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Frequently asked questions about growth hacks

What is a Growth Hack?


It is an evolutionary growth technique.

It is a way unorthodox or underused to acquire as many users or customers as possible while spending as little money as possible.

Often (but not always) focused on the product or service and always optimized by continuous experimentation driven by data.

Are growth hacks new techniques?


Here's what most people overlook:

La Most Growth Hacks are rooted in concepts that are ANCIENTS - or,” timeless“.

We often talk about new tricks, new techniques, new ideas, and new channels, but a Growth Hack doesn't need to be linked to a new technology.

Remember: this is an unorthodox way or underused to acquire customers or users.

And many business and marketing concepts that are now considered unorthodox or underused actually existed long before we were born.

What is data-driven marketing?


Data-driven marketing is the basis for Growth Hacking and optimization in general. It allows performance to be monitored at regular intervals.

Data is collected to better understand the preferences, behaviors, and habits of existing and potential audiences in order to implement the necessary changes and improvements, with the aim of improving conversion rates.

Broadly speaking, data-driven marketing refers to marketing strategies that are derived from ideas drawn from the analysis of big data collected by technological improvements (in compliance with the GDPR) on websites and mobile smartphone applications.

Remember that when doing a Growth Hack


A relationship is like a bank. You can't go into a bank without having an account, no prior contact, and hoping to make a withdrawal to an account you don't have.

Likewise, you can't send too many requests to a prospect without having any prior relationship, no history of added value, and hope to win.
It doesn't work that way

You need to build that relationship. You need to build trust.

How long does the Growth Hacking process take and when can I expect results?


In general, the Growth Hackers conduct experiments for at least 3 months.

However, the first results can be present as early as 48 hours after launch - everything depends on your sector of activity, the seasons, the traffic on your website/application, the complexity of the growth experiments, etc...

The Growth Hacks on this site will help you mix short or much longer experiments.

The important thing for you is to choose the ones that will have the most impact for the minimum amount of effort possible: the more you test, the more you will simply learn!

How can my business benefit from Growth Hacking?


You'll gain valuable insights into the core performance of your products and services in the digital space, whether as an e-commerce platform or as a simple content engine.

The Growth Hacking globally allows you to improve your products or services but also your business strategy by providing you with information about your main current and potential customers.