Humanize Your Forms 📝 and Reduce Dropouts with Quirky Placeholders 😄

This Growth Hack shows you that rather than having an email placeholder like “Enter your email address here”, use a more user-friendly and fun space.

Humanize Your Forms 📝 and Reduce Dropouts with Quirky Placeholders 😄
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

When you create a subscription form for subscribers on your website, you will invariably have an email capture field.

Instead of having a placeholder for the email address that says “Enter your email address here,” place a more user-friendly and fun space.

Expected results of this Growth Hack

  • Growth Hack Type: Tips for editing form input fields
  • Expected result: Increase your conversions and the opening rates of your marketing emails

Why do this Growth Hack?

This Growth Hack will allow you to maximize your conversions.

Let's face it: filling out a form is boring even if browser autocompletions help us.

Adding a bit of fun during this stage will have 2 advantages:

  1. Increase your conversions
  2. Increase the open rates of your emails.

If at this stage, your future new subscribers like your approach, they will want to know more through your emails.

This way you will generate more interest and mysteries because you will stand out from the conventional codes that everyone uses.

How do you do this Growth Hack?

This Growth Hack is not complicated, because it only requires you to have the administrative rights of your website or email marketing software to change the placeholders.

For example,

  • If you had a food site or blog, your input form could refer to a cartoon like below or even a cooking show (Top Chef? etc..)
Growth Hack - Placeholder
  • If you had a site dedicated to cybersecurity, your input form could contain something like "”.

(For those who don't know, Edward Snowden is a famous whistleblower who worked for the U.S. government.)

Another example could be to change the placeholder dedicated to the name. If you have a Growth Hacking application or service, your field could be “Maximum Conversion”, or”Sean Ellis“, etc...

Small, simple details “relax the atmosphere” and can be small positive nudges to encourage your visitor to take action and give their email.

As always, try and see.

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