Ultimate Guide to Getting Max Leads 💸 Facebook Pro with ManyChat 🎯

This detailed guide will show you how to use ManyChat to capture leads on Facebook and Instagram using a keyword to send a lead magnet.

Ultimate Guide to Getting Max Leads 💸 Facebook Pro with ManyChat 🎯
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This detailed guide will show you how to use ManyChat to capture leads on Facebook using a keyword to send a lead magnet. Follow these steps to set up your lead generation campaign.

Step-by-Step Steps to Automate Lead Management

1. ManyChat Setup

Accueil de ManyChat
  • Registration and login : Visit the ManyChat site and create an account. Connect this account to your Facebook page
  • Access to the Dashboard : Once logged in, you will be directed to the ManyChat dashboard.

2. Creating a Keyword

Automatisation mot clé sous ManyChat
  • Navigation : In ManyChat, go to “Automation” then click on “Keywords”.
  • Add a new keyword : Click on “+ New Keyword”. Enter the selected keyword, for example “GROWTH.”
  • Response Setup : Set up ManyChat to respond automatically when someone uses this keyword.

3. Preparing the Lead Magnet

  • Content creation : Prepare your lead magnet, such as a PDF guide on “The Secrets of Digital Marketing” or simply the link to one of your web pages
  • File Hosting : Host the file on your website or a file sharing platform like Google Drive and copy the URL.

4. Use a link shortener

The use of a link shortener can greatly improve the effectiveness of your campaigns by ensuring the compatibility of links on different devices and platforms. Here's how to do it:

If the link goes to a resource on Facebook

Accueil de URLgenius
  • Compatibility problem : Links may not work properly on all devices, affecting conversions.
  • Solution with UrlGenius : Use UrlGenius to create smart links that take users to the right URL, based on their device and platform.
  • Link creation : Go to UrlGenius, create an account if necessary, and use the tool to generate an intelligent link that redirects users correctly.
  • Deployment : Integrate this link into your paid campaigns, especially if you're targeting different devices, to maximize ROI.
Generation des liens multiplateformes sous  URLgenius
Insertion des pixels de suivi dans Url Genius

If the link goes to an external resource

Analytiques de Rebrandly

  • Performance monitoring : For external links, it is crucial to monitor performance to optimize your campaigns.
  • Using Rebrandly : Rebrandly is a link shortener that allows you to add UTM parameters for accurate tracking.
  • Shortcut link creation : Go to Rebrandly, create an account if needed, and start shortening your links while adding UTMs.
  • Data analysis : Use the data collected to identify the most effective links and adjust your campaigns accordingly.

By integrating these steps into your lead generation strategy, you ensure a better user experience by redirecting each person to the right URL, while collecting valuable data to optimize your campaigns.

5. Automatic Response Setup

  • Creating a Flow : In ManyChat, create a new flow by clicking on “Flows” then “New Flow”.
  • Message Setup : Set up the automatic response message to include your lead magnet.
  • Response in Commentary : “Thanks for joining us! Your link is coming. 💌”
  • Direct message (DM)

Interface des automatisations ManyChat

6. Publishing the keyword on Facebook

Post CTA sur Facebook
  • Creating Publications : Create engaging posts on Facebook that encourage users to DM the keyword.
  • Publication example : “Do you want to discover the secrets of growth? Send us the keyword 'GROWTH' in a private message and receive our exclusive guide! 🚀”

7. Boost Publishing to Maximize Interactions

  • Booster Publication Selection : Choose the post that contains the call to action encouraging users to send the keyword to receive the lead magnet.
  • Access to Meta Business Suite : Log in to Meta Business Suite and navigate to your associated Facebook page.

Boost Publishing :

Click on the post you want to boost.

Select the “Boost Publishing” option.

  • Define Audience : Choose a target audience based on demographics, interests, and behaviors relevant to your lead magnet.
  • Budget and Duration : Define your budget and the length of time you want the promotion to be active.
  • Launch of the Campaign : Review all the details and launch your promotional campaign.
Interface de Facebook Ads

8. Invite Followers to Follow Your Page

  • Identifying Engaged Users : Use Meta Business Suite to identify users who liked your post but didn't leave a comment.

Sending Invitations to Follow :

  1. In Meta Business Suite, navigate to interactions on your boosted post.
  2. Next to the names of users who liked the post, you'll see an option to invite them to follow your page if you haven't already.
  3. Select “Invite” next to each name to send an invitation to follow your page.
Invitation de nouveaux followers dans Meta

These additional steps will help you maximize the reach of your campaign and engage more users who showed initial interest. By strategically boosting your post and actively inviting users to follow your page, you increase the chances of converting those users into qualified leads in the future.

9. Monitoring and Analysis

Analytiques URL Genius
  • Performance Analysis : Use ManyChat's analytics tools to track the engagement and effectiveness of your campaign.
  • Adjustments : Adjust your strategy based on the data collected to continuously improve lead generation.

10. Optimizing Facebook Ads Campaigns with ChatGPT

Data Preparation

Export Facebook Ads button

Exporting Campaign Data : Export the performance data of your Facebook Ads campaigns in CSV format from the Facebook Ads Manager. Be sure to include columns for Impressions, Clicks, CPC (Cost per Click), and Conversions.

Export Facebook Ads settings

Preliminary analysis : Open the CSV file with a spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheets) for preliminary analysis. Identify the campaigns, ad sets, or individual ads with the best and worst performances based on the criteria selected.

Question Formulation for ChatGPT

Determining Optimization Objectives : Clearly define what you want to improve in your campaigns (for example, reducing CPC, increasing conversions).

Formulation of questions : Formulate specific questions for GPT chat based on your optimization goals. For example:

  • “How can I reduce the CPC for a campaign with a lead generation objective?”
  • “What strategies can I use to increase the conversion rate for ads that target 25-34 year olds?”

ChatGPT consultation

ChatGPT import CSV Facebook Ads

  • Interacting with ChatGPT : Share specific insights extracted from your CSV file with ChatGPT by asking your formulated questions. For example, you could mention that certain hours of the day have a higher CPC and ask for strategies to adjust bids according to the time of day.
  • Application of the Tips : Use the tips and recommendations provided by ChatGPT to adjust your campaigns. This may include adjustments to targeting, budget, bids, or ad content.

Test and Iteration

  • Applying Optimizations : Apply suggested optimizations to your Facebook Ads campaigns.
  • Performance monitoring : Continue to monitor the performance of your campaigns after adjustments have been made to measure impact.
  • Iteration : Repeat the analysis and consultation process with ChatGPT for ongoing optimizations based on new performance data.

By following this approach, you can use insights extracted from CSV files to ask ChatGPT specific questions and get tips for optimizing your Facebook Ads campaigns.

Prompt to copy and paste

Facebook Ads Data Analysis Expert

: Analysis of export data for Facebook Ads campaigns for a digital marketing expert specialized in artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship, aimed at optimizing the performance of campaigns on French-speaking markets.
: Provide clear and actionable insights based on the following data: Impressions, Clicks, CPCs, Conversions, and any other KPIs deemed useful. The results should be displayed in tables for easy reading and quick interpretation.
Data available
: CSV file containing columns for Impressions, Clicks, CPCs, Conversions, and other relevant KPIs.
Necessary tools
: Python for data analysis, Pandas for data manipulation, Matplotlib or Seaborn for data visualization.
Reasoned steps
1. Upload the CSV file and review the data structure.
2. Calculate key metrics, such as conversion rate, cost per acquisition (CPA), and return on advertising investment (ROAS).
3. Identify top and bottom performing segments by analyzing trends by demographics, location, device, etc.
4. Suggest adjustments to campaigns, such as targeting, bidding, and budget, based on the insights obtained.
5. Visualize key results in tables and graphs for easy interpretation.

: The user gets actionable insights and specific recommendations to optimize their Facebook Ads campaigns.


By following this guide, you will be able to use ManyChat to effectively generate leads on Facebook.

The key is creating engaging content that encourages users to engage with your brand and ask for your lead magnet.

With ManyChat, you can automate this process and turn interactions into conversion opportunities.

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