Improve User Engagement 📊 and Retention with Email Usage Reports 📩

A monthly, weekly, or daily analysis email can be a great way to keep customers engaged and using your software.

Improve User Engagement 📊 and Retention with Email Usage Reports 📩
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Custom usage reports are a great way to build loyalty your users and encourage regular use your SaaS product.

By sending them a summary of their key data, you concretely show them the added value of your tool, thus helping them to achieve their goals and strengthen their commitment.

Benefits of Custom Usage Reports

  • Concretely demonstrate the value of your product
  • Provide actionable insights To users
  • Strengthen relationship and commitment
  • Promote satisfaction and retention

Step-by-Step Detailed Guide

Step 1: Define Key Metrics to Track

Identify the 3-4 indicators that best reflect the added value and customer success, depending on your type of SaaS.

Here are a few examples:

SaaS Type Examples Key Metrics Indicator Description
Enterprise SaaS ERP, CRM, Human Resources Management Systems Renewal Rate, MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue), NPS (Net Promoter Score) Renewal Rate Percentage of customers renewing their subscription.
Marketing SaaS Campaign Management Tools, Marketing Automation Platforms, Data Analytics Tools Number of leads generated
Email open rate
Campaign conversion rate
Additional revenue generated
Cost per Acquisition (CPA)
Marketing Campaign Performance Measures the effectiveness of marketing initiatives managed through the platform.
Customer Support SaaS Customer Service Platforms, Ticket Management Tools, Chatbots Number of tickets resolved
Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT)
Average response time
First Contact Resolution rate
Support Satisfaction and Efficiency Indicates the quality and efficiency of customer support offered by the platform.
SEO SaaS SEO Analysis Tools, Content Optimization Platforms, Keyword Research Tools Number of keywords in the top 10
Organic traffic generated
Number of backlinks
Landing page conversion rate
Average keyword position
SEO Performance Evaluates the impact of SEO strategies on visibility and organic traffic.
Education SaaS Online Learning Platforms, Learning Management Systems, Course Creation Tools Course completion rate, Engagement score, Number of active users User Success Rate Percentage of users achieving their learning objectives.
Financial SaaS Payment Systems, Financial Management Platforms, Billing Tools Transaction volume, Revenue growth rate, Customer retention rate Financial Leverage Measures the effectiveness of financial tools in managing transactions and finances.

Focus on the most meaningful KPIs for your personas and highlight the progress made with your product. The aim is to show the user that they are on track to achieve their goals.

Step 2: Leverage Your User Data

To build personalized reports, you need to track and use information related to each user or customer account:

  • Integrate an analysis tool into your SaaS (Mixpanel, Amplitude, Heap) to monitor user actions
  • Use data from your CRM or CDP to generate highly targeted reports
  • Segment your users (company size, sector, sector, stage, use cases...) to adapt content

Collect tangible individual data to build customized reports that reflect the unique experience and success of each user.

Step 3: Generate Reports

The form of your relationships is as important as the substance. Follow these best practices:

  • Choose a clear and legible layout with a clean template
  • Take care of your graphic elements (graphics, pictograms, colors)
  • Highlight user progress and successes
  • Add personalized recommendations to improve results
  • Integrate a final CTA that encourages the relationship to deepen
MixPanel ‍Exemple de template clair et impactant

Create reports that are as informative as they are engaging, and that arouse the interest and satisfaction of your users.

Step 4: Automate the Sending of Your Reports with Mailerlite

Use an emailing tool like Mailerlite to automate the distribution of your reports:

  1. Import and segment your user base in Mailerlite
  2. Create an email template with dynamic fields for metrics and recommendations
  3. Set up the automatic triggering of reports according to a set frequency
  4. Connect Mailerlite to your analysis tool or CRM to import data before sending

Here are some examples of email reporting:











Your customized reports will be sent on time without effort. You can even trigger special reports (first successes, annual best-of...) according to the key stages of the life cycle.


Personalized usage reports are a powerful tool for boosting the engagement and retention of your users. By giving them relevant insights and tailor-made advice, you create a relationship of proximity and trust.

So define your metrics, analyze data, design powerful reports, and automate sending them with Mailerlite. Your customers will feel supported, understood and valued. They will discover the concrete benefits of your product and will be motivated to use it over time.

Do not hesitate to segment your reports according to user profiles and to ask for their feedback to optimize the approach. With personalized and automated reporting, you will cultivate committed and loyal users over the long term!

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