Conquer New Markets 🌍 by Translating Your Website into Multiple Languages 🌐

This SEO Growth Hack teaches you how to translate your website into multiple languages to reach a global audience

Conquer New Markets 🌍 by Translating Your Website into Multiple Languages 🌐
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An effective way to develop your audience is to use “Growth Hack” multilingual translation for your website.

If you use WordPress, there are a plethora of language plugins ready to use.

The Multilingual Translation “Growth Hack”

  1. Lower competition: In the field of SEO, and in digital marketing, competition is becoming more and more fierce, especially for English and French languages. By targeting less competitive languages, you can dominate the local space.
  2. Easy to use tools: There are numerous tools and plugins to facilitate the implementation of this “Growth Hack”. Once a multilingual plugin is installed, you can use an online translator to translate and publish your content.

How to Implement this Growth Hack?

  1. Using Hreflang tags: If you are not using a WordPress plugin, be sure to inform your developer of the importance of using Hreflang tags. These tags tell Google which page to load based on the visitor's language.
  2. Choice of languages to be translated: Review your Google Analytics stats to determine which languages are most relevant to your audience.

What are the best Wordpress plugins to translate your website?

1. Weglot

Price: Free, multi-tier pricing plans starting at $120/year

With over 100 translation languages available, Weglot Translate is a lightweight plugin that offers machine translations and access to professional translators if needed. You are able to manage translated content from a single dashboard, and it includes the ability to make changes. The best? It can even manage your WooCommerce product pages and checkout workflow.

Compatible with virtually all website technologies and with more than 50,000 businesses using the plugin, Weglot has something to seduce. The free trial offers 1 language and 2,000 words so you can see for yourself how the plugin works - the plans then range from 10,000 to 1,000,000 words per year and up to 10 languages translated.

Weglot translation plugin Translation Plugins for Multilingual WordPress Sites

2. Polylang

Price: Free

Polylang is a free language auto-translation plugin for WordPress. You choose your preferred option in your profile and automatically download the corresponding language pack. It adds a widget to the navigation menu to switch between languages, and it has the ability to separate the versions of your site into sub-domains for each language.

This open-source plugin supports as many languages as your site requires and also supports custom taxonomies, sticky posts, and RSS feeds. It can also be combined with the next plugin on this list, Lingotek Translation, to enable automatic language translation.

polylang multilingual plugin

3. Lingotek translation

Price: Not listed online - call or email for sale prices.

With Lingotek Translation, you have three choices when it comes to translating your content:

  • Machine translation - Uses Microsoft's translation tool to generate content in the language of your choice and is free for the first 100,000 characters.
  • Community translation - Translations must be created by the user himself via the text editor integrated into the plugin's workshop.
  • Professional translation - You need to invest a bit of money and hire the experienced Lingotek staff to take care of the work.

This flexibility makes it a great option for those who want to start simple but move on to more complex language implementations. Using a cloud-based translation and localization process allows Lingotek to quickly and accurately translate your content with the help of over 5,000 translators in the country, and the plugin works with Polylang to make your site truly multilingual.

To note? The plugin does not indicate its online prices. You will need to contact the company by phone or email to discuss pricing options.

lingotek translation plugin Translation Plugins for Multilingual WordPress Sites


Implementing the multilingual translation “Growth Hack” can dramatically increase your audience and reduce competition in your niche space. Choose the plugin that best suits your needs and start developing your multilingual website today.

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