Develop added value by offering excellent customer service

This Growth Hack gives you useful information to increase customer retention by giving more added value to your customers through your support.

Develop added value by offering excellent customer service
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

Retaining customers is the most important part of growing any business.

What are the expected results of this Growth Hack?

  • Growth Hack Type: Twitter automation hack
  • Expected results: Increase in the number of conversions or the goal you set for yourself

Why use this Growth Hack?

It's much more expensive to acquire a new customer than to keep the ones you already have. They trust you and are ready to give you their money.

How do you do this Growth Hack?

1) Use a happiness assessment tool

Have you ever received a support email that had something like this at the end?

You should definitely consider applying it to your emails as well.

This is not only a method for tracking the emotions of customers who receive support from your team - but also:

  1. It shows that you genuinely take their feelings into consideration.
  2. This allows you to track the individual performance of your support team.

When a customer clicks on a smiling face (or sad!), he has another chance to explain his choice:

Show your customers that you care about their feelings and you'll be rewarded with greater loyalty.

3) Use names and faces

We can't stress this enough!

I've received really, really bad customer support emails at times.

Why were they really not great?

  • No courtesy (not even “hello”) - just my name at the beginning with a comma.
  • No sender name, signature, or greeting card (+ sending a generic address).
  • Condescending attitude
  • No personality - just a robotic tone and a lack of enthusiasm to support

and one of the worst:

  • Messages that are obviously “copied and pasted” that appear in different fonts and sizes.
If you want the best results and maximum loyalty, you need to encourage positivity by being personal.

Go the extra mile and see how your customers react!

And above all: Just be human.

You can same send videos to your customers, to give them a super special touch:

Remember: Just because “big” businesses don't seem to care doesn't mean they're going to continue to get away with it indefinitely

Implement a sustainable, enterprise-wide customer-oriented policy and your brand will reap the benefits in the long run.

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