AI Detection Softwares: Best Content Detectors in 2024

Learn about the best AI content detectors currently available to help you determine which is best for your needs.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is constantly progressing, to the point where it can now detect content generated by other AI tools.

Indeed, at a time when AI content generation solutions are multiplying, how can you ensure the authenticity of the texts you publish?

How to avoid the excesses of “all automatic” that are too present Since the arrival of ChatGPT ?

That's where the AI text detectors (artificial intelligence) for everyone.

These next-gen tools use natural language processing and machine learning to track down the clues and results of artificial writing.

In this article, weLet's go through the best AI text detectors, with their strengths and weaknesses, prices and use cases for which they are the most suitable.

Ready to unravel what's true from what's false in the jungle of AI-generated content?

Let's go!

What is the best AI content detector?

Here are the best AI detection options to consider:

1. Originality AI: Ideal for students and creators, detects AI and plagiarism

AI detector home page -

Originality.AI is much more than a website and content detector generated by artificial intelligence.

It's a comprehensive AI content detector designed for website editors who care about the quality and authenticity of their publications.


  • Advanced detection of website plagiarism or false positives
  • AI content detection
  • Complete website analysis
  • Team management and automated invoicing
  • Powerful API for seamless integration
  • Change control and history tracking
  • Models detected: GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Claude, Jasper, WriteSonic, CopyAI


  • $30: for 3000 credits (1 credit = 100 words)
  • $14.95 per month: 2000 Credits credits + advanced features pricing of the IA text detector

❤️ Our Take : Originality.AI is the ultimate solution for web editors who care about the quality of their content. Combining AI plagiarism detection and team management, this tool guarantees the integrity of your publications: essential for your credibility!

👍 Pros : Detects plagiarism and the use of AI accurately. Integrated team and project management for large sites. Automatic and on-demand billing.

👎 Cons : Variable cost depending on the volume of words to be analyzed. Interface that may seem complex at first.

2. Copyleaks: For businesses, detect AI content with an API

AI detector home page - copyleaks

Copyleaks AI is the gold standard for detecting plagiarism and AI-generated text.

Thanks to its ultra-sophisticated algorithms and its colossal database, this tool tracks down the slightest suspicious similarity on the web or in its archives: Copyleaks ensures flawless verification.


  • In-depth analysis of documents, URLs, raw texts
  • AI content detection
  • Database of over 60 trillion web pages
  • Verification in over 100 languages
  • Detecting plagiarism in source code
  • Easy integration into any LMS or CMS
  • Encryption and data protection
  • Models detected: GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, GPT-4, Claude, Jasper, WriteSonic, CopyAI, LLama, Chinchilla, PalM, GPT-4, GPT-4, GPT-4, Claude, Jasper, WriteSonic, CopyAI, LLama, Chinchilla, PalM, Bloom


  • Free plan limited to 10 pages
  • Education offer: $9.16/month for 1200 pages (annual commitment)
  • Business offer: tailor-made according to volume
copyleaks IA Text Detector price list

❤️ Our Take : Copyleaks AI pushes the boundaries of plagiarism detection. His ultra-thorough analysis of the web identifies the slightest suspicious similarity. The perfect choice to protect your content and your reputation.

👍 Pros : In-depth analysis of 60 billion web pages. Detects plagiarism in documents, code, URLs. Protects sensitive and confidential data. APIs to integrate with any existing system.

👎 Cons : Price that can put a brake on small budgets. Reliability dependent on the reference database.

3. Lucide AI: For content editors, AI and human trust score

AI detector homepage - Lucide AI

Lucide AI is a powerful and innovative tool that uses artificial intelligence to detect and protect human-generated content.

Thanks to advanced algorithms, Lucide AI can quickly analyze any text and accurately determine whether it was written by a human or a machine. It is an ideal solution for content creators who want to preserve their intellectual property and guard against plagiarism.


  • Fast and accurate analysis of any type of text
  • Advanced detection of AI-generated handwriting
  • Protection of intellectual property and copyright
  • Easy integration via API or browser extension
  • Detailed reports on the authenticity and uniqueness of the content
  • Alert in case of suspicious content
  • Models detected: GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, GPT-4, Claude, Jasper, WriteSonic, CopyAI, LLama, Chinchilla, PAm, BLOOM, BLOOM, Anthropic-LM, Flan-u-Palm


  • Free offer up to 500 words analyzed
  • Different packs starting at €9
AI text detector prices - Lucide AI

❤️ Our Take : Lucide AI tracks AI-generated content with unstoppable flair. Ideal for teachers who want to find cheats, or professionals who care about reliable sources. The caring watchdog that sheds critical light on your reading.

👍 Pros : State-of-the-art AI detection, even on recent models. Explain what “sounds” artificial in the texts. Plugin easy to integrate with browsers. Free tool for up to 500 words analyzed.

👎 Cons : Only detects AI, not human plagiarism. No mobile version yet.

4. Content at Scale: For SEO agencies, AI analysis on large volumes

AI Detector home page - content at scale

Content at Scale is a smart 2-in-1 tool that will help you find AI text as well as generate it yourself in record time.

Their free detector allows you to check the amount of artificial writing in any text. But their real flagship product is their generator of content optimized for SEO.


  • Free, fast and easy to use AI detector
  • Automated long article generator for your website (up to 2500 words)
  • Integrated optimization for SEO (keyword research, tags...)
  • Automatic addition of “to remember” sections and excerpts
  • Editorial spreadsheet to plan and monitor content production
  • Models detected: GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, GPT-4, Claude, Jasper, WriteSonic, CopyAi, LLama, Chinchilla, PAM, BLOOM, T5, GPT-4, GPT-4, Claude, Jasper, WriteSonic, CopyAI, LLama, Chinchilla, PAM, BLOOM, T5, BLOOM, T5, Flan-T5, Anthro


  • AI detector: free
  • Item generator: from 500 to 1500$/month depending on volumes
content at scale IA text detector pricing

❤️ Our Take : Content at Scale offers the best of both worlds. Its free AI detector identifies synthetic content in the blink of an eye. And its SEO-friendly generator produces quality items in a few clicks.

👍 Pros : Free and easy to use AI detector. Generator of SEO-optimized articles in record time. Automatically integrates key SEO elements. Attractive rates with 20% free credit.

👎 Cons : Generation models in English only. Based on AI engines that are not always explicit.

FIND OUT MORE >> TRY Content at Scale TODAY.

5. For editors, detect AI and improve style

AI Detector Homepage - is more than just an AI-generated content detector.

Above all, it is a writing support platform boosted by artificial intelligence.

With its advanced features such as automatic rewriting, SEO keyword suggestions or tone management, Writer supports you at every stage of creation. Its AI detector is just one of the many assets in its range.


  • Integrated AI detector assigning a “readability” score on the various models (GPT4, Gemini,...)
  • AI-assisted rewriting and reformulation method
  • Keyword research and suggestion
  • Team content management (writers, editors...)
  • Control the tone and level of language
  • Models detected: GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Claude, Jasper, WriteSonic, CopyAI


  • Free version limited to 2000 words/month
  • Team offer: $18/month for up to 5 users
  • Enterprise offer: tailor-made according to needs - IA text detector pricing

❤️ Our Take : reconciles human creativity and AI. Its clever models boost your inspiration while its detector keeps an eye on the ball.

👍 Pros : Combines generation and AI detection. Templates and suggestions to optimize your SEO. Detects plagiarism, AI, and style inconsistencies. Promotes team collaboration and coherence.

👎 Cons : AI detector limited to 350 words max. Prices that increase quickly as users increase.


What is an AI content detector?

An AI content detector is software that uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) to identify plagiarism and artificially generated texts:

  1. An AI detection analyzes your text and compares it to a vast corpus of sources (articles, websites, databases...)
  2. It identifies suspicious similarities (words, sentences, structure) using advanced algorithms
  3. It generates a detailed report pointing out suspicious passages and where they come from.

These next-gen tools go beyond simply detecting copy and paste. They are able to identify slight changes or reformulations aimed at masking plagiarism.

By accurately identifying original and duplicate content, AI detectors allow you to ensure the authenticity of the texts you publish or share online in order to maintain your credibility and reputation on the web!

Key features of an AI content detector

To choose the best detection of AI-generated content, here are the key features to look for:

  1. Instant plagiarism analysis : A good tool should be able to identify any duplicate or plagiarized content in a few seconds, even subtly modified.
  2. Ease of use The interface must be intuitive to allow quick handling
  3. Detecting abusive optimization techniques The best detectors identify text manipulations aimed at deceiving search engines, such as synonym substitution or artificial paraphrasing.
  4. Detailed reports : A powerful tool provides a complete account of plagiarized elements, with links to the original content and an indisputable proof system (digital fingerprint, timestamp, etc.)

By opting for AI content detection, you will have an ally of choice to protect the integrity and originality of your online publications.


What is the role of NLP?

NLP analyzes a person's human language to identify texts generated by an AI (artificial intelligence), by extracting information through advanced data processing methods.

How does an AI text detector deliver accurate results?

It compares suspicious text to a large corpus of references and uses NLP and machine learning algorithms to identify suspicious similarities and artificial characters in an AI-generated text.


With AI content detection, businesses can ensure that their content meets the standards they've set.

Depending on your industry, the ability to detect and personalize AI content can be critical.

As more businesses rely on AI-generated content, it's critical to know the pitfalls and benefits of using AI-generated content, and AI text detectors can help you stay ahead of the curve.

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