7 Highly Paying Affiliate Programs (2024)

From the program's commission structure to its products and services, the best high value-added affiliate programs can help you reach your goals.
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Choosing the right affiliate program with high added value is vitally important for your business.

From the program's commission structure to its products and services, the best high value-added affiliate programs can help you reach your goals. In this guide, I've ranked and reviewed the top 7 high-value affiliate programs, so you can choose the one that's best for you.

I still remember the time when I connected to various affiliate sites that I promoted, refreshed their statistics pages, and looked forward to the first affiliate sales notification.

At first, it seemed that this moment would never come.

Creating content, building links, and optimizing my site for conversions felt like an uphill, never-ending battle.

Fortunately, things have changed for the better.

After a lot of trial and error, I started to see results.

Seeing these charts light up with affiliate sales is always an amazing feeling.

But what's even better is when these sales involve affiliate programs.

Not only do you get that initial feeling of excitement, but you also know that you will receive a much higher return than if you had sold a product for less.

For many (including myself), it was a powerful motivation to keep going and sell even more.

In this post, I'm going to share with you the best high value-added affiliate programs that I think have huge potential.

By promoting these products, you can earn significant commissions and ensure that your business of affiliate marketing go in the right direction.

Let's get to the heart of the matter.

What are the best high value affiliate marketing programs?

If you're looking for the best high value-added affiliate program to join, you'll want to consider the following options.

1. Shopify.

The best for the e-commerce audience.

accueil shopify

Shopify is well known to new and experienced entrepreneurs looking to start their own online store.

The great thing about Shopify is that it takes care of all the technical aspects of setting up and managing your e-commerce store, so you can focus on digital marketing and selling your products.

Whether you want to build your brand from scratch or grow your business, Shopify has the tools and features you need to succeed.

As an affiliate, this platform provides you with everything you need to get started, including creative assets with high conversion rates and a generous payment structure.

It doesn't matter if you're a content creator, an educator, or an influencer, Shopify has an exceptional affiliate program that follows your site visitors for 30 days.

It also means that someone needs to sign up for the free 14-day trial within that period for you to get the credit when they switch to one of Shopify's paid programs.

Affiliates can earn $100 in commissions for each registration they get.

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  • The Shopify affiliate program uses a 30-day tracking cookie, which is an ideal time for someone to sign up for a free trial.
  • I like the fixed affiliate commission of $100 per signup, which can add up quickly.
  • Payments are made either every two weeks or when a certain amount of commissions is reached.
Get started with Shopify for free.

2. Teachable.

The best for online course creators.

accueil  teachable

Teachable is a platform that allows anyone to create and sell online courses.

It is an ideal solution for experts and opinion leaders who want to share their knowledge with the world in a structured and organized manner.

Teachable makes it easy to set up your course without having to worry about technical details.

Affiliates who promote Teachable can earn up to 30% lifetime commission on all sales generated.

A 90-day cookie term gives you an excellent opportunity to earn passive income through your referrals.

With members paying monthly to keep their courses active, affiliate commissions will add up quickly and provide you with an attractive recurring revenue stream.

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  • Send traffic once and earn money as users pay for their membership.
  • I like how their payment and tracking system works, which ensures the reliability of getting credit for every sale you generate.
  • Robust campaign reports give you insight into how your campaign is performing.
  • When it comes to the platform itself, I've always had good experiences with it, and it's a platform that your audience will love, backed by a brand they can trust.
Get started with Teachable for free.

3. HubSpot.

The best for marketing solutions

accueil  hubspot

HubSpot is a comprehensive marketing tool that provides users with everything they need to grow their business.

HubSpot is a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs, ranging from creating and hosting websites to customer relationship management, email marketing, and sales automation.

This comprehensive approach sets HubSpot apart from other marketing platforms and is one of the main reasons why it's popular with small businesses.

HubSpot's plans start at $50 per month, with some options costing over $3,000.

It's also not uncommon for customers to buy more than one HubSpot product.

As an affiliate, this is great news, as there is no cap on the amount of commission you can earn per sale.

The more expensive the products purchased by your friend, the higher your commission will be.

As for the commissions themselves, you can opt for a monthly commission of 15% for up to one year or get paid 100% on the first month of a customer's earnings.

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  • With an average payout of $276, you have the potential to earn nice commissions with HubSpot.
  • You also have the option of choosing between the recurring rate program and the fixed rate program. I appreciate that this freedom of choice gives you some flexibility in how you want to be paid.
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4. Cloudways.

The best for web hosting solutions.

accueil  cloudways

Cloudways provides WordPress hosting, web hosting services, and cloud-based solutions for businesses of all sizes.

This flexibility is one reason Cloudways is so popular among small and large businesses.

With a target audience made up of various businesses that rely on web hosting to operate, Cloudways provides a service that is in constant and high demand.

They also offer some of the best affiliate commissions in the industry.

As with HubSpot, you have the choice between two methods of remuneration.

You can use a slab model to earn yield-based commissions of up to $125 per sale.

If you make regular sales, you can also benefit from their bonus campaigns.

It's an asset for bloggers, media editors, and performance marketers.

There is also the hybrid affiliate model, where your lifetime commissions consist of $30 per sale + 7% of the customer's monthly bill.

For freelancers, developers, and various types of agencies, this could be a better way forward.

Affiliates also benefit from dedicated account managers and access to promotional tools and materials.

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  • Instant commissions help you maximize your earning potential.
  • Again, the flexibility of the models allows you to choose your compensation method based on what works best for you, which is a great characteristic of an affiliate program.
  • The “Double Your Earnings” campaign is great for those who want regular sales.
  • Finally, lifetime commissions are a great way to earn long-term income from a single customer.
Get started with Cloudways for free

5. ClickFunnels.

The best for marketing funnels.

accueil  clickfunnels

If you've been in the online space for a while, you've probably heard of ClickFunnels.

This platform provides users with everything they need to create and manage high-converting sales funnels.

They also offer a wide range of other marketing tools, such as landing page builders and email autoresponders, as part of their more expensive plans.

With such a comprehensive platform, it's no wonder ClickFunnels is so widespread in the online space.

One of the reasons this platform has grown so rapidly is because of its generous affiliate program.

With the Clickfunnels affiliate program offering commissions ranging from 20% to 40% depending on the type of product sold, the number of sales made, and other factors, there are plenty of opportunities to earn significant revenue.

With members paying between $997 (annual subscription) and $2,997, and up to $29,964 for various more expensive programs, imagine what you could earn in commissions by referring just a few customers.

Additionally, their front-end product offerings tend to generate additional sales through upsales and high-conversion buying incentives.

The platform also offers physical goods as rewards for affiliates, with some of them even being able to give their best affiliates access to the car of their dreams.

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  • Their online affiliate community is unparalleled and answers any questions you may have.
  • The Clickfunnels dashboard makes it easy for you to track your affiliate earnings and payments.
  • Finally, the training you can get from Clickfunnels is invaluable and will help you promote the affiliate program.
Get started with ClickFunnels for free

6. Fiverr.

The best for providing online services.

accueil  fiverr

Fiverr was once an online marketplace that allowed freelancers to offer their services for only 5 dollars.

As you can imagine, this has made it extremely popular with businesses and individuals looking to get quality work at a reasonable price.

While the original name has been retained, Fiverr has now expanded its services to offer more than $5 gigs.

In fact, this website is now one of the largest online freelancing platforms, with over 5.5 million people using the platform to find the right freelancer for the job.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to $150 per sale, depending on the price of the Fiverr service you recommend.

With major brands like P&G, Netflix, and L'Oréal working with Fiverr, it's easy to see why this platform is so popular (and likely will continue to be) and why investing resources in promoting various Fiverr services could be a very lucrative business.

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  • The Fiverr affiliate program is extremely generous, with some of the highest rewards in the market.
  • The signup process isn't long, so you can start your promotions right away.
  • I like the fact that you get paid for every first-time buyer, no matter when they buy.
  • Professional support allows you to never be left in the dark about your affiliate account or earnings.
Get started with Fiverr for free

7. Thinkific.

The best for teaching entrepreneurs.

accueil  thinkific

Thinkific is an online course platform that helps business owners create, market, and sell their courses.

With comprehensive support, from design to marketing, Thinkific makes it easy for anyone to create and launch a profitable online course.

And with the potential to earn up to $1,700 per referral per year, their affiliate program is one of the best in this niche.

As an affiliate, you can create a personalized link that your audience can use to sign up for the Thinkific platform.

You can also offer a free 1-month trial of Thinkific Pro through your affiliate dashboard to anyone who uses your link.

This can dramatically increase conversions and earnings, allowing your audience to test the Thinkific platform before making a purchase.

Managed by PartnerStack, their affiliate program offers a 30% lifetime commission and is ideal for people with a blog or website related to online courses, online learning, or entrepreneurship.

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  • A 30% recurring lifetime commission on all monthly or annual payments means you'll continue to earn money each time your referral renews their subscription.
  • With a 90-day period for cookies, you have a long window of opportunity to earn a commission on any sale.
  • It's a good thing that they offer creative and promotional content ready to use, so you don't have to spend hours creating custom graphics for your promotions.
Get started with Thinkific for free

You may also be interested in other high value-added affiliate programs, including Amazon Affiliates, Semrush, WP Engine, and Kinsta.

What are high-paying affiliate programs?

High-paying affiliate programs allow affiliate marketers to earn more money from their promotions than other programs.

While most affiliate programs only pay a small percentage of the sales price, high value-added affiliate programs can pay four-digit commissions per sale (or more in some cases).

An online business that can appropriately promote affiliate links Matching the right audience to the right product can make a lot more money through this type of affiliate marketing.

Of course, not all high value-added affiliate programs are created equal.

To promote these products successfully, you need to ensure that you are working with a company that has a reputation for converting prospects into customers.

You also need to make sure that you're promoting products that provide value and help solve a problem for your audience.

Characteristics of paid affiliate products

As I mentioned before, not all affiliate products are created the same way.

Whether they are beginners or more advanced users, it is always useful to identify the characteristics that make the chosen program the right one.

1. Commission rate

A high commission structure can make or break an affiliate program.

If an affiliate program has a low commission rate, it may not be worth promoting it.

On the other hand, promoting the right affiliate program with a high commission rate can earn you a lot of money very quickly.

2. A product that matches your audience

If you have a list of e-commerce customers, you won't make a lot of money promoting a B2B product.

Making money online with the right affiliate program comes down to matching the products you promote with the people who can use them the most.

3. Additional sales that accompany the product.

If you want to make even more money with an affiliate program, look for programs that offer up and down sales.

In terms of commission, upward and downward sales increase your commission rate on a given sale and help the buyer get better solutions.

4. Specific promotional channels allowed

Whether it's using search engine optimization (SEO), sending organic traffic to the product sales page, or using paid media as a way to get clicks on that page, there are several ways to promote a product as part of your affiliate marketing business.

While many affiliate programs will accept any traffic you send (as long as the clicks are good), others are against specific traffic sources.

For example, social media traffic isn't always an option for promoting an affiliate offer.

5. Average commission rate

Knowing what other affiliates earn in terms of commissions can help you understand if an affiliate program is worth promoting in the first place.

This average commission rate should be one of the first things you look at when choosing the highest paying affiliate programs you can opt for.

This will give you an idea of what you can expect in terms of revenue.

6. High conversion rate

If a program offers high commission rates but it takes tons of clicks to make a single sale, it might not be the best option to choose.

Making fewer sales with a high commission could earn you less money than if you made more sales with a lower commission.

When comparing a low-cost affiliate program to a higher-cost affiliate program, you should also consider the conversion rate.

Reviewing an affiliate network dashboard (some programs like CJ Affiliates or Shareasale make it easier than others) will help you understand this critical metric, what it means for your business, and the number of clicks you need to send to an offer to earn a commission.

7. One-time pay Vs. Recurring

High-value affiliate marketers like to promote products that offer recurring commissions.

One of the best affiliate marketing tactics is finding high-paying affiliate programs that pay you well from the first sale and every time the customer makes further purchases.

On the high end, that can translate into thousands of dollars in passive income every month.


As an affiliate marketer, choosing the highest paying affiliate programs can mean the difference between a successful affiliate marketing campaign and one that fails to generate a substantial amount of revenue.

While there's a time and place for low-cost affiliate marketing, if you can focus on high-paying items, you're likely to see a significant increase in earnings.

Then, providing quality and valuable content to the right target audience is one of the best ways to become the highest-paid affiliate marketer, regardless of what program you join.

Finally, feel free to contact the affiliate manager (or the platform itself) if you encounter problems.

The main task of a dedicated affiliate manager is to ensure that all affiliates are satisfied and generate sales.

To find out more: The creating a blog and affiliate marketing go hand in hand.

Since your blog can serve as a valuable marketing channel, you can not only provide useful content that connects with your readers, but also use it as a way to send them to specific high value-added programs that can help them even more.

Additionally, promoting the right affiliate marketing program can be one of the best ways to make money on YouTube.

Thanks to the ability to connect with a target audience and visually show them the products that interest them, YouTube offers a unique opportunity to generate revenue through this type of marketing.

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