Use the ⚡ Birthday Hack 🎂 to Retain Customers and Boost Your Conversions 📈

This Growth Hack aims to use a prospect's birthday as a fantastic opportunity to reach and convert them.

Use the ⚡ Birthday Hack 🎂 to Retain Customers and Boost Your Conversions 📈
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

This Growth Hack aims to use a prospect's birthday as a fantastic opportunity to reach and convert them. That's good Linkedin allows you to find it.

  • Growth Hack Type: Prospecting through Linkedin
  • Expected results: High opening rates for your messages, inmails or emails + increased conversion rates.

Why use this Growth Hack?

Linkedin is a great tool for trying out very personal approaches thanks to something we all have: a birthday

It's interesting to note that LinkedIn, when scraped properly (using Phantombuster and proxies), provides a ton of information about prospects: where they studied, their phone numbers, and important for this growth hack: their birthday!

This hack produces great results, I'm sure it will be the same for you!

How do you do this Growth Hack?

I have little or no network... How do I get the data of prospects with whom I am not in contact?

It's simple, turn to Phantombuster, and use it to scrape LinkedIn.

The Phantom LinkedIn Profile Scraper is perfect for extracting the birth date of your prospects.

While LinkedIn does NOT provide you with the person's year of birth, you'll be able to know the birth day and month of birth for around 30% of your list, which is ideal. Besides, we are more interested in their actual day and month than in their year.

Once you have collected a ton of leads for your niche, you can filter their birthdays and send cold emails or direct messages on Linkedin a month or 2 weeks BEFORE their actual date.

Here is an example of this hack:

You have a panel of customers or prospects and you would like to use their birthday to multiply your sales and sales opportunities.

  1. Give these customers a special advantage or a “gift” before their birthday (e.g. lead magnet, discount coupon, etc.)
  2. Send your regular customers or prospects an email or a Linkedin message 1 month before their birthday
  3. In the message, invite them to take advantage of your exclusive offer for their birthday.

You will see that this Growth Hack works very well and will not leave your prospects or customers insensitive thanks to this high level of personalization.

To schedule your messages on Linkedin

1. Jarvee (prospect is not a relationship)

A tool works very well for this: Jarvee

logo jarvee

Jarvee will let you automate your prospecting actions by sending automatic messages on the date you want.

2. Piwaa (the prospect is a relationship)

If you don't know Piwaa, it's time to get started!

logo piwaa

If as a month you find that the Linkedin inbox is an unnamed brothel... Piwaa will help you better respond and sort your messages.

The good news: It's free.

Use Piwaa to easily schedule your messages.

Source: Waalaxy (guide to program your messages)
3. n8n + Google Spreadsheet

Import the Phantombuster CSV using the IMPORTDATA function

Start a daily trigger (CRON) on N8n to browse the Google Spreadsheet and perform actions based on birthdays:

  1. Send an email or
  2. Use your favorite Linkedin automation software API
NEED HELP? If I receive a lot of votes for this Growth Hack soon, I will give you a detailed step-by-step method with n8n

Options: contact by email

I always prefer the LinkedIn approach if possible to avoid SPAM reporting rates from prospects if they are not in my circle of relationships.

The right approach is to approach them the first time through LinkedIn (+ follow-up if necessary) and then to contact them by email.

If you don't know their email, tools like Dropcontact or will allow you to discover them to integrate them into cold emailing campaigns.

You can read the article below to guide and advise you on the best tool to use.

READ MORE: The best cold emailing tools and software
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