Remove “Antisocial” Evidence 🙅 ‍ ♂️ to Avoid Scaring Visitors Away 🏃 ‍ ♂️💨

This Growth Hack helps you eliminate antisocial proof. It happens when you show low social proof - low numbers, empty feedback forms, low engagement - which shows that your site is not popular...

Remove “Antisocial” Evidence 🙅 ‍ ♂️ to Avoid Scaring Visitors Away 🏃 ‍ ♂️💨
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

Remove low sharing rates on low social networks to stop scaring away your visitors.

It's as if you wanted to go into a restaurant you don't know where you don't see anyone: it doesn't make you want to or inspire confidence.

NOTE: I will be using Social9 in this growth tip.
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A free tool that you You can find the registration and installation procedure in this Growth Hack.

Expected results of this Growth Hack

  • Type of marketing tactic: No direct impact on volume
  • Expected result: Lower bounce rate, increase in time spent on the website, increase in conversion rate

Why do this Growth Hack?

It's there”antisocial proof”, and that's why restaurants first fill the tables at the front of the store, near the windows.

Antisocial proof happens when you show low social proof - low numbers, empty feedback forms, low engagement - which shows that your site is not popular...

That discourage people from sharing, liking, or subscribing.

Screenshot showing Sumo share buttons on a landing page

Nobody wants to sign up for a newsletter or hire an entrepreneur from a website that others don't like and share.

So you can increase your conversions instantly in removing this antisocial evidence.

How do you do this Growth Hack?

The most common type of antisocial evidence is the low number of social shares. To get rid of this problem, there are two things you can do:

  • Remove the option By Partage of your home page, unless you have more than 500 shares on social networks.
For social proof to work properly, it needs to present important numbers (i.e. more than 500 shares on social networks or more). If your home page does not have at least +500 shares, completely deactivate the counter on the share buttons on your pages.
  • Open your Social9 dashboard to access your Social Sharing Widget
  • Go in the Widget Setup and click on Counters
  • From the dropdown list, select Individual & total
  • In the field Minimum Share Count, indicate the number minimum total shares: 500
  • Once you've added this display rule, now press Update Widget
  • The share buttons will then show the number of shares of the content if it is above this minimum number.

You come from ban antisocial proof from your website

TIP: Only embed the script on the pages where you want the content to be shared. This will reduce the number of scripts loaded on pages that are not essential to this Sharing function.

Whether it's Social9 or any other script like that. This is a “non-essential” script: that is, a social sharing function is not essential for displaying your page.

To improve load time, add the attribute Defer as in the image below:

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