Boost your Sales 💰 by Creating Real/Fake Promo Codes on the Internet 🎟️

Learn how fake promo codes increase your conversions by exploiting search reflexes, bargain feeling, and urgency

Boost your Sales 💰 by Creating Real/Fake Promo Codes on the Internet 🎟️
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Are you looking for a smart way to convince hesitant visitors to your site to make a purchase? What if the solution was in... A fake promo code ?

By displaying a “promo code” field on your sales funnel and linking it to a dedicated web page, you can easily Encourage your prospects to take the plunge.

The trick: make them feel like they're getting an exclusive discount when it's actually your standard offer.

promo code

Machiavellian but extremely effective in improving your conversion rate! Let's see how to implement this technique step by step.

Why are fake promo codes so effective?

Before we see the mechanics of this hack, let's recall why it works so well: fake promo codes exploit several cognitive and emotional biases:

  • Research reflex : The presence of a “promo code” field automatically triggers a search for a discount.
  • Feeling of a bargain : Even a fictitious discount gives the customer the impression that they are getting a good deal.
  • Sense of urgency : The close expiration dates encourage quick purchases.

In short, fake promo codes combine many emotional and cognitive levers that are essential to convert your visitors into customers. Enough to significantly boost your conversion rate without effort.

page de codes promo

How to Set Up a Fake Promo Code step by step?

Now let's find out what you need to do to create your fake discounts and promote them effectively.

Step 1: Integrate a “promo code” field into your sales funnel

The first step is to add a prominent “Enter your promo code” field on your checkout page. Generally, it is placed under the product summary and above the billing details.

The idea is that the customer cannot miss it when he is about to pay for his order. Some sites even go so far as to put a fake pre-displayed discount to attract even more customers!

exemples promo code

Example of a promo code field visible in a purchase funnel

Technical integration differs depending on the CMS and the payment solution used. But most of the leading e-commerce tools (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce...) offer dedicated extensions or plugins.

Step 2: Invent an attractive promo code

Then, let's get creative: find a promo code that's both simple and eye-catching. Avoid combinations that are too complex or too long that would be tedious to enter.

To make your life easier, go to the site of this free promo code generator.

‍Générateur de code promo
Promo code generator

A good promo code could be:

  • Composed of your brand name and a number: AMAZON10, ASOS20...
  • Based on a play on words with your name: ZARAMARQUE for Zara, ADIDASTOUJOURS for Adidas...
  • Evoking a positive feeling: WELCOME, VIP, THANK YOU...
  • Based on an emoji: 🎁🎄, 🌞🌴, 🏆🏅...
  • Linked to a special occasion: SALES, BACK TO SCHOOL, BLACKFRIDAY...
Résultat du Générateur de code promo
Result of Promo code generator

For more impact, make several proposals internally before deciding on the one that seems most striking to you.

Also remember to change it regularly to maintain curiosity!

Step 3: Create an SEO optimized “promo codes” page

To make it easy for your visitors to find your fake promo code, you now need to create a dedicated web page.

Its objective: to rise to pole position on Google when you search for “promo code” + your brand.

To properly reference it, optimize all its SEO elements:

  • URL :
  • Title : “Brand promo code: 20% off”
  • H1/H2 beacons : “Your Brand promo code”, “How to use your discount code”...
  • Meta description : “Enjoy an immediate 20% discount on MARQUE with the promo code MARQUE20. Valid throughout the site until 31/12!”
  • Key words : repeat “promo code”, “discount”, “discount”, the name of your brand...

Capitalizing on your brand is important in order not to attract the wrong audiences. Focus on the expression “BRAND promo code” rather than “promo code” at all.

In terms of content, present your code as if it were an exclusive offer. Highlight the discount granted, its conditions of application and its validity date, even if they are fake!

Step 4: Boost the SEO of your promo code page

Your page is ready but for it to be visible, you must now propel it to the top of the Google results. Some techniques to get there:

  • Integrate internal links pointing from the rest of your site (footer, FAQ, CGV...)
  • Share it on your social networks and newsletters to generate traffic
  • Publish it on directories and sites specialized in promo codes (Dealabs,
  • Optimize its loading speed and its mobile experience to promote its ranking
  • Strengthen its authority with quality backlinks (guest articles, partnerships...)

Tools like SEMrush or Ahrefs can help you monitor its rankings and find keyword and link opportunities.

SERP promo code

Example of a Google SERP monopolized by promo code sites

By applying these best practices, you have every chance of seeing your page quickly return to promo code requests related to your brand. Enough to naturally boost your utilization rate!

Step 5: Track the use of your fake codes

Once your system is up to date, check regularly that your fake promo codes are being used.

Most e-commerce solutions offer code usage reports to track:

  • The total number of uses
  • The number of orders in which it has been applied
  • The average basket for orders with code
  • The additional turnover generated
  • The cart abandonment rate with/without code
  • ...
xemple de statistiques d'utilisation d'un code promo
Example of promo code usage statistics

Software like SendPulse allows you to create promo codes and track them very easily.

These are all valuable indicators for verifying the impact of your fake promo code on your sales. Do not hesitate to test by changing the code, the discount rate displayed or the expiration date to find the most efficient combination.

Step 6: Other Tips

Now that you know the basics of fake promo codes, here are 6 ideas to spice up your strategy and maximize its effectiveness.

1. Reserve your fake code for a specific target

Instead of offering your code to everyone, segment its use according to certain criteria.

For example, you can reserve it for new customers, or on the contrary for loyal customers. Or offer it only on certain product categories or from a certain order amount.

Objective: target the most profitable profiles or those with high potential for your business.

2. Limit its validity period

code promo validité

There is nothing more motivating than a limited-time discount! By displaying an upcoming expiration date, you are putting pressure on your visitor to place an order.

Try flash promotion formats (“Only valid this weekend!”) or on a very short scale (“Still available for 30 min!”).

The stronger the sense of urgency, the higher your chances of conversion. Dare to give occasional boosts!

3. Prepare seasonal promo codes

Your fake codes can be a great opportunity to catch commercial highlights. Sales, Christmas, Black Friday, Valentine's Day, back to school...

Why not prepare special codes for each event? By distributing them massively, you will maximize your traffic and therefore your uses.

Also remember to highlight your seasonal codes directly on your site via banners, pop-ups and other graphic highlights.

4. Combine them with other levers

Your fake promo codes don't have to live alone in their corner. To boost their effectiveness, consider integrating them into your other marketing devices:

  • Emailing: remind yourself of the existence of your code in your abandoned cart reminders
  • Social networks: organize a contest with your promo code as a key
  • Advertising: include the mention of your code in your banners and paid ads
  • ...

Your fake code is an argument like any other. Make full use of it in your marketing mix and your conversion funnel!

5. Pretend to be a code “leak”

Last trick, a bit deceitful but devilishly effective: pretend that you are not at the origin of the distribution of your promo code. As if he “leaked” without your permission.

You can even go so far as to post a fake message on your social networks such as “Our promo code MARQUE20 reserved for our VIPs has been disclosed to the general public. Too bad for us, let's take advantage of it quickly before we delete it!”

This “stolen deal” effect will increase the attractiveness of your code and its usage rate tenfold. But be careful not to abuse it at the risk of damaging your image!


Do you absolutely have to create a page dedicated to your fake promo code?

The ideal is to have a URL that exactly contains the query “BRAND promo code” to facilitate its referencing. A dedicated page will also provide more space to highlight your offer. But if you do not have this possibility, the main thing is that your code is visible in your conversion tunnel.

Can Google penalize this kind of practice?

A prima facie no, because it is not a false promotion but simply a standard offer presented in a more attractive way. As long as your code is really functional and you are not misleading the user about the discount granted, there is no reason for Google to penalize you.

What should I do if my competitors use my promo code?

Unfortunately it will be difficult to prevent some unscrupulous competitors from appropriating your fake code. But don't worry: as long as they link back to your page, you'll always get qualified traffic!


Whether you are an e-merchant, SaaS, subscription or even a service, you will have understood: the fake promo code is a weapon of massive conversion that should not be overlooked.

Not only does it generate more orders, but it improves the shopping experience of your customers by giving them a sense of satisfaction. All without impacting your margin. The “good deal hunter” reflex then becomes your best ally!

So it's up to you to play. Set up a promo code field in your purchase funnel today, create a beautiful landing page to highlight it and let the SEO magic happen. With a well-chosen code and effective promotion, there is no doubt that your conversion rate will soar.

Also, don't forget to vary the pleasures with targeted, ephemeral or seasonal codes. A smart way to boost interest regularly and avoid getting used to permanent promotions.

Last tip: keep a close eye on your analytics and don't hesitate to adjust your copy according to the results. Some deals or offers will work better than others. It's up to you to find the formula that sells!

And if your fake code is really a hit and you can afford it, why not turn it into a real discount? The circle will be complete and your customers happy!

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