AI voice generator: Best for text-to-speech in 2024

In this guide, I've ranked and reviewed the best AI voice generators, so I can choose the one that's best for you.
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In a rapidly exploding market for AI-based voice generation, with annual growth projected at 20.80% until 2030, it is becoming crucial for businesses to make the right technological choices.

According to forecasts, this sector is expected to weigh 11.39 billion dollars in 2032 globally, compared to 1.95 billion in 2022.

An immense potential, which is pushing more and more actors to take up the race.

Global AI voice generation market

Faced with this profusion of artificial intelligence software, how do you find your way around?

Whether it's about AI-assisted writing solutions that help you write your marketing messages, AI-assisted sales software who can do business for you, or AI-assisted videos that combine digital avatars and marketing messages. There are now various tools that can help businesses.

That's the whole purpose of this comparative guide, which looks at the best AI voice generators of the moment.

Whether it's creating compelling character voices, optimizing your audio content, or bringing your chatbots to life, you're bound to find the right tool for your needs. Ready to revolutionize your audio strategy with AI?

Let's go!

List of the best AI voice generators

Here are the best artificial intelligence voice generators to consider.

1. ElevenLabs : Pro AI voice at an unbeatable price

accueil du générateur de voix off  ElevenLabs

ElevenLabs offers ultra-realistic synthetic voiceovers at an unbeatable quality-price ratio. With its pay-as-you-go pricing model, it's the ideal solution for creators and businesses looking to enrich their content with pro AI voices without breaking the bank.

Key Features

  • Professional quality speech synthesis
  • Library of varied voice-overs and multiple languages
  • Pay-as-you-go pricing, ideal for small budgets
  • Simple API to integrate into your projects
  • Text editor and customization options


  • Pattern in use: approximately $0.001 per character
  • Customized monthly packages for large volumes
tarifs de ElevenLabs

❤️ Our Take : The ElevenLabs software proves that you can create pro AI voices without breaking the bank. Its varied catalog and the quality of the stamps are well worth premium solutions. We regret sometimes having to touch up the synchro by hand. Your wallet will thank you!

👍 Pros : Offers ultra-natural AI voices at a fraction of the market price

👎 Cons: Manual touch-ups are often necessary on lip-sync

2. AudioSonic : Multilingual natural voice AI

site internet du générateur de voix off  AudioSonic

AudioSonic is the ideal solution for bringing your written content to life with stunningly realistic AI-generated voiceovers. Gone are the days of robotic voices, make way for engaging and natural audio narrations, for all your projects!

Key Features

  • Generation of ultra-realistic voiceovers, text to speech almost indistinguishable from human voices
  • Multilingual support to address an international audience
  • Instant text-to-audio conversion to save valuable time
  • Easy integration into existing workflows and tools
  • Personalization of the tone and emotions conveyed


  • Discovery package: free for the first 10 minutes
  • Paid packages: from $10 for 40 min to $100 for 400 min
  • Pay-as-you-go billing, ideal for small and large projects
tarifs de AudioSonic

❤️ Our Take : The AudioSonic software sets a new standard in AI voice. Its multilingual catalog and the impressive quality of its voiceovers make it the reference tool for large-scale audio projects. Mastery that comes at a high price. For demanding professionals only.

👍 Pros : Create ultra-realistic AI voices in 50+ languages

👎 Cons : High rates, complex interface

3. Speechify : Turn any text into audio with AI

page d'accueil du générateur de voix off  Speechify

Speechify is the perfect tool for instantly converting any text into quality audio.

Whether listening to articles, books, or your own documents, its advanced text-to-speech technology and seamless integration make it a valuable companion for on-demand audios.

Key Features

  • Speech synthesis from any text
  • Support for over 30 languages
  • Ultra realistic and natural AI voices
  • Adjust the reading speed to suit your preferences
  • Integration with browsers, apps, and operating systems
  • Importing documents (PDF, ePub, TXT, web pages...)
  • Multi-device sync to pick up where you want
  • Option to download generated MP3s


  • Free: 2800 words per text, 10 texts per month
  • Premium: $39/month
    • Unlimited texts, languages, and features
    • Offline, cloud backups, and priority support
tarifs de Speechify

❤️ Our Take : The Speechify software is the ally of big readers in a hurry. Its ability to read any content is impressive. No more hours spent reading tiles, your voice assistant takes care of it! There are some addicts to very long formats. The ideal app for assimilating more content every day, with an almost human experience.

👍 Pros : Instantly convert any text to audio

👎 Cons: Voices sometimes jerky on long texts

4. Murf : Create AI voices as a team

accueil du générateur de voix off   Murf AI

Murf is the ideal solution for all your collaborative audio projects. Thanks to its intuitive and powerful AI studio, as a team, create tailor-made voices for your videos, presentations, apps and more. Text-to-speech has never been more accessible!

Key Features

  • Creating AI voices based on real human voiceovers
  • Collaborative studio to work as a team on projects
  • Editing functions (adding video, music, images...)
  • Large library of voices, tones and emotions
  • Transforming amateur recordings into pro audio


  • Free version with 10 min of generation per month
  • Basic: $19/month - 60 min/month
  • Pro: $26/month - 180 min/month
  • Enterprise: $59/month - 540 min/month
tarifs de Murf AI

❤️ Our Take : The Murf software democratizes AI voice creation. Its collaborative studio makes it possible to carry out pro audio projects without technical skills. The possibilities are endless, despite options that are sometimes difficult to find. Enough to unleash your creativity with several people!

👍 Pros : Create, edit, and share voice projects as a team

👎 Cons: Overloaded interface, lack of shortcuts

5. Rask AI : All-in-one AI voice generation platform

Rask AI is the unified platform that brings together all the tools you need to generate, customize, and integrate AI voices into your projects. With its intuitive interface, advanced functions and integrations, it is the ideal solution for creators and businesses looking for a global approach.

Key Features

  • Ultra realistic AI-based speech synthesis
  • Library with over 120 voices in 30 languages
  • Advanced text editor with corrections and suggestions
  • Emotional control, breaks, rhythm and intonations
  • Machine translation to create multilingual audio
  • Cloud project storage with version management
  • API, WordPress plugin and integrations (Zapier, Integromat...)


Here are the rates posted on the Rask AI website:

  • Free: Up to 2000 words per month
  • Staff: $22.50/month - 20,000 words per month
  • Professional: $63/month - 60,000 words per month
  • Business: $180/month - 200,000 words per month
  • Customized: Beyond that, on request
tarifs de Rask AI

❤️ Our Take : Rask AI software is revolutionizing personalized audio. Her ability to transform her voice at will opens up endless possibilities, from podcasting to voice acting. Accessible to everyone in a few clicks! Simplicity sometimes comes at a cost in terms of quality. A fun and innovative tool, to be used sparingly to avoid the “cheap” effect.

👍 Pros : Easily change the pitch and intonation of your own voice

👎 Cons: Rendering quality varies depending on the settings applied

6. Highly customizable AI voices

accueil du générateur de voix off Resemble create human voices in seconds.

With, it's time for the ultimate customization of your AI voices. Adjust emotions, tones, and accents to get the perfect vocal rendition for your project. Speech synthesis has never been so accurate and natural!

Key Features

  • Extensive control of intonation and emotions conveyed
  • Unique combination of AI voices and human samples
  • Powerful and flexible APIs for developers
  • Creating voices for 3D avatars and animated characters
  • Compatibility with voice assistants such as Alexa and GPT models (GPT-3) then GPT-4)


  • Basic package: $0.006 per second of audio generated
  • Pro offer: tailor-made prices according to volumes
tarifs de Resemble

❤️ Our Take : The software pushes the boundaries of AI voice cloning. Impressive to reproduce an identical voice from any audio file, including intonations. All the art of deep learning! The only downside: a large volume of data is sometimes necessary. The ultimate tool to literally give voice to your projects.

👍 Pros : Create voiceovers and clone any voice from a few minutes of audio

👎 Cons : Need a lot of data for some accents/languages

7. ReadSpeaker: Instant and Cost-Effective AI Voices

readspeaker voice maker homepage

ReadSpeaker democratizes the use of synthetic voices for as many people as possible. Get quality audio narrations in a few clicks, at an unbeatable cost, perfect for enriching all your content!

Key Features

  • Large-scale, low-cost AI voice generation
  • Expanding the audience of the content creation.
  • Strengthening the personality and vocal identity of your brand
  • Saves time and money compared to traditional voice overs
  • Customizable voices to suit all your needs


  • Basic plan: $49/year
  • Full Offer: $89/year
prix de ReadSpeaker

❤️ Our Take : The ReadSpeaker software checks all the boxes in an accessible text-to-speech converter. Its ease of use and its low prices will appeal to content creators in a hurry. We regret the lack of naturalness of the voices and the limited catalog. Perfect for prototyping!

👍 Pros : Convert text to voice in a few clicks at a low price

👎 Cons: Perfectable sound quality, restricted voice choice

8. Lovo: AI voices for custom characters

site internet du générateur de voix off  Lovo

Lovo is the perfect platform to bring all your imaginary characters to life. From documentaries to audiobooks to animation, its cutting-edge technology generates hyper-realistic voices and helps creators around the world tell their stories.

Key Features

  • Library of over 180 AI voices in dozens of languages
  • Creation of tailor-made voices in a few clicks
  • Easy integration into creative software (LOVO Studio)
  • Endless possibilities of vocal styles and accents
  • High-quality text to speech
  • Voiceover API to automate workflows


  • Free version to test the platform
  • Basic plan: $24/month
  • Pro plan: $24/month
  • Pro+ offer: 75$/month
tarifs de Lovo

❤️ Our Take : The Lovo software is revolutionizing sound design with its AI voices. Character creation has never been more immersive! Model the personality of your avatars and create captivating worlds. Magical, once the grip is assured. Your imagination is the only limit!

👍 Pros : Bring your avatars to life with unique and immersive voices

👎 Cons: Learning curve to make the most of the possibilities

9. AI voice in all audio formats

page d'accueil du générateur de voix off blend some of the best synthetic voices with an online artificial intelligence voice generator that can create realistic voices for your audio needs.

With, generate realistic AI voices easily, directly online. Its library of over 900 voices in 140 languages and its varied download options make it ideal for content creators looking to stand out from the crowd.

Key Features

  • Generation of realistic AI voices for podcasts, videos, training...
  • Massive library of over 900 voices in 140 languages
  • Free preview before buying word credits
  • Integrations with the main creative tools and platforms
  • TTS API to convert text to audio files on the fly

Pricing offers these pricing plans:

  • Individual: $14.25/month
  • Professional: $29.25/month
  • Premium: $74.25/month
tarifs de

❤️ Critical review : The software makes life easier for creators of audio content. No more conversion headaches, the tool handles all common formats. Its voice catalog covers many languages, with varying quality. Practical and versatile.

👍 Pros : Export your creations in all formats, from MP3 to WAV

👎 Cons: Unequal voice patterns across languages

10. Listnr: Vocal AI designed for professionals

page d'accueil du générateur de voix off  Listnr is used by freelancers, agencies, and individual entrepreneurs to quickly generate realistic and human voice-overs for their audio needs. is the go-to solution for audio professionals looking to quickly generate realistic voiceovers. With its integrated editor, multi-platform player and podcast functions, it's a real Swiss Army knife for creators.

Key Features

  • Ultra-fast generation of AI voices for professional use
  • Integrated text editor before audio conversion
  • Audio player compatible with multiple platforms
  • Dedicated podcast features
  • Multilingual support for international projects


  • Free to test
  • Solo: $15/month
  • Startup: $30/month
  • Agency: 75$/month
tarifs de Listnr

❤️ Our Take : The software is designed for demanding audios. Its advanced AI synthesis and editing functions will delight sound engineers. Power that must be earned: be prepared to devote time and an XL budget to it. The ultimate, for sharp ears (and wallets).

👍 Pros : Includes advanced features (synthesis, noise reduction...)

👎 Cons: Prohibitive prices, requires large resources

11. Free and easy AI voices

site web du générateur de voix off  BigSpeak democratizes speech synthesis with its free and intuitive online tool. In a few clicks, get a realistic and personalized audio rendering, ideal for prototyping your projects or adding a vocal touch to your creations.

Key Features

  • Free speech synthesis up to 1000 characters
  • Adjusting the tone and personality of the voice
  • Inserting breaks and controlling the pace
  • SSML markup for a more natural look
  • Great for prototyping and small creative projects

Pricing offers these pricing plans:

  • Free: $0/month
  • Premium: $19/month - 14 day free trial
tarifs de BigSpeak

❤️ Our Take : Want to try AI speech synthesis? The software is made for you. Its simplicity and its free nature make it the perfect gateway. Don't expect miracles: the voices and functions are basic, with a sound tattoo as a bonus. Ideal for making your voice!

👍 Pros : Allows you to test AI speech synthesis without spending a cent

👎 Cons: Limited features and voices, watermark on MP3s

12. WellSaid Labs: The most human AI voices

page d'accueil du générateur de voix off  WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs pushes the boundaries of realism when it comes to speech synthesis. Thanks to its AI engine and its library of ultra-natural voices, it is becoming almost impossible to distinguish synthetic from human. Perfect for the most demanding audio projects

Key Features

  • Stunningly realistic AI speech synthesis
  • Library of hand-selected studio-quality voices
  • Control of emotions, emphasis, and intonation
  • Cleaning breathing and ambient noises
  • Integrations with the main audio editors (Adobe, Avid...)


  • Lite: 0$ - 1 voice and 15 min/month
  • Basic: $49/month - 2 voices and 100 min/month
  • Pro: $199/month - All voices and 500 min/month
  • Enterprise: On request with dedicated support
tarifs de WellSaid Labs

❤️ Our Take : This application once again pushes the limits of the natural. Its AI voices are amazing! Perfect for creating immersive audio. We would have liked more choice for accents and rare languages. The ultimate tool to say goodbye to robotic voices!

👍 Pros : Generates AI voices that are almost indistinguishable from real voices

👎 Cons: No support for rare languages/regional accents

What is an AI voice generator?

An AI voice generator is a revolutionary piece of software that uses artificial intelligence to create audio recordings of exceptional quality. Fast and economical, these solutions are ideal for businesses that want to produce professional voice content effortlessly.

With an AI voice generator, you can:

  • Generate realistic voices in multiple languages (text to speech)
  • Customize tone, rhythm, and intonation
  • Digitally clone your own voice for a unique rendering

Voice cloning is one of the most innovative features of this technology. Thanks to advanced machine learning algorithms, it is possible to faithfully recreate your tone and vocal inflections. Imagine being able to generate audio files in your image in a few clicks!

By adopting an AI voice generator, business leaders can dramatically simplify and accelerate their audio production. Whether for commercial or personal projects, this high-tech tool allows them to save precious time while obtaining professional results.

Key features of the best AI voice generators

AI voice generators have revolutionized the creation of audio content thanks to their advanced features.

To take full advantage of this technology, it is essential to choose a platform that offers key features that will optimize your experience and allow you to produce high-quality recordings in record time.

  • Multilingual support for an international reach
  • Fast speech synthesis to speed up your projects
  • Advanced adjustment parameters (pitch, intonation, speed, tone) for a natural and adapted rendering
  • Various download formats (MP3 for web, WAV for attachments) for versatile use

By opting for an AI voice generator that integrates these essential features, you will have a powerful and flexible tool for creating professional audio content. This technology will allow you to save valuable time while obtaining high-quality results, adapted to all your needs, from web pages to communications as attachments to your emails.

Use cases for AI voice generators

AI voice generators find numerous applications in our daily lives:

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) : Modern, AI-based IVR systems allow businesses to effectively greet customers and guide them through complex menus for an optimized user experience.
  • Audio books : Thanks to AI, creating a professional-quality audiobook is now within everyone's reach, whether you want to record your own story or that of another author.
  • Social networks : Businesses can use AI-based speech synthesis to generate audio versions of their posts, reaching a wider audience and increasing their visibility.
  • Video games : AI is revolutionizing dialogue in video games by allowing developers to create more realistic and immersive conversations between characters.
  • E-learning : AI voice generators can be used to create engaging online courses and training modules, providing a more interactive and accessible learning experience.
  • Movie dubbing : AI opens up new possibilities for movie dubbing, by making it possible to generate character or celebrity voices in a realistic and economical way.


At the end of this comparison of the best AI voice generators, one thing is certain: the future of audio creation will depend on artificial intelligence. With ever more impressive features and a breathtaking level of realism, these tools have the potential to revolutionize the way you produce voice content.

Whether you are a large company looking to automate its audio production or a creator wanting to bring its characters to life, you are bound to find something for you. The main thing is to clearly define your needs and your budget in order to choose the most suitable solution.

Don't wait any longer to test the potential of these technologies and get a head start on your competitors. The possibilities are endless, and that's just the start of the adventure.

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