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ElevenLabs : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)


ElevenLabs turns text into speech with realistic AI voices. The software offers advanced voice cloning

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What is ElevenLabs?

ElevenLabs is a advanced AI speech synthesis platform Who uses theartificial intelligence to create realistic voices from texts in multiple languages.

This cloning technology has applications in a variety of fields such as producing audio content for audiobooks, podcasts, advertisements, and even for bringing characters to life in video games and animations. Thanks to its state-of-the-art text-to-speech engine, ElevenLabs offers natural and expressive voices that can be customized to suit the specific needs of each project.

ElevenLabs is positioned as an innovative solution for content creators, publishers, and game developers, offering an efficient and flexible way to produce high-quality voice content.

ElevenLabs Features

ElevenLabs is presenting itself as a significant advance in the field of AI voice synthesis and speech transformation, exploiting the latest innovations in artificial intelligence.

Here is an in-depth analysis of its key features.

1. Text to Speech

site de ElevenLabs text to speech
ElevenLabs Voice AI software review - tts (text to speech)

ElevenLabs's text-to-speech conversion is remarkable for its ability to produce extremely realistic voices. This technology offers extensive customization, allowing the tone and rhythm to be adjusted to suit various needs.

This cloning tool is ideal for podcasts, social networks (X, FB, etc.), and audiobook narration. This feature makes written content accessible and engaging, although it requires careful selection to perfectly match the context.

2. Speech to Speech

site de ElevenLabs Voice changer growing business
ElevenLabs Voice AI software review

The technology of transforming speech from one voice to another is a technical feat that opens up innovative ways to dub and localize content presentation. ElevenLabs allows you to modify recorded vocal characteristics while maintaining the original expression. However, this revolutionary capacity must be handled with caution, considering the ethical implications of consent.

3. Projects

Project management on the ElevenLabs service simplifies the collaboration and organization of text-to-speech initiatives. This platform allows teams to work more efficiently, by centralizing the management of voice content. However, it requires clear project planning to fully exploit its potential for streamlining the workflow.

4. Dubbing (Dubbing)

The automatic dubbing of this tool transforms the localization of video content, making this process faster and more economical with this tool.

ElevenLabs accelerates the availability of content in various languages without compromising the authenticity of the original performance. The quality of voice acting, including lip sync, is critical to maintaining a consistent user experience.

5. API

speech synthesis API
ElevenLabs Voice AI software review

The ElevenLabs technology API is a boon for developers who want to integrate advanced text-to-speech capabilities into their applications. It offers high flexibility and customization, supported by comprehensive documentation.

The success of this integration is based on the technical competence and the clarity of the resources provided for the cloning of businesses and individuals.

6. Languages

langues disponibles sur le site de ElevenLabs
ElevenLabs Voice AI software review - languages

With support for multiple languages, ElevenLabs technology breaks language barriers, allowing for the presentation and creation of global voice content. This linguistic diversity opens up audio content to an international audience. Precise language and voice selection is crucial for audience authenticity and engagement.

7. Voice cloning

The voice cloning of this tool offers extreme personalization of voice content, but raises important ethical questions.

ElevenLabs navigates this innovative territory with technology capable of faithfully reproducing an existing voice.

Ethical and responsible use is imperative, especially with regard to consent and the development of these technologies.

8. Voice library

The ElevenLabs voice library provides a vast selection for all voice content needs. With a wide range of tones, accents, and languages, users can choose the voice that best fits their project. Choosing an appropriate voice wisely is crucial for the effectiveness of the message.

In conclusion, ElevenLabs stands out for its innovative text-to-speech capabilities, promising to enrich the creation, development and localization of audio content.

These tools offer significant benefits for a variety of applications, although their use should be guided by technical, ethical, and practical considerations to maximize their potential while adhering to responsible standards.


Here is a detailed overview of the rates and services available for individuals and businesses:

Tarifs de ElevenLabs
ElevenLabs Voice AI software review

Alternatives to ElevenLabs

If you're looking for alternatives to ElevenLabs for text-to-speech, here are three relevant options that offer similar text-based voice generation capabilities:

1. Murf AI

accueil de Murf AI voice cloning
Murf AI review

Murf AI is an AI voice studio platform that offers an all-in-one solution for creating studio-quality voiceovers from text. It is intended for professionals and content creators who want high voice quality and flexibility in audio production.


  • AI voice library : Broad selection of AI voices in various languages and accents.
  • Integrated editing studio : Edit generated speech for precise control of timing and intonation.
  • Background music integration : Easily add background music to your vocal productions.


  • Subscription-based model : this tool offers plans starting at $19/month, with options for more advanced business needs.

Murf stands out for its superior voice quality and built-in editing tools, making it a robust option for professional users looking to produce voice content for commercial or educational applications. Compared to ElevenLabs, Murf can provide a better experience for those who need advanced audio editing features in addition to text-to-speech.

READ MORE >> Try Murf AI now

2. Descript

accueil de Descript
Avis Descript

Descript is an all-in-one platform for audio and video editing that includes advanced text-to-speech capabilities. It allows users to easily create voiceovers from text and edit audio recordings as if they were a text document.


  • Overdub : Create a synthetic voice from your own voice to correct or add text to your recordings without needing to re-record.
  • Multimedia publishing : Combine audio, video, and text-based voice editing in an intuitive interface.
  • Automatic transcription : Automatically convert audio to text for easy editing.


  • Freemium model : This tool offers a free basic plan with limited features and paid plans that start at $12/month, adding more features and capacity.

Descript stands out for its comprehensive suite of multimedia editing tools, with speech synthesis as one of its many features. It is a great alternative to ElevenLabs for those looking not only to generate speech from text but also to edit audio and video recordings extensively.

3. Speechelo

accueil de Speechelo
Speechelo review

Speechelo is a text-to-speech software that promises to transform any text into natural speech. It is designed to offer a wide variety of voices and languages, making voice generation from text accessible to a broad audience.


  • Natural voices : Offers male and female voices in several languages, with realistic intonations.
  • Reading mode : Options for reading text in happy, normal, or sad mode to adapt to the context of the content.
  • Ease of use : Simple interface to quickly convert text to speech.


  • Single purchase : Speechelo is available through a one-time payment rather than a subscription, with an announced cost of $47 for standard access.

Speechelo focuses on ease of use and accessibility, offering a simple solution for those who need to convert text to speech with minimal effort. Although it does not offer the same range of editing tools as Descript, it is a valid alternative to ElevenLabs for projects that only require text-to-speech.

Final Review

ElevenLabs is distinguished by its innovative text-to-speech capabilities, promising to revolutionize the creation of audio content. The platform, capable of generating realistic voices from texts, opens up varied possibilities ranging from audiovisual production to voice personalization.

However, the ethical issues associated with the use of synthetic voices that are almost indistinguishable from real voices are significant, raising questions about the authenticity and security of the content.

Despite its intuitive interface, ElevenLabs could benefit from more advanced customization options to meet the specific needs of professionals. The diversity of voices and the multi-lingual support remain essential for its global expansion.

In summary, ElevenLabs offers considerable potential to innovate in the vocal field, provided that technical and ethical challenges are carefully navigated. Its success will depend on its technical evolution and its ability to address these challenges in a responsible manner.

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