Multiply Conversions ⚡ thanks to Intelligent Retargeting of your YouTube Subscribers 🎯

This Growth Hack teaches you how to create custom audiences to get more followers on YouTube

Multiply Conversions ⚡ thanks to Intelligent Retargeting of your YouTube Subscribers 🎯
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

This is a fantastic hack to get more subscribers on your YouTube channel.

One of YouTube's challenges is getting subscribers to your channel. This hack makes it possible to remedy that.

What are the expected results of this Growth Hack?

  • Growth Hack Type: Using an advanced link shortener
  • Expected results: Better acquisition, simplified retargeting and returns on your website or Landing pages maximized

Why use this Growth Hack?

The advantage of this hack is that you will be targeting prospects who already know and love your content!

There's no question that building a large number of subscribers on YouTube will result in more video views and increased engagement, so let's get to work and make that happen!

How do you do this Growth Hack?

To do this, we need to link your YouTube account to your AdWords account.

You can then specifically target personalized audiences in AdWords that are already watching your videos on YouTube.

1. What happens when you link your YouTube account with Adwords?

When you link a YouTube channel to a Google Ads account, the YouTube channel owner may choose to make the following features available to the linked Google Ads account:

  • Visualization accounts : Measures of the organic (non-paid) display of your videos.
  • Segments : Create data segments (previously called “remarketing lists”) based on past viewer interactions on linked channels.
  • Commitment : View action earned metrics for video ads from linked channels.

You can link up to 10,000 YouTube channels to a single Google Ads account, and link up to 300 Google Ads accounts to a single YouTube channel.

2. Creating audiences

One of your custom audiences should be the group of people who watched a video (from your YouTube channel) but didn't hit the subscription bell, so let's try to convert them using advertising!

To do this, in AdWords, you need to go to Shared Library > Audiences and create two custom audiences.

The two audiences to be created must be as follows:

  • Internet user watched a video on your channel
  • Internet user subscribed to your channel

Once you've created your advertising image or text, maybe using Canva, Then go to the “Interests and Retargeting” section of AdWords and target the custom audience “Watched a video on your channel”, then scroll down and click “Exclusions” and add “Subscribed to your channel.”

That is all.

A commercial will now be shown to anyone who watched a video on your channel but didn't subscribe, giving them another chance to become valuable subscribers.

3. Video tutorial

Here is a video tutorial that could help you if you are having a bit of trouble with the process:

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