Optimize the Deliverability of Your Emails 📈 with Artificial Intelligence 🤖 and Avoid Spam 🚫

This Growth Hack teaches you how to automatically develop the reputation of your emails using AI

Optimize the Deliverability of Your Emails 📈 with Artificial Intelligence 🤖 and Avoid Spam 🚫
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The email remains one of the most effective channels to communicate with your audience and generate conversions.

However, for your campaigns to be successful, it is essential that your messages reach the inboxes of your recipients.

That's where Emelia.io comes in, with its technology Advanced email inbox warm-up.

In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll learn how to use Emelia.io to automatically boost your reputation, improve your open rates, and increase your chances of winning.Prevent your emails from ending up in spam.

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Why Email Warming Is Crucial for Your Reputation

Before moving on to practice, let's recall the challenges of a good sender reputation.

ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and webmail analyze numerous signals to determine whether an email should arrive in the inbox or be classified as spam, including:

  • The number of spam complaints on your domain
  • The rate of emails blocked or deleted without being opened
  • Recipient engagement (openings, clicks, responses...)

Poor performance on these indicators will damage your reputation as a sender and will send your future emails straight to the spam folder.

SPAM process

On the other hand, a solid reputation guarantees optimal deliverability rates. This is why it is crucial to “warm up” your email addresses regularly!

How does email warm-up work with Emelia.io?

The principle of Emelia.io is as simple as it is effective: the tool will simulate positive interactions with your email box to strengthen your reputation in the eyes of ISPs and webmails.

Concretely, Emelia.io sends emails from your account to addresses in its database.

These emails are automatically opened and answered, all at a “natural” frequency so as not to trigger alerts.

As the days go by, these repeated positive interactions will prove to spam filters the quality of your domain, ensuring optimal deliverability for your real campaigns.

Tutorial: Warm up your Emails Step by Step with Emelia.io

Now that you have understood the challenges and how email warming works, it's time to put it into practice with Emelia.io.

Step 1: Create your Emelia.io Account

Go to the official Emelia.io website and click on”Try for free“to create your account.

Try for free Emelia

Choose your account type: Free trial to test or paid subscription to unlock all options.

Complete the form with your email and password, then validate. A confirmation email will be sent to you to finalize the account creation.

Sign up Emelia

Step 2: Connect your Email Box

Once connected to your Emelia.io account, you are on your dashboard. This is where you will set up your first email inbox to warm up.

Warm up an email adress Emelia

For a “classic” email account

  1. Click on”Add Email Account“to add an email account
  2. Select”Connect to a Gmail account“(or another provider) and enter your email address
  3. Follow the authorization steps in a few clicks to allow Emelia.io to connect to your account

For a Google WorkSpace Account

Connect a GSuite

So you need to follow the procedure below to connect your GSuite account.

Dashboard Google Admin
  • From the admin console home page, go to”Security“>”API Controls“.
  • On the right side of the screen, click on the link”MANAGE ACCESS FOR THIRD-PARTY APPLICATIONS“.
Manage Third Party Access Google Console & Emelia
  • Click on the dropdown menu”Set up a new application“and select”OAuth application name or client ID“.
  • Come in”(number and numbers).apps.googleusercontent.com“in the input field and click the Search button.
Configure an OAuth App Emelia
  • Select”Emelia“in the results. Then check the OAuth client ID and click the button Select.
Search App Emelia
  • Click on”Trusted : Can access all Google services” then click on the” buttonContinue“.
Access to Google Data Emelia

In both cases, your data remains perfectly secure and confidential. This connection is essential for Emelia.io to be able to interact with your email box.

Step 3: Set up your Warming Settings

It's time to configure your warming campaign:

  1. Set the number of “hot” emails to send per day according to your plan
  2. Choose the sending time range to mimic the habits of your contacts
  3. Activate automatic replies to real emails received to maximize engagement
Configuration de la campagne sur Emelia

Once your preferences have been saved, start warming up by clicking on “Start Warming”!

Step 4: Analyze the evolution of your reputation

Your warming campaign is active! From your dashboard, you can follow your progress in real time:

  • Volume of “hot” emails sent and received
  • Generated opening and response rates
  • Reputation score and overall trend
  • Inbox placement vs spam folder
analytiques de Emelia

Opt for a gradual increase in power for a gentle warm-up. A few weeks are usually enough to notice a marked improvement in your metrics.

Also benefit from detailed insights on the performance of your “real” mailings, with tailor-made recommendations to boost your deliverability.


Thanks to this tutorial, you now master the art of using Emelia.io to maximize the chances of deliverability of your emails. By generating positive interactions at scale, this powerful tool allows you to build a solid sender reputation.

Do not wait any longer to launch your warming campaign. In a few clicks, put all the chances on your side for lasting results. The ROI is guaranteed!

Of course, warming is only one part of the equation. The key to success lies in the systematic application of best practices: collecting consent, relevant content, personalization...

It is by combining all these factors that you will develop a special relationship with your audience, conducive to conversion.

With Emelia.io in your toolbox, you are now armed to thwart anti-spam pitfalls and propel your email campaigns to new heights.

warmup progress Emelia
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