AI SEO Software: Best SEO Tools in 2024

Explore the best SEO AI tools to improve your SEO: a comprehensive guide to effectively optimize your online strategies
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Artificial intelligence (IA) is making changes in the digital marketing landscape.

With a global AI market expected to reach $795 billion by 2027, its impact on The SEO is undeniable.

We have already been able to notice this in all sectors with the arrival of ChatGPT.

Graph showing the growth of AI technology from 2018 to 2030
AI technology growth graph from 2018 to 2030 - Source: Statista

Whether it is a AI writing software who can help you create articles that rank in search engines Or of a AI sales software that can help you find and connect with potential customers, several AI tools can make the marketing and sales process easier for specialists.

But how can you use artificial intelligence to improve your positioning in the SERPs ?

This article reviews the best AI SEO tools to identify relevant keywords, optimize internal networking and boost your link strategy.

Find out how climb the rankings thanks to AI (artificial intelligence)!

List of the best AI SEO tools

Here are the best SEO tools boosted with artificial intelligence to consider:

1. Surfer SEO : AI solution to beat your competitors on Google

Surfer SEO homepage

Surfer is revolutionizing content optimization thanks to its cutting-edge technology powered by artificial intelligence.

With its in-depth analyses and actionable recommendations, this top software will Step-by-Step Guide to Perfectly Optimized Content for search engines and appreciated by your audience.


  • Generation of SEO-optimized articles in one click with Surfer AI
  • Intuitive content editor with real-time suggestions
  • Powerful machine learning engine that offers targeted suggestions
  • Chrome extension to access keyword data
  • SEO audit to identify optimization opportunities
  • Generator of semantic article plans boosted with its artificial intelligence
  • Search and semantic grouping of keywords
  • Compatible with Jasper, WordPress, Google Docs...


  • Essential: $89/month
  • Space: $129/month
  • AI scale: $219/month
  • Enterprise: custom price
surferseo pricing

❤️ Our Take : If you're looking to push your content to the limit, Surfer is for you. It is the ideal tool for people who want to combine editorial quality and organic performance. A complete software for high added value content!

👍 Pros : The strength of Surfer lies in its ability to combine a fine understanding of semantics, hyper-personalized suggestions and a smooth user experience. Its AI analyzes your content and that of search engines in depth to guide you to best practices, all directly integrated into your writing workflow.

👎 Cons : All this power comes at a cost, which can slow down small budgets. In addition, the multitude of options can intimidate beginners who will have to spend some time getting used to the tool.

2. SEMrush : Complete SEO suite with AI for digital experts

semrush homepage

SEMrush is a versatile tool boosted with its artificial intelligence for the management of each aspect of SEO and online marketing.

It offers a complete suite of tools to successfully complete your digital marketing strategy from A to Z.

With its gigantic database, its advanced functionalities and latest developments around artificial intelligence, it gives you all the cards in hand to dominate your market with your website.


  • Full technical and on-page SEO optimization
  • Full semantic keyword search
  • Multi-channel competitive analysis (SEO, PPC, social networks...)
  • Keyword position rankings and custom reports
  • Audit of website backlinks with fresh data from the SERPs (search engine)
  • Content marketing and social media management tools


  • Pro: $129.95/month
  • Guru: $249.95/month
  • Business: $449.95/month
  • Offers a 17% discount on all plans with annual payment
  • Free 7-day trial period to test the panel of its functionalities
semrush pricing

❤️ Our Take : SEMrush is clearly one of the favorite tools (or even essential) for SEO experts and large e-commerce or high-traffic sites. Its learning curve and its cost are quickly paid for itself by the visibility gains and time savings it provides.

👍 Benefits : SEMrush is a bit of a luxury tool in SEO. Its power and all its tools make it indispensable for any digital marketing professional. Few solutions on the market offer such a level of precision and actionable reports on your SEO and that of your competitors.

👎 Cons : The tool may seem daunting at first. An increase in skills is necessary to take full advantage of it. The price, although justified in terms of functionalities, can put a brake on some small budgets.

3. : Create relevant content using AI

frase homepage

Frase has distinguished itself in the world of artificial intelligence tools for SEO thanks to its advanced use of natural language processing (NLP).

By thoroughly analyzing the content of the SERPs, it will helps create perfectly optimized parts and aligned with the intention of search to boost your organic traffic.


  • Semantic analysis and content recommendations
  • Generating automated SEO briefs for writers
  • Identifying high-potential content opportunities
  • Monitoring the performance and progress in your website's SERPs
  • Creation of optimized and unique article plans for each post
  • Intuitive writing and optimization interfaces
  • Integration with the main CMS and writing tools


  • Free trial available
  • Solo: $15/month
  • Basic: $45/month
  • Team: $115/month
Frase pricing

❤️ Our Take : This software makes it possible to combine editorial quality, semantic comprehensiveness and SEO performance. If your traffic is based primarily on a content marketing strategy, it's an investment that quickly pays for itself. To be combined with a more technical tool if necessary!

👍 Pros : This software stands out for its ability to transform complex data into ultra-simple recommendations that are easy to implement. His approach ensures that you cover all aspects of a subject to create the most comprehensive and optimized content possible.

👎 Cons : Although very powerful on the content side, this software is a bit lighter on the more technical SEO aspects. For complete optimization, a complementary tool such as SEMrush may be necessary.

4. : The AI that optimizes your content for conversions

outranking homepage stands out for its unique approach to optimizing SEO content, merging artificial intelligence and human analysis.

Thanks to its unique algorithms, it analyzes ranking factors for guide you in optimizing your content and your keyword strategy.

This tool offers a 360° approach to visibilityHey, combining technical SEO, editorial and netlinking.


  • Real-time SERP data with semantic analysis
  • Automatic clustering of keywords by opportunities
  • Content structure suggestions optimized for queries
  • On-page SEO optimization of your website
  • Analysis of backlinks and netlinking opportunities
  • Monitoring the ranking movements of competitors
  • Integration with major CMS and content editors


  • Starter: $29/month
  • SEO Writer: $79/month
  • SEO Wizard: $159/month
  • Custom Plan: tailor-made
outranking pricing

❤️ Our Take : is shaking up the codes of content optimization with an approach that is resolutely focused on performance. By combining advanced AI features and accurate SEO metrics, it makes it possible to create high-performing content on a large scale.

👍 Pros : stands out for its ability to guide the creation of hyper-optimized content step by step. From keyword research to writing or through on-page optimization, it covers all aspects with simple recommendations.

👎 Cons : Like any powerful tool, requires a certain amount of time to get started to exploit its full potential. Its price, although in line with the quality of the functionalities, can hinder small businesses. In addition, some will regret the lack of more advanced SERP analysis or keyword tracking features.

5. Ahrefs: Analyze traffic and links like a pro

ahrefs homepage

Ahrefs no longer needs to be presented in the world of SEO.

It is a SEO solution complete, ideal for businesses of all sizes. It offers all the tools you need to analyze, monitor, and improve your organic visibility. With its huge database and advanced features, it does reference figure for professionals.


  • Technical audit and advanced website crawl
  • Analysis of links pointing to a website (backlinks)
  • Exploring and ranking by keywords
  • Content and competitor analysis boosted with artificial intelligence
  • Monitoring ranking and visibility on SERPs
  • Organic traffic growth report
  • Alerts and monitoring of links and mentions


  • Lite: $99/month
  • Standard: $199/month
  • Advanced: 399$/month
  • Enterprise: $999/month
  • Annual payment saves 2 free months
ahrefs pricing

❤️ Our Take : It's hard to miss Ahrefs when it comes to SEO. It is the essential tool for those who want to track down the smallest positive or negative signal and stay one step ahead. If your business depends heavily on SEO, it will quickly pay for itself.

👍 Pros : The strength of Ahrefs is the breadth of its database and the refinement of its analyses. Few solutions offer such a high level of backlinks, SERPs, or growth opportunities. It is the essential tool for auditing a site, controlling its reputation and finding the best growth drivers for SEO.

👎 Cons : Ahrefs may seem a bit intimidating for SEO beginners as there are so many options. Its price, although justified, can also represent a significant investment for small projects.

LEARN MORE >> Consult the Ahrefs website

6. MarketMuse: AI to establish your authority on a subject

MarketMuse homepage

MarketMuse focuses on artificial intelligence and NLP to bring the content to its best level.

Thanks to its advanced algorithms, this tool analyzes your content and that of the SERPs in depth to guide you to the best opportunities. Whether you are looking to optimize existing content or create new content, MarketMuse supports you at every stage of your work.

Key features

  • Advanced semantic and thematic analysis
  • Content proposals prioritized by potential impact
  • Identification of questions and sub-themes to be covered
  • Optimizing and prioritizing your content inventory
  • Content quality assessment and scoring
  • Tracking of performances and the evolution of rankings
  • AI content briefs and writing assistance


  • 7-day free trial
  • Standard: $149/month
  • Team: 399$/month
  • Premium: tailor-made
MarketMuse pricing

❤️ Our Take : If content is at the heart of your acquisition strategy and you Aim for the most competitive requests, MarketMuse will be a great help. From prioritizing topics to optimizing each article, this tool gives you the keys to an unstoppable content strategy.

👍 Pros : MarketMuse is distinguished by its ability to combine content analysis and prediction to maximize every effort. Its powerful AI analyzes the content of the best results to extract the secrets of success.

👎 Cons : Here we reach prices similar to SEMrush, which reserves MarketMuse for companies or freelancers who already have volume, budgets and content challenges. Getting started can also be complex given the profusion of options and metrics.

LEARN MORE >> Consult the MarketMuse website

7. ClearScope: Optimize for related keywords using AI

clearscope homepage

ClearScope has been able to take advantage of artificial intelligence and natural language processing to offer a content optimization tool that is both powerful and intuitive.

By analyzing the content of the first pages, this tool guides you step by step in the development of optimized pages to meet Your audience's search intentions.

Key features

  • SERP and content analysis
  • Identification of semantic concepts and entities to target
  • Optimization score and real-time progress monitoring
  • Writing tool with contextual suggestions
  • Automated briefs for your editors
  • Tracking rankings and content opportunities
  • WordPress integration for smooth optimization on your website


  • Essentials: $199/month
  • Professional: $599/month
  • Enterprise: on personalized quotation
clearscope pricing

❤️ Our Take : ClearScope is the solution of choice for content production teams looking to gain efficiency without neglecting quality. Its quick handling and its relevant suggestions make it a valuable ally in building quality content on a large scale.

👍 Pros : The strength of this tool lies in its ability to popularize advanced concepts of web referencing to make them accessible to even novice editors. Its clean interface and suggestions make it an ideal tool to guarantee optimized and relevant content. A perfect balance between technicality and user experience.

👎 Cons : ClearScope focuses primarily on On-Page SEO optimization, while others offer a more macro view of SEO. Prices, although in line with the quality of the tool, can hinder its adoption in small structures (VSE/SMEs, Auto-Entrepreneurs, Freelancers)

LEARN MORE >> Consult the ClearScope website

8. Alli AI: AI for auditing, finding keywords, and writing

Alli AI homepage

Alli AI is changing the optimization game by relying on the potential of conversational agents like a ChatGPT.

Thanks to its AI assistant dedicated to SEO, this tool offers tailor-made advice and answers to the most specific questions from professionals.


  • Complete SEO analysis of website pages with artificial intelligence
  • Conversational assistant for on-demand SEO tips
  • Live optimization suggestions during writing
  • Detection and suggestions for fixing technical issues
  • Monitoring and alerts on the positioning and natural referencing of competitors
  • Automated performance and evolution reports
  • Integration with the majority of CMS, analytics and position tracking tools


  • Consultant: $299/month
  • Agency: $599/month
  • Enterprise: $1199/month
Alli AI pricing

❤️ Our Take : Alli AI is positioned as the new ally for web editors who care about SEO. Thanks to its relevant suggestions and optimized writing models, it allows the channel to produce quality content for search engines. The ideal tool to increase productivity without sacrificing performance!

👍 Pros : The strength of Alli AI lies in its ability to assist editorial staff from start to finish. From the structuring of ideas to the development of paragraphs through semantic optimization, it offers real personalized coaching to write content for SEO.

👎 Cons : Although very promising, Alli AI remains a young tool that would benefit from improving certain functionalities, in particular in terms of competitive analysis or keyword suggestions. Its price represents an investment that must be studied.

LEARN MORE >> Consult the Alli AI's website

What are SEO AI tools?

Search engine optimization assisted by artificial intelligence (SEO AI) is an advanced method to improve the organic performance of a website or a web page.

This technique uses artificial intelligence to analyze and optimize the various aspects of a website in order toimprove your ranking in the results search engines.

SEO AI tools can examine performance in depth of your website and propose solutions to improve areas that require adjustments.

This software can in particular:

  1. Analyze your site data thoroughly to identify weaknesses and strengths.
  2. Provide concrete recommendations to improve content, site structure, and backlink strategies.
  3. Automate certain repetitive SEO tasks, such as keyword research or optimizing website meta tags.

The use of artificial intelligence in the field of SEO represents a significant advance, allowing for a more precise and effective approach in the optimization of websites.

Types of AI SEO tools

There is a wide variety of artificial intelligence tools dedicated to SEO, each with its own specificities and advantages, let's discover together the main categories of these precious allies

1. Keyword research tools

These tools use artificial intelligence to analyze queries of users and identify the most relevant keywords for your site.

Thanks to natural language processing (NLP), they can understand the intention behind each search and suggest terms that precisely match the expectations of your audience.

Some of the best known include:

  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer
  • Google Keyword Planner, Keyword Magic Tool
  • Moz Keyword Explorer

These tools make you save precious time in the crucial phase of keyword research. They offer you relevant suggestions and provide you with key data such as search volume or difficulty ranking on search engines.

2. Content creation and optimization tools

AI can also assist you in production of content optimized for SEO.

These tools analyze your content and provide you with concrete tips to improve it, such as adding keywords, optimizing titles and meta descriptions, or improving text structure.

Here are examples of available software:

  • Surfer
  • Semji
  • Frase
  • MarketMuse

With these tools, you can create content that perfectly meets the expectations of search engines and users, without sacrificing the quality or originality of your writing.

3. Link analysis tools

Backlinks play an essential role in SEO, but can be difficult to track and analyze your link profile.

That's where AI-driven link analysis tools come in.

They allow you to monitor your inbound links, identify opportunities for new links, and identify toxic relationships that could penalize your site.

We can cite:

  • Ahrefs
  • Moz Link Explorer
  • Majestic

With these solutions, you can set up an effective and secure link strategy, in yourself focusing on the most promising opportunities and by avoiding the pitfalls that could damage your reputation.

4. Data tracking and analysis tools

To optimize your SEO strategy, it is crucial to monitor your performance and analyze the data on your site.

AI-powered tracking and analysis tools make your job a lot easier. They collect and process vast amounts of data to provide you with actionable insights about your traffic, rankings, user engagement, and more.

We find:

  • Google Analytics
  • AhRefs

With these solutions, you can closely monitor the evolution of your SEO strategy, identify which web pages work best, identify opportunities for improvement, and make decisions based on concrete data.

In conclusion, artificial intelligence tools dedicated to SEO cover a wide range of needs, from keyword research to data analysis to the creation of optimized content and link management.

AI thus becomes a essential asset (indispensable!) to boost your online visibility and reach your traffic and conversion goals.

Key features of AI tools for SEO

SEO software integrating artificial intelligence (AI) are real allies to boost your natural referencing.

They automate time-consuming tasks, help you make strategic decisions, and save you valuable time.

Here is an overview of the most powerful features of these new generation software.

  • Identifying relevant keywords through language processing
  • Comparative analysis of competing content to stand out
  • Recommended topics and keywords in line with search intentions
  • AI assistance in writing texts optimized for search engines
  • Suggestions for internal links to improve the structure of the site
  • Finding the best websites to get quality backlinks
  • Analysis of competitor link profiles to identify opportunities and threats
  • Clear visualizations of SEO metrics to extract concrete actions
  • Detection of technical elements that penalize the ranking
  • Tips for writing attractive titles and meta-descriptions adapted to SEO best practices

In short, SEO AI tools offer you an undeniable competitive advantage.

They allow you to optimize your 360° SEO strategy, focusing on high-impact actions.

Result: one best ranking, more qualified traffic And Rising conversions. Enough to bring your website to the first results of search engines.


Why is SEO crucial in a digital marketing strategy?

SEO is a pillar of digital marketing. It allows businesses to:

  • Improve their online visibility
  • Attracting more qualified traffic to their site
  • Generate more leads and sales Although setting up an SEO strategy requires long-term efforts, it is an investment that can be very profitable.

What are the benefits of AI SEO tools?

AI SEO tools offer numerous benefits:

  • Automation of time-consuming tasks (keyword research, content analysis...)
  • Providing accurate recommendations based on data
  • Identifying the most impacting optimization opportunities
  • Saving time and efficiency in the implementation of SEO actions
  • Competitive advantage through advanced analytics

What are the best AI SEO tools by profiles?

There are tools adapted to each profile:

  • For content managers: Surfer, Frase
  • For SEO newbies: Surfer, Frase
  • For technical SEO experts: SEMrush, Ahrefs
  • For big e-commerce projects: SEMrush, Ahrefs

The choice will depend on your specific needs and your level of expertise.

Can AI tools completely replace SEO experts?

Although AI SEO tools are becoming more and more efficient, they cannot (yet) be a total substitute for human expertise. The analytical and strategic skills of SEO professionals remain essential to define priorities, interpret the data provided by the tools and make the best decisions to optimize SEO.

AI should be seen as a valuable ally for experts, not as a replacement.


AI SEO tools have become essential for optimizing your SEO.

With the use of a keyword ranking tracking software to target the right keywords, knowledge of the creating links and the flywheel to speed up the process of obtaining Backlinks, a well-optimized SEO strategy can improve the results of any inbound marketing campaign.

By combining solutions like Surfer, Frase, and Ahrefs, you are giving yourself the means to get ahead of your competitors.

But don't forget that human expertise remains essential to get the most out of these software!

And when it comes to marketing, AI marketing software can be used to create hyper-personalized content, track customer behavior, and even automate your social media marketing.

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