the platform pushes the envelope, offering capabilities of video editing and advanced customization, making video generation not only accessible, but also fun and rewarding.


The InVideo software is a powerful platform that strives to make video generation and editing accessible to anyone, regardless of expertise level.

With a wide range of features, InVideo simplifies the art of creating engaging, professional videos.

Let's discover together the main features that make InVideo a preferred choice for content creators:

1. Numerous templates

stock media sur shutterstock

Templates are the ideal starting point for anyone looking to create videos quickly without sacrificing quality.

  • Variety of models : With over 5000 predefined templates, InVideo offers you a diverse choice to start your video project.
  • Categorization : Find the perfect model by filtering by format, type, or sector, making it easy to navigate through the vast collection.

Templates are valuable, especially for those who are new to video editing and are looking for an inspiring starting point.

2. Intuitive editor

The InVideo software publisher is at the heart of the experience, providing the tools needed to personalize your content.

  • Creative freedom : Whether you're starting from a template or a blank canvas, the editor offers a multitude of options for adding elements and adjusting your video.
  • Media library : Access a large library of royalty-free media or import your own images, videos, and music.

The editor is the playground for creators, allowing for complete and intuitive customization.

3. Artificial intelligence (AI)

The AI in the InVideo software brings a dimension of automation and innovation to video generation.

  • VoiceOver AI : Generate realistic voice-overs from texts using artificial intelligence.
  • Text to Video : Convert a text script into a video, with the possibility of having a pre-made template or creating a completely personalized video.

The integration ofartificial intelligence makes video creation even more accessible and innovative, by automating complex tasks.

4. Visual Effects and Extras

Enrich your videos with a range of visual effects, stickers, and boosters for a professional touch.

  • Effects and Overlays : Add effects like hearts, smoke, light, and more to energize your video.
  • Animated stickers : Integrate animated stickers to make your videos more interactive and engaging.

Visual effects and extras add creativity and allow you to further personalize your video content.

5. Additional functions

The InVideo software continues to innovate with a series of additional functions that enrich the experience.

  • Audio tools : Manage your video soundtrack with effective audio tools.
  • Fast Fusion : Quickly merge clips for effective editing.
  • Speed Adjustment : Control the speed of your video to create dynamic effects.

InVideo is a rig rich in features that is suitable for everyone, from beginners to professionals in video editing.

The well-thought-out functions and the integration of theartificial intelligence make the video AI generation not only accessible, but also enjoyable and rewarding.

The InVideo software stands out as a tool of choice for create videos hassle-free professionals, and with a minimal learning curve, it's ready to meet the needs of content creators in today's digital world.


The InVideo software offers three different pricing plans to meet the varied needs of its users: a free version and two premium packages, named Business and Unlimited.

1. Free version

The free version of InVideo is quite complete and allows the generation of a few videos every month. It's an ideal choice for those who are new to video generation and want to explore the platform's core functions.

2. Formula Plus

prix : $20 per month if subscribed monthly, or $10 per month if subscribed annually.

Deals : With the Plus plan, users can generate up to 30 videos per month. They also get access to 300 premium videos/images every month. This plan is perfect for regular content creators or small businesses that need a moderate number of videos each month.

3. Formula Max

prix : $60 per month if subscribed monthly, or $30 per month if subscribed annually.

Deals : The Max plan, as the name suggests, allows unlimited video generation every month.

Users can also access an unlimited number of premium videos/images every month.

This plan is ideal for video professionals and large businesses that require a large amount of video content on a monthly basis and want to be at the top of YouTube or search engine results for their customers.

These pricing plans are designed to provide maximum flexibility to users, allowing them to choose a plan that best fits their needs and budget.

Customer Support

InVideo customer support is designed to provide ongoing support and enrich your video generation experience and knowledge.

  • 24/7 support: Access help anytime via the “Contact Support” option.
  • E-Mail: Send inquiries via “Email us” for prompt responses.
  • Tutorials: Browse the tutorials to master the functions of InVideo independently.
  • Webinars: Take part in regular sessions to deepen your knowledge.
  • Discord community: Join the Discord community for constructive conversations with other creators.
  • Feedback from the creators: Get feedback from the InVideo community to refine your videos.
Discord screen

InVideo customer support is a valuable resource, making video generation more intuitive and collaborative. The various support channels ensure that you have the support you need at every stage of your creative journey.

Alternatives to inVideo

There are several marketing software on the market that make it easy to create and edit videos.

Below, we show you four alternatives to InVideo, comparing their functions and prices with those offered by InVideo.

1. Fliki

Fliki is known for its ability to generate videos via AI from texts.


All-in-one video generation.

Over 1000 voices available in over 75 languages.

Customization of subtitles according to the brand.

Rich media library in stock.


Gratuit (limited functions)

Basic : $6/month

Standard : $21/month

Premium : $66/month

Enterprise (personalized rate)

Fliki excels at converting text to video with a wide variety of voices and languages, but the free offering is quite limited compared to InVideo.


Personalization and the media library are assets, but paid plans are required to fully exploit its features.

2. Pictory

Pictory specializes in converting blog posts into engaging videos.


Generating videos from a script or a blog post.

Automatic generation of subtitles.

AI-enabled video editing.


Standard : $19 per user/month

Premium : $39 per user/month

Enterprise : Personalized rates

Pictory is powerful for converting articles into videos, easy to use, and produces quality video content.


However, it can sometimes present bugs as a result of updates. It has rates that are comparable to InVideo, but focuses more on text-to-video conversion.

3. Elai

Elai stands out for the mass generation of videos.


Powerful tool for mass video generation.

Broad range of premium voices for multi-lingual videos.

Custom font download.

Dedicated account manager.


Basic : $29.00 per month

Advanced : $99.00 per month

Enterprise : Personalized rate

Elai is optimal for mass video generation with a user-friendly interface and a variety of customization features.


However, the lack of 4K videos may be a negative point compared to the InVideo service.

Elai's rates are also higher, especially for the advanced plan.


What are the main features offered by this tool?

Video generation : Possibility to create engaging videos with a wide range of templates.

Artificial intelligence (AI) : Use of AI for smooth transitions and dynamic animations.

Change : Easy video editing with an intuitive toolbar.

Promotion : Integrated tools for promoting your videos on various sites and social networks.

How is artificial intelligence (AI) used in video generation?

AI facilitates video generation by recommending animations, transitions, and optimizing the layout of elements on the screen.

It also helps in text-to-speech conversion and in the suggestion of templates based on the content.

Can I add my own logo and custom elements to the videos?

Absolutely! You have the freedom to import your logo, images, and other media.

The templates are also editable to match the presentation of your brand.

Using the editing toolbar allows you to adjust scenes, add transitions, animations, and adjust the layout of elements to your liking.

Final review

The InVideo service is distinguished by its ease of use and versatility, allowing even novices to create a variety of professional video formats.

Its wide range of predefined models and its generous free offer are major assets, allowing a risk-free exploration of its functionalities.

However, depending on specific needs, other alternatives such as Fliki for text-to-video conversion, FlexClip for tutorial videos, Pictory to turn articles into videos, and Elai for the generation of mass videos, can be considered.

Each of these platforms has unique advantages, with distinct pricing structures.

In short, the InVideo service is a solid choice for simplified and economical video generation, making video production accessible to a wide range of users.

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