Simulate an International Presence 🌍 with Real Numbers Abroad to Establish Your Credibility 📞

This Growth Hack will teach you how to use it to create an international presence in a few minutes.

Simulate an International Presence 🌍 with Real Numbers Abroad to Establish Your Credibility 📞
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

Expected results of this Growth Hack

  • Growth Hack Type: Creation of a false international presence
  • Expected result: Increase your credibility

Why do this Growth Hack?

Internet users and prospects in general attribute more trust to a brand that is present in the world and can be reached from everywhere rather than a solopreneur present in an office corner of a coworking space.

This hack is great and doesn't cost much.

You need five minutes for each of these steps in order to create a super international presence in any country.

Step by step approach to this Growth Hack

1. Create a Skype account and register three phone numbers in the countries where your target customers live.

For example, you can get numbers in Montreal +1 (438) 359-XXXX, in the United Kingdom +44 113 328 XXXX, and in France +33 (649 333 XXXX) for around €100 (120 USD$) per year.

2. See you on Fiverr and ask someone (preferably a woman) to record a voice message in the accent associated with the geographic number.

So what is the benefit?

For a cost of around €150 (or $200) per year, you can insinuate that you have 3 offices in the world.

It makes you seem bigger than you are and also adds a degree of credibility and trust.

And office addresses? Of course you can also pay for a virtual office address!

This simple growth hack gives the illusion that you are much bigger than you are and adds an additional channel to your online presence that you can convert later on.

You can also use a VOIP service which allows you to send recorded voice messages to your emails:

Discover the list of best VOIP services ->

3. Add this phone number to a local presence on Google My Business

To open a Google my business account, go to the Login/Register page: Google My Business

Create your profile and start setting up.

Do you have no office or do you not want to take a photo of your living room because you only do the home office?

Find cool fake photos of an office shared by a startup on Unsplash, 

Use the editing function in your profile to change your business information.

Remember to add all of this contact information to your website and that's it.

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