Multiply the Impact of Your Product Shipments with the “WOW Moment” 🎉

Capture people when they're most excited about your product and use that moment to create an opportunity.

Multiply the Impact of Your Product Shipments with the “WOW Moment” 🎉
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Are you looking for an original way to surprise your customers and get people talking about your brand? Look no further: Adopt the “Wow Moment” marketing now !

This technique consists of capitalizing on the excitement of your customers when receiving their order to create a positive buzz around your product.

By slipping a surprise into the package, you transform a simple purchase into a memorable experience that is just waiting to be shared.

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3 Marketing Powers of the “Wow Moment”

Why go to great lengths to surprise your customers at the time of delivery? After all, they have already bought, that's the main thing, right?

Think again! For a brand, buying is only the beginning of the customer relationship.

3 Pouvoirs Marketing du "Wow Moment"

Taking your buyers AFTER the sale is essential to retain them and keep them coming back.

Here's what the “Wow Moment” can do for your business.

  • Increases customer satisfaction and loyalty :
    • An unexpected little gift in the package creates a pleasant surprise.
    • Customers affected by this attention will have a better opinion of your service.
    • They will be more likely to recommend and buy back your products.
  • Generates positive word of mouth :
    • A happy customer speaks highly of you.
    • An extraordinary experience is often shared on social networks.
    • Your customers become your best ambassadors.
  • Creates an original acquisition lever :
    • The more your customers talk about their experience, the more visibility your brand gains.
    • Curiosity and the desire to discover a brand recommended by friends and family attract new customers.
    • Word of mouth is the most reliable and least expensive acquisition channel.

The “Wow Moment” is a simple but powerful tactic to boost brand retention, awareness and acquisition. A real lever with a high ROI!

The Formula for a Successful “Wow Moment”

OK, the “Wow Moment” seems super effective. But how do you actually go about impressing your customers? Here are the steps to follow.

Step 1: Identify the right timing

It's proven that your customers are at their peak of excitement when receiving and opening their package. It is the famous moment of “unboxing”, when the joy of having your product in your hands is at its maximum!

It is precisely THIS moment that we must aim for. Neither before (order form, confirmation email...) nor after (feedback email...). It is in the hands of your customer, in the middle of the packaging, that your surprise will have the most impact.

lookout : However, make sure that your customer has first seen the product ordered before discovering the “Wow Moment”. Her excitement will be increased tenfold!

Step 2: Put a surprise in the package

The objective is to surprise your customer positively by adding an unexpected element to their package. It can be:

  • A gift (sample, brand goodies...)
  • A sweet handwritten word
  • A personalized thank you card
  • A flyer announcing a surprise promo
  • An original and quirky sticker
  • ...

Let your imagination run wild, always making sure that this surprise is consistent with your brand values. The idea is for your customer to say: “Wow, they thought of everything!”

Exemple de colis pensé pour créer un "Wow effect"
Example of a package designed to create a “Wow effect”

Step 3: Encourage sharing on social networks

To increase the impact of your “Wow Moment”, encourage your customers to share it on social networks. This is the key to generating organic reach and gaining visibility with new prospects!

To do this, several options are available to you:

  • Print your nickname on the gift or card for easy identification
  • Indicate a hashtag to use to facilitate the tracking of posts
  • Offer an exclusive promo code or a competition in exchange for sharing
  • Prepare an attractive “packshot” visual to make you want to shoot it
  • ...

Your customers will be all the more motivated to share their experience if it is rewarding for them. It's up to you to guide them in this direction!

Step 4: Start the conversation

Once your “Wow Moment” is in place, your work is not done. Your success will also depend on your ability to interact with customers who share their experience.

Like, comment, thank, share again... Every positive interaction with a surprised customer is an opportunity to strengthen your relationship and your sympathy capital.

Better: push the discussion outside the networks. Send an email or a private message to your current ambassadors to thank them warmly for their contribution. That's how the best relationships are built!

“Wow Moments” Examples and Ideas

Here are some suggestions for surprises for your next shipments:

  • For a clothing brand: a trendy pin and a sweet word
  • For a cosmetic brand: samples and a reusable fabric bag
  • For a fresh food brand: an original recipe and a kitchen towel
  • For a toy brand: funny stickers and a coloring postcard
  • ...

Surprises, gifts, sweet words... Everything is good to make an impression on minds and hearts when unpacking. Be creative!

Exemples et idées de "Wow Moments"


Should we reserve the surprise for big customers?

Not necessarily! The objective is precisely to also impress your small buyers to turn them into fans. Focus your efforts on new customers, your most valuable potential ambassadors!

Can my product be a “Wow Moment”?

Yes, if your product is particularly creative in its packaging or staging. Then remember to add sharing instructions directly on the packaging.

Does the “Wow Moment” also work in B2B?

Of course! The principle remains the same: to surprise the buyer positively to make an impression. In B2B, aim at the decision maker or the end user of the product for maximum effect.


The “Wow Moment” marketing is a weapon of massive seduction for any brand that wants to create a strong emotional connection with its customers. By surprising your buyers when they open their package, you will increase their satisfaction, commitment and desire to share.

A personalized note, an unexpected gift, a tailor-made experience... The possibilities are endless to make your expeditions unforgettable.

So don't wait any longer! Identify the best moment to surprise your customers, create a little treat that suits them and facilitate sharing on social networks. Your customers will not expect it and will give it back to you!

With this quirky strategy, your brand image will take off effortlessly. Your loyalty and referral rates will explode, and your sales will follow. All thanks to word of mouth (and the power of surprise)!

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