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Figures That Speak for Themselves

The delay experienced by businesses is already detrimental to their business. A large majority are not yet aware of this situation.


Businesses are not achieving their goals.


The time spent by Sales is not about sales


On average, prospecting calls achieve their goals.


Businesses in France are really digitized


Interviewed Sales & Marketing departments manage the cost of acquiring their customers


Businesses say it's becoming more and more difficult to get answers from prospects.


New businesses don't survive more than a year


New businesses don't survive more than 5 years/year

Exclusive resources that you won't find anywhere else.

Plenty of resources to grow your business faster, more effectively, and smarter.

Your Business is it ready?

Innovate and transform.
If you don't, your competitors won't hesitate.
More and more influential digital channels
Email Marketing
Digital advertising
Website forms
Instant messengers and SMS
Social networks
Video conferencing, VOIP
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Your target goals...
Eliminate growth bottlenecks
Lower acquisition costs
Increase ROI and productivity
Strengthen the quality of leads
Improving customer experience and recommendations
Attracting leads/candidates to get more opportunities
Achieve a stable and profitable business
Accelerate the Sales or Recruiting Process


From Paris to New York, we are proud to help many entrepreneurs exceed their goals and achieve their dreams.

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