Remind by Email 📧 Users Inactive for X Days to Reengage them 🔥

Automatically re-engage inactive subscribers with a tailored email strategy. Revitalize your list and boost your engagement

Remind by Email 📧 Users Inactive for X Days to Reengage them 🔥
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Do you have subscribers to your newsletter who haven't opened it for a long time ?

Don't let them get away! It's time to relaunch them with a well-constructed re-engagement campaign.

A re-engagement email is a great way to get back on the ball with your inactive subscribers.

By offering them an attractive offer in exchange for their feedback or simply an email that touches on their emotions, you maximize your chances of seeing them react and come back to you.

Let's get started.

Why Focus on the Re-engagement Email?

The re-engagement campaign targets subscribers who are already familiar with your brand, increasing the chances of reactivation. Here is why such an initiative is beneficial:

  • Targeting qualified prospects : Inactive subscribers have already expressed interest in your offers; now it's time to reactivate their engagement.
  • Gathering valuable feedback : The re-engagement email is an opportunity to seek the opinion of subscribers to improve your services and better meet their expectations.
  • Rewards for commitment : Encouraging subscribers to interact through tangible rewards like vouchers or gifts can warm relationships and encourage them to return.
  • Automating reactivation : Thanks to automation, re-engagement emails are sent at the optimal time, simplifying your strategy without additional manual effort.

The re-engagement email is essential to revitalize your subscriber base and improve your ROI.

By carefully setting up your campaign, you maximize your chances of success while cleaning up your list of subscribers.

Step-by-Step Detailed Guide

Step 1: Write an Impactful Reengagement Email

The first step is to design an email that makes your ghost subscribers want to come forward. For this, there is nothing like a subtle mix between carrot and stick! Here are the key elements to include:

An intriguing or challenging object

The object is crucial in encouraging openness. It should arouse the curiosity of your inactive people! Some punchy examples:

  • “We miss you... 😢 A gift to keep you coming back?”
  • “We noticed your absence... Tell us everything 💬”
  • “It's been a long time! A free month to get your opinion?”

Here is mine:

title email reengagement

*Examples of eye-catching objectsThe idea is to attract the attention of remote subscribers with a direct and engaging message. Test and compare the performance of several objects to find the most effective one!

A simple and clear message

The body of the email should get to the point: remind the subscriber of his absence, ask him why, and offer him a reward in exchange for his return.

For example:

A clear and direct email, which does not try to drown out the fish but goes straight to the point. The key is to motivate the response with an attractive offer!

A clearly visible CTA

Last key step: the action button! It must be visible and explicit to encourage clicking. Prefer a color contrasting with the rest of the template and an unambiguous wording:

  • “I give my opinion”
  • “I take advantage of it!”
  • “I am answering the survey”

If possible, refer to a short online questionnaire (2-3 questions max) to facilitate the answer. The simpler it is, the more feedback you will get!

That's it, your re-engagement email is ready. Make way for automated shipping now!

Step 2: Automate the Campaign with MailerLite

To effectively target your inactive people without getting too busy, there's nothing like automation! MailerLite allows you to program your re-engagement emails according to very specific criteria. We guide you:

  • Log in to your MailerLite account and go to the” tabAutomation
  • Click on”New Automation
new automation mailerlite
  • Choose”Win back inactive Subscribers
Win back inactive Subscribers Mailerlite
  • Select the trigger”When Subscriber Joins a Group
  • Choose the group of subscribers to target (ex: newsletter subscribers)
When subscriber joins a group MailerLite
  • Add a condition”Subscriber Has Not Opened Any Campaign in X Days
  • Specify the desired time frame (30, 60, 90 days...) and save
Setting automation on MailerLite
Setting up automation on MailerLite

Do the same for the criterion”Subscriber Has Not Clicked Any Link in X Campaigns“if you also want to target subscribers who did not click in the last X newsletters. It's up to you to refine!

  • Then add an “Email” step and choose the template created earlier
  • Personalize and save your email

That is all!

Your re-engagement emails will now be sent automatically to subscribers who meet these criteria.

A real campaign “on autopilot“that promises to save you a lot of time.

Of course, remember to analyze the feedback to measure the effectiveness of the campaign.

Watch him opening, response and re-subscription rates, not to mention clicks to your site. Valuable KPIs to then optimize content and targeting!

re-engagement email statistics

Here are mine, feel free to be inspired by my email where I managed to get re-engagement rates that I am proud of:

Examples of Reengagement Campaigns

To inspire you, here is a concrete case of a successful re-engagement email, sent by the shoe brand TOMS.

It contains all the key elements:

  • A reminder of inactivity in a subtle way (“It's been a long time!”)
  • A beautiful “sad” image to arouse emotion
  • A clear commercial proposal (€20 voucher)
  • A visible and engaging CTA (“Let's reconnect”)
🎓 RESOURCES : Here some examples of re-engagement emails to inspire you

All with a warm and friendly tone of voice, in line with the brand. The proposal is also in line with their target audience, who are eager for good deals.

Here is an overview of the various re-engagement strategies used and their associated effectiveness:

stats reengagement emails

Nice example of a reactivation email that knows how to speak to inactive subscribers with empathy while effectively motivating them. To your own creative tests!


I hope this step-by-step guide convinced you to The benefits of an automated re-engagement email campaign. Whether it's to “wake up” your sleeping subscribers, get feedback or encourage them to come back, this tool is incredibly effective!

By taking care of the drafting of your email (subject, text, text, incentive, CTA...) and by programming its sending according to precise inactivity criteria, You are putting every chance on your side to re-motivate your inactive subscribers.

So don't wait any longer to create your own workflow on MailerLite.

Write multiple variants, test different trigger criteria, and analyze feedback. You will thus be able to refine your re-engagement strategy over time and (re) activate even more subscribers.

💡 FINAL TIP : do not hesitate to personalize your email as much as possible, whether in terms of tone, visual or offer. The more it “talks” to your target, the more reactions it will elicit. Empathy and proximity remain your best assets to reignite the fire!

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