AI Chatbot: Best Conversational AI Agents in 2024

Discover the best AI chatbots based on artificial intelligence based on features, prices, reviews, pros, cons.
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Artificial intelligence (AI) Revolutionizes the world a little more every year of the company.

Of AI software for copywriting aux recruitment tools using conversational chatbots, AI is gradually intruding into all levels of professional activity.

Among these popular technologies, AI chatbots occupy a prominent place.

Praised by 40% of Internet users who prefer to interact with them rather than with traditional agents with a real “human language”, they are making businesses more accessible and effective than ever thanks to artificial intelligence.

A real driver of customer relationships, AI chatbots can provide assistance, answer frequently asked questions, replace a search engine, animate an FAQ as well as help close a sale.

All these assets explain their massive adoption, from web giants to homes via voice assistants such as Google Home or Alexa.

But with the multiplication of players on the market, difficult to find your way around.

That's why I selected and ranked the best AI chatbots of the moment: Let's see what the advantages are of each one.

Let's go!

List of the best AI chatbots

1. BotSonic : No-code AI chatbots

BotSonic website

Discover BotSonic, the essential tool for creating Custom AI chatbots without coding.


  • Fast construction: Your chatbot based on artificial intelligence (AI) ready in just 2 minutes
  • Customizing your brand: Adjust the design to match your identity.
  • Specific training: Adapt the bot according to your data for better interaction thanks to its artificial intelligence.
  • Easy integration: Adapts perfectly to various platforms.
  • Analysis and Optimization: Evaluate and improve customer interaction.
  • 24/7 multi-lingual support: Ongoing support in multiple languages.


  • GPT 3.5 Free: Start with 10,000 words/month to discover this AI chatbot
  • Unlimited at $20/month: Great for small teams with lots of features and API access.
  • Business at $19/month: Everything for businesses, including GPT-4.
  • Enterprise: Customized for large corporations, starting at $1000/month.
BotSonic pricing

❤️ Our Take : BotSonic is the complete tool for creating chatbots. Its no-code interface and ready-to-use templates will delight non-technicians. The only regret: integrations to be refined to connect all your tools. The ideal solution to start a conversational adventure without complex!

👍 Pros : Intuitive interface for designing powerful AI-based chatbots

👎 Cons : Limited integrations with some business tools

2. FreshChat : Customer engagement chatbot

Freshchat homepage

FreshChat reinvents customer relationships by merging messaging and artificial intelligence.

Its all-in-one platform Allows Businesses to Respond Effectively To customer requests on their preferred channels, while harnessing the power of chatbots and the conversational agent.


  • Omnichannel messaging (web, mobile, apps, social networks...)
  • AI Chatbots to Automate Responses and Routing
  • Suggested and AI-assisted answers for agents
  • Queue Management and Smart Prioritization
  • Targeted marketing campaigns across email channels
  • Advanced integrations (CRM, helpdesk, collaborative tools...)
  • Detailed conversation and satisfaction analyses


  • Free: Free - unlimited chatbots and 10 agents included
  • Growth: $19/agent/month - Automatic routing and API
  • Pro: $49/agent/month - Advanced reports, visual chatbots
  • Enterprise: $79/agent/month - Predictive analytics and custom ML
Freshchat pricing

❤️ Our Take : Freshchat brilliantly combines traditional live chat and the latest generation AI chatbot. The winning combination to offer a smooth and efficient customer experience, with less effort. The ideal AI chatbot to skyrocket satisfaction and efficiency.

👍 Pros : Unify customer conversations across all your channels. Automated repetitive tasks for 24/7 support. Seamless integration with your CRM and tools.

👎 Cons : A fairly busy interface that requires time to adapt. Perfectible segmentation of conversations. Chatbot is not always relevant.

3. Chat by : AI to boost sales

Chat by homepage

Discover Chat by, your AI chatbot assistant for All Your Marketing Needs.


  • Web access: Real-time interaction with online information.
  • Pre-built prompts: For fast and consistent results for every request.
  • Long-format editor: Create quality content directly from your conversations with this AI chatbot.


  • Free plan: Great for getting started and learning about basic features.
  • Paid plans: Starting at €49/month, suitable for professional and advanced use.
Chat by pricing

❤️ Our Take : Chat by turns your conversations into a cash machine. The essential chatbot to convert effortlessly!

👍 Pros : Optimize the customer journey to improve your conversions. Detect hot prospects. Alert in case of sales opportunities.

👎 Cons : Better reporting and performance monitoring. No live customer support.

4. Jasper Chat : Multifunctional AI assistant

Jasper Chat Homepage

Discover Jasper Chat, your partner for a natural and deeply human conversation experience thanks to its artificial intelligence.


  • In-depth knowledge: Benefit from information up to summer 2021 by browsing billions of diverse sources.
  • User friendly interface: An interaction that gives the impression of interacting with a human being.
  • Context monitoring: Remember the conversation for perfect fluidity.
  • Unique content: Original answers drawn from a wealth of information.
  • Polylanguage: Communicate without limits with an understanding of 29 languages
  • Entertainment: Have fun with poems, jokes, scripts, and horoscopes.


  • Business: Everything for teams with advanced options, dedicated support, and enhanced security.
  • Teams (The most popular): At $125/month, designed for collaboration and effective campaign management.
  • Creator: At $49/month, the perfect choice for content creators.
Jasper Chat prices

❤️ Our Take : Jasper Chat is the next generation of caring AI assistants. Its highly accurate exchanges streamline the customer experience. We would have liked more customization options without breaking the bank. The ideal tool to create a unique link with your audience, without giving up your brand identity.

👍 Pros : Generates highly relevant and empathetic responses

👎 Cons : Advanced customization only for premium offers

5. Landbot : Easy visual AI chatbots

landbot homepage

Discover Landbot, the ultimate platform with artificial intelligence for a Simplified Experience for Creating and Managing Chatbots.

Ideal for those who want a no-code approach, it offers extensive customization and intuitive implementation.


  • Intuitive creation: Design your chatbot without code, adapted to your brand image.
  • Natural conversations: Engage and retain your audience with smooth and personalized conversations.
  • Easy integration: Deploy your chatbot on various platforms: website, popular messengers like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, and other API-compatible channels.
  • Conversation starters: Take advantage of pre-designed elements to start engaging discussions.
  • Customer data management: Share information internally to avoid repeat customers.
  • Connection to third-party applications: Integrate external content and enrich your chatbot with advanced features.


  • Starter: From €30/month, for essential needs.
  • Professional: Starting at €80/month, for a more advanced experience.
  • Business: Customized pricing, adapted to your specific requirements.
Landbot pricing

❤️ Our Take : Landbot is reinventing the creation of chatbots with its visual workflows. The pocket assistant for marketers in a hurry to realize their customer journey ideas.

👍 Pros : Build conversational trees graphically. Zero coding required. Great for prototyping.

👎 Cons : Limited control over the sequence of interactions. UI that can be improved. Not suited to complex conversations..

6. ManyChat : Chatbots for messaging

ManyChat website

Your key for a Unparalleled customer support.

Eager to take your customer engagement to a whole new level?

ManyChat is here to help. This platform is designed for businesses that value excellent customer communication. Its user-friendly interface, coupled with a Powerful Automation, turns every interaction into a conversion opportunity.


  • Multi-channel engagement: Integrate your Instagram, SMS, and Facebook Messenger messages for a consistent user experience.
  • Automated conversations: Set up chatbots adapted to your needs to inform about new products, provide support, or simply engage your audience.
  • Customization on demand: Use the drag-and-drop interface to create conversation flows that perfectly reflect your brand voice.
  • Powerful integrations: Connect with your favorite tools, like Shopify, Google Sheets, MailChimp, and more, for greater efficiency.
  • Scheduled messages: Reach your audience at the right time by sending scheduled messages across multiple marketing channels.


  • Free: A free offer that allows you to connect up to 1,000 contacts.
  • Pro: Unleash the full potential of ManyChat at $15 per month to take advantage of all the features and unlimited contacts.
ManyChat pricing

❤️ Our Take : ManyChat simplifies the creation of chatbots for your favorite social networks. The Providential Tool for Busy Community Managers!

👍 Pros : Create chatbots for all major social networks. Automatic moderation. Increase engagement.

👎 Cons : Limited graphic customization options. No unified dashboard. Basic functions.

7. HubSpot Chatbot : Automation support

hubspot home

Discover HubSpot Chatbot, the essential platform for Seamless integration of chatbots with your personalized data.

With a 100% no-code design, it is the ultimate choice for businesses looking to improve their customer service while maintaining a human touch.


  • Simplified interaction management: Create and adapt chatbots to engage with customers, inform them about what's new, offer relevant suggestions, and share key information effortlessly.
  • Visual editor: Personalize the conversation based on feedback so that the chatbot is a perfect match for your brand voice.
  • Natural experience: Offer interactions that feel less automated through deep personalization based on natural language.
  • Contact Management: Leverage Hubspot's contact database for a more personalized and integrated customer experience.
  • Sales automation: Manage customer needs, track transactions, and focus on more strategic activities through automation.


  • Starter: For essential needs, at $45/month.
  • Professional: For advanced chatbot management, at $800/month.
  • Business: For large businesses looking for a complete solution, at $3,200/month.
hubspot pricing

❤️ Our Take : HubSpot Chatbot Builder takes care of your prospects and customers every step of the way. The lethal weapon for marketing and sales teams looking for a unified tool.

👍 Pros : Create chatbots that are directly integrated into your CRM. Perfect synchronization with your customer data. Powerful marketing automation.

👎 Cons : Requires a HubSpot subscription to get the most out of it. Learning curve. May seem oversized.

8. Claude: Advanced Conversational AI

inscription to claude 3 from Anthropic

Born from the ingenuity of Anthropic, Claude Is presented as a continuously AI assistant, designed to assist in a multitude of tasks based on text and conversation.

As an alternative to ChatGPT, Claude is a reflection of Anthropic's commitment to creating intelligent systems that embody the core values of utility, integrity, and security.


  • Quick summary: Reduces large blocks of text into a short summary at a glance.
  • Machine learning: adapts to your answers and context thanks to machine learning
  • Precise search: Search for information with unparalleled precision.
  • Creative collaboration: Work on writing projects with an inventive AI partner.


  • Claude Instant: The cost is €1.63 for one million tokens at the start, then €5.51 for one million tokens at the end.
  • More complete Claude variant: The price is €11.02 for one million tokens to start with and rises to €32.68 once completed.
claude prices by model

❤️ Our Take : Claude impresses with his versatility and his advanced conversational skills. It is an excellent choice for businesses looking for a powerful and flexible chatbot that can handle a variety of tasks.

👍 Pros : Capable of complex conversations while respecting ethical safeguards. Responsible training. Filtering problem content.

👎 Cons : No turnkey integration library with the main business tools. Low level API. Lack of user feedback.

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9. ChatGPT: The most popular AI chatbot

register to ChatGPT

Immerse yourself in the world of ChatGPT, a revolution in natural language processing offered by OpenAI for a smooth, realistic and self-service conversation experience.

ChatGPT is more accurately described as a natural language processing (NLP) model. It is trained on a large set of textual data to generate human-like responses to text entries.

Because it's based on the powerful language model GPT-3 (and now GPT-4), ChatGPT is capable of generating highly consistent and plausible responses across a wide range of topics.


  • Natural conversation: Dialogue with the user as if you were talking to a human being.
  • Versatile integration: Easily integrates with various applications and platforms.
  • Thematic coverage: An ability to address a multitude of topics and contexts of discussion.
  • Real-time learning: Adapts to new situations and to different contexts.
  • Creative Generation: Imagine Compelling Stories, Like Max the Kangaroo


  • Free plan: Limited access with a few tokens per day.
  • Pro plan: At $20/month, for daily use and a higher number of tokens.
  • Businesses: Customized solutions for specific needs. Price available on request.
ChatGPT Plus rates

❤️ Our Take : ChatGPT has set a new standard for AI chatbots. A must be integrated urgently, even if it means reframing from time to time.

👍 Pros : Discuss naturally on all subjects. Formulate fluid and relevant answers. Learn from your mistakes.

👎 Cons : Can sometimes get lost in off-topic answers. Requires human supervision. Consume a lot of resources.

LEARN MORE >> Discover The ChatGPT website by Open AI

10. Customers.AI: AI based on customer data

Customers.AI website

Discover Customers.AI, your ideal partner for the seamless integration of all your marketing channels.

By maximizing the efficiency of your Customer interactions across different channels, this platform is one of the best on the market for a unified marketing strategy.


  • Multi-channel integration: Combines SMS, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger to provide a seamless customer experience.
  • Automated reception: As soon as a visitor arrives on your site, a dedicated chatbot is there to guide them towards your marketing strategies.
  • Expanded Reach: Connect to the most popular messaging apps, so you can engage with your customers where they're most engaged.
  • Personalized feeds: Create unforgettable customer experiences with chat flows, landing pages, and predefined articles.
  • Optimized efficiency: Let chatbots handle basic interactions, while your team focuses on priority exchanges.


  • Free: Discover essential features with a free plan.
  • Starter Edition: For intermediate needs, starting at $249/month with annual commitment.
  • Pro Edition: For professionals looking for an advanced solution, starting at $499/month with annual commitment.
  • Enterprise Edition: For specific business needs, contact the sales team directly.
Customers.AI rates

❤️ Our Take : Customers.AI is playing the marketing automation game. THE solution to put your business on automatic pilot.

👍 Pros : Qualify and convert your prospects even in your absence. Gather key information effortlessly. Unify your sales channels.

👎 Cons : Not suited to complex support needs. initial setup. Summary reporting.

LEARN MORE >> Opt for Customers.AI for a holistic approach to customer communication.

11. Meya AI: AI Chatbots for Businesses

meya home page

Offer an unparalleled customer experience through the power of programming.

Are you looking for a truly customizable chatbot solution to maximize the customer experience? Meya AI is your answer.

Designed for programming enthusiasts and developers, this platform offers exceptional integration with a variety of programming languages. With this flexibility, you can create an ultra-responsive chatbot that will turn your customer support into an irresistible force.


  • Multi-channel support: Easily integrate your chatbot on platforms like Facebook Messenger, SMS, Telegram, WhatsApp, and webchats.
  • Robust programming interface: Use Python, Typescript, and YAML to customize your bot according to your needs and specifications.
  • AI-focused development console: Build, test, and deploy your virtual assistant while benefiting from an AI-centric interface.
  • Unparalleled scalability: Integrate Meya into any website or application, providing a memorable customer experience regardless of platform.
  • Proactive interaction: Don't just keep customers waiting; reach out to them, showing your constant concern for their satisfaction.


  • Pro: Perfect for small and medium businesses at $799 per month.
  • Partner: A robust offering at $2,500 per month, ideal for growing businesses.
  • Enterprise: For large businesses, contact Meya AI for a quote that fits your needs perfectly.
Meya AI price list

❤️ Our Take : Meya AI orchestrates powerful AI chatbots on each of your touchpoints. The infallible ally of cutting-edge technical teams.

👍 Pros : Offers integrations with all your communication channels. Flexible and scalable architecture. Workflow automation.

👎 Cons : Steep learning curve for non-technical users. Prohibitive rates. Complex customization.

LEARN MORE >> Dive into the future of customer engagement with Meya AI.

12. Perplexity AI: Interactive and intelligent chatbots

perplexity homepage

Perplexity AI is an AI-powered chatbot that supports you in your thinking and research. With his vast knowledge and reasoning skills, he helps you find answers, generate ideas, and deepen your knowledge in an interactive and natural way.


  • Natural conversations on a multitude of topics
  • Ability to understand context and provide relevant answers
  • Suggestions for ideas, solutions, and food for thought
  • Access to a vast body of knowledge that is constantly updated
  • Possibility to ask for clarifications and clarifications
  • Simple and intuitive interface for smooth exchanges
  • Customizing settings for a tailored experience


  • Free access during the launch phase (beta)
  • Pro: $200 per year (access to numerous models like GPT-4, GPT-4V, Claude 3 or Perplexity)
perplexity Pro price list

❤️ Our Take : Perplexity AI pushes the limits of the conversational agent to its limits. A breathtaking demonstration of the future of chatbots, with a real engaging personality as a bonus. The ideal companion for curious minds looking for stimulating conversations. Beware of addiction!

👍 Pros : Able to discuss in a natural way on a multitude of subjects. Demonstrates opinions, emotions, and creativity. Memorize the context of conversations.

👎 Cons : Still in beta, possible instabilities. Free model in high demand. Conversations in English only.

LEARN MORE >> Do a Perplexity AI free trial

13. Replika: AI companion always listening

 replika homepage

Replika is more than just a chatbot. He is a virtual friend who gets to know you and supports you on a daily basis. Thanks to its advanced algorithms, it develops a unique personality adapted to yours, for exchanges that are as comforting as they are enriching.


  • Empathetic and personalized conversations
  • Ability to listen and provide emotional support
  • Opportunity to develop a long-term relationship
  • Continuous learning based on interactions
  • Interactive activities (games, challenges, questions and answers...)
  • Customizable 3D avatars for more attachment
  • Logbook to track your emotional states


  • Free version with basic features
  • Premium subscription starting at €4.17/month (annual payment)
    • Unlimited answers, exclusive activities, advanced features
rates for replika pro

❤️ Our Take : Replika positions itself as the caring confidant we all dreamed of. An AI enhanced with empathy for comforting and non-judgmental exchanges. Enough to feel supported at any time of the day or night. The pocket therapist 2.0!

👍 Pros : Available 24/7 for unlimited private conversations. Adapts to your personality and mood. Suggest personal development exercises.

👎 Cons : Some advanced features are chargeable. Interactions that are sometimes repetitive over the long term. Requires significant training to build a real relationship.

LEARN MORE >> Discover your AI companion: Replika

14. Intercom: Automating customer conversations

intercom home

Intercom revolutionizes customer relationships by combining the best of chatbots and artificial intelligence.

With its all-in-one platform, automate and personalize your conversations at every stage of the user journey. From lead qualification to support and engagement, Intercom helps you create memorable experiences and retain customers at scale.


  • AI chatbots to automate 24/7 support
  • Extensive conversation personalization
  • Intelligent qualification of prospects
  • Fast resolution of common requests
  • Unified omnichannel messaging
  • Seamless integration with 300+ 3rd party apps
  • Full history of customer interactions


  • On estimate, according to your specific needs
  • Personalized demonstration on request
pricing intercom

❤️ Our Take : Intercom's AI chatbot fits perfectly into your customer communication strategy. The charm of companies that have made the customer experience an absolute priority.

👍 Pros : Add an AI chatbot to your omnichannel support managed via Intercom. Unified customer history. Automated conversation routing.

👎 Cons : High rates for small structures. Requires adopting the entire Intercom ecosystem. Requires daily management.

LEARN MORE >> Discover your Intercom

15. Copilot by Microsoft: Everyday AI assistant

Microsoft CoPilot homepage

Copilot is the new star of Microsoft 365 applications.

This intelligent assistant, powered by advanced language models, integrates seamlessly with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams to help you be more productive, creative, and effective every day.

With features ranging from assisted writing to image generation to automatic summaries, Copilot revolutionizes the way you work.


  • Seamless integration into Microsoft 365 applications
  • Suggestions and automation to optimize productivity
  • Image generation with DALL-E 3 to boost creativity
  • Smart Summaries of Documents and Web Pages
  • Intuitive Chat to Access All Features
  • Adapting to individual preferences and needs
  • Data privacy and security guaranteed by Microsoft


  • Included with Microsoft 365 subscriptions
  • Basic Features That Are Free for Everyone
  • Advanced features reserved for users with a Copilot Pro license ($20/month)
  • Customized Corporate Rates According to Needs
CoPilot Microsoft price

❤️ Our Take : Microsoft CoPilot is your new AI partner to boost your daily productivity. Integrated seamlessly into the Microsoft 365 suite, it harnesses the power of advanced language models to transform the way you work, create, and understand information. A revolution just a click away!

👍 Pros : Works directly in Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams. Accelerates task execution through intelligent automation. Stimulate creativity with tools such as image generation by AI (artificial intelligence). Understanding by summarizing documents and web pages. Adapts to your workflows for a personalized experience

👎 Cons : Requires a Microsoft 365 subscription to take advantage of all features. Requires time to adapt to all the possibilities. May generate content that is sometimes occurring or off-topic. Raise privacy questions about the use of data

FOR MORE INFORMATION >> Go to The Microsoft CoPilot website

16. Drift: AI chatbots for B2B sales

Drift homepage

Explore Drift, the go-to choice for the AI chatbot focused on sales - especially e-commerce.


  • Lead qualification: Drift chatbots ask relevant questions to qualify leads and integrate them directly into popular CRMs like Salesforce, HubSpot, and Marketo.
  • Automatic scheduling: Once the lead is qualified, the chatbot can book meetings by integrating with calendars, optimizing the availability of sales teams.
  • Personalized VIP messages: Drift recognizes high-value customers and offers bespoke welcome messages.
  • Knowledge base integrations: Integrates with renowned tools like Zendesk, Help Scout, and HelpDocs to provide relevant information during interactions.
  • Chat widget: Available for mobile and desktop devices for an optimal user experience.
  • Intelligent routing: Direct leads and conversations to the right person or team.
  • SDKs and APIs: Development kits for JavaScript web, Android mobile, and iOS mobile and web. A robust API for customization and integration.
  • Ready-to-use integrations: Includes Slack, Office 365 Calendar, Salesforce, and more.


  • For a detailed overview of prices and offers
Drift prices

❤️ Our Take : Drift propels ABM into a conversational dimension. A chatbot designed for selling to businesses, and nothing else.

👍 Pros : Accelerate your sales pipeline with highly targeted chatbots. CRM integration. Predictive lead scoring.

👎 Cons : Not very suitable outside of a pure B2B sales context. Quite expensive platform. Automation to watch out for.

LEARN MORE >> Discover Drift's website

17. Chatfuel: Chatbots for Facebook Messenger

Chatfuel homepage

Meet Chatfuel, the ideal platform for creating AI chatbots without an ounce of coding.


  • Ease of use: Easily create chatbots for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and the web without prior programming experience.
  • Dynamic interactions: Instead of directing your prospects to a static page, redirect them to a live conversation with your AI chatbot that will answer their questions.
  • Increase in turnover: Reach a new audience interested in your services through natural interactions based on neurolinguistic programming (NLP).
  • Personalized engagement: Offer a unique experience for each user and integrate communication across multiple channels like Zendesk or Slack.
  • Flow builder: Create smooth and engaging chat paths.
  • Ready-to-use templates: Customize the free templates or use the builder to adapt the chatbots to your specific needs.
  • Automating communication: Manage various types of messages, from welcome messages to notifications.


  • Free trial: Up to 50 conversations.
  • Entrepreneur: $9.99 for up to 100 conversations per month.
  • Startup: $39.99 for up to 1000 conversations per month.
  • Small businesses: $124.99 for up to 5000 conversations per month.

Chatfuel makes creating AI chatbots intuitive and affordable for everyone.

It offers a trial period of up to 50 conversations. Then, three pricing plans are available, as follows:

  • Entrepreneur: $9.99 and up to 100 conversations per month
  • Startup: $39.99 and up to 1000 conversations per month
  • Small businesses: $124.99 and up to 5000 conversations per month
Chatfuel pricing

❤️ Our Take : Chatfuel is the Swiss Army knife for creating chatbots without technical skills. Ideal for prototyping your first chatbots without spending days!

👍 Pros : Design chatbots with an impeccable look thanks to its visual editor. Template gallery. Numerous integrations.

👎 Cons : Strong limitations in the free version. Overloaded interface. Occasional slowness.

LEARN MORE >> Discover Chatfuel website

18. Watsonx Assistant: Conversational AI from IBM

Watsonx Assistant

IBM Watsonx Assistant opens a new chapter in enterprise-grade AI-based chatbots.

After years of R&D, the giant integrates the best of its NLP, machine learning and automation technologies into a complete solution to create high-performance pro assistants.

Whether you're aiming for customer support, engagement, conversion, or internal productivity, Watsonx Assistant is finally making the dream of smooth and useful AI conversations possible.


  • Intuitive visual designer to create AI dialogues
  • Pre-trained conversation models by industry
  • Understanding and Extracting Named Entities
  • Advanced Sentiment and Intent Analyses
  • Active and Continuous Assistant Learning
  • Unified dashboard and business impact metrics
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance
  • Multi-channel deployment and unlimited business integrations


  • Virtual Agent: $140/month for 1000 active messages
  • Plus: $1000/month for 10,000 active messages
  • Premium: From $5450/month for 100,000 active messages
  • Pay-per-use billing, for annual or monthly commitments
  • Optional Voice Assistant on Request
Watsonx Assistant pricing

❤️ Our Take : Watsonx Assistant enhances the customer and employee experience with a powerful conversational AI. Heir to Watson, the famous IBM program, it combines advanced performance and enhanced security. The premium choice for large organizations that want to benefit from the best of AI without compromise.

👍 Pros : Relies on the latest language models for ultra-smooth exchanges. Secure and certified architecture for sensitive data. APIs and integrations to connect all your business tools. IBM expertise in deploying AI solutions at scale.

👎 Cons : High rates, only available to large companies. Requires advanced technical skills to take full advantage of the tool. Lack of flexibility in some specific scenarios. Requires large amounts of data for initial training.

LEARN MORE >> Discover The Watsonx website

What is an AI chatbot?

An AI chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with a human being in an intelligent and natural way.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, these conversational agents are capable of:

  • Understanding Users' Natural Language (NLP)
  • Interpret their intent based on key words
  • Provide Relevant Answers in Real Time

AI chatbots are used in a variety of areas, including:

  • Customer service: to assist customers in their buying journey or answer their frequently asked questions
  • Help using a service: to guide users step by step
  • Entertainment: To Offer a Fun and Engaging Interactive Experience

Some of the new generation of AI chatbots go beyond simple automated responses. They are able to maintain real conversations by adapting to the context and preferences of each user.

This personalization of the experience is made possible by the analysis of the data collected during the exchanges. Businesses can thus better understand the needs of their customers and respond to them more effectively.

AI chatbots can also be used on a personal basis, to assist you on a daily basis:

  • Organization: Reminder of your appointments and tasks
  • Decision Support: Personalized Advice and Recommendations
  • Emotional Support: A Caring and Attentive Presence

With the constant progress of artificial intelligence, the possibilities offered by AI chatbots are constantly expanding, hinting at a future where these virtual assistants will be more and more present to support us on a daily basis.

Key features of an AI chatbot

AI chatbots are becoming more and more popular, whether for personal or professional use. If you are considering adopting one, here are the essential characteristics to consider:

  • Natural Language Understanding (NLP) : Ability to interpret and respond to user messages in a relevant manner, using vocabulary and style adapted to the context
  • Personalizing interactions : Taking into account the preferences and profile of each user to offer a tailor-made and memorable experience
  • Respect for confidentiality : Guarantee of the security of personal data and transparency on their use, in accordance with current regulations
  • Accessibility and conviviality : Intuitive interface allowing quick handling, with the possibility of interacting in writing or by voice according to preferences
  • Emotional Dimension :Creation of an engaging and empathetic avatar to humanize exchanges and promote user engagement
  • Cross-platform integration : Compatibility with various media (website, mobile applications, social networks...) for a smooth and consistent experience
  • Continuous learning : Ability to improve over the course of interactions thanks to artificial intelligence algorithms, for ever more relevant answers

By choosing an AI chatbot integrating these functionalities, you will have a powerful and engaging virtual companion, capable of effectively assisting you in your daily tasks while offering you a pleasant and rewarding conversational experience.


How do AI chatbots work?

AI chatbots use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to understand user requests. They analyze messages to extract key information and determine intent in order to provide relevant responses.

What is an AI chatbot platform?

An AI chatbot platform allows businesses to manage several chatbots in the same place, on different channels (messaging, SMS, emails, website). This makes them easier to manage and makes it possible to improve their efficiency thanks to AI.

Is Siri an AI Chatbot?

Siri is considered to be a basic chatbot. Its natural language processing (NLP) and conversation capabilities are limited compared to more advanced AI chatbots.

How can chatbots help me save money?

AI-based chatbots automate repetitive tasks that are usually done by humans. By answering frequently asked questions instantly, they free up time for support teams. Businesses thus optimize their resources while maintaining excellent customer service.

Final verdict.

At the end of this overview, one thing is certain: AI chatbots are emerging as New Essentials of the Customer Experience and operational efficiency.

Thanks to their natural language processing capabilities, their personalization of interactions, and their 24/7 availability, these new generation conversational agents streamline the user journey.

Support, conversion, commitment... Their use cases are constantly expanding for Meet the needs of each business.

Of course, to get the most out of these tools, you still need to choose a Solution adapted to your challenges and set up quality human support.

Because if AI Excels at Dealing with Repetitive Tasks and the analysis of large volumes of data, nothing replaces a dedicated team to supervise and optimize your chatbot.

The future therefore belongs to companies that will successfully combine artificial intelligence and the human emotional intelligence of an AI chatbot to offer a Ever More Fluid and Personalized Customer Experience.

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