Explode your growth on Instagram 🚀 with AI on Autopilot 🤖📈

Discover this AI tool for fast and targeted Instagram growth: gain active followers and engagement effortlessly.

Explode your growth on Instagram 🚀 with AI on Autopilot 🤖📈
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Tired of posting on Instagram without seeing your audience take off ?

Do you dream of 3-digit follower gains but don't have the time to interact with new accounts all day long?

Don't worry, we have what you need.

Save time and see your number of followers soar exponentially.

It's gone.

Before/after photo of an Instagram account with UpGrow

How does UpGrow work?

UpGrow uses AI to identify relevant Instagram users and encourage them to follow your account in a natural way.

You define your target audience and Let UpGrow work for you.

Step-by-Step Tutorial to Boost Your Growth

Now that you know how good UpGrow can do you, let's move on to practice right away.

Here is the step-by-step guide to getting started with the tool without a hitch.

Step 1: Create your Account

See you on UpGrow's official website and click on the button”Get Start for Free“:

UpGrow homepage

On the following page you will be able to create an account with Google's 1-click login or via any email address/password:

UpGrow Free Trial

Fill in the name of your Instagram account in the form that is displayed - choose the color of the theme and click on the “”Start Your Growth“:

Add Instagram username to UpGrow

Once done, you will have access to the dashboard to configure the tool.

Step 2: Define Your Target Audience

Your first mission will be to precisely configure your targeting, the crucial step in starting growth with highly qualified followers.

In the configuration menu, choose”Followers Targeting“.

You arrive at the following interface:

Upgrow settings

This is where you will be able to define the criteria for your ideal audience:

  1. In the field”Related Instagram Accounts“, fill in accounts that are close to your theme. UpGrow will thus go prospecting among their subscribers.
  2. Just below, enter a dozen essential hashtags for your niche in the field”Related hashtags“. The tool will be able to reach the users who follow them.
  3. Then specify demographic criteria such as gender, age group, location, and language of your ideal persona. You can leave the default setting at”All“to cast a wide net at first.
  4. Finally, in”Followers Interests“, select the most relevant areas of interest for your activity (Tech, Business, Fitness, Food...). The more specific your choices are, the more the targeted profiles will be in line with your content.

Be sure to save your settings before leaving the page.

FOR INFO: At any time you can click on the button”Optimize with AI“to automatically set up your account with data from your current audience
Optimizing with AI on UpGrow

UpGrow is now ready to find your future followers among an ultra-targeted audience.

Step 3: Increase Your Growth Rate

Now go to the “Growth Speed” settings just below:

growth speed on UpGrow

This is where you choose how quickly you want your account to take off:

  • The fashion Slow (approx. 650 followers/month) is ideal for gradual growth, perfect for testing the tool.
  • The look Moderate allows you to speed up a bit, up to 1500 new followers each month. A good compromise.
  • The fashion Turbo, it's the maximum speed with up to 3500 monthly followers! For those in a hurry to explode their stats.
Pro tip: regularly adjust this parameter according to your real earnings to find the right balance between quantity and quality of followers.

Step 4: Launch and Optimize

Now all you have to do is click on”Start Growth“and let UpGrowth take care of the growth of your account 🔥

Launching a campaign on UpGrow

Fast and effective.

Start slowly with the option”Slow“and increase gradually in order to offer your Instagram account natural growth with your new REAL followers.

At any time you will be able to see all the information about your audience and the actions taken in real time.

Actions and audience in real time on UpGrowth

[Option] Boost Your Impact on Instagram with UpGrow's AI Assets

1. Content Optimization with AI

AI Boost on UpGrow

Transform your publications with the” optionAI Boost“from UpGrow.

By activating this function, you unlock artificial intelligence to refine your posts. Use “Boost my content” and get personalized recommendations, such as post ideas, trending hashtags, and tips for fine-tuning your texts.

2. Refining Targeting via AI

AI Training on UpGrow

Perfect your audience with the feature”AI Training“from UpGrow.

Activate it and choose profiles that match your brand. AI adjusts to your preferences to attract relevant and interested subscribers.

3. AI Content Strategy

AI Content Scheduling

Let UpGrow's AI orchestrate your content.

She creates and publishes posts for you at the ideal time for maximum engagement. Stay tuned for early access to this feature and put your Instagram growth on autopilot.


How does UpGrow work?

UpGrow uses AI to identify relevant Instagram users and encourage them to follow your account in a natural way. You define your target audience and let UpGrow work for you.

How many followers can you gain?

On average, users of the Pro offer gain more than 4000 targeted followers per month. The results vary depending on your niche and commitment, but UpGrow guarantees positive net growth.

Is it safe for my account?

Yes, UpGrow strictly follows Instagram rules and only uses authentic interaction techniques. Your account is not at risk of being banned or penalized.

Can I get a refund?

Yes, UpGrow offers a 100% money back guarantee if you don't see positive net growth after 7 days of use. Your satisfaction is their priority.


With UpGrow in your toolbox, you now have all the cards in hand to transform your Instagram account.

This new generation tool pushes back limits of growth by entrusting to AI the most time-consuming and strategic tasks.

By following this step-by-step guide, you are now ready to harness the full power of UpGrow and finally develop that massive and engaged audience you've been dreaming of.

Whether it's to boost your reputation, generate more leads or promote your products, reaching your business goals is finally child's play!

UpGrow user reviews
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