Extract Competitors' Instagram 📸 Followers with Phantombuster 🤖

This Growth Hack teaches you how to collect the followers of your competitors to approach them by yourself on Instagram

Extract Competitors' Instagram 📸 Followers with Phantombuster 🤖
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How to do this Growth Hack and what can it do for you?

The “Instagram Follower Extractor” does the hard work of going through a list of profiles instagram that interest you and to extract all their followers.

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Expected results of this Growth Hack

  • Growth Hack Type: Search for emails from targeted prospects
  • Expected results: High volume of emails targeted and extracted from Google thanks to Google Dorks

Why use this Growth Hack?

In fact, you can download your list of Instagram followers from any account (9,000 per launch and every 15 minutes)

This Phantom will allow you to retrieve the followers of your competitors in order to be able to engage with them more easily.

To do this, we turn to our trusted friend: Phantombuster.

Installation is incredibly easy.

Set it to automatic and keep up to date with a person's follower list.

The scraper will collect the profile URL, username, full name, profile photo, and privacy setting for each extracted follower.

Try Phantombuster free for 14 days

How do you do this Growth Hack?

If you want to increase the number of followers on your Instagram account, you may need to identify the people who would be interested in your content.

These people are probably already Instagram followers of someone else, influencers, or brands.

This hack will help you get more real, targeted, and active followers on Instagram.

Try Phantombuster free for 14 days

Guided method of this Step-By-Step Growth Hack:

1. Open an account on Phantombuster

NOTE: If you want more details, you can consult the detailed sheet or Open an account by clicking here

2. Download the Phantombuster expansion

The Chrome Extension allows you to automatically fill in session cookies on Phantombuster without you having to open developer options in your favorite browser (the extension is available for all recent web browsers: Chrome, Brave, Vivaldi, Opera, Edge)

LINK: Get the Phantombuster Chrome Extension

3. Select the Phantom

On Phantombuster, look for the Phantom: “Instagram Follower Collector”:

Try Phantombuster free for 14 days

4. Data obtained by this Phantom

This Phantom will be the first link in a chain that will allow you to approach the followers of your competitors.

Indeed, the “profile URL” variable is very important.

Based on this data on Phantombuster you will be able to like/comment/add/etc. your followers to attract and engage your target audience.

5. Find Instagram accounts

Do you already have Instagram accounts in mind? So much the better.

Here's a quick technique for finding Instagram accounts in your niche from Google Dorks.

Use of Google Dorks
Use the following Dork: “keywords from your niche” site:instagram.com

⚠️ For more details on Google Dorks and refine your searches, I let you read this article: Collect leads for free with Google Dorks?

Copy the URL of one or more accounts displayed in Google search

In my case, I will take one of the first: Growth Hacking France

Try Phantombuster free for 14 days

6. Phantombuster settings

Connect Phantombuster to Instagram (cookie automatically retrieved thanks to the Phantombuster extension)

Use the URL you copied earlier and paste into the settings as below:

It is possible to extract data from several accounts at the same time but you will have to use a Google Sheet to do so.

I explain this method through several growth hacks on this site.

7. Start the Phantom

8. Retrieve the results through the CS

Now import these results into Google Sheet (or use the function IMPORTDATA to do it)

You can find the IMPORTDATA method in my other Growth Hacks Phantombuster.

Try Phantombuster free for 14 days

9. (Optional) Automate with other Phantoms

Phantombuster allows you to use the result of this search to create chain reactions.

Click on “See compatible Phantoms >”

Now choose the next Phantom on Phantombuster for example to do Auto Follow/Like or view stories of the followers of your competitors (who will soon be yours)

Try Phantombuster free for 14 days

Need help?

Here is a video of how this Growth Hack was set up by Phantombuster

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