Write SEO-Friendly Content ✍️ at Lightning Speed with AI 🔝

Learn how to generate unique and optimized articles for Google with Surfer AI. This guide will allow you to create effective content and improve your online visibility.

Write SEO-Friendly Content ✍️ at Lightning Speed with AI 🔝
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Welcome to this detailed guide to using Surfer AI to quickly create content that's optimized for search engines.

Whether you are a writer for a large company or manage your own website, publishing quality content on a regular basis is essential to the success of your SEO-based content marketing strategy.

However, producing this type of content on a large scale can be difficult and time-consuming, especially if you don't have a large editorial team.

That's where Surfer AI comes in, an innovative tool that will revolutionize the way you create articles optimized for SEO, comes in.

In this beginner's guide, you'll learn step-by-step how to use Surfer AI to generate quality articles in minutes that can rank in search engine results and attract organic traffic to your site.

What is Surfer AI?

Surfer AI is a text generation software that uses natural language processing to write comprehensive, optimized articles for search engines in 8 languages.

Langues disponibles sur Surfer SEO
Available languages

It works simply: you provide it with an outline and a main topic, and Surfer AI analyzes the top-ranking pages on that topic to produce an article that matches Google's ranking criteria.

Concretely, Surfer AI acts as a virtual editor assistant capable of providing you with one Record time for content optimized for SEO.

Over a coffee, you get a quality article ready to be published on your site.

score de contenu sur Surfer SEO
Content score on Surfer SEO

Step-by-Step Guide to Using Surfer SEO

Now that you know what Surfer AI is and who it's for, let's take a closer look at how to use it to create your SEO-optimized articles.

Step 1: Select a Target Market

Recherche automatique de mots clés avec Surfer SEO
Automatic keyword research with Surfer SEO
Écriture automatique avec l'IA sur Surfer SEO
Automatic writing with AI on Surfer SEO

The first step is to tell Surfer AI the country for which you want to optimize your article and the keywords.

Surfing SEO allows you to automatically find keywords based on your country, competitors, data from your Google Search Console or the keywords you selected manually.

This is important because ranking criteria can vary from country to country for the same keyword.

By specifying your target market, you allow Surfer AI to analyze the right competitors to produce perfectly adapted content.

recherche avec paramètres sur Surfer SEO
Search with parameters on Surfer SEO

Step 2: Choose the Tone of the Article

Choix du ton sur Surfer SEO
Choosing the tone on Surfer SEO

Surfing AI allows you to choose the tone in which your article will be written.

This way, you can ensure that the content generated will match your brand personality and editorial guidelines. This option allows you to maintain consistency across all of your content, even when it's generated by AI.

Step 3: Edit the Item Outline

Article outlines are essential for structuring your content and covering all the important points related to your topic.

With Surfer AI, you can edit the outline generated by the tool to refine the content according to your specific needs.

Feel free to add, remove, or edit sections to guide Surfer AI in the right direction.

Step 4: Select Competitors

Sélection des concurrents sur Surfer SEO
Selection of competitors on Surfer SEO

To produce an article that is optimized for SEO, Surfer AI analyzes the pages that rank best on search engines for your main keyword.

The tool suggests relevant competitors, but you can also select them manually to obtain content that is even more specific and adapted to your niche.

Step 5: Generate the Draft

Once you have defined all the parameters, Surfer AI can get to work and generate a first complete draft of your article.

Générer le Brouillon du plan
Generate the Draft

Depending on the length and complexity of the content, this may take a few minutes.

You'll get a notification when the draft is complete.

Step 6: Review, Refine, and Verify Content Uniqueness

Even though Surfer AI does a great job, it's still important to review the generated content carefully and make sure it's unique. Here are the sub-steps to follow:

6.1 Review and Correct Content

densité de mots clés surfer SEO
Keyword density on Surfer SEO

Go through the article in detail to check the following:

  • Information is accurate and up to date
  • The tone matches your brand and target audience
  • The structure is logical and fluid
  • There are no grammatical, spelling, or syntax errors
  • Use Surfer SEO's keyword addition tool

Feel free to make changes directly in Surfer AI to fine-tune the content according to your needs.

6.2 Verify Uniqueness with the Integrated Surfer AI Tool

Once you are happy with the quality of your article, use the plagiarism check feature built into Surfer AI to ensure that your content is unique.

Here's how to do it:

  1. In the Surfer AI content editor, click on the “Plagiarism Check” button
  2. Surfer AI will analyze your article and compare it to billions of web pages
  3. Once the analysis is complete, Surfer AI will give you a percentage uniqueness score
  4. If similar passages are detected, they will be highlighted in your article with a link to the source

6.3 Make the Necessary Changes

If Surfer AI detects passages similar to existing content, don't worry.

Here's what you can do:

  • Identify problem areas and rephrase them in your own words
  • Add more original content based on your expertise and unique perspective
  • Cite your sources correctly if you have included information from other sites

Once you've made these changes, run a plagiarism check again on Surfer AI to make sure your content is now unique.

Once this stage of proofreading and verifying uniqueness is complete, you can safely move on to publishing your article, knowing that it is of high quality and unique.

Step 7: Publish the Article on your Site

Now that your article is ready, all you have to do is publish it on your site.

Surfer AI makes it easy for you by offering you to export the content in HTML format or to copy it directly to paste it into your CMS. In my case, I just have to click on Publish on Webflow

publier sur webflow

You can also add images, internal and external links, and any other finishing touches before publishing.

What makes Surfer AI unique

You might be wondering what makes Surfer AI different from other AI-assisted writing tools.

Here are some of the main benefits of Surfer AI:

  • Creating complete articles : Where most tools just generate paragraphs or portions of articles, Surfer AI can produce entire articles from A to Z based on your instructions.
  • Integrated SEO optimization : Thanks to its thorough analysis of the top-ranking pages, Surfer AI is able to generate SEO-optimized content without additional effort on your part.
  • High quality content : Based on the GPT language model in its most advanced version, Surfer AI produces texts of high editorial quality with a minimum of repetition.
  • Respect for research intent : Surfing AI doesn't just generate text full of keywords. It aims to produce content that really meets the expectations of Internet users when they type a query on Google. This is the key to creating articles that will rank permanently on the first page.


You now have all the information you need to use Surfer AI and create articles that are optimized for SEO in a few minutes.

By following the steps detailed in this guide, you'll be able to generate quality content at scale, without the need for a team of writers. Surfing AI will save you valuable time while helping you reach your SEO goals and attract more organic traffic to your site.

Don't wait any longer to test Surfer AI and see for yourself how this tool can transform your content marketing strategy!

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