Multiply Your Conversions 📈 by Using Strong Negative Language in Your Copies ⚠️

Negative language is more likely to appeal to people. Use this psychological bias to force prospects to read your landing pages or sales pages

Multiply Your Conversions 📈 by Using Strong Negative Language in Your Copies ⚠️
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

It's a bit crazy, but for some reason, humans prefer negative news.

It's not that we “prefer” bad news, it's just that we react with more passion and urgency when we see negative or “sad” or “alarming” messages.

Why is that? Well, it seems that unhappiness has a bigger impact on our brains.

It is not for nothing that main stream news channels manage to obtain huge audiences by being deliberately alarmist on all subjects.

Expected results of this Growth Hack

  • Growth hack type : Low volume but high conversion rate
  • Expected result : Increase the conversion rate and increase your mailing list

Why do this Growth hack

People are flawed beings and even trust can be intelligently deceived. Here's how!

According to research, this is due to the brain's “negativity bias” : The brain is simply built with greater sensitivity to unpleasant news.

This bias is so automatic that it can be detected at the earliest stage of information processing by the brain.

How to do this Growth Hack

We need our audience to react: that's really our number one objective.

Once we get them to react, we can start the speech, but the starting point for the chemical reaction is the “reaction” - and, interestingly, it seems that negative writing has a positive effect on our activities as lead generation.

Need examples? Of course. Imagine the following (and very successful) advertising text.

  • “Dentists hate me, here's why.”

The reader is now alarmed. Why would a dentist hate you? What did you do? Wow, is that serious?

  • “Stealing the SEO secrets of your competitors.”

Again, this advertising copy has a negative twist on something that suddenly seems interesting. Of course! I would be curious. Tell me more!

  • “My boss is jealous because I have this skill.”

Wow! What did you do to make your boss (i.e. the authority figure) so jealous, and hell, that tool you have must be pretty awesome; what is it? I am interested!

To summarize

This Growth Hack is about implanting creativity into the creation and writing of your ads.

Try to look at some key human drivers such as greed and fear; this hack focuses on the “fear” element of these twin emotions.

Using this technique for your landing pages is very effective in instantly capturing the interest of your prospects and making them want to continue browsing your page 👍

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