Finding Qualified Leads 🎯 with LinkedIn Jobs 💼 Job Offers

This Growth Hack teaches you how to generate leads through job offers on LinkedIn and with Phantombuster

Finding Qualified Leads 🎯 with LinkedIn Jobs 💼 Job Offers
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

Everyone is on LinkedIn (in my opinion) for several reasons:

  • Networking : LinkedIn is a professional networking platform where individuals can connect with others in their industry, share information and resources, and potentially find new job opportunities.
  • Job search : Job seekers can use LinkedIn to search for job opportunities, research companies, and connect with recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Professional development : LinkedIn is also a platform where people can learn new skills and knowledge by reading articles, watching videos, and joining groups related to their industry.
  • Branding and personal marketing : LinkedIn is a platform that allows people to highlight their professional achievements and build a personal brand. By creating a solid profile, people can increase their visibility and credibility in their sector.
  • Sales and business development : LinkedIn is also used by sales and business development professionals to identify and connect with potential customers and partners.
  • Thought leadership : LinkedIn has become a platform for people to share ideas, knowledge and position themselves as thought leaders in their sector.
  • Recruit : LinkedIn is a great platform for businesses that want to find and recruit top talent.

LinkedIn is a professional social media platform that offers a variety of benefits to its users.

We will see together how his job offers are a magnificent source of leads that few people use...

Expected results of this Growth Hack

  • Growth Hack Type: LinkedIn algorithm hack
  • Expected results: Strengthening your personal branding, engagement on your posts, and indirectly visits to your Linkedin profile

Why use this Growth Hack?

One of LinkedIn's best features is the ability to receive job alerts based, as you'd expect, on your keywords.

The fact that a company is recruiting for a position tells you that they need a solution to a “problem.”

How do you do this Growth Hack?

Here are the steps you need to take.

For example, if they are looking for a “growth hacking specialist” or a “social media specialist”, contact them and offer them your consulting services.

This is one of those tips that you can implement and entrust to a virtual assistant for management.

Automate with Phantombuster

It is possible to automate this task through Phantombuster

You don't even need to pay for this Growth Hack! Discover Phantombuster for free

How to do it?

Use the following Phantom which allows you to retrieve a list of all jobs in a few clicks.

Step 1 : Create a Linkedin search for Jobs with your job search parameters. In my case: “growth hacking” OR “marketing specialist”

(Don't forget to add location, language, select “Job” or filter by sector of activity, etc.)

Step 2 : Retrieve the URL of each of the Jobs using the following Phantom:

Step 3 : Add the LinkedIn URL to the Phantom by selecting the Jobs category (you can set it daily if you want)

Step 4 : Start the Phantom and wait for the result

Step 5 : Copy the CSV URL as below

Step 6 : Select the Phantom below in Phantombuster

Step 7 : Add the URL previously selected in the settings as below

Step 8 : Choose to launch the Phantom every day to get a list of the latest job offers daily

Step 9 : Start the Phantom and get the results

That's it! You can retrieve the list from Google Sheet directly every day or do manual extractions.

A quick and easy hack that will allow you to get a lot of commercial opportunities for your business.

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