Encourage Bloggers 🖋️ to Talk About You by Offering Them a Free Account 🆓

This Growth Hack makes it possible to use popular bloggers who can be just as influential as PR agencies. Reach out to top bloggers and give them a free account in exchange for a review.

Encourage Bloggers 🖋️ to Talk About You by Offering Them a Free Account 🆓
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

Expected results of this Growth Hack

  • Type of marketing tactic: High volume based on partner audience
  • Expected results: Increase in your awareness, acquisition and activation metrics

When it comes to content marketing, your ultimate goals are to gain notoriety, so more and more people are getting to know you, trusting you, signing up, and buying.

Very often, startups make big names like TechCrunch or Mashable their first and main publishing objective. However, being listed does not mean that you will get a large number of targeted prospects. Not to mention that the above resources require careful and time-consuming preparation on your part.

Another solution I would like to suggest is to look for blogs that are dedicated to your industry.

Even more, ideally, you won't spend time writing texts. You will be content To encourage the efforts and initiatives of others.

Why use this Growth Hack?

As I mentioned, some bloggers can be just as influential as PR agencies.

Bloggers are always eager for useful and unique content. By offering them a free account and an additional discount for their audiences, you will motivate them.

It is without risk because you are the one who makes the final decision, if you like the content and the audience.

How do you do this Growth Hack?

  • Make a list of the most relevant and popular blogs and contact them with an offer
  • At the same time, create a landing page with all the details and conditions
  • Present this offer on the most relevant pages (For example the price page, which will allow your potential customers to reduce their monthly bill)
    Prepare a detailed list of requirements to facilitate the application process

Example of the content of a page:

exemple de page (1/2)
exemple de page (2/2)
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