Add Recommendation Badges 🏅 to your Products

This Growth Hack is about getting the help of your current users to generate new leads by promoting your brand while using it for free

Add Recommendation Badges 🏅 to your Products
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In today's ultra-competitive e-commerce, inspiring trust is the key to converting visitors into buyers. But how do you convince suspicious prospects of the quality of your products?

The answer lies in a small visual element that is simple but extremely effective: the recommendation badge!


By placing these reassuring labels on your product pages, you are sending a strong signal to consumers: “This product is approved by experts/customers/influencers, you can buy it with your eyes closed.” Enough to remove the last doubts and make your conversion rate soar!

So, ready to use the power of badges to boost the credibility of your catalog? Follow the guide to discover step by step how to implement this unstoppable strategy and watch the magic happen.

Benefits of Recommendation Badges

Before going headlong, let's take a step back to fully understand all the gains that these famous badges can bring to your business:

They boost your credibility instantly

Because they from trusted third parties (experts, satisfied customers, celebrities...), the badges give an immediate boost to your reputation.

The labelled product obtains an external “guarantee” that proves its value. Result: the prospect is reassured and much more likely to place an order!

They set you apart from the competition

In a saturated market, you have to know how to do your best.

Proudly displaying recommendation badges is a Great way to differentiate yourself from rivals.

This shows that your products have real added value approved by legitimate third parties. A distinction visible at first glance!

They increase your revenue per product

A product “certified” by a badge inspires confidence... and Encourages you to spend more !

Consumers are often ready to pay a little more for an item whose quality is “guaranteed”“. By applying these labels, you justify more premium prices and boost your average basket and your margins. All benef'!

They strengthen shopper loyalty

A customer who buys a labelled product and is satisfied with it will develop a real affection for the brand.

For him, This badge becomes a constant guarantee of quality that will push him to buy with confidence. It will also be more likely to leave a positive review and recommend the brand to his surroundings.

Loyalty boosted!

In short, as you will have understood, badges are a great tool to boost trust, differentiation and income. Enough to propel your business to new heights!

Step-by-Step Detailed Guide

Step 1: Determine Which Badges Are Relevant to Your Offer

The first step is to figure out what types of badges to add to your products.

The idea is to use labels of trust that are relevant to your target, your sector and your articles.

Here are the main options with examples:

Recommended by experts

Recommandé par des experts
  • Tested and approved by top athletes (for sports equipment)
  • Elected”Product of the year“by a specialized magazine (for household appliances)
  • Rated 5 stars by food critics (for a restaurant)

Praised by consumers

  • 98% of satisfied customers or very satisfied (based on a survey)
  • 4.8/5 out of more than 500 reviews certified (review aggregator like TrustPilot)
  • Bestseller or most popular product of its category (sales data)

Labelled by a third party organization

  • Labels organic, fair trade,... (for sustainable products)
  • ISO 9001 certification (for a service)
  • Official license of a brand, a movie, an event... (Derivative product)

Endorsed by influencers

  • Selection Favorite of an influencer (in its niche)
  • Seen on this TV show, magazine... (“As seen on”)
  • Bought by a celebrity (Shaads “Kendall Jenner approved” badges)

The goal is to choose the most credible and desirable guarantor in the eyes of your persona. Do not hesitate to combine several types of badges (avoiding overbidding) to increase the impact of trust.

Step 2: Collect the Chosen Badges

Once your selection of badges has been established, you must collect them concretely. Several options are available to you depending on the type of label:

Test your products

  • Send free samples to testers, experts, influencers...
  • Present your products to prize/competition juries
  • Proactively collect reviews on third-party platforms (Google My Business, Google My Business, TripAdvisor, Yelp, La Fourche, Product Hunt, etc.)

Engage your happy customers

  • Request feedback with a post-purchase email (think of the incentive!)
  • Put in place a referral program to encourage sharing
  • Identify your ambassadors and push them to create content

Build strategic partnerships

  • Sponsor influencers for them to recommend your products
  • Negotiate a presence in a media (against remuneration)
  • Get certified by showing that you meet the criteria

Of course, the key is to get these items in a way honest and transparent.

There's no question of buying fake badges that would destroy your reputation!

Capitalize on the quality of your products and the real positive feedback from your ecosystem.

Step 3: Integrate Badges Optimally

Now that you have your precious sesame seeds, all that's left is to display them effectively on your site. The location, the visual and the message make all the difference. Here are the best practices:

Position badges strategically

  • Under the main title/visual of the product page (immediate consideration)
  • Near the “” buttonBuy“(trigger at the critical moment)
  • In a sidebar on the basket (ultimate pre-purchase reassurance)

Take care of the visual aspect of the badges

  • Opt for a eye-catching design that catches the eye (colorful, original..)
  • Integrate a speaking pictogram (stars, thumbs, medals...)
  • Make sure that the text is very legible (size, contrast...)

Work on the copywriting of the catchphrases

  • Be specific and factual (“Voted Product of the Year 2024 by XX Magazine”)
  • Put key figures that impress (” 98% of 5000 customers recommend”)
  • Create positive FOMO (“Certified by the XX quality label, limited stocks!”)

Another tip: vary the badges displayed according to the product or rotate them regularly. Novelty attracts the eye!

In short, the integration of badges must be thought of as a real marketing tool. By displaying them in the right place and in a powerful way, you maximize their persuasiveness. To your tests!

Examples and Results

To inspire you, here are some concrete cases of e-retailers who have boosted their sales thanks to recommendation badges:

📈 +18% growth at Vanity Planet By placing “Dermatologist-Approved” badges on its beauty products, the brand has seen a significant increase in its conversion rate and sales revenue.

🛒 +21% in sales for Rollie Nation
Thanks to “Best-Seller” and “Influencer Favorite” badges, the shoe brand saw its order volume and average basket soar, and this in a sustainable way.

+25% confidence with ManoMano By relying on “Recommended by our customers” badges and certified opinions, the DIY specialist has considerably improved its trust and engagement indicators. All while boosting your income!

Of course, your results will depend on your context (audience, offer, season...). But one thing is certain: badges are a powerful catalyst that elevates all your KPIs!

So get started, collect these precious labels and display them proudly. Trust in your products (and your brand) has never been higher. Enough to boost your sales sustainably!


As you can see, recommendation badges are a must-have for any e-merchant looking to reassure and convert their visitors.

By focusing on these strong external elements, you remove the barriers to buying and instantly prove the value of your products.

So it's up to you to play now. Identify credible badges for your target, obtain them transparently and display them proudly!

Your main KPIs will get a boost!

And once the mechanics are in place and optimized, you can even imagine creating your own homemade badges.

For example, “Customer Favorites” labels based on your most rave buyer reviews. By multiplying this tailor-made social proof, you strengthen your trust capital and your image.

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