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Claude 3 : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)

Claude 3

Discover Claude 2, Anthropic's AI chatbot, optimized for an enriched conversational experience, while guaranteeing ethical exchanges

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What is Claude 3?

Claude 3 represents Anthropic's latest major advance in conversational AI. With significant improvements, it promises a richer, more natural and versatile experience for AI chatbots, including:

  • Increased performance thanks to a vast language model that allows for longer and more nuanced interactions.
  • Better contextual understanding for relevant and consistent responses over the long term.
  • Strengthened safety and ethics with strict filtering of harmful content.
  • Adaptation to various tasks like analysis, creativity, code, etc.
  • Multimodal interface supporting voice, images, etc.

At the heart of Claude 3 is a powerful language model, probably in the order of 200 billion parameters, comparable to giant models like GPT-4 (175 billion) of ChatGPT or PalM (540 billion) from Google.

comparaison de Claude VS Gemini VS GPT

Despite fewer resources, Anthropic has implemented advanced learning techniques to strengthen reasoning skills, consistency, and safety, while prioritizing ethics.

Anthropic thus aims to democratize access to cutting-edge, safe and transparent conversational AI for multiple uses.

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Claude 3 is the new reference in terms of AI assistants. Discover the cutting-edge capabilities that will change the way you work and interact with artificial intelligence.

1. Advanced Reasoning

précision des réponses de Claude 3

Complex reasoning is no longer the preserve of humans! Claude 3 pushes the limits with very high level cognitive skills.

  • Nuanced analyses going beyond simple pattern recognition
  • Smart Problem Solving thanks to advanced logical reasoning
  • In-depth understanding of contexts for relevant answers
  • Reading text files ranging from Word documents, Google Spreadsheet, PDF, etc.

No more basic AI assistants! With Claude 3, you have a real thinking partner for your most arduous tasks. A level of reasoning worthy of the best human brains.

chatbot Claude 3

2. Vision and Image Analysis

No need to waste a lot of time transcribing documents of all formats! Claude 3 provides a radical solution thanks to his talents in visual analysis.

  • Instant transcript of any content, from handwritten notes to technical charts
  • Smart recognition key elements of an image (texts, shapes, data, etc.)
  • Structured generation usable data from source images

With Claude 3, your old dusty files and screenshots become a breeze to deal with. An incredible increase in productivity in many areas!

3. Development Boosted with Generative AI

Claude Développement Boosté à l'IA Génératrice

Coders, rejoice! Claude 3 has enough to revolutionize your development workflow with its great code generation.

  • Multiple languages mastered : Python, JavaScript, C++, C++, HTML, CSS, etc.
  • Full skills ranging from writing to debugging to testing
  • Structuring and documentation code generated on request

Whether you are stuck on a recalcitrant bug or looking for optimizations, Claude 3 will be your best ally. An exceptional gain in time and productivity on all your projects!

4. Multi-Language Treatment

Communicating has never been easier thanks to Claude 3's multilingual talents! Let it orchestrate your plurilingual exchanges.

  • Instant translation between multiple language pairs
  • Multilingual content generation native and of high quality
  • Language improvement via personalized grammatical exercises

Whether you are a Globetrotter, an international startupper or simply a language enthusiast, Claude 3 will quickly become indispensable. No more language barriers!

5. Intuitive Multimodal Interface

interface de Claude 3

With Claude 3, let your creativity and productivity run wild thanks to natural multimodal interactions.

  • Voice commands for hands-free assistant control
  • Visual recognition of images, diagrams, diagrams, etc.
  • Media outputs ranging from plain text to code to structured data

Whether you're attending a meeting, working on a report, or coding a prototype, Claude 3 will integrate seamlessly into your workflow. Let him handle the tedious tasks while you focus on the essentials!

6. Guarantor of Safety and Ethics

précision de Claude 3

In a world where AI raises many questions, Claude 3 was designed with a constant concern for security and alignment with human values.

  • Filtering harmful content blocking hateful, illegal, or misleading speech
  • Respect for ethics and human preferences for irreproachable behavior
  • Increased transparency with warnings in case of inaccuracies or uncertainties

With these sturdy guardrails, you can use Claude 3 with confidence, without compromising safety or benevolence. Proof that it is possible to combine power and responsibility in AI.

With this range of high-end features, Claude 3 is the AI assistant you won't be able to do without. Save a lot of time and boost your productivity in all aspects of your work, with total peace of mind!

Pricing and models

The Claude 3 family of models offers the best combination of speed and performance for professional uses, at a lower cost than other solutions on the market. Whatever your need, you should find the perfect AI assistant.

Haiku - Lightness and Speed

Claude 3 Haiku

Simply the most important thing. Haiku is the fastest model, designed for light tasks and instant actions. With unbeatable response times, it's perfect for:

  • Real-time customer interactions
  • High-speed content moderation
  • Intelligent extraction of unstructured data


  • Entry: $0.25/million tokens
  • Output: $1.25/million tokens

Sonnet - Power and Endurance

Claude 3  Sonnet

The balanced solution. Sonnet brilliantly combines performance and speed of execution. Ideal for intensive, high-throughput workloads, it excels in:

  • Massive data processing through search and extraction
  • Sales, marketing, and product support automation
  • Code generation, quality testing, etc.


  • Entry: $3/million tokens
  • Output: $15/million tokens

Opus - Intelligence Boosted

Claude 3 Opus

The epitome of AI power. Opus is the most advanced model, capable of meeting the most difficult challenges with almost human intelligence:

  • Complex data analysis, forecasting and planning
  • Expert reasoning, cutting-edge academic research
  • Sophisticated software coding, multi-step automated tasks


  • Entry: $15/million tokens
  • Output: $75/million tokens

Whatever your load, you should find in Claude 3 a tailor-made assistant, combining power, speed and excellent value for money.

Boost your productivity without impacting the budget too much!

Safety and Ethics

In a world where AI raises many questions, Claude 3 was designed with a constant concern for security and alignment with human values.

  • Filtering harmful content blocking hateful, illegal, or misleading speech
  • Respect for ethics and human preferences for irreproachable behavior
  • Increased transparency with warnings in case of inaccuracies or uncertainties

With these sturdy guardrails, you can use Claude 3 with confidence, without compromising safety or benevolence. Proof that it is possible to combine power and responsibility in AI.

How do I access Claude 3?

Claude 3 marks a new era in the massive adoption of conversational AI. Anthropic has considerably expanded its international access with this release.

  • Global availability : Claude 3 (Sonnet) is now available for free in 159 countries.
  • Claude 3 Pro (Opus) restricted: The paid Pro offer giving access to the most powerful Opus model is currently only available in around thirty countries, mainly in North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.
  • Deploy on major clouds : In addition to the official site and API, Claude 3 is available on Amazon Bedrock and in private preview on Google Cloud Vertex AI.
Interface VPN

To get started with Claude 3, follow these steps:

  1. Visit : Go to the official Anthropic website.
  2. Create an account : Sign up for free to access Sonnet in most countries.
  3. Explore the offers : If you live in an eligible country, you can subscribe to the Pro subscription to use Opus.
  4. Geographic restrictions : If the service is restricted in your region, you will need a VPN
  5. Choose a VPN : Download and install a reliable VPN like NordVPN or CyberGhost VPN.
  6. Connect via VPN : Open the VPN, select a server in a country where Claude 2 is accessible, and connect.
  7. Return to Claude 3's website : Once connected via VPN, go back to Claude 3's site and start exploring its features.
  8. Integrate via API (optional): Developers can also integrate Claude 3 directly via the available API.

While Anthropic is gradually expanding accessibility, the full global rollout of the Pro version will still take some time. But democratization is continuing at a steady pace.

Alternatives to Claude 3

1. BotSonic

Accueil de BotSonic

Explore BotSonic, an ideal platform for the rapid creation of AI chatbots custom made without the need for coding.


  • Fast creation: Get your chatbot in just 2 minutes.
  • Personalization: Adjust the aesthetic to reflect your brand.
  • Specific training: Adapt the bot with your data for optimized interaction.
  • Easy integration: Compatible with various platforms.
  • Analysis and Optimization: Evaluate and improve customer interaction.
  • 24/7 Multilingual Support: Ongoing support in multiple languages.


  • GPT 3.5 Free: Start with 10,000 words/month to find out.
  • Unlimited at $20/month: Great for small teams with API access.
  • Business at $19/month: Access to GPT-4 included.
  • Enterprise: Custom options starting at $1000/month.

Take advantage of BotSonic for a transformation of your customer service with a AI chatbot bespoke.

2. Jasper Chat

Accueil de Jasper Chat

Jasper Chat, your partner for a natural and humanized interaction thanks to AI.


  • Extensive Knowledge: Access to updated information until summer 2021.
  • Friendly interface: Dialogue similar to a human conversation.
  • Context monitoring: Conversation memory for perfect fluidity.
  • Unique content: Original and informative answers.
  • Polylingual: Communication in 29 languages.
  • Entertainment: Poems, jokes, scripts, and horoscopes for fun.


  • Business: Advanced options with dedicated support.
  • Teams at $125/month: Collaboration and effective campaign management.
  • Creator at $49/month: Perfect choice for content creators.

Try Jasper Chat for an experience AI chatbot unsurpassed.

3. ChatGPT

Accueil de ChatGPT

Discover ChatGPT by OpenAI, revolutionizing natural language processing for smooth and realistic dialogues.


  • NLP model: Generates human responses using a vast textual database.
  • Based on GPT-3 and GPT-4: Consistent and plausible responses on a variety of topics.


  • Gratuit: Limited access to discover basic features.
  • Premium at $20/month: Expanded access with additional features.
  • Business at $50/month: Ideal for businesses with priority support.
  • Enterprise: Customized options for large organizations.

Explore ChatGPT Offerings to choose the one that best meets your needs in terms of AI chatbot.


What is Claude 3?

Claude 3 is the latest generation of artificial intelligence models developed by Anthropic. It is characterized by an increased ability to understand and respond to user requests accurately and quickly, while adhering to strict ethical guidelines.

What are the main improvements of Claude 3 compared to its predecessors?

Claude 3 introduces several major advances, including increased computing power, a better understanding of complex queries, and an ability to handle a wide variety of visual formats. It also shows less bias and is designed to be more secure and reliable.

How can I access Claude 3 and what are the prices?

To access Claude 3, you can visit the official Anthropic website. Rates vary according to the model chosen (Haiku, Sonnet, Opus) and the intended use (developers, businesses). For example, the Opus model costs $15 per million tokens for inputs and $75 for outputs

Does Claude 3 have any disadvantages?

While Claude 3 represents a significant advance, it may still have limitations in terms of perfect contextual understanding and human creativity. In addition, its cost can be a limiting factor for some users, especially those who require a large volume of tokens.

Final opinion

Claude 3 represents a decisive turning point for Anthropic and conversational AI as a whole. This new family of models pushes the limits of what was possible until now, while maintaining an unwavering ethical course.

The abilities of Claude 3, in particular the flagship Opus, are simply breathtaking. High-level analytical reasoning, multidisciplinary expertise, exceptional creative generation, code mastery... We are almost touching the artificially reproduced level of general intelligence.

But beyond pure power, it is the careful user experience that stands out. The fluid multimodal interface, the extensive linguistic support and above all the priority given to ethical security make Claude 3 immediately accessible and reassuring.

For those who would like to get an idea for themselves, access has rarely been so easy! The Sonnet template is available for free on in most countries. An excellent gateway to discover the power of Anthropic.

The most demanding will be able to subscribe to the Pro offer giving access to the Opus model, currently deployed in some thirty key countries. An investment that will certainly be worth it for businesses and individuals looking for a truly versatile AI assistant.

Between creative flashes, ease of use and strong ethics, Claude 3 has serious arguments to make an impression. An impressive show of strength that shows the way towards responsible, but above all, augmented AI.

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