Multiply Your Conversion Rates 🗣️ with Targeted Landing Pages 🌐

Simply put, your landing pages don't have to be a one-size-fits-all offering. Visitors come to your website through a variety of different channels, looking for all types of information.

 Multiply Your Conversion Rates 🗣️ with Targeted Landing Pages 🌐
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Are you looking to convert as many visitors as possible into qualified leads? The key to success lies in customizing your Landing pages !

Indeed, your prospects arrive on your site from a multitude of channels, with very variable needs and a level of knowledge. A single generic landing page will never convince such diverse profiles.

The solution: create tailor-made landing pages that adapt precisely to the expectations of each segment.

It's proven that a targeted approach can boost your conversion rate by 300%!

Ready to exploit this lever to improve your acquisition metrics?

Follow the guide to learn how to design highly personalized landing pages with the LeadPages tool.

Let's go!

Benefits of Targeted Landing Pages

Before getting started, let's recall the concrete benefits of this approach:

  • You precisely meet the needs of your visitors: By adapting the message and the offer to the profile, you show that you understand their specific issues. You gain in relevance and impact!
  • You qualify and convert more effectively: A custom page will always have a better conversion rate than standard content. Ultra targeted, it removes the obstacles to transformation!
  • You speed up the buying journey: By offering the right content at the right time, you are gradually bringing your leads towards the purchase decision. You are boosting your tunnel!
  • You maximize the ROI of your acquisition campaigns:Optimized landing pages make it possible to convert each traffic source in an ultra-qualitative way. Enough to make all your levers profitable!

In short, personalized landing pages are a must for any marketer who wants to maximize their conversion rate, at each stage of the sales cycle.

But how do you identify the most relevant segmentation criteria?

Answer below!

Step-by-Step Detailed Guide

Step 1: Create your Leadpages account

Créez votre compte Leadpages

Start by creating a free account on Leadpages by following these steps:

  • Go to the site of Leadpages and click on”Start Free Trial“.
  • Fill out the registration form with your email and a password or by clicking on”Sign up with Google
  • Choose the STANDARD plan, you have a 14-day free trial anyway to see if it's right for you
  • Validate your registration and log in to your account.

Step 2: Define your priority market segments

Before creating your landing pages, identify your priority market segments based on these criteria:

  • The typical buyer profile (persona)
  • The traffic source (SEO, advertising, emails...)
  • The stage of the buying journey
  • The level of engagement with your brand
Stage Prospect's Needs Adapted Content Examples ChatGPT Prompts
Discovery - Identify their problem
- Understand the stakes
- Discover possible solutions
- Practical guide
- Blog article
- Infographic
- Educational video
- "Top 10 HR challenges in 2023"
- "How to choose the right HRIS?"
- "The 5 essential features of an HR software"
- "Write a detailed plan for a guide 'Top 10 HR challenges in 2023' for HR decision-makers"
- "Propose to me a 1000-word blog post on HRIS selection criteria in 2023"
Consideration - Compare different solutions
- Evaluate features
- Estimate ROI
- Identify the solution that fits their needs
- Detailed product sheet
- Comparative table
- Customer testimonials
- Personalized demo
- ROI calculator
- "HR software X vs Y: the complete comparison"
- "How HR software X helped company Y save 10 hours a week"
- "Find out if our HR solution is right for you"
- "Can you create a comparative table between my HR software and its 3 main competitors?"
- "Generate 5 qualification questions for a personalized HR demo"
- "Write me the script for a 2-minute video presenting the ROI of my HR software"
Decision - Get a personalized quote
- Test the solution
- Involve stakeholders
- Address remaining concerns
- Secure the purchase
- Free trial offer
- Sales funnel
- Case study
- Expert consultation
- FAQs
- "Try our HR software free for 30 days"
- "How group X deployed our HRIS in 3 months"
- "Talk to an HR expert to build your project"
- "HR software: the top 10 questions to ask before buying"
- "Write a welcome email for a new trial sign-up, including next steps"
- "What questions should I include in my form to qualify HRIS projects?"
- "Write me a blog post 'Top 10 questions to ask before buying an HRIS'"
Loyalty - Successful onboarding
- Adopt best practices
- Increase skills
- Receive support
- Expand usage
- Welcome emails
- Training webinars
- Knowledge base
- Referral program
- "Welcome! Discover our top 5 tips for success with HR software X"
- "Become an expert in annual reviews with our training"
- "Refer a friend and get one month subscription free"
- "Can you create a 5-step email program for new clients?"
- "What are the top 10 training topics for my HR software users?"
- "Find me 3 incentive ideas for a HRIS referral program"

To help you, use ChatGPT by asking questions like:

  • “Can you create 3 typical personas for my product X?”
  • “What arguments should you put forward for visitors coming from Google Ads?”
  • “What content do you recommend for a prospect in the consideration phase?”

You can also use the copy and paste prompt below to guide you through the process.

ChatGPT Prompt Creating Marketing Persona Profile
Role of ChatGPT Digital Marketing Advisor
Objective of ChatGPT Help the user develop a detailed persona profile to refine targeted marketing strategies.
Information Gathering Ask the user to provide initial details such as the targeted industry and the products or services offered. Clarify the user's specific marketing objectives.
Demographic Identification Assist the user in defining an appropriate age range for the persona. Suggest common professions that match the user's target market. Encourage the user to list relevant interests that might influence the persona's purchasing decisions.
Source of Traffic Explore with the user the main potential traffic sources. Discuss how the persona might discover the user's products or services (e.g., SEO, social media, online advertising).
Stage of the Buying Journey Discuss the different stages of the buying journey (awareness, consideration, decision) and determine at which stage the persona generally interacts with the brand.
Level of Engagement with the Brand Examine how the persona interacts with the brand (e.g., engagement on social media, newsletter subscription, participation in events).
Synthesis and Recommendations Summarize the information gathered. Offer advice on how to use this information to tailor the user's marketing messages and content strategies.
End of Task Confirm with the user if all sections of the persona profile are complete and meet their expectations. Propose modifications or additions if necessary. Encourage the user to apply the developed persona profile in their future marketing campaigns.

Free template (to copy) to update your persona:

🔗 MICROPHONE LINK: Get the free table

Step 3: Create a targeted landing page with Leadpages

Now that you have defined your segments, create a landing page adapted to each of them:

  1. From your Leadpages dashboard, click on”Create New Landing Page”.
  2. Choose a page template adapted to your offer and customize it to your graphic charter.
  3. Use Leadpages' AI Engine to generate highly relevant titles and copies:
    • Click on”Writing Assistant“in the editor
    • Describe your offer and your target
    • Choose from the various title and text proposals
  4. Generate original and adapted images using the “Image Generator” tool:
    • Click on”Add Media“then”AI Image
    • Describe the desired image (ex:”A smiling HR decision maker in front of his computer, Pixar 3D Render style, iconic“)
    • Select and insert the image into your page
  5. Adapt your Call-to-Action and forms at the stage of the buying journey
  6. Publish your page and test it
Génération de copies avec l'assistant d'écriture de Leadpages
Generating copies with the Leadpages Writing Assistant

Step 4: Analyze and optimize the performance of your pages

Once your landing pages are online, track their performance using Leadpages' integrated statistics.

Keep an eye on these key metrics:

  • Overall and segment conversion rates
  • Bounce and click rates
  • Best traffic source
Tableau de bord des statistiques sur Leadpages
Leadpages Statistics Dashboard

You can then use this data to:

  • Identify areas for improvement on the worst performing pages
  • Test new versions of titles, copies, and visuals with AI Engine
  • Highlight the pages that convert the best
  • Create similar audiences on your advertising campaigns

The idea is to continuously monitor, test and optimize your pages to maximize their conversion potential.

Step 5 (Bonus): Generate even more variations with ChatGPT

To go further in customization, use ChatGPT in addition to the AI Engine tool. Generate content variations tailored to each segment by giving instructions like:

  • “Write a landing page title and subtitle for an accounting training offer for beginning entrepreneurs”
  • “Generate 5 different hooks for a free HR software trial offer, intended for SMEs in the consideration phase”
  • “Give me 3 original image ideas to illustrate a guide to good recruitment practices in the digital age”

Feel free to refine ChatGPT's suggestions to suit your style and test different angles. The important thing is to create ultra-targeted versions to meet the expectations of each segment.

Key Elements of the Best Landing Pages by Business Model

SaaS (Software as a Service)

  • Sleek and minimalist design that highlights ease of use
  • Highlighting key features and benefits for the user
  • Customer testimonials and logos of companies known to strengthen credibility
  • Free trial or trial to reduce registration barriers


  • Careful and attractive aesthetics with quality product visuals
  • Simple and intuitive customer journey to promote conversion
  • Social proof such as customer reviews and ratings
  • Special offers and promotions put forward to encourage purchases

Services and Agencies

  • Clear and convincing presentation of the unique value proposition
  • Portfolio of achievements and case studies to demonstrate expertise
  • Highlighting the team and company values to humanize the brand
  • Prominently displayed contact or quote form to generate leads

Examples of Inspiring Landing Pages

1. Shopify


The Shopify landing page is characterized by its clarity and simplicity. In a few words and well-chosen visuals, it highlights the key advantages of the e-commerce solution and reassures that it is easy to use. All punctuated by strong social proof.

2. netflix


The strength of the Netflix home page lies in its minimalism and its incredible efficiency. No frills, just a strong hook, an evocative visual and a single field to enter your email. Impossible not to be tempted to get started!

3. Webflow


Webflow succeeds in explaining the complex functioning of its tool without saying a word, thanks to an animation that is as didactic as it is attractive. The page subtly plays on product codes while naturally leading to registration.

4. Wise


The Wise home page cleverly combines simplicity and reassurance, two crucial elements for a financial service. With a few well-thought-out words and an intuitive journey, she removes the obstacles and creates the confidence needed to take action.

5. Landbot


What is impressive about Landbot's landing page is its ability to provide the product experience in an immersive and fun way, through a chatbot that takes over the textual content. A brilliant demonstration by example that inspires commitment!


You now have all the keys to creating landing pages that convert thanks to intelligent targeting and the power of AI.

In summary:

  1. Define your priority segments
  2. Generate highly relevant copies and visuals with Leadpages' AI Engine and ChatGPT
  3. Continuously analyze and optimize the performance of your pages

With Leadpages and ChatGPT, you have powerful tools at your disposal to speed up creation and boost your conversion rates. So go ahead and test the creation of targeted landing pages, and personalize your speech endlessly to precisely meet the expectations of your visitors.

By offering a tailor-made experience to each segment, you will transform your prospects into loyal customers. Your conversion rate only has to be good!

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