Get more likes on Facebook (5 strategies)

This Growth Hack teaches you how to generate more likes and engagement on your content on Facebook through 5 strategies

Get more likes on Facebook (5 strategies)
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

Getting more likes for your Facebook page also helps demonstrate social proof — it lets other users know that your brand is trustworthy.

As 2/3 of Facebook users say they visit a business page at least once a week: the more credible your business seems, the more likely you are to reach this audience of 1.88 billion users!

Expected results of this Growth Hack

  • Growth Hack Type: Reinforcing the brand image
  • Expected results: Increase in Metrics acquisition, awareness, and activation

Why use this Growth Hack?

Facebook likes continue to play a critical role in how content is prioritized in the flow of Facebook users. That's why it should be part of your marketing and advertising goals.

Organic Litter Is Dead. Facebook has been decreasing this ranking factor in Newsfeed since 2016. So how do you compete with the onslaught of posts, ads, and content that dominates users' Newsfeed every day? En Encouraging followers to like your Facebook page.

The likes:

  • Indicate that users actively want to see more of your content, so Facebook pushes your posts up in these people's news feeds.
  • They also provide you with more qualitative data about your followers, than You can use to create more targeted audiences.

So while organic reach is a thing of the past, Facebook likes still help you Develop better campaigns and connect you to an engaged audience.

To get Facebook users to like your business page, you need to create content that's both useful and engaging. But with so many different types of content, Facebook users are only going to like pages that are worth it, so you have your work cut out for you!

The following seven tactics will help your content stand out from the crowd and get users to like your page.

How do you do this Growth Hack?

Strategy 1 to Get More Likes on Facebook : Create an engaging and informative business page

When someone lands on your Facebook page, they should have a reason to stay.

Be sure to use a recognizable profile photo, as well as an attention-grabbing cover photo to quickly captivate visitors.

When managing a business page on Facebook, it's also important to make sure that all business information is accurate and up to date.

People who come to your page want to know more about your product and brand: Any missing or wrong information will result in a bad experience.

Your business page should be an extension of your brand. Show off your personality while educating customers about your products and your business.

Strategy #2 to get more Likes on Facebook: Use the Facebook invite button

Facebook Gives You The Possibility to invite your friends To like your professional page.

By taking advantage of your existing relationships, you can easily get your first visits and first likes on your Facebook page.

Just make sure that the People You Invite Are Genuinely Interested in Your Business. A constant lack of interest in your content will lower the rankings of individual users.

If you have fewer than 100,000 likes on your page, Facebook also allows you To invite people who reacted to one of your organic posts (but not to your ads).

If there's usually a lot of interest in your content, this tactic is a great way to increase the number of likes on your page.

Facebook likes example post
Example of a post with the reactions of Chubbies followers.

Chubbies uses the age-old tactic of cute animals to get the attention of Facebook users. And they don't hesitate to ask for “likes” (for the cute puppy, of course!).

Once you invite your friends and everyone who responded to like your Facebook page, you can use this information to create a personalized audience and target them with ads to increase conversion potential.

Seeing what types of content resonate with your current audience can also Help You Create More Messages and Ads That Get the Same Response (a liked page!).

Strategy #3 to Get More Likes on Facebook: Try a Facebook Likes Campaign

Anyone invited to like your business page will be listed as Invited in your Facebook information.

You Will Also See That The People Who Follow You Are Listed As “Liked” WhenThey clicked on this button.

Target these people, as well as users who have already participated in your posts, with a Facebook ad (Likes). This tactic allows you to ask users to like your page without having to visit it.
It's a simple but powerful ad: you let people know what kind of value they'll get by liking your page and show them the types of content you usually promote.

Facebook “like” ads Make it easier for any user to like your page.

Instead of having to go directly to your page, they can click the “Like” button on the ad and continue to scroll through their news feed. By simplifying this experience, you increase the potential for likes and keep your business in mind.

Strategy #4 to get more Likes on Facebook: Communicate with your audience often

To get people to like your Facebook page, you need to make them feel part of a community.

To create this community, you need to continuously engage with your audience, whether they are your friends, a member of your target audience, or even Facebook users who have liked your competitors' pages.

The more you engage with people, the more connected they will feel at your brand.

An engagement tactic is asking questions in your messages. This gives you the opportunity to start a conversation with prospects by following up when they respond.

Including videos in your posts also encourages engagement by creating a personal connection with users.

They will feel like they have a better understanding of your brand personality after watching your videos. Storytelling and visuals can even make them feel like your brand is speaking directly to them through video, which will encourage them to engage with your posts.

Strategy #5 to get more Likes on Facebook: Build an audience of similar customers

Similar audiences allow you to target Facebook users based on how similar they are to an existing audience you've created.

The best choice would be your current Facebook followers who have already liked the page.

Based on a source list, ours being called a prospect list in the following example, Facebook will analyze the data and highlight commonalities in terms of interests, demographics, etc.

They will then spit out an audience that shares these characteristics.

Facebook like lookalike audience
Create a similar audience on Facebook.

This option automatically excludes Facebook users who have already engaged with your brand.

It's one of the fastest ways to build an audience based on information about your customers and your existing audience.

Once you have that audience, it's easy to target them with content that you know has worked well for similar users you've already reached.

Whether it's a “like” campaign on a Facebook page or an article you think they'll enjoy, creating a “lookalike” audience allows you to work with a more targeted group of potential prospects.

Strategy #6 to get more Likes on Facebook: Target new audiences based on their interests

Beyond creating Lookalike audiences, create an interest-based audience to target a larger, more diverse group of users who would love your page.

To get started, use Facebook Audience Insights To discover the interests of your current followers.

Once you have this list, you can start building a new audience based on these interests.

Facebook like audience interest targeting
Targeting audience interest on Facebook.

As you define interests, you'll see the size of the potential audience change on Facebook. Once you've narrowed that audience down, it's time to start thinking about a campaign that will appeal to these interests.

From there, as with “lookalike” audiences, you can target these users with ads and content that match the interests you've defined.

Remember, the more content you create that resonates with users, the more likely they are to be interested in it.

This commitment can take the form of a “like” or a comment, but all of this results in the “like” of the Facebook page you are looking for.

Strategy #7 to get more likes on Facebook: Use social proof to your advantage

The more likes you have on Facebook, the more credible your business appears to be. Your followers will support any statements you make about the value or popularity of your brand.

This makes it “easier” for potential new followers to like your brand. Think about it - a business that has thousands of likes is going to seem more trustworthy than a business that only has a hundred.

While this can be difficult if you're just starting out, as your business grows, you'll be able to use social proof in other marketing and advertising campaigns.

It's an important part of creating a brand that people want to love and engage with on Facebook.

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