Skyrocket Your Ad ROI 📈 with AI-Powered Creatives in Record Time ⏱️🤖

Learn how is revolutionizing ad creation with AI to optimize your campaigns across devices.

Skyrocket Your Ad ROI 📈 with AI-Powered Creatives in Record Time ⏱️🤖
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Are you tired of spend hours creating ads without being sure of their impact ?

What if Artificial Intelligence could revolutionize the way you design high-performance advertising campaigns, regardless of the platform?

That's exactly what offers, and believe me, it's a game changer!

key figures adcreative

With this tool, you will be able to generate visuals and texts that capture attention for your ads in the blink of an eye, without competence particular.

The secret? Machine learning algorithms that analyze millions of data to design ads for your audience and your goals.

So, ready to find out how AdCreative is doing boost the ROI of ALL your campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, Display...)?

Let's get started.

Benefits of AI for Advertising

Before diving into the details of how it works, let's summarize the benefits of creating ads assisted by AI:

  1. You generate powerful ads at the speed of light
  2. The AI recommends the best elements to engage your audience with a trust score
  3. Machine learning constantly optimizes your results by analyzing performance data
  4. You broadcast your creations on ALL supports and formats from a single interface
linkedin ads adcreative

Step-by-Step Guide

1. Account Registration and Setup

First essential step: create an AdCreative account and set up the elements that make up your brand.

Take the opportunity to test and generate your first elements FREE for 7 days.

sign up adcreative
  1. Go to the site, click on”Try for free now“and fill out the registration form
  2. Verify your account by clicking on the link received by email (or use email registration to save time)
  3. Once connected, go to”Brand Setup“to add a new brand
  4. To go faster, enter the URL of your website (”Import from Website“) and let the tool handle all of this step for you
  5. If you did not do the above step, fill in your company name, business, colors, and logo
Import from Website adcreative

This information will allow AdCreative's AI to generate visuals that respect your branding on all supports.

2. Define Advertising Objectives

Now it's time for the strategic part: On which platform will you promote your brand?

Choose from the list presented by AdCreative to get started in a few clicks.

generate ads by adscreative

To fill it in:

  1. Click on “Generate” in the left menu
  2. Select your format from the choices offered
  3. In the example above:”Ad Creatives

Do not hesitate to challenge your formats and get out of your comfort zone at this stage.

AI can suggest format combinations that you may not have thought of!

3. Choosing the Ad Format

The first step is to choose the size and format of your visuals according to the platform where you are going to broadcast. AdCreative offers the most common dimensions for each support.

Select the format for your adcreative creations

Social Media Formats

  • Square post: 1080x1080
  • Landscape: 1200x628
  • Story: 1080x1920
  • Portrait: 1080x1350
  • Pine: 1000x1500

Display formats

  • Medium banner: 300x250
  • Horizontal banner: 728x90
  • Half Page: 300x600
  • Mega Banner: 970x90

Tip: if you plan to broadcast on several advertising networks, create all the necessary formats from the start To save time.

4. Creating Effective Hooks

We are now attacking one of the most crucial and generally time-consuming parts of getting your message across.

Here, AdCreative offers you two options.

Option 1: Let the AI Generate Suggestions

If you lack inspiration, let AdCreative's artificial intelligence offer you hooks adapted to your product and your target. For this:

  1. Enter a URL to a landing page, e-commerce page, etc...
  2. Validate and discover the suggestions generated by the AI!
  3. Click on”Generate texts with AI
generate texts with ai adcreative

As a result, you get attention-grabbing and persuasive text hooks that are persuasive without bothering you.

Option 2: Do the CopyWriting yourself

You can also let your creativity run wild and write your advertising texts yourself.

AdCreative gives you some tips for developing powerful messages:

  • Be concise and direct: Internet users don't have time, you only have a few seconds to capture their attention
  • Highlight your unique value proposition: what is the key benefit of your product?
  • Create a sense of urgency: limited-time and limited-quantity offers boost conversions
  • Slip in a strong call to action: “I'm enjoying it”, “I'm booking”, “I'm registering”...

Write 3 to 4 text variants using these best practices.

You will then be able to test them and Identify the most efficient.

5. Captivating Image Selection

Once your format is defined, it's time for visual selection!

AdCreative offers you a library of royally visuals to dress up your creations.

get background image adcreative

You can also upload your own images or photos If You Want a More Personalized Look. In this case, remember to respect the dimensions chosen previously.

For maximum impact, choose a strong and meaningful image that immediately captures attention.

Feel free to test different atmospheres and styles to find the one that speaks best to your audience.

6. Finalizing and Uploading Ads

If you like the generation of your ad, it's time to download it so you can use it.

All items are Ranked in order of performance potential (conversion score)

download ads on adcreative
  1. Click on”Download ⬇“At the bottom of each image
  2. Validate and recover your file

And that's it, your ad is ready to be broadcast on the platform of your choice.

All you have to do is import it into your campaign and set it up for maximum impact.

Feel free to use this process to generate several variants and test them.

That's how you'll find the Magic combination that makes the ROI of your ads explode.

exemple adcreative meta ads
Example in Meta Ads


You Now Have a Complete Method for Designing Highly Effective Ads with AdCreative.

Thanks to its artificial intelligence features and templates, creating visuals that attract attention has never been easier and faster.

So go ahead and experiment with all this on your next campaigns. Who knows, your flagship ad of tomorrow may be hidden in this tutorial!

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