Translate Your Videos into +130 Languages 🌍 Effortlessly and Multiply Your Audience 🗣️

Revolutionize video content with Rask AI's effortless multi-language translation and voice cloning for a global reach

Translate Your Videos into +130 Languages 🌍 Effortlessly and Multiply Your Audience 🗣️
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Imagine being able to speak multiple languages effortlessly and produce video content in English, Arabic, Chinese, Spanish, and any language you want, all with just a few clicks.

This is what the Rask AI software offers, a revolutionary tool that will allow you to increase your presence on social networks such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, etc.

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Thanks to the artificial intelligence, Rask AI can not only translate your videos into multiple languages, but also clone your voice for an ultra-natural look.

You can even synchronize lip movements (lip-sync) for a stunning result.

In this comprehensive tutorial, I will show you step-by-step how to use Rask AI to duplicate and Translate your videos in no timeS.

Let's go!


  • A Rask AI account (a free trial of a few minutes is available)
  • A video that you want to translate
  • A recent web browser
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Step-by-Step Guide to Translating Your Videos Quickly

Step 1: Create a New Project

nouveau projet Rask AI
  1. Log in to your Rask AI account and click on”New Project“or”Translate video or audio to 130+ languages“if this is your first time using
  2. Drag and drop your video or paste its YouTube URL into the area provided.
  3. Give your project a name (e.g. “YouTube Test”).
  4. Choose the number of speakers in the video. By default, Rask AI detects it automatically.
  5. Select the source language of your video (the one you speak in) and the target language (s) for translation.
  6. Click “Translate” to start the process.
Rask AI transcription

Rask AI goes now transcribe your video, that is, generate subtitles in the source language from the audio. This step is required before you can translate.

Step 2: Review and Edit the Transcript

transcriptions générées Rask AI

Once the transcription is complete, you can check and adjust the text as needed:

  1. Go through the transcript and make sure it matches what's being said in the video.
  2. If you spot an error, simply click on the word in question and change it.
  3. You can also add or remove words. For example, to insert”Quality content“, click where you want to add it and type it in.
  4. Don't forget to click on”Save“at the bottom of the screen after your changes.

The aim here is not to do a complete edit, but just to make minor corrections to improve the quality of the translation that follows.

Step 3: Start Dubbing

Now that your transcript is validated, you can start the dubbing process:

  1. Click on”Double the video“.
  2. In the pop-up window, click on”Don't Show This Again“then on”Doubling“.
  3. Wait a few moments while Rask AI generates the audio translation for your video.

Once the dubbing is complete, you can watch the result in the target language. La AI voice used by default is a clone of yours, for a very natural look.

If your video contains multiple speakers, you will see”Speaker 1“,”Speaker 2“, etc.

You can then choose a different voice for each of them.

Speakers Rask AI

Step 4: Lip-Sync (Optional)

Rask AI Lip-Sync

To go even further in realism, Rask AI offers a lip-sync function that animates the lips of the people in the video based on the dubbed lyrics.

This feature is still in beta and requires a paid subscription. The results are very good but unfortunately it is not possible to test them without a subscription.

If you have access to lip-sync, simply click on the “”Lip-Sync“above the video to preview the result.

Step 5: Download the Dubbed Video

Télécharger la Vidéo Doublée Rask AI

Once satisfied with the result, you can download your dubbed video:

  1. Click on”Download“at the top right of the screen.
  2. Choose the file format you want: dubbed video (with or without lip-sync), video with subtitles, audio only, etc.
  3. Click on”Download“again to save the file to your computer.

You can also download the subtitle file in SRT format, which is very useful if you are going to publish your video on YouTube.

Step 6: Post on Social Media

All you have to do is publish your translated video on the platform of your choice and in as many languages as you want.

Remember to adjust the metadata (title, description, tags...) for each language and don't forget to activate subtitles on YouTube.

With a single source video file, you can now reach audiences around the world and increase your reach tenfold!


As you may have noticed, Rask AI is an extremely powerful tool for duplicating and translating your videos effortlessly.

Whether you are a content creator, online trainer, podcaster or even marketing manager, the use cases are endless.

Imagine the time and productivity savings that it represents to be able to adapt your existing content in English, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic and more, all in a few clicks and with professional voice and subtitle rendering.

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