Add a Photo 🖼️ to Your Emails and Significantly Increase Your Open Rates 📈

This short and effective Growth Hack shows you how to add a photo to your emails to increase the opening and response rates of your emails

Add a Photo 🖼️ to Your Emails and Significantly Increase Your Open Rates 📈
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

It takes five minutes (actually 20 seconds), it's free, and in my experiences, it increases the open rate of your emails by around 20%.

What results should you expect from this Growth hack?

  • Growth Hack Type: Using Photos in your emails
  • Expected results: Improving the opening and return rates of your emails

Why use this Growth Hack?

Improve your efforts and your overall business through your emails. A photo humanizes your exchanges and makes your prospects, customers or partners more want to respond to you.

Is Instagram scraping legal?

  • Will you be thrown in prison for a life without parole? No
  • Is it contrary to their terms of use (those of Facebook)? Yes.
  • Should you care ? It is your decision.

Personally, I think that Facebook should focus on its own (major) problems before lecturing us.

Anyway, let's not give in to politics and let's dive into the wonderful and magical world of Osintgram and its incredible ability to retrieve all those charming emails that we aspire to as Growth Hackers.

How do you do this Growth Hack?

All you need to do is add an image of yourself in your emails!

It is simple. It's clean and effective.

If you use Google Business Email, add that same photo to your profile to stand out in inboxes.

Why does it work?

Because it is personal and you will be more likely that your emails will be opened: especially your prospecting emails.

A catchy subject line with a photo will increase your chances of having your email read, which contributes to the positive signals you're sending to email providers about the sending reputation and authority of your domain (and IP).

The main benefit of adding your image to your emails is to strengthen your credibility and trust in you.

If you have a team

Everyone who works for you, whether virtual assistants, colleagues, or partners, should have the same email signature with personalized photos.

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