19 Best Cold Email Tools and Software (2024)

Cold email software allows you to automatically launch campaigns with your prospects, personalize emails on a large scale, automate follow-ups and improve your sending capacity.
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What are cold emails?

Les Cold emails are unsolicited emails sent to a recipient without prior contact. In general, businesses use them to get in touch with people who are potentially interested in their products or services.

Unsolicited emails are not necessarily considered spam.

Businesses that do it right target specific audiences who are genuinely interested because of what they have to offer.

The key to cold emailing is to target the right audience and to provide real added value to the content of your email. When a company or an individual decides to bombard An audience with irrelevant and unwanted content, this Practice is called spamming.
cold email - statistiques
Evolution of Cold Email open rates since 2017 expressed in Percentage

Cold email open rates have been falling for several years, you need to have the right ones tools that will help you improve your cold email strategies.

In this article, I'm going to introduce you to the best email code software solutions for the tool based on your needs.

Let's get started.

List of the best Cold Email software

1. Reply.io

Automate LinkedIn and email marketing campaigns in one place with Reply.io

cold email - clients reply.io

Reply.io description

Reply.io is a platform that combines email research, prospecting on LinkedIn and automating your cold emails. You can find emails and build a list of prospects within Reply, then load the leads into your personalized campaigns.
cold email - séquence snov.io

As you might expect, you can track and monitor the performance of your campaigns, and Reply.io also includes features to help you write clear and compelling cold email templates.

This is a larger and more widespread platform than most of the other recommendations here, as it integrates a LinkedIn lead database and outreach system with an email sending platform.

Reply.io features

  • Prospect database
  • Combine prospecting on LinkedIn and cold emails
  • Integrates with the most common CRMs

Reply.io pricing

Reply.io is suitable for individual entrepreneurs as well as established businesses. For this, Reply.io offers 2 types of plans available to address its targets:

  • Individual (starting at $70/ month)
  • Business (starting at $70 for a minimum of 3 users and a decreasing price per user starting at 5 people)
cold email - prix snov.io
cold email - prix snov.io business

Reply.io also offers other rates dedicated to emailing such as:

  • A B2B email search tool (paying from 200 contacts per month)
  • A tool to heat your email inbox ($29/month)
Discover Reply.io

2. LemList

Lemlist offers a wide range of features to control the emailing process.

LemList description

Lemlist is the first email automation platform that allows users to automatically generate personalized images, humanized experiences, and lasting relationships.

With Lemlist, easily set up email sequences and choose to automatically stop the campaign based on user behavior:

  • Responses,
  • Openings,
  • Clicks,
  • etc...

Create custom images and insert the first name, company name, company logo, a screenshot of a website of the person you are talking to.

cold email - lemlist exemple email

All of this is done automatically and in just a few clicks.

Lemlist's intelligent tracking system can automatically detect and differentiate an automated message (absence from the office) from an authentic response. If an email cannot be delivered, the user will receive a notification about it.

LemList features

Know which stage of the campaign is the most successful and gather information for future campaigns.

With Lemlist's A/B test editor, you can easily improve and test your content and subject lines for better results.

cold email - lemlist statistiques
A/B testing by Lemlist
  • The entire platform was designed for teams and collaboration so that users could share and edit any stage of their campaigns collaboratively.
  • Never contact unwanted people thanks to the powerful blacklist - simply import a list or copy and paste email addresses.
  • Automate repetitive tasks by combining the power of Lemlist with over 1000 other first-class services via Zapier.

LemList pricing

cold email - lemlist prix
Discover LemList

3. SalesMate

Ideal for teams who want a platform to manage their sales pipeline and automate their sales process.

SalesMate description

Salesmate is a platform that allows teams to manage and automate sales, telephone prospecting, and sales productivity activities.

It offers more than just the cold emailing tool, but for the sake of this article, we will focus on these features.

You can use its Sequences feature to create email campaigns that are sent according to a predefined schedule. You can even incorporate automated SMS messages into these sequences, which is useful for multi-channel campaigns.

Outils Cold Email - Salesmate

You can define a variety of custom settings for how to handle events, such as:

  • What to do when receiving an automatic absence response,
  • Campaign exit criteria (Responses, Openings, Clicks, etc.)
  • The attribution of tags to prospects.

It is a powerful tool, ideal for teams who want to collaborate both in sending emails and in consulting their CRM in one place.

SalesMate features

  • Sending automated sales emails and follow-up sequences
  • Sending SMS messages
  • Collaboration function with team members on email campaigns and CRM activity

SalesMate pricing

cold email - salesmate prix
Discover SalesMate

4. Outreach.io

Cold approach automation tool for teams who want to gain insight into team and individual performance.

Outreach Description

Outreach.io helps sales teams connect with prospects at scale using multi-channel sales sequences.

Outils Cold Email - Outreach.io
As the name suggests, it is full of features specifically aimed at sales teams.
You can create multi-stage, multi-channel campaigns that send reminders to your team to pick up the phone and call, send a follow-up email, or connect with a lead on LinkedIn.

It's an effective platform for teams because sales managers can gain insight into individual performance.

Outreach.io features

  • Create multi-step sequences (multi-touch)
  • Personalize your prospecting with information from LinkedIn and your CRM.
  • Analyze team performance in detail

Outreach.io pricing

The Outreach.io website does not specify a single price and offer for all its customers. To do this, it is possible to contact the Outreach teams using a form.

cold email - landing page outreach.io
Discover Outreach.io

5. SalesLoft

SalesLoft helps B2B businesses that have large sales teams.

SalesLoft description

SalesLoft is a platform designed to help you interact with your prospects and track your activities to see what's working.

Outils Cold Email - SalesLoft

You have a clear overview of your business activities and important tasks in one place, so you'll never leave a prospect waiting long for a response.

SalesLoft integrates with Sales Navigator and Salesforce, so you can easily review your CRM records and ensure that every email you send is personalized and timely.

As you might hope, you can also create and save models that you can reuse, and see detailed metrics on things like:

  • the opening rate,
  • The response rate
  • and the click rate.

SalesLoft features

  • Create email templates and cadences to send to prospects
  • Analysis and visibility of sales representatives' activities
  • Salesforce and LinkedIn integrations
  • Activity synchronizes with your CRM
  • A mobile application is available to provide or obtain any commercial information at any time.
READ MORE: How do I use Sales Navigator to generate leads?

SalesLoft pricing

How can Outreach.io do - SalesLoft for large companies - does not specify a single price and offer for all its customers.  

4 formulas are available as well as a contact button to obtain an estimate of the price in relation to your needs and the context of your business. If you are a solo entrepreneur or a member of a small team: go your own way 😀

cold email - tarifs salesloft
Discover SalesLoft

6. Snov.io

Snov.io combines a CRM and an automation platform for your prospecting.

cold email - snov.io clients

Description of Snov.io

Snov.io is a platform that allows you to identify the right leads, to engage in dialogue with them through a cold emailing campaign or LinkedIn and to manage all transactions in a CRM.

cold email - campagnes snov.io

If you want a platform that helps you do everything from prospecting to managing business in your CRM, this is a great option. It collects business and account data to help you identify the right prospects, then imports them into your campaigns and automates your mailings and follow-ups.

There's a Gmail extension for tracking engagement in your inbox, and you can also see performance statistics in Snov.io itself.

Snov.io features

  • Dynamic prospecting database to find new prospects
  • Easily send mass emails
  • Track your performance and get detailed analytics

Snov.io pricing

cold email - tarif snov.io
Discover Snov.io

7. Yesware

Simple but effective follow-up of for cold emails dedicated to sales teams that carry out prospecting

cold email - clients yesware

YesWare description

Yesware is an “all-in-one toolkit” for sales. It lets you send emails, track results, schedule meetings, and integrates with Salesforce and LinkedIn.

You'll be able to track how prospects interact with your emails, see if people receive, open, and are interested in content such as links to business proposals, company presentations, or contracts.
Yesware's email automation features allow you to schedule emails to be sent at specific times and send follow-up campaigns on automatic pilot, which will make your sales prospecting simple and predictable.
cold email - commentaires G2 Yesware

YesWare features

  • Detailed email tracking
  • Multi-channel campaigns based on email, telephone, and social media approaches
  • Event-based notifications
  • Send cold emails and automate follow-ups.
  • Automatically fill campaigns with your Salesforce data
  • Your data is secure
cold email - certification yesware

YesWare pricing

cold email - prix esware
Discover YesWare

8. Mailshake

Mailshake is a simple and easy to use cold email tool

MailShake description

Mailshake is a popular cold email marketing tool that allows you to create personalized campaigns, download your lead lists, and schedule follow-ups easily.

Outils Cold Email - MailShake
An integrated telephone function also allows you to add sales calls to your sequences.

It connects to gmail, Outlook, and other email providers via SMTP and connects to popular CRMs like Salesforce and HubSpot.

MailShake features

  • Integration of Zapier
  • A practical calendar allowing you to follow all your prospecting actions
  • Download lead lists and personalize them with tags
  • Follow the results with detailed analyses

MailShake pricing

Discover MailShake

9. Close

A complete CRM for sales, with integrations for emails and calls.

Description of Close

Close is a popular CRM and sales platform that is packed with features.
You can send and manage emails, create tasks, and even make cold calls from your dashboard.

As you might hope, you can create custom cold email campaigns, reuse email templates, and pause campaigns for any prospects that respond.

cold email - dashboard close.io

You can download your list of prospects, then schedule your campaigns to be sent at a time of your choosing.

You can also create follow-up reminders and other tasks, and track metrics like open rates to see what's working.

Close features

  • CRM functions
  • Share email templates
  • Add multiple steps and deadlines between emails

Close rates

cold email - prix close.io
Discover Close

10. QuickMail

Powerful and reliable COLD EMAIL software with advanced automation and deliverability functions.

Ideal for: agencies and sales teams that value deliverability and efficiency.

QuickMail description

QuickMail allows your team to easily upload leads, create sales campaigns, follow up at custom intervals, use personalization attributes, and define tasks.

The best part is that you can automate the whole process.

cold email - dashboard quickmail

QuickMail was designed taking into account the deliverability.

Integrated tools (like Auto-Warmer, inbox rotation, variable delivery times, enabling/disabling email tracking, etc.) will allow you to ensure that your emails end up in the inboxes.

If you're ready to send more volume, add one or more mailboxes to your campaigns and QuickMail will start sending the same campaign from multiple inboxes.

QuickMail features

  • Improve your deliverability at no additional cost
  • Automated import of prospects
  • Send cold emails and follow up on automatic pilot.
  • Evolve your campaigns in a few clicks
  • Integrate with the rest of your tools through Webhook or Zapier

QuickMail pricing

QuickMail does not charge you per seat or per email sent. You only pay for the number of inboxes you send emails from. One inbox is included in the base price, and each additional inbox is discounted.

cold email - prix quickmail
Discover QuickMail

Chrome extensions

How do Chrome extensions work for cold emailing?

Chrome extensions for Cold Emailing connect to your Gmail inbox and allow you to manage your prospecting actions directly from your Gmail dashboard.

They are generally not suitable for advanced users as they offer a more basic set of features due to their limited interface.

However, for those who send low volumes, these extensions are useful because of the ease of using the work directly from the Gmail client.

Let's take a look at some of the most popular Chrome extensions for Cold Emailing.

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11. GMass.

Sending email campaigns directly from your Gmail client

Outils Cold Email - GMass

Description of GMass

If you want to keep things simple and automate your cold email campaigns directly from your Gmail inbox, GMass is for you. It installs like a Chrome extension and gives you access to powerful features directly in your inbox.

It allows you to use Google Sheets to create fields in your cold emails, so you can still customize at scale despite the simplicity of the tool.

GMass also allows you to plan your campaigns, automatically track, and categorize responses to avoid inbox clutter.

GMass features

  • Send campaigns from Gmail
  • Create email lists from your Gmail contacts
  • Campaign analysis
Discover GMass

12. Streak.

Add useful CRM functionality to your Gmail inbox

Outils Cold Email - Streak

Description of Streak

Streak, similar to GMass, integrates directly into your Gmail account. However, it adds even more functionality by turning your inbox into a flexible CRM.

It saves you the hassle of connecting standalone COLD EMAIL software to a third-party CRM by managing everything in one place.

You can also create “snippets,” which are templates that you can use quickly to eliminate repetitive work and speed up email response times.

Streak features

  • See trail details
  • Turn your standard inbox into a CRM
  • Linking multiple Gmail accounts
Discover Streak

13. SalesHandy

Improve sales productivity with a tool designed for your inbox

Outils Cold Email - SalesHandy

SalesHandy description

SalesHandy is a sales support tool that allows your sales team to be more productive and effective. You can use it to automatically track email engagement, send follow-ups, and create templates.

There's a built-in send limiter so you don't send too many emails per day, and it also includes an email verification tool to make sure you're only contacting people on their real email address.

SalesHandy does everything you need to send and track leads, and it's compatible with Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and other email providers.

SalesHandy features

  • Gmail and Outlook integration
  • Email merge functionality
  • Detailed metrics and analytics
Discover SalesHandy

14. MixMax

Easily schedule meetings with prospects by email

MixMax description

If you organize meetings with prospects on a regular basis, MixMax is a solid choice, thanks to its built-in scheduling features.

Outils Cold Email - MixMax

You can add your schedule directly to your emails (the MixMax logo will however appear), which allows your prospects to quickly make an appointment to continue the conversation.

You'll be able to see detailed analytics on how people are responding to your emails and how many people are responding to your meeting invites.

Your emails can be easily personalized thanks to integrations with most CRMs, and you can update your CRM records directly from Gmail to simplify your workflow.

MixMax features

  • Integrated calendar for planning meetings
  • Create automated email templates and sequences
  • Salesforce integration
Discover MixMax

15. Vocus.io

Combine a Cold Email tool with Gmail integrations

Vocus.io Description

You can use Vocus.io to write, schedule, and send COLD EMAIL campaigns. You can add attachments, which is a good way to increase engagement with your followers (for example, by adding a proposal or a work portfolio).

Outils Cold Email - Vocus.io

Additionally, you can install their Gmail extension to track openings and links and receive follow-up reminders in Gmail.

You can also create a calendar, similar to that of MixMax, so that prospects can easily make an appointment with you.

After you've sent your campaigns, you can view detailed reports that are easily shareable to ensure your entire team stays on top of what's working.

Vocus.io features

  • Gmail performance tracking add-on
  • Send and schedule email campaigns at the drop of a button
  • Create a personal calendar page that prospects can use to schedule an appointment with you.
Discover Vocus.io

Free software to improve your cold emailing

16. Clearbit Connect

It is a tool that allows you to find emails and enrich the profiles of your prospects.

Clearbit Connect Description

Before you can think of sending an email, you need someone's contact information.

Tools like Clearbit Connect help you find the email addresses of people you want to contact.
Outils Cold Email - Clearbit Connect

In addition to helping you find email addresses, it will also help you find their social profiles (so you can connect with them) and other relevant details about their business, industry, job, and the tools they use at work.

If you need help finding emails, this is a great tool.

Discover Clearbit Connect

17. NeverBounce

Verify that your emails are valid and reduce your bounce rate using a tool like NeverBounce.

Description of NeverBounce

A high bounce rate is a bad sign.

If your emails don't end up in your prospects' inboxes, email providers will see that you're not using email naturally. You are more likely to end up in the spam folder and the results of your cold emailing campaigns will be poor.
Outils Cold Email - NeverBounce

To avoid unnecessary bounces, use NeverBounce to check your email list.

Simply upload your contact list and NeverBounce will tell you if they are valid or not, in under 10 minutes. Email verification is a simple but essential part of any successful prospecting plan.

Discover NeverBounce

18. Loom

Record short videos that you can add to your email inbox

Description of Loom

If you want to stand out in the inbox of your prospects, try using Loom to record a short video presentation instead of writing it down.

Outils Cold Email - Loom

This is a great tactic to show that you've done your research, that you have added value to offer, and that you're not just emailing 500 people with the same boring template, but that you're ready to put in real efforts to reach your audience.

Loom links are displayed as a video preview in Gmail. So it's a great way to make your message stand out.

Discover Loom

19. Crystal

Consult detailed personality profiles and adapt your cold approach.

Crystal description

Crystal gives you tips on how to communicate with prospects.

Outils Cold Email - Crystal

It gives you details about the communication style that people value, allowing you to adapt your cold prospecting actions and follow-up meetings to their expectations and ensure that everything goes well.

Expect to see tips like”Appreciate the details“,”Loves to make quick decisions“or”Don't like statements without data“.

It's a simple way to improve your cold calling and get more answers.

Discover Crystal


In conclusion, cold emails can be a great way to reach potential customers who are genuinely interested in your brand and what you offer in the market.

It's important to understand that sending unsolicited emails without prior contact is not necessarily considered spam. It's about targeting the right audience, ensuring your message is accurate and error-free, and using personalization frequently.

To get the most out of this marketing channel, it can be worth investing in the right cold email sending software that will help you automate the process while ensuring accuracy and accuracy.

Additionally, ensure that you always comply with all anti-spam regulations set by government agencies and email service providers.

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