Facilitate the Sale of your digital products on Gumroad

If you want your customers to pay for books, videos, or other content you've created, you need to sign up on Gumroad. Download your digital product and your creations to start selling.

Facilitate the Sale of your digital products on Gumroad

How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

If you want your customers to pay for books, videos, or other content you've created, Gumroad is a very easy tool to use to increase your earnings.

Use the Acquisition Growth Hacks to increase your store traffic and the rest will be taken care of by Gumroad.

Expected results of this Growth Hack

  • Growth Hacking Type: Opening a new channel to optimize your revenue model
  • Expected result: Visibility of your products on Gumroad among the community and increase in your income

Why do this Growth Hack?

Most creators want to earn more by selling more of their products, Gumroad allows you to make this process easy even without a website.

If you are interested in sell digital products to create new revenue levers or if you want to collect new emails through Lead Magnets, Gumroad allows you to:

  1. To sell digital products
  2. To create an online store
  3. To optimize your marketing
  4. To collect new emails

More generally, Gumroad is a platform for creators and entrepreneurs to sell digital products, memberships, and just about anything on the web:

With Gumroad, you will be able to:

  1. Selling anything - You can sell anything you want, whether it's a PDF file, physical products, or a membership.
  2. Selling anywhere - You can sell your products through your Gumroad profile or integrated into your website
  3. Invoice how you want - Sell in your local currency and choose between one-time, recurring, or fixed-term payments (or let your customers pay what they want)
  4. Develop and retain your audience - Thanks to articles, email broadcasts, and advanced automations, Gumroad offers numerous marketing features
  5. Connect the current tech stack - Sell entirely on Gumroad or integrate it into your current stack. With Zapier, you can connect your Gumroad account to thousands of apps you already use.
  6. Don't worry about VAT and taxes - For digital products, Gumroad collects VAT and transfers it to the EU. You don't need to fill out a form, register, or send anything.

In short, Gumroad allows you to facilitate the entire web sales process.

What products to sell on Gumroad?

Most digital products can be grouped into 4 sections:

1. Ebooks

eBooks are easy to create, and it's often the best and most popular way to start selling digital products and create new additional revenue levers.

To create an ebook, nothing could be easier:

  1. Open Google Docs or Microsoft Word.
  2. Write the content (read this for find content ideas)
  3. Create a cover on Canva.
  4. Save it as a PDF.
  5. Create an account Gumroad (it takes 2 minutes).
  6. Publish it.
  7. Promote it.
  8. Get paid
If you have strong writing skills and have skills or knowledge that are worth sharing, Writing an eBook may be the best way for you to get started.

Another thing to consider is offering the eBook for free as a Lead Magnet or using the “Pay What You Want” feature to build your email list

2. Videos and Online Courses

Most people looking to buy something aren't just buying the product, they're buying the knowledge (and the creator's particular perspective). They are there to learn.

To learn, some people prefer reading, audio, and/or video.

To attract even more customers and sell more products, think carefully about your product offering. It might be a good idea to publish some of your content as an eBook (at an attractive price) and then offer the option of adding videos (at a higher price) for further learning.

3. Templates and Designs

Templates and designs are a help for artists, photographers, designers and web designers for example.

This saves time, and When you can save others time, you can monetize what saves people time.

  • For designers, these can be Photoshop or Figma files, model sketches, icons, etc.
  • For developers, these could be themes or templates that help you code faster.
  • For photographers, these could be Lightroom presets or anything that can help them speed up their work.

4. Audio

You could create and sell your music or songs or by also offering educational content, etc...

Just find what you like and think about the format in which you can sell it.

Other popular audio genres could be shows or podcasts.

The Complete List

Here are all the possibilities offered by Gumroad:

How to do this Growth Hack and sell on Gumroad?

You have a great product, but how do you convince others that it's great? How do you manage payments and delivery for your digital products?

If you already have a website, Gumroad offers you the option of integrating a store into an existing website through the use of widgets. This allows you to have a store without having to rethink or change the design excessively to fit a standard store model.

You can also sell your products in Gumroad and get additional visibility in the internal search engine.

Here's how to create an effective Gumroad sales page in 6 steps:

1. Start with your dominant title and value proposition.

80% of visitors to a page only read the titles, your title should catch the eye and clearly reflect your value proposition.

Below your title is your subtitle where you will present all the elements that bring value to your audience.

2. Addressing sensitive issues

Once you've caught the attention of your prospect, get their attention once again by addressing their main challenges and the problems they want to solve.

Once completed, you can give more details about the benefits of your solution.

3. Revealing solutions and benefits

When Steve Jobs first announced the iPod, he didn't say “5GB of memory.” No, he said, “1000 songs in your pocket.”

Steve Jobs was able to promote the iPod as a solution to people's problems. Do the same.

Promote your product as a solution to the problems of your prospects.

4. Provide social proof

Social proof is a psychological bias.

People copy the actions of others, it allows them to feel safe in their decisions.

That's why it's essential to show social proof on your Gumroad page.

Introduce your happy customers to your potential customers.

What should I do if I have zero sales to give confidence?

Are you unable to get an order for your product and are you showing 0 sales? This can be scary and hold back potential buyers.

An interesting and inexpensive growth hack to launch your product is to buy it yourself!
Even better: You will give yourself 5 stars right?
Although you will be paying commission fees on the sale, this won't cost you anything besides the trust you'll give to prospects. A good boost to get started!

5. Give the details of your offer

Consumers want to know what they will get after the order is placed.

Here's how to do it:

  • Inform and educate customers about everything that is included.
  • Highlight the value of your product.
  • Give details about potential upsells you could offer

6. Creating a sense of urgency

Most of the time, consumers aren't ready to make a purchase when they visit your sales page.

It is up to you to push them to take the plunge and create the desire to buy as quickly as possible.

Mix all this together and you will more easily turn your visitors into customers.

Optimize your marketing

You won't automatically sell products, even with the best website. Why?

Nobody will know about your products if you don't advertise them.

To get the message across, you need a strategy that involves targeting the right audiences and attracting a sufficient number of people to your landing page.

Here are 3 ways you can promote yourself online:

1. Be active on social networks

Show your passion for your job by creating social media profiles where you can engage with your audience and share your knowledge.

It's a great way to build credibility and generate traffic to your landing pages.

  • Do you like design or photography? Use Instagram and Pinterest
  • Do you like technology? Use Twitter and Reddit
  • Do you like creating video content? Use YouTube
  • Is your market focused on B2B? Use Linkedin

Spend time where your audience goes and add value.

2. Use the Google Ads and Facebook Ads to target your audience

This costs money, but it's often a very effective marketing channel for generating more sales from your digital products.

However, in order not to throw your money down the drain, make sure before validating your Persona marketing and your landing pages.

3. Take advantage of membership

Affiliate marketing involves earning a commission every time you promote the product or service and generate a sale through your affiliate link.

In general, you only get your affiliate commission after generating a sale. There are a few programs that pay you per lead (email registration) but they are rare.

Let's say you get a 30% commission on a $100 course, which means that after a confirmed sale, you earn $30.

On the other hand, as a creator, affiliate marketing is the process that can allow you to passively sell your products through people who are interested in earning money.

For a startup, affiliate marketing is a performance-based medium useful for develop your activities/products without high start-up costs.

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