Get Shopify 📧 Store Emails and Convert Them into Customers 💸

Advanced Growth Hackers use Google Dorks and Scrapebox to scrape emails from many sites, including Shopify stores.

Get Shopify 📧 Store Emails and Convert Them into Customers 💸
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

It's a really super simple and super powerful Growth Hack if you're looking to contact store owners Shopify

What results should you expect from this Growth hack?

  • Growth Hack Type : Scraping Shopify Store emails using Google Dorks and Scrapebox
  • Expected results : Obtaining emails from prospects on Instagram

Why use this Growth Hack?

For this Growth Hack, we're going to use Google Dorks, and Scrapebox

In a few minutes, you will succeed in obtaining numerous leads if your prospects are store owners. Shopify.

Once again, if you don't know what Google Dorks are, I invite you to consult one of my articles:

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How do you do this Growth Hack?

Find Shopify stores

First, let's search for all the sites hosted under Shopify.

I already talked about Google dorks on my site, but for this Growth Hack, the search will be quite simple:


If you don't know it and have never used shops Shopify, note that Shopify provides you with hosting on a address used in particular to manage your e-commerce.


  • main domain:
  • Shopify domain:

In this way, it is not complicated to search through Google Dorks, all the sites under Shopify.

Customize the query to our niche

Once you understand the philosophy of this Growth hack, you will have to modify the Google Dork to make the search results stick to our niche.

For this example, we will once again target using the pet niche and more particularly that of cats.

Using the same string, let's just add “cat food” as below:

cat food

Here is the result:

At this stage, the result tells us that our query is working to target stores in our niche.

Get all of these URLs to scrape

If you don't know Scrapebox, I invite you to read my detailed review.

You will now open Scrapebox, paste your query into the left panel and click on Start Harvesting.

After choosing your search engine, you will get all the URLs found through the Googles Dorks in the search engine.

Filter duplicates to keep only unique domains.

Find the emails of these stores


  • Click on the right button in Scrapebox: “Grab/Check”
  • Select “All Emails.”
  • In the window that just opened, click on Hervested URL.
  • Then choose the search depth so that the tool searches for other pages on these websites, not just the URL found earlier.
  • Press Start

Export your Emails now

Press the Datafolder button to retrieve your emails stored in a text file:

Check your emails

Take the time to clean these emails using Google Spreadsheet and then validate them using an email cleaning tool.

To avoid bounce rates that will penalize the reputation of your domain name, be sure to check their validity before sending.

READ MORE: Find validation tools in the section Email & Marketing Automation
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