Validate 100 Emails 📩 per Month for Free in your CRM and Keep a Clean Database 🧹

This quick Growth Hack shows you how to validate over 100 emails per month for free and effortlessly using Neverbounce

Validate 100 Emails 📩 per Month for Free in your CRM and Keep a Clean Database 🧹
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

Obtaining a quality email list is becoming mandatory nowadays, as is a validation tool.

  • Type of marketing tactic: creation of an email validation chain when registering for your newsletter or services
  • Expected results: Lower bounce rates for your emails and the assurance of not degrading the quality of your shipping domain

Why use this Growth Hack?

If you do email marketing, you will know that the quality of your email list is essential.

Several factors influence email deliverability, openness, clicks, and conversions. So what is the first step in keeping your email KPIs high? A clean email list.

A list full of people who have changed their email address, have not given a valid address or worse, who have never opted to send emails, will result in spam filters and bounces - 2 essential elements that can affect your deliverability.

How do you do this Growth Hack?

Nowadays, tools to validate emails “by hand” exist but this is not what we are going to discuss.

If you opt for a more productive solution, know that it is possible to validate “automatically” 100 emails per month directly on your CRM.

NOTE: For this Growth Hack, I will be using my CRM and my all-in-one marketing solution at Engagebay. However, it is possible to carry out the same procedure with your favorite suppliers, many of whom have a connection with NeverBounce.
  • Go to the settings on the left side panel and select”API - Keys & Info”
  • Click on the 2 items as below to go to the page to generate your API key
  • Preserve preciously your API key
  • Connect to your CRM (in my case - Engagebay)
  • Go to your account settings (Account Settings)
  • On the left side panel, select “Integrations”
  • Click on Email Validation to find the integration with NeverBounce
  • Click on “Enable” and paste your API key
  • You should see the green validation icon indicating that the API key has been taken into account.
NOTE: This Growth hack is especially useful for young businesses that do not have a large volume of emails to validate per month. However, it would be silly not to do without a free feature that only requires 5 minutes to set up.
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