Stand out from the crowd 💌 by sending “bumpy” letters in the mail to get attention 👀

Revitalize offline marketing with 'bumpy' mail tactics to ensure high open rates. Discover how to embed objects in mailings effectively!

Stand out from the crowd 💌 by sending “bumpy” letters in the mail to get attention 👀
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Every day, our mailboxes are invaded by mountains of flyers, advertisements and other generic mail.

Most end up directly in the trash without even being opened. Why? Because they're impersonal, bland, and uninteresting.

In short, this good old paper mail has lost its beauty in the digital age.

However, paper keeps a huge potential to reach and convert your targets.

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The Power of the “Bumpy” Object

The genius idea is toinsert a small object in your envelopes to make them look “bumpy.”

It can really be anything: a pen, a USB stick, a badge, a product sample...

The important thing is that it creates a relief, an unusual texture that will instantly arouse the recipient's curiosity.


He will say to himself “Well, what is this strange envelope? What is inside?”

And there, the unstoppable reflex: He will open it to get to the bottom of it !

Result: boosted opening rates up to 80% ! This is 4 times more than the average 20% of conventional mail. Your message finally crosses the barrier of indifference and lands directly in front of your target. Well done!

How to Set Up Your Dented Mail Campaign?

Now that you have understood the principle, it's time for practice.

Here are the key steps to execute this Growth Hack:

  1. Target your audience precisely. Paper mail has a cost, Don't waste your budgetT!
  2. Find the“bumpy” object in accordance with your offer. Be creative and powerful.
  3. Prepare a letter Hyper-personalized. Handwritten address, short note, dedicated offer...
  4. Assemble the letter, object, and envelope. Manual packaging will be more authentic.
  5. Send 7 days before your event or limited offer to create a sense of urgency.
  6. Analyze your return and conversion rates, then repeat on your most receptive segments!

With a bit of organization, you can deploy this device on a large scale at a reasonable cost. But it's clearly worth the effort!

Examples and Results

1. Scratchable Gift Card with Promo Code

A store innovated by sending “scratchable” gift cards containing an exclusive promo code.

The card's intriguing design encourages recipients to scratch and discover the code, sparking their curiosity and engagement.

Result: The initiative increased store traffic by 30% in the week following shipment. This technique not only boosted store visits, but also increased impulse purchases when using promo codes.

2. School Support App Goodies

To promote its school support application, a company sent letters including fun goodies such as erasers and rules, along with a free pass to access the application.

These small gifts, useful and in line with the offer of the app, have attracted the attention of families and students.

Result: This led to a 65% increase in account creations on the app, demonstrating the effectiveness of physical objects in converting prospects into active users.

3. Festival Confetti and Bracelets

One festival included confetti and a fabric bracelet in its paper program mailings.

These elements, adding a festive and tangible aspect to the experience, reinforced the sense of belonging and the expectation of the participants.

Result: This creative approach generated a 25% increase in online ticket sales, proving that physical inclusions can enrich the customer experience and boost business conversions.

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As you can see, the possibilities are endless!

Let your creativity speak to imagine the winning object/offer combo that will hit the mark with your prospects.

And in the end, including the full cost of this device, you can convert a new customer for only 2 to 3 euros.

Not bad compared to The cost of online acquisition is constantly rising !


In a world where marketers are flocking to digital, paper is a Very promising alternative channel.

Far from being outdated, on the contrary, it allows you to reach your targets differently, in a more direct and powerful way. Paper mail stands out from the crowd, and this is even more true when it is “bumpy”!

So if you are looking for a simple and smart way to boost your offline opening and conversion rates, go ahead and try this trick. The effect of surprise and curiosity will make all the difference. Your recipients will pounce on your strange envelopes and will be much more receptive to your offer.

By combining personalization, creativity and precise targeting, this trick is a powerful weapon for all people looking for originality. Of course, be sure to respect the postal rules in force (weight, format...) and Don't put on anything dangerous or illegal!

But apart from that, anything is allowed to (re) give your paper mail its letters of nobility.

You will see, this good old postman has not said his last word and will be your best ally to boost your conversions! 😉

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